Indian migrants drive “avalanche of citizenship applications”

Indians are destined to become Australia’s largest migrant group, dominating citizenship applications in 2019:

Indian migrants are driving a surge in citizenship as a record 211,723 people won the right to call Australia home in 2019, a 120 per cent increase on the previous year.

India emerged as the top source of Australian citizenship, for the sixth consecutive year, ahead of Britain and China.

More than 28,470 Indian-born migrants pledged allegiance to Australia in 2018-19…

The avalanche of citizenship applications from India also corres­ponded with a strong rise in the number of people acquiring permanent residency under the skilled migration program…

Australia’s Indian diaspora is fast becoming the new face of the country’s migration story in 2020. Indians are now the third-largest migrant­ group in Australia and are on track to overtake Britons and Chinese…

Australia’s Indian-born popul­a­tion expanded at 10.7 per cent a year on average between 2006 and 2016. Indian-born migrants topped the list of visa recipients by country under the annual permanent immigration program, and the number of Indian­-born mig­rants obtaining Australian citizenship in 2018-19 soared by 60 per cent, compared with 2017-18. In 2019, the largest source of migrants to Australia were from India, with 33,611 places under the country’s permanent migration program going to Indian citizens.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistic’s (ABS) latest Personal Income of Migrants survey for 2016-17, ‘skilled’ migrants from India are fairly low paid (but earn more than Chinese, Koreans and Nepalese), earning a median income of just $56,539 in 2016-17:

Thus, the pivot to Indians (along with Chinese) migrants is likely adding to Australia’s chronic low wage growth.

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  1. With the population growth forecasts, has anyone calculated when European Australians will become a minority ethnic group? Same for Auckland. What happens when Australasia simply becomes Asia.

    • about the same time the Republicans lose their demographic battle in the states I would wager, maybe a little after actually.
      Australia is part of Asia. Always has been.

      • Except for the part we’re an entirely separate continent.

        The part of Asia line is just gaslighting that was invented in the late 80’s to get Australia into all these disastrous free trade deals in Asia. And now we’re a vassal state of China. Well done.

      • Yep. South Korea and Japan will soon have the same demographics as ours because they are not only “part of Asia” but also actually part of Asia.

      • Except that it’s a separate continent.

        By your logic, Indigenous Australians are Asians.

        It should be noted that New Delhi and Beijing are closer to Berlin than they are to Canberra.

        If current trends continue, Australia will become Asian demographically. But this will be a new epoch in Australian history. Asians had plenty of time to colonise Australia but the place evidently only became desirable after Europeans settled here.

        • Just empty progressive virtue signalling, hiding cuckiness in failing to stand up for your culture and society behind a “I’m too urbane to identify as Australia, or Caucasian” posturing.

          Also a good way to highlight your cosmopolitan sophistication over ignorant Bogans who will be the main ones competing against these new arrivals for jobs and housing, and will be at the coal face in terms of social and cultural tensions and whose complaints can then be shouted down as racist.

          I’m sure there were Romans back in the day who argued that the Vandals and Visgoths were just other Europeans and should be welcomed into Rome.

          • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

            “I’m too urbane to identify as Australia, or Caucasian” posturing.

            Also a good way to highlight your cosmopolitan sophistication over ignorant Bogans”

            I take a little to much pleasure in calling out this Virtue Signalling wanking/posturing among my fellow well off but left leaning comrades.

            I take a similar pleasure in asking someone who is loudly denouncing a lack of action on climate change how many times they have travelled over seas for holidays and ask if they eat meat.

            Everyone loves to denounce but No one likes being called a hypocrite I have discovered.

          • Everyone loves to denounce but No one likes being called a hypocrite I have discovered.

            Applying the conservative moron’s definition of “hypocrisy”, that’s hardly surprising.

            You want to see hypocrisy, look at Stewie’s appeal to authority with Dinesh D’Souza you’re nodding along to.

          • “Applying the conservative moron’s definition of “hypocrisy”, that’s hardly surprising.”

            Your sense of sophistication and intellectual superiority shining through once again Professor – do you sneer at everyone who questions your world view?

