International student deluge approaches one million

The Department of Education’s latest international student statistics, which are current to October 2019, shows a continued expansion in international student enrolments across Australia’s educational institutions.

There were 918,000 international students enrolled across Australia as at October 2019, an increase of 9.8% from the same time in 2018 and up an extraordinary 83% since 2013:

This growth has been driven by both higher education (i.e. universities), as well as vocational education and training (VET), which surged by 11.5% and 16.8% respectively in the year to October 2019:

There were 435,000 international students enrolled in higher education in October, up 91% from 2013. Whereas there were 270,000 VET enrolments, up 111% from 2013.

As expected, most of the growth in international student enrolments has occurred across New South Wales and Victoria, which experienced growth of 9.6% and 10.9% respectively in the year to October 2019:

There were 352,000 international students enrolled in New South Wales educational institutions in October, up 89% from 2013. By comparison, there were 296,000 international students enrolled in Victoria, up 102% from 2013.

Strong growth has also been recorded in Queensland, with 139,000 international students enrolled across the state in October 2019, up 67% from 2013.

New South Wales and Victoria have also driven international student growth across the university sector, with enrolments surging by 11.2% and 11.9% respectively in the year to October 2019:

There were 156,000 international students enrolled at New South Wales universities in October, up 98% from 2013. By comparison, there were 153,000 international students enrolled at Victorian universities, up 120% from 2013.

The recent growth in international students has been driven by India and Nepal, whose enrolments surged by 35% respectively in the year to October 2019. By contrast, Chinese enrolments grew by only 3.0% over the year:

Last year’s stunning research by Professor Salvatore Babones showed that Australian universities have by far the highest concentration of international students in the developed world:

This concentration is certain to rise in the wake of these figures, lowering pedagogical standards further, crushloading everything in sight and weighing on wages growth as disposable foreign labour predominates.

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  1. TailorTrashMEMBER

    So where is Australia producing all the quality lecturers and tutors that are providing all this highly sought after Australian Education ?
    …….guess they are being imported too …….getitintaya straya!

    • Yep – the lecturers or ‘educators’ are mostly third world unskilled on visas themselves, or backpackers or trash at the front of the near empty classes as the ‘students’ are all out working in the brothels, 711 or deliveroo etc.

      1 million+ foreign students was always the plan.
      See the link below.

      Their much touted media claim.
      “The International Student industry is a $38 billion export” etc.

      The source.
      A 2015 farrago of lies & omissions / sponsored by the Australian Education Dept / Deloitte.  Then prorated each year by growth in numbers to now be a ‘ $38 billion export’.

      It describes the foreign student ‘economic activity’ but not their declared funds or their actual source of funds & income which is primarily (75% of 505,000 of the then 672,000 foreign students & partners onshore were working illegally (2017)

      672,000 foreign students & partner across all visa categories. March 2017.
      8% year to year growth so 725,000 now in March 2019. Exponential growth now to over 900,000.

      Actual fee income? ($8.2 billion – Mode 2 onshore foreign students in the report, the other modes are fractional) and the all the rest of ‘economic value’ like family visits & so on larded on nonsense. 

      Almost all the money to just pay those fees was EARNED HERE, as they only come in with under $2.4 billion in declared funds often rorted (DHA declared funds data) 

      See mode 2 Fees  :  $4.7 billion – $5.7 billion then, Page 74 footnote 24 hidden down the bottom) /  
      And now with growth of numbers est at $8.2 billion) matching to then the costs & profit taken in delivering the ‘education service’.
      That’s all.

      So they add on an arbitrary $8.7 billion human capital value (page 49) as they get the PR, but don’t mention only 3.9% ever progress to a high income professional vocation (so 96% do not).

      And even the Productivity Commission found foreign students were a very low quality unskilled & unsuitable intake. 
      Negative human capital value in reality.

      No mention in the report of the social & economic impact in degrading Australian Education, congestion, housing contention & fraud / living illegally.

      No mention of the $9.6 billion in Australian unemployment costs in the jobs they steal or the tens of billions of lowered wages & other impacts.  

      That alone exceeds the entire fee income.

      No mention that the foreign students are the epi-centre of crime & the foreign run vice industry being willing participants in that trafficking. 

      No mention of the cost impact to Australians of being denied education as the education sector prostitutes itself as a migrant visa alibi. 

      No mention the vast bulk of foreign students are doing very low level easily cheated courses available in their home country or free online. 

      They are not here for the education which has fallen 10 places & is a laughing stock globally, many on ‘courses’ that don’t even any international recognition. 

      It gets worse.

      A goal of 1 million foreign students in the medium term.

      It’s may be $38 billion ‘yearly GDP activity’ at $43.7k (Treasury estimate) per each foreign students & partners..
      – but their money was EARNED HERE!

      Not an ‘Export’ at all.
      A blatant third world unskilled migrant trafficking operation using education as a visa pretext.
      Economically & socially destructive.

  2. With the Exception of the US and UK, Australia is number three in global ranking of universities… for example, Germany has one institution inside the top one hundred.

    As well as being woke, negative – try and smile a bit… be happy you reside in one of the best countries on earth.

    • Didn’t we read last week that these Global Uni Ranking are a farce; that they are designed to attract students to a particular region/country for fee paying purposes , regardless of the actual ‘quality’ of the education provided? Do we really think Germany has a worse educational standard that Australia? Have a look at many other ‘Germanys’ ( Say, Sweden, Finland etc) and wonder how Australia can be better than them… It isn’t. It’s all an immigration scam in disguise.

