Coalition begins to burn as ScoMo dithers

It’s all good in the party room at Domain:

Liberal backbenchers have stepped up calls for greater action on climate change ahead of talks of new policy measures within weeks, backing a blunt warning from a senior minister to “move on” from arguments about whether global warming is real.

…Prime Minister Scott Morrison pointedly backed Science Minister Karen Andrews on Wednesday after she warned that those who rejected the science on climate change were wasting time when action was needed.

…North Sydney MP Trent Zimmerman said he strongly backed Ms Andrews for defending the science in her interview with The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald on Wednesday.

…The member for Goldstein in bayside Melbourne, Tim Wilson, also backed the minister’s comments on the science.

…The Liberal MP for Wentworth in Sydney’s east, Dave Sharma, said he welcomed Ms Andrews’ “common sense proposition”, while the MP for Mackellar on the Sydney northern beaches, Jason Falinski, said there was no debate about whether climate change was real.

…NSW Liberal senator Andrew Bragg said climate change was not a matter of personal belief when it should be based on the science.

…Fiona Martin, the Liberal member for Reid in western Sydney and a former psychologist, also backed Ms Andrews.

Not so at The Australian:

Scott Morrison has been warned by Coalition MPs to avoid major changes to emissions reduction targets and revisiting Malcolm Turnbull’s failed national energy guarantee, as leading business and industry figures urge him to deliver a “stable” long-term energy policy, electrify Australia’s transport sector and introduce tougher green vehicle standards.

After the Prime Minister vowed to make deeper cuts to emissions in the wake of the bushfire crisis, a cabinet minister told The Australian that Mr Morrison must maintain Coalition unity on climate and emissions targets.

“If we go back to talking about climate or targets or anything, the only climate that will change will be the climate in the partyroom. It’ll blow the place up,” the senior MP said.

…With climate change a fraught topic for the Coalition, Mr Morrison said every MP had a right to speak their mind. Asked if he listened­ to those in his partyroom who did not believe in climate change, Mr Morrison responded: “I listen to all Australians, and I think we should. Don’t you?”

Jeez, he really doesn’t know how to lead. This is not a useful debate for Scomo or the country. It is chaos and division as individual MPs seek to distance themselves from the PM and one another depending upon the predilictions of their electorates.

The discussion needs to brought back to a singular political goal around which the party room and nation can be rallied. That can only be achieved by ScoMo imposing his authority upon the party via a policy process.

This is politics 101. Something ScoMo apparently didn’t study.

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