          • Yes, ol’ mate stewie certainly is qualified in talking about “cuckiness”! The old cuck! 😂

      • “Australia is part of Asia”. How – in what way? Why? What logic brings this conclusion? Genuine Question!

      • Europe is just as close to Africa, as Australia is to Asia – should Europe become Africanicised?

        And in fact, Europe directly borders Asia – time Europe becomes Asian!

      • Australia is Melanesian, as is new guinea, Fiji etc. Australia was never an Asian continent. If it was going to go in any direction though I would prefer Asian rather than Indian as the Asian population integrates vastly better. The whole indian male going over to work before getting a citizenship then ordering a wife from back in the village to come over and be his sex slave is quite disgusting and does not bode well for for future harmony between the races.

      • Yes EP and other anonymous commenters (nice comments there btw those of you slagging off general groups but wont put your full name up – very courageous)
        Aboriginal genetic makeup is actually Asian in origin, although IIRC European and Asian genetic populations only split some 25K to 40K years ago – Im a bit rusty on the migration timelines. Also I think there’s a significant Indian DNA component too due to the migratory patterns.
        Australia is a part of Asia because of lines of communication (i.e transport, trade, fuel/oil) and areas of influence (vis Japan/China/USA) and trade – its not just about straight line distance.
        Put a little bit of thought into your comments here chaps, it doesn’t help anyone to reduce overseas net migration if any and all debate about it quickly trips into cultural warfare.

        • You are broadly correct in terms of timeline – there was however significant Melanesian migration around 4,000 years ago, which also corrosponds with other outward migration from PNG into the Pacific (as outlined in David Reich’s book “Who We Are and How We Got Here”):

          These new migrants were so successful with their invasion that their language and culture soon spread right around Australia, replacing any language groups (and presumably culture) that existed here previously.

          The traditional method that patriarchies in other societies have been replaced (patriarchy being the men who defend the cultural… as opposed to shrugging their shoulders and saying all are welcome) is to kill all the men and boys and take the women and land as their prize. For example the PNG expansion into Micronesia saw all the Y chromosones from the prior inhabitants (indigenous to Taiwan) replaced around the same time, and similar behaviour observed in other locations around the world:

          It would be racist to believe that the Indigenous in Australia were somehow more noble or moral, in terms of their own invasion, than any other population group that engaged in outward expansion, which makes it somewhat ironic that the only true genocide to be committed on the Australian mainland was most likely performed by the ancestors of our current ‘indigenous’ peoples.

    • TBH, I’m looking forward to it. I’m going claim all sorts of things with my newly acquired minority status.

      • Not sure it works that way. Look at the European minority in South Africa. They’ve lost political power but are still held responsible for all sorts of ills and officially discriminated against.

        • Yep, it really doesn’t matter how much the sitting (black) govt rapes and loots the country – since 1994, I should add – whitey is to blame! It gets worse than that because the country’s civic institutions and infrastructure have done nothing but go backwards since then and still ‘the legacy of apartheid’ is to blame. No, really …

          In another 26yrs time when the country has descended into some latter-day hell and every person of European descent has left, the blame will not have changed. Peanut-brained progressives will still lay the blame on all things white.

      • Unfortunately, generations of your offspring will still be forced to apologise for every historical inconvenience going back to the birth of Christ. In Christchurch we are currently having to apologise for the Crusades which were undertaken in 1095.

    • I’m really not being racist, I love Indians, they are family oriented and non violent, they’ll never hurt you physically but they’ll scam and rip you off financially.
      I worked with a few, good guys

      * when they move homes, they go buy a bit of wood from Bunnings, get the free trailer and then return the wood
      * they park in McDonalds car park at airport
      * they know every way to get everything free from Australian government, you name it, they know the way around everything
      * they have mates in white good retailers who give their mates tv fridges at nearly cost

      If AUSTRALIA is relying in Indians to add growth to our economy we are deluded, it’ll cost us to have them here

      • I think Treasury is starting to pick up on that, plus also the notion of remittances and paying back the loans (plus interest), to get here.