    • that just depends who does ranking lists and what one wants to prove
      so to “prove” my point according to THE (Times Higher Education) – Germany has 8 spots in top 100, Netherlands has 7, while Australia has 6

      these rankings are mostly based on “quality of research” (or better to say quantity) so meaningless for international students looking for a first tertiary degree because quality of teaching is usually neglected on top research universities.

    • blacktwin997MEMBER

      Let me guess, you also think that Melbourne is actually the world’s most livable city too?

    • “With the Exception of the US and UK, Australia is number three in global ranking of universities… for example, Germany has one institution inside the top one hundred.”

      What are you smoking Rusty?? Where are you looking at this?!/page/0/length/100/sort_by/rank/sort_order/asc/cols/stats

      The Times seems a decent source. Of the top 20 universities, the US has 15. UK has 4.
      Australia’s highest uni is ranked tied 32nd (Melb) and is beaten by universities from Switzerland, Canada, Singapore, and China. It tied 32nd with a university from Munich.

      Even if on averages we snuck into 3rd we are well distant from 1st and 2nd. The US has the Ivy League (I did my masters there), the UK has Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge) and they will always be the in the top 20. The top students in the world go to these universities. The folks looking for PR or those not clever enough to get into a better university would come here.

  3. so there are 500k fake students, coming here to work
    our vocational degrees are joke compared to continental Europe so none comes here just to get our worthless vocational degrees that are not even recognized in many foreign countries

    also it should be noted that on these 920k students there are probably 500k partners and other family members

        • It’s the same thing, can’t you see?

          Too big to fail = too big to fix.

          Too big to fix = doesn’t matter if it’s broken, because it too big to fix anyway.

          • Jumping jack flash

            Something only needs fixing if its broken.
            The system is working perfectly. Nothing to fix.

  4. Unbelievable!

    They keep coming over despite Scummo cutting the immigration rate to 160,000/year. Or has he?

  5. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    Just straight up betrayal of Young Australian people.
    Those responsible deserve the Guillotine.

    • HadronCollision

      Have the young become passivised victims?

      I see an openining for the United Judaen Sustainable Australian People’s Front here.

      And not on “stopping unsustainable development”.

      • Combination of blackpills and distractions but intake your point.

        However, people aren’t sufficiently uncomfortable enough yet to get desperate. We are well on the way though, give it time.

  6. All this does is confirm how bad the real GDP is. So we’d now have approx 3 mill temp visa holders with retail and just about every other economic indicator going backwards.

    We already have QE in the form of mass immigration so if the RBA does it then we really be Wiemar Republic territory.

  7. I can not believe that young Australians, the people our education system is supposed to educate, are not demonstrating in the streets at howthe education system does not serve their needs.

    • They don’t know any different, pops.

      But you seem to know different. So why aren’t you demonstrating in the streets, pops?

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Good point Peachy!
        Im calling an emergency meeting of the Young Spartacus Brigade at the Criterion Hotel this Sunday afternoon to formulate our action plan.
        You Gunna be there Brother?

      • I’ve got chronic fatigue syndrome peachy. Believe me if I wasn’t cursed with an invisible disability that has blighted my life in ways you can’t begin to imagine I would be demonstrating or engaging in actions that I thought might have real world benefit.
        As it is I’m in perpetual survival mode. Right now I’m counting my mersyndol tablets which i need to get over a 3 day headache and wondering if I can beg my doctor to prescribe me more, even though my last prescription was less than a month ago, or if I can afford the time and energy and the $80 to get some acupuncture to get rid of this episode of pain. So sorry I’m one of those leaners who need to rely on others to do the heavy lifting to change the crap in our society. I do what I can though in my own way

        • I know about cfs. It’s shiit.

          The point I was making is that the disempowered and ignorant students aren’t the ones who are likely to be able to become aware of their plight or self-organise to fight it.

          Sux, but true.

    • Lenny Hayes for PMMEMBER

      Feelings are more important than facts for this generation. Far better not to upset someone’s feelings even if it is at your own expense.

      Other hungrier global cohorts are going to eat our young Aussies alive once they are in the real world.

    • Young people seem quite capable of organising and participating in climate change rallies as the climate change issue is highly publicized on all media forms. There is no publicity at all about the imigration foreign students Ponzi scam destroying Thier future because the cvnts running the imigration Ponzi scam know the left woke lentil eating tools will scream RACIST RACIST RACIST RACIST at the slightest mention.

      • Spot on. Unfortunately, MB contributes to the overall Global Warming (pardon me, Climate Change) hysteria too, and much more than to other more real issues. I understand it’s easy to jump on the bandwagon but once I’d realised that I canceled my membership.

  8. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    I wonder if our highest paid Vice Chancellors in the world will be exposing themselves to the increased risk of Corona virus from all these much converted Chinese students?
    Or will they isolate themselves from the same degree of exposure that young Australian students will be exposed to?

    • I would love to see the VC at a vibrant university address the masses in a face mask a’la the rodent in the vest.

  9. Jumping jack flash

    Foreign uni students are the backbone of our economy. The foundation.

    Only the foreign uni students can work for the low, low, low wages that will allow business owners of run-of-the-mill service establishments (anything with non-gougable prices) to elicit wage theft, growing their own incomes and then using that income growth to acquire more nonproductive debt and attach it to houses.

    Nonproductive debt growth is the backbone of the economy, the foundation.

    Only the never-ending growth of nonproductive debt will mean that the interest obligation on the 2 trillion dollars of mortgages will never need to be paid from incomes, and instead the bulk of that obligation can be paid for by the growth of debt itself. A never-ending perpetual debt machine.

    The marvel of the New Economy.