Bird strike! Albotross crash lands on climate change

He’s an Albotross around Labor’s neck, via the AFR:

Labor leader Anthony Albanese has admitted it was a “mistake” to take the 45 per cent emissions reduction target to last year’s federal election, indicating Labor would reduce the target.

Mr Albanese said that while Labor wanted “ambitious” targets, the plan to cut emissions by 45 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030 was a policy developed in 2015 and should have been reviewed before last year’s election.

“Frankly, I think it was a mistake in 2019 to continue to say ‘well, we’ll do exactly what we’re doing in 2015″ – as if it hadn’t changed,” Mr Albanese told Sky News on Sunday.

Mr Albanese would not commit to outbidding the Coalition target – a reduction of 26 to 28 per cent – saying he hoped the government would take action before the 2022 election.

I know you’ve got to win some coal-loving QLD seats, Albotross, but the outright climate Satan across the aisle gives you some wriggle room now. A sharp juxtaposition with the Colaition on climate is an asset post-fires.

As well, two policy positions support the Coalition QLD vote. The lesser is coal. The greater is anti-globalisation expressed most pointedly via immigration skepticism.

Albotross may have neutralised the first but he’s stupidly freed ScoMo to pursue the second rendering his own coal play mute.

All ScoMo will have to do is pretend to cut immigration again and he will not only retain QLD, he’ll have superior environmental credentials, a better argument for wages, border protection and national security.

Bravo Albotross, bravo.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. You know what was a mistake, Albo?

    Unlimited grandparent visas.

    That was a mistake, Albo, and you can’t ever be trusted again.

      • GunnamattaMEMBER

        A family comprising an ‘education agent’ and a ‘migration agent’ is looking at moving to Canada from Australia…………..gutted

        The lack of meaningful job opportunities referred to in that piece is precisely why immigration should be cut to 70k per annum

      • “How many migrants around you, particularly from India, can raise their hands and say we are doing what we came here for?”
        Maybe because there are too many immigrants here already.
        Maybe because we have “education agents” and “migration agents” that are telling porky pies to their clients and/or helping unskilled immigrants enter the country.

        F*ck off and good riddance

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Yes it was a disgraceful policy that would have put enormous pressure on our hard fought for welfare state.
      The ALP need to stop listening to and being directed by spivey, Fkwit pollsters, PR types and spin doctors.

      If the rank and file does not direct and control party policy then the ALP does not deserve to Govern.

  2. It’s a shame that Albo is retreating. You are going to have to look even closer to spot a difference between him and Morrison.
    BTW, I’m new here and was told about this site via a friend of a friend. He told me there was really excellent information and good discussion about the economy and other issues.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        You calling us no lifers? spade a spade it is then.
        Once you do the full circle and see something slippery you realize its your own verbal diarrhoea.
        An overdose of economics books will expedite this discovery.
        Welcome to the club Dave.

  3. 15 hours ago:

    Mr Albanese also left the door open to amending the party’s pre-election franking credits crackdown rather than dumping it altogether.

    “Very clearly we won’t be taking the same policy to the next election,” Mr Albanese said.

    The Labor leader would not say whether the negative gearing policy would be dropped.

    10 hours ago:

    Paul Murray: Albo has it both ways

    Albotross indeed. Reserve the bloody gas.

  4. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I find that Labor voters aren’t the right sort of people. They all seem to have something wrong with them.

    • If you mean the SJW bleeding heart progressives who vote for the current Labor/Greens parties, I agree.
      But the traditional working class who once upon a time the Labor party actually represented have been left without a viable option.

      • Bolt brain farts again

        My bet is by May dutton will be prime minister if dose not make move by then the Labour will win as millennials will vote in droves for greens and Labour the balls in your court skull

      • Progressives ain’t voting for Labor.

        Greens and Labor are still far better options for workers than any of the alternatives.

        • “any of the alternatives”

          Are you asserting that every single minor party has worse policies than Labor/Greens? or just that Labor/Greens better than LNP?

          If the latter, then wouldn’t it be better to vote for the minor parties until the the major parties either respect voter expectation or disappear from relevance?

          • Yes, I regretted writing that as soon as I hit submit because I knew someone would bring up minor parties.

            Unfortunately Chrome crashed so I couldn’t go back and edit it to say “mainstream alternatives” (and I would include most of the high profile – ie: the ones you see in the news – alternatives in “mainstream”).

            I recommend people always find a minor party or independent they like to put first on their ballot (remembering that primary vote is how public electoral funding is allocated). The more parties/indy reps we have, the more democratic it is.

            (Good comments on this as well about some of the deeper problems that reinforce the duopoly.)

  5. Jumping jack flash

    I find this very puzzling. Bizarre, even.
    What is he trying to achieve with this? Is this meant to be a slap in the face of voters for voting in ScoMo?

    “Sorry everyone, [given the raging bushfires linked to climate change,] it was terribly wrong to bring such draconian climate policy to last election, I’ll make sure to reduce the targets a bit for next election… shucks. Hopefully the current government does something before then, though.”