      • Kriss
        I just went to Mumbai for 2 days on way home Dubai, my first time in India. It was the greatest stinking shxx hole I’ve ever been too.
        If the world thinks India will be the next world growth to replace China as they slow and move towards a domestic focussed market, we are deluded and will be disappointed once again
        And the prices of property in Mumbai, 2 billion AUD for an apartment overlooking a polluted beach, that’s if you can see the beach through the smog
        I said to my GF when we were there, enjoy your time with me today because I’m never coming back

      • Common ties – cricket and the Queen!

        Where we are different is critical – we are a society based on a sense that all people are equal, that the sexes are equal, and we should all have a chance to improve ourselves. Indian culture is the opposite to this. Their sense of entitlement, arrogance, and nepotism is staggering. They aren’t a cultural fit and they have no interest in making nice with the locals.

        • Spot on about the arrogance/entitlement. Theyre are Aussies that are bad but it’s next level with them.

          Culture makes a country and theirs awful. They’re also pathological liars. Like it’s normalised to lie and everyone accepts it.

          Try doing business with them. Complete sheisters.

          • They also will never admit they don’t know something and will bluff their way through a conversation. I don’t know how many times I have asked them if they understand some business requirements or technical architecture and they say yes and then I see their implementation and it’s completely wrong and I have to fix it. It seems to be a cultural thing that they are ashamed or embarrassed to admit not knowing or understanding something and don’t want to ask questions in fear of being seen as being incompetent.

        • Once they are in a hiring position they will only hire their own. I’ve seen entire IT departments ethnicity change within a couple of years once they reach senior manger level and only hire their own.

          • Yup – in the 15 years I’ve been at my employer I’ve seen the IT staff go from 90% Caucasian to 90% Indian.
            When I mentioned it once a woke manager said they’re all new Australians so what does it matter. Kunt.

      • Go and have a look at Tarneit in Melbourne and tell me about “integration”. They aren’t integrating and they are probably the worst offenders of wage under cutting. They add nothing to the country.

        the only way Australian multiculturalism ever worked was by creating ethnic ghettos that represent home countries on Australian soil. There are suburbs in Australia where immigrants live 50 years without ever feeling a need to learn English

        Australian multiculturalism is the biggest failure, bigger than french african ghettos, the only thing that still keeps our ghettos calm is mortgage credit money that equally floods every corner of the country. Once bubble bursts and credit freezes we’ll see violence on streets and our police will not be able to cope despite being one of the most militant and brutal in the Western world.

        • Spot on.

          Only thing I would add to that is that it sort of worked because of the underlying european migrant base. There was still a general western cultural the, even though there were the memorable greeks v Italians, serbs, etc tensions. Now its totally different.

          Correct about the violence. Already seeing the first signs of it in Melbourne and Western Sydney. The average passive Aussie is in for a rude shock as our economy continues to deteriorate.

      • At work they will take advantage of all and every ‘entitlement’ to get out of work. Maximise personal leave taken (i.e 50/50 sick leave / carers leave), working from home as often as possible, going to bullshit in-house training courses, long toilet breaks, endless phone calls away from desk etc. They will do everything to get out doing any actual work while trying to give the impression they are dedicated hardworking professionals

  2. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    they earn slightly more I suspect as they are pretty much all males

    I don’t think this is very good

  3. One would hope that part of this year’s bushfire crisis that a national population policy could be part of the outcome.
    Having too many people in Australia is one of the contributions to the degradation of the environment and the economy – its got nothing to do with where immigrants come from (although obviously business wants the cheapest labour possible), there’s just too many people here already.
    Maybe the 2021 bushfire season or 2022 before the public realises we need a zero population growth strategy?

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      You’ll win Lotto long before that ever happens. Have you read the article Leith has posted today about whether population growth is impossible to control and in which NSW Planning Minister Stokes is quoted as basically says population to the moon for Straya and it up if you don’t like it?

    • It absolutely has a lot to do with where they come from and what culture they are bringing. Watching white Australians walk on egg shells to avoid talking about very obvious social cohesion issues and deliberate demographic replacement is nothing short of cringeworthy. But not a shock from the centre left MB Commentariat where everyone is afraid of being called the r word by strangers.

