Sock puppet: Let’s go nuclear

Via the McCrann Sock Puppet today:

If you are a “Climate Change” true and absolute believer – and even more emphatically so, if you’ve gone the full “Climate Emergency Greta” – the answer is nuclear.

If you remain more rationally sceptical of the claimed evils of carbon dioxide and the associated demonisation of coal, or simply want an electricity system that will deliver the cheap, plentiful and reliable power that is the absolute foundation of our economy, our prosperity and indeed our very civilisation, the answer is also nuclear.

In short, if there is one thing that the bushfires should unite all shades of opinion on – and whatever happens with the broader arguments and debates – it is the urgent and absolute need for a 21st century Australia to finally embrace nuclear power.

I don’t mind the idea of going nuclear. It is very clean energy and we may need the bomb some time in the future.

But let’s not kid ourselves about it being cheap. It’s bloody expensive and getting more so by the minute relative to other fuel sources:

Price of solar and batteries over next 5 years
Price of solar and batteries over next 5 years

It does solve your baseload issues as energy storge catches down in price but renewable plus battery is already half the cost so why bother?

As well, when all you need to do is sign off on a little gas reservation to stabilise the grid in the medium term as storage rolls out then why not do that instead? It’s just the stroke of a pen versus some massive misallocation of capital into nuclear that will take a decade to build, at least, against intense community resistence.

The Sock Puppet has long demonstrated his own irrationality when it comes to climate science. This half-baked assertion is no different.

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