Sydney water shuffles deck chairs on population Titanic

With Sydney’s water storages in free fall at 42.6%, and plummeting at a rate that far exceeds the Millennium Drought:

And Greater Sydney’s population ballooning by around 1,700 people a week on the back of never-ending mass immigration:

A plan has been hatched to divert scarce water resources from Sydney’s main Warragamba Dam to the city’s Southern dams in order to supply Sydney’s ballooning south-western suburbs (see below Nine News video).

Independent MP, Justin Field, has rightfully claimed that this plan is merely shifting around an already scarce resource:

“They don’t have enough water in the Southern Dams for the McArthur region [population] expansion and they want to tap into Warragamba. That’s going to leave the rest of the city exposed to even more crippling water storages in the future”.

Meanwhile, the NSW Water Minister’s plan is to hope that Sydney receives enough rainfall to replenish its shrinking water storages:

“We need to be able to move water around the network to where we need it. We are in this together and we will get through this together”.

Whereas the Labor Opposition believes a pipeline should be built to supply Western Sydney residents with desalinated water.

As usual, nobody has raised the most obvious solution: slashing immigration to stop Sydney’s population – and the number of water users – from expanding so rapidly.

Running a mass immigration program at the same time as rainfall is projected to decline and evapotranspiration rates are projected to rise is a recipe for disaster, and represents rank public policy malfeasance.

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  1. We also have no idea what completely denuding 80% of the Blue Mountains of foliage will do to the weather in NSW. Not a happy story that one.

  2. Ronin8317MEMBER

    The logical next step is to use a ‘free market’ model to manage the water supply. Available supply will be fixed daily, and people must bid for their daily usage for face a hefty penalty. Sydney water will be privatized and become the most profitable utility on the planet.

    • Great idea!

      And then when water is in excess, i.e. we have water in the dams, it can be sold off en masse for maximum profit, and then when the dams are empty the supply can be heavily restricted and prices hiked. Noice!

    • Well, Ronin, while you joke, it should be obvious that if you declare water to be both a ‘human right’ and a ‘scarce resource’ that there is going to be a reckoning eventually, especially when you’re effectively giving away this scarce resource to an ever-growing population. At some point the rubber will meet the road.

      In yours and my lifetime there’s a damn good chance we’ll be paying an economic cost for the water we use. You may be able to give away something for free to a limited number of people for a time but you definitely can’t give away a scarce resource to an ever growing population forever.

      Mocking free markets when the real problem is corrupt Govt is ridiculous. Free markets and Govt are anathema. The moment Govt gets involved in any situation you can pretty much guarantee that there are no ‘free markets’ involved. It’s Game of Mates all the way.

  3. truthisfashionable

    But it rained in Sydney the last few days and I wasn’t able to go to the beach because of it, but lucky the nightly news weather lady said it will be warm and sunny again this week so I can go the beach again. /S

    I’m actually not sure if it is sarcasm, the amount of Sydneysiders I hear whine when it rains and then cheer on the sunny days makes me think they really have no idea that the water supply is running down the fastest it ever has.

    • A plumber recently told me that Sydney would NEVER run out of water. It just won’t happen. If the dams drop too much, we can get it somewhere else. I asked him to clarify and he said he knew, because he was a plumber. He stressed NEVER…
      I said, what about restricting/stopping immigration. ‘No, never happen, we can’t do it, that’s not the problem.’

  4. We need to really look long and hard at our lack of nation building projects for this century.

    Some things that come to mind… large solar farms, more wind generation.
    Pumped hydro storage capacity (snowy 2.0). Pumped hydro storage in North QLD.
    HVDC transmission lines along the easy coast & SA. (WA can remain an island).
    Large desal plants run on renewable power.
    Electricity based mineral refining solutions.
    Battery technology investments on a massive scale. We should value add our raw resources.
    Improvement of regional rail services on the eastern side of the country. Get the freight line integrated faster.
    Review of ground water usage / mining activities.
    Riparian zone conservation efforts (along with research and grants for implementation along with grants for water troughs for farms implementing such things and maybe a sweetener of some water rights for stock to be offset by reduced mining and other agricultural uptake by cotton and nut growers).
    Full review of water ministers and their dodgy deals.

    Nah F it, lets sell some more houses to people.

    • Who’d a thunk the vested interests / FIRE lobby would be undone by ol Mother Nature? Turns out that without sober planning and allocation this place just ain’t that hospitable?

      ‘Course Baaanaby and ScottyfromMarketing are praying for rain, so, there’s that.

  5. NSW labor want to instead divert desal expansion. Unless it’s cost or distance of piping which I can’t see, WTF is the difference?

    Is it even possible NSW Labor could be as stupid as federal Labor?

  6. What many people do not realise is Sydney’s desalinaton plant, even with an upgrade only serves a small proportion of Sydney.
    Consider the maximum borderline of its supply reach as South of Sydney Harbour, as far West as Strathfield, and as far South as the Shire (Port Hacking).
    To reach all of Sydney will require billions of dollars of extra investment for pumping infrastructure, new water pipelines, tunneling etc.
    Needless to say, the people of far Western Sydney and the North-North West of Sydney will still be slugged the cost for the desal plant upgrade.

      • Oh, yes it does. Especially when the pollies want to upgrade the Kurnell desal to provide more water to that 15% Elysium part of Sydney and everyone will be paying for it. How much extra water does that 15% of Sydney need?
        You’ll start seeing different level of water restrictions based upon where your water comes from a dam or desal plant.

        • The Eastern Suburbs (where I live) would much prefer the organic Sydney water from warragamba but we don’t get a choice – we get desal.

          Everyone pays for the desal, because if we weren’t on desal, we’d be on cheaper warragamba water.

          Also – one of the main costs of Sydney Water is waste water. There is a line in Sydney where waste goes east, gets treated and pumped out to deep ocean outfall (cheapest way) whereas further west the waste goes west for extra treatment at much greater cost. The Eastern Suburbs are subsidising the waste water costs of the sprawling western suburbs!!

          • Don’t forget too that waste from the western suburbs is much nastier than the refined waste from the Eastern suburbs.
            The East is bringing up the average quality of waste for all of Sydney.

        • What’s coming is triple the price for water. No water restrictions required. The poor will use far less and the wealthy carry on unchanged.

          Labor and Greens parties and voters…….”immigration does not increase inequality”…….

    • Doesn’t matter who they say they are representing or upholding.
      Actions speak far louder than words, and who are their actions benefiting?

  7. Also keep taking VERY LONG showers. Any water saved is just hypothecated to allow new water for the mass immigration ponzi. Drain the tanks now and they will be forced to pause it.