      Indians are probably the worst migrant group we have brought in. Dowry abuse, domestic violence, normalised corruption, sex assault, horrible treatment of women, fraud, massive in group nepotism and not to mention the third world driving standards and wage slavery undercutting Australian wage growth.

      Self flagellating attitudes like yours are the problem. We invites this problem and it’s only going to get worse socially.

      • I’d love to see the data on domestic/family violence [and the other dimensions, if possible] broken down by cultural background so your assertions can be validated

          • Yes – I’m sure all the clannish Indians we’re importing will be just rushing to civic mindedly join the RFS and save our environment.

            The handbook looks pretty accurate though – lots of fat, old, decrepit or pregnant Indians lying in our Hospital beds being demanding to be looked after.

        • I’d love to see the data on domestic/family violence [and the other dimensions, if possible] broken down by cultural background so your assertions can be validated

          I would be more interested in knowing what levels of those sorts of behaviours are considered acceptable and how they are measured.

          That way we can identify and sanction everyone contributed to the destruction of our “social cohesion”.

          Maybe we could establish some sort of ongoing “social credit” system to measure and manage it.

          • Just easier to ignore questionable culturally-ingrained behaviours – looks like drsmithy is on the same page as the government and mass immigration spruikers.

            As Stewie would say, culture matters.

            Why is it so problematic to perhaps suggest we should question the types of cultures we import from?

          • Just easier to ignore questionable culturally-ingrained behaviours – looks like drsmithy is on the same page as the government and mass immigration spruikers.

            Yes. That’s is clearly obvious from… nothing I’ve ever written.

            Why is it so problematic to perhaps suggest we should question the types of cultures we import from?

            Dunno. Why is it so problematic to suggest antisocial behaviour is antisocial behaviour, regardless ?

          • You don’t really believe there isn’t a correlation between culture and behaviour of its individuals?

            You don’t think a society whose culture has an ingrained caste system may experience higher rates of physical attacks, social exclusion and employment discrimination against those deemed to be of a lower caste?

            You don’t think a society which tells a certain segment that they are inherently better than others by virtue of their caste may not then behave in an anti-social manner, as an extension of their arrogance and sense of entitlement?

            No culture is perfect, but some cultures institutionalise and encourage poor behaviour more so than others.

          • Taking your reply at face value.
            That information is readily available.
            Crime, social & cultural or religious attitudes & statistic statistics of crime, domestic violence, child abuse, rape, enslavement, prostitution, ideological or ethnic based violence are available (eg: Numbeo)

            And that data is very easily applied to the ethnic / religion and country of origin in migrant intake allowed in. (DHA PR & TR/SCV by country of origin or other attributes – supplied before & again readily available)

            Basically it will correlate.

            For example the endemic attributes of Polynesian & Melanesian in family physical violence & alcohol abuse.

            The unique attributes of say Indian / Nepal in wife burning and serious familial murder or assault.

            The unique Indian Hindu attributes in black market labor rings, fraud, as well as female rape and assault

            The Pakistan Bangla & Middle Eastern Muslim cultural propensity (if not Islamic endorsed) attributes in beating of females, denial of equality, genital mutilation aa well as beatings, rape, polygamy & non Muslim hatreds.

            The South East Asian & north Asian female in the propensity to prostitution and the male in petty crime, drugs.

            The Chinese overall in prostitution, organised crime, drugs, black market, money laundering, tax evasion, highly collaborative crime.

            And the African in mindless social gang crime, drugs, home invasion, car theft and unprovoked assault.

            Now before you all scream racist and so on…
            Hear me out..
            Numeo and other global statistical analysis show that each of the above criminal or socially offensive acts are both systemic and endemic in their country of origin.

            And Australia in its ‘Multiculturalism’ – we not only actively discourage assimilation or integration but a view that Australian social codes & laws ‘dont apply’

            That’s why we have 5 million non Australians in Australia driving around illegally on international licenses, living in migrant only enclaves, living a Hindu or Chinese or Thailand or Nepalese ‘only’ existence here, living & working illegally, cash economy, no English (some after a decade).