    If that’s the case, then its a bit childish. And such a ferocious attack on the opposition with a wet lettuce leaf, but what do you expect? These guys have a lot of time on their hands to pretend to look busy while everyone else does their work for them, and just emit a few grunts every now and again to remind people they haven’t died, and try to convince everyone they’re necessary and relevant.

  6. rob barrattMEMBER

    For “coal loving” substitute “job loving”. Since we kissed off manufacturing (God bless the CFMEU) you have to look pretty hard to find one.

    • Pretty sure that death of manufacturing has a lot more to do with sustained LNP policy. And not the CFMEU

  7. I’m more sympathetic toward Albo in this instance. Labor is still running around like a headless chook after the 2019 election, with no real idea about what policies it can introduce that satisfy both the inner city lefties and the outer suburban/inner regional working class. Labor’s climate change policies allow the Coalition to bang on endlessly about how a ‘radical green agenda’ is increasing electricity prices, which despite not being the whole story is lapped up by low income households for whom cost of living pressures are a major problem.

    Albo has probably looked at the outcome of 2019 and decided that it’s better to offer up a more modest target that blunts the scare campaign that will inevitably be used against them by Scomo and Co. His point that sticking with the same target despite an ever-decreasing amount of time to reach the target is also a fair one – the Coalition have done such a hatchet job delaying any action that Labor’s efforts to catch up will almost certainly be more painful than if we’d kept the carbon ‘tax’ in the first place.

    Personally, I’d like to keep a high target and actually take climate change mitigation seriously. Nevertheless, the real choice we have in practice will be Labor’s flawed but sort-of-getting-there target, versus the Coalition and its policy of throwing taxpayer money at companies to do less than the minimum of mitigation activities required to slow rising global temperatures. It’s a disappointing choice, but I’d still back Albo in over Scomo and his happy clapping denialist delusions.

    • HadronCollisionMEMBER

      maybe if they started with “is this right” not “how does this retail” people might give them some credibility and be willing to look through the politics in the national interest

      • Honestly, I think (or hope) that this is what they’re trying to pivot towards, but they’ve spent so many years obsessing over focus groups that they’re literally still learning how to look at policy on the basis of morality rather than marginal seat votes

  8. Everyone should take this as an object lesson. None of these pricks has the slightest interest in anything but getting into power, and they will abandon any commitment they have made if they think it will help them achieve this.

  9. Listen to the interview properly. It makes perfect sense. How can he take a promise of 45% in last election from 2019 to 2030(11 years), to an election in 2022 or 2023 (leaving 7 or 8 years and no idea what the starting point is).

  10. Arthur Schopenhauer

    TGD* is fighting the last War. Shorten would do a better job of it.

    * The Great Disappointment.

  11. So the bit that does me in is that all this climate change activism doesn’t with respect address the issue(s). I personally think the fires have created a perfect launch pad for the activists. Lets assume there is climate change as a given (and no discuss at ALL whether it is human or other) – so what! What are we, Australia, going to do to ensure no future fires like now? Close the mines. Wow- thats not going to help. In asking the question to various persons snr at various VIC environmental agencies best I got was people need to stop driving cars (Really – thats your answer!!! Esp when the lady who said this rotate her and her partner’s BMWs every three years albeit that they both cycle to work often). When I mention preventative burning it is like a nuclear explosion has been let off (which as a lawyer I find very very telling in itself). Whilst, preventative burning, fire breaks etc might not be the answer the critical issue is what is? This is the critical question(s) and we honestly dont need another BS Royal Commission where the only peeps that win are the legal fraternity. We need some common sense, which, unfortunately, we don’t seem to be seeing on either side of the political divide nor in the bureaucracy. The high up in the MFB the response seems to be that the CFA and volunteers are a big problem – not properly trained, often the arsonists, blah blah and that they need to be shut down and far more full time MFB firies employed. Clearly, there might be some training and arson issues in the CFA but I personally dont believe doing away with them is the answer and know a number of good mates who have put their businesses on hold to fly inter state and now in Vic they do a bloody good job which is more than I can say about the above “greenie” wanna be trust fund kids in the environmental agencies I have spoken with. Whilst I write this it dawns on me that all of them might be required to join and serve in the CFA – get some hands on experience in the fires which might actually spur them into some useful dialogue and solutions.

    • Bolt brain farts again

      All major cities will have to have at least 3 km fire breaks as fires will come every year now until all the forest is burnt out 3 to 4 years yet as rain fall is still declining so no humidity means more wild fires rainfall will start to increase again in 5 years and take twenty to get a wet climate again this is natural climate change maybe only 10% to 15% of the problem

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      The problem is lack of time.
      Lack of time to act (Cut emmissions to Zero.)
      That is the only strategy that will give our children and Grand children a chance of surviving.
      Wether we know it or not we are in the fight for our lives, and we haven’t even started to prepare.
      Well respected Climate Scientist Prof. Will Stephen gave us 3 years to start acting meaningfully on CC 2 years ago.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Good Lord!! The disdain and contempt of that clown’s attempt to spin and lie was dripping off him. I’ve always been a fan of Paul Kennedy. More so now.

      By the way, shouldn’t she be on her way to jail or something?