            They aren’t part of Australia, they have no intention to ever be part of Australia and have no concept of Australian values and would never adhere to them anyway.
            And it’s generational.
            Their children go to Chinese or Indian only schools or as Lebanese, Chinese, Arabs, Africans, Indians etc their children born here are now brought up to identify with their country of origin and hate and resent / reject Australia.

            👉🏾 So we have a direct importation of those countries levels of crime & violence, and a very familiar pattern of their criminal and social ‘unique anti social attributes’ now in Australia.

          • So that’s a “no” to some vaguely objective list of attributes and metrics we can use to assess people against for having a negative impact on “social cohesion”, rather than just using their race ?

          • 100% agree mike, it is mainly about the issues of how pursuing Multiculturalism, as an immigration and social policy, impacts on that societies long term ability to function and deliver a fair outcome to its existing citizens (that’s a good link btw).

            It is the suspension of disbelief that these group population behavior differences either don’t exist or are irrelevant in the discussion of immigration, that is imho probably the biggest threat to cohesive high trust societies and by extension civilization itself.

            Personally I rank the Long Term collapse of civilization through Multiculturalism, as probably higher than a collapse through outright warfare. It has happened before, at the end Rome may have been invaded by the Vandals and Visgoths, but the simple fact is that the main reason why the Roman empire collapsed was that it ceased to be populated by Romans:


            All that will be required for it to end will be one significant event, perhaps just a natural disasters like climate change producing several years of global drought that then temporarily destroys or disrupts global supply lines. The moment that these increasingly low trust Multicultural nations ceases to satisfactorily meet all the competing need of the urban siloed communities, they’ll completely fall apart. In an era of depleting resources the ability to build a successful sustainable community will maximised if it is also a cohesive high trust society.

            It is weird that people who believe in climate change give no pause to thought as to what the impact of their own moral prejudices and beliefs, will ultimately impact on the ability of society that we hand over to our children and its ability to continue to meet our collective needs. Especially in consideration of what nature and resource depletion is going to throw at us and especially them.

          • drsmithy – again, I have never mentioned race. I do mention cultures and countries of origin.

            An easy stat to provide is the top countries for corruption – surely national levels of corruption is reflective of culture. The ability to be fair and just, in part, is important to integrating into a Western nation such as Australia.


            The West (mostly European, or European majority) top the list of the least corrupt. Note where India, Bangladesh and China are on the list.

            Western societies also tend to aim for equality, including between the sexes.

            Stats on how Australia, as well as European countries are doing, compared to Asian countries:


            You asked for details, but I suppose you’ll reply that the internet can prove anything opinion. That’s why I would suggest you look around you, observe the behaviors of our New Australians in the workplace, in public and see if such behaviour may be an extension of the cultures (including religions) of where they come from.

          • drsmithy – again, I have never mentioned race.

            Of course you haven’t.

            Western societies also tend to aim for equality, including between the sexes.

            Yet usually the people worried the most about immigrants and “social cohesion” are also the ones using words like “feminist” as an epithet and describe attempts to address inequity and discrimination as “political correctness gone mad”.

            You asked for details, but I suppose you’ll reply that the internet can prove anything opinion.

            What I asked for was a set of metrics and how to measure them, that we can apply them to any individual’s actions to determine whether or not they are bad for “social cohesion”.

            What you are giving me are justifications for everyone of the same race “culture” should be treated as if they all think and act identically. Ie: a somewhat more involved and drawn out version of “they all look the same”.

          • Okay, at the micro-level – let’s do a point system.

            If you claim to be Hindu, you lose points, based on believing in a caste system and if you are of a lower caste its because you did something bad in a previous life. More points lost if you regularly go to Temple. More points lost if your marriage was arranged. More points lost if you organised an arranged marriage for your child. More points lost you if you paid a dowry or you had a dowry paid on your behalf.

            If you claim to be Muslim, then you lose points because you adhere to an aggressive ideology with inherent sexism and a belief that non-believers are the enemy. You lose more points if you regularly go to a Mosque. More points lost if you go to a Mosque where violence against non-believers is advocated. Even more points lost if the Mosque insists women enter in the back and can’t pray with the men.

            How’s that for a start?

            But might be easier, and get to the same outcome if we reduce migration from questionable cultures (again cultures and not races).

          • Oh I don’t know, how about when a law is broken?
            Would be interesting if crime stats did record data such as whether born in Australia, parents country of origin, religion etc.

          • Oh I don’t know, how about when a law is broken?

            There we go !

            But how are you going to use that to stop people arriving in the first place ?

          • How’s that for a start?

            Not particularly good. I mean, knocking off “points” because someone had an arranged marriage or a dowry paid for them (actions outside their control) hardly seems fair. What if they’re trying to take their own family out of that situation ?

            Similarly if someone’s trying to get away from Islam because they don’t like it.

            But can we apply this idea consistently ? If someone claims to be a Christian we can start knocking off points based on the stuff in the Bible without knowing anything else about them ?

        • Will never happen – because hard facts will undermine the narrative that all cultures are the same.

          I mean just look at the controversy that suggested Africans in Melbourne are committing crimes at 40 times the rate of other ethnic groups and hundreds of times the rate of groups like Japanese, or virtually everyone involved in child rap!st grooming gangs in the UK are Muslim.

          Facts undermine the progressive narrative.

          Culture DOES matter.

          • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

            Well the “Culture” aspect of multiculturalism is heavily premoted by advocates of mass immigration.
            Just don’t be to specific about the cultural outcomes of Multiculturalism.
            Thats not Cool,… apparently.

          • Multi-ethnicism isn’t the issue, multiculturalism is the problem.

            Multi-culturalism wrongly assumes all cultures are equal, and carry equal weight in a nation.

            An overarching culture which unites, is required for nationhood.

          • Multi-ethnicism isn’t the issue, multiculturalism is the problem.

            LOL. How long did you have to sharpen a knife to split that hair ?

            Multi-culturalism wrongly assumes all cultures are equal, and carry equal weight in a nation.

            Only in the white supremacist bubble.

          • Poor drsmithy doesn’t realise the difference between race and culture.

            For the record, there is a difference, you might want to consult a dictionary some time. Hint, one is to do with the body and the other is to do with behavior, collective behavior.

          • Poor drsmithy doesn’t realise the difference between race and culture.

            For the record, there is a difference, you might want to consult a dictionary some time. Hint, one is to do with the body and the other is to do with behavior, collective behavior.

            They’re both pretty much arbitrary.

            I just know that when yous say “culture” you mean “race”.

            How do you tell someone’s “culture” just by glancing at them ?
            How do you know they like that culture and aren’t trying to get away from it ?

    • Good luck with that CB. For most of the population, the fires are not anywhere near the cities and we can just infill the middle suburbs. Very few people are linking overpopulation with bushfires and it is all just climate change. Whilst I agree that climate change is a big factor. Overpopulation, European style farming and deforestation are massive factors too and these factors are not mentioned.

        • Moisture Levels. More Forest more moisture, more clouds, more rain. We need to plant trees not fell them. Same goes for Water Supply. Compare water run off through forests of different vintages and you’ll see the impact logging has on water supply.

    • Its more likely to bring about a “we need more migrants to the bush to rebuild it” strategy. You’ll get the standard urban immigrants, plus a whole heap of extras for the bush now.

      • Rebuilding the bush with vibrants: are we taking about ‘blood and bone’ fertilizer or what?

    • My problem is having too many migrants from any 1 source, we should be bringing in people from all over, not just China or India. Instead we seem to flood the country each decade with a new source, why I don’t know?

      Can we get some more diversity?

    • I like your optimism but I think we’ve already reached the point where most people realise we need lower immigration – it’s a question of being able to articulate that through the democratic process. With unwavering bi-partisan support for high immigration that is a mere pipe-dream.

      Right now we’d need large scale demonstrations to even get the pollies to take notice, never mind take any real action. The economy IS immigration and no pollie wants to be the one to lead us into recession.

      • If we ease into the immigration reduction, and develop exporting and value-adding industries as well as not having such large housing costs, we don’t need to necessarily go into recession.

        But this requires smart economic management and development I don’t think Australian politicians are capable of. Plus GDP as a measure of success is king.

        We need a new global measure of a nation’s success.

  4. The concern should be about the loss of Australian living standard that all ethnic groups are experiencing as result of Australia’s excessive population growth driven by excessive immigration.

      • So, assuming that Canberra keeps the doors wide open, immigration will only slow when Australia’s living standards have completely sunk to Third World levels.

        Australia, the clever country.

  5. We should only have guest workers like qatar and send them back when they are old tired or injured.

    Or like in honkie where the Phlips arent allowed to get pregnant and sundays can be maids day off

    • Yeah, it is pretty much insanity to run a massive immigration program and provide easy access to citizenship. No self-respecting nation interested in remaining a coherent entity does it.

  6. Indians to All Time Highs 🤩 every part of the modern economic model is running on all cylinders

  7. Thus, the pivot to Indians (along with Chinese) migrants is likely adding to Australia’s chronic low wage growth.

    Just as designed by our LNP/Labor political elites.
    We were repeatedly told to the point of unquestionable belief that cheaper is always better so …

    BTW. if somehow we have a system that only imports highly paid immigrants we would complain how they are taking all good paid jobs from us.

    • I’d prefer that. Then we encourage the low skilled ones to come in illegally, and we would all be able to afford nannies and housekeepers and gardeners like the middle class of America. Currently that cheap labour is just not cheap enough when you still have to do your own housework.

      • Do away with minimum wage and most middle class families will be able to afford both a maid and a gardener – I’d say that’s a ‘win’ for standard of living.

      • This will work if we only cap PR and TR visas each year, to say 100k combined and then just turn a blind eye to illegals.
        If the place is flooded with illegals, we can rip them off to the end of days.

    • Ever been to India? I have a lot of Indian friends, born and raised here. They don’t like the mainland Indian’s though.. Funny enough.

    • I’ll take none. Indians bulls•it you in the face, and deny it’s bulls•t even if you smear it in their faces. Chinese will feign ignorance and misunderstanding and proceed to rip you off quietly.

      • I had an Indian guy work for me for a year. He was awesome. As straight as a die. He did however admit that culturally you’d be likely to get screwed over by them. But hey, if I know what to expect and I get screwed then more fool me I say.

    • Each to their own.
      Anyway, the immigration is not the (only) cause of the corruption – THERE AREN’T ANY PROMINENT CHINO/INDO POLIES IN OUR ESTABLISHMENTS.
      Take a look first at your (all white anglophone) crooked troglodytes before flinging insults indiscriminately at the rest of the humanity.

      • Mr Tezza, My comment is not racial it is political. Although I acknowledge I didn’t spell that out. The CCP have a very dangerous agenda which the Indians simply don’t have. From the perspective of avoiding interference from the CCP I naturally would choose to dominate our immigration intake with Indians.

        • Understood.
          And I was aiming at the commentators here in general, as if the only choice we have are between the “two evils”.
          While, in reality, our own crop of crooked polies have inflicted this disaster of immigration policy on us.

  8. Really does beg the question once again why there aren’t caps of migrants from any one country to a max of say 10-15% of total intake, like the US does with the green card lottery.

    Answer is I suspect because it would lower the overall quantity of migrants from China and India and get in the way of free markets and all that…. Or something.

    • You are a little late to this party, aren’t you?

      The fact that the turbo-charged open doors migration program has nothing to do with anything other than propping up the myriad of Ponzi scams run by the government is no longer a surprise to anyone here.

    • Operating an official immigration system has nothing whatsoever to do with ‘free markets’ – it’s a Govt-created construct.

      Everything the Govt does pro-actively is, by definition, the very anti-thesis of ‘free markets’.

  9. If replacing your own people through mass immigration isn’t treason than I don’t know what is.

  10. When everything turns to crap one of the few benefits will be the outflow of vibrancy & diversity and a bit of house price implosion for good measure. Our leaders have taken us to overdose levels & the economy needs some cold turkey.