Another psychopath in The Lodge

It’s hardly news that Prime Minster Scott Morrison is in trouble. The bushfire crisis has two running themes. The first is climate change. The second is ScoMo’s mishandling of the crisis. Today I wish to explore the second.

We all know the political motivations behind the ScoMo failure. He won his election purely by attracting the preferences of the coal hungry and climate change skeptics of QLD. His “quiet Australians”. He doesn’t want to alienate this vote.

But the scale of the disaster, both natural and political, goes far behind this explanation now. How has a supposedly astute politician so buried himself in ash, so fast?

Observation of Scomo gives us one possible answer. Every time he has spoken or acted in this crisis he has only raised his personal ash cloud higher. Whether it was the Hawaiian jaunt, the coal-love, the underplaying of crisis, the wooden responses to personal abuse, the slow motion roll out of resources, the failure of planning, the hosing off of climate change, the mooted solutions or the politicking, at every turn ScoMo has said the wrong thing, in the wrong way, at the wrong time.

The aggregated impression is of a man incapable of understanding trauma and suffering. A bloke without empathy; out of touch with the way that Australians think and feel. This is the complete opposite of the studied sausage-stuffing, daggy dad routine so carefully rolled out for the election. Such a disjunction between a seamless, rehearsed role and cracking up under pressure suggests a deep fracture within the PM himself.

From time-to-time, MB has mused upon the personality disorders of recent PMs. For instance, the narcissististic traits of Kevin Rudd and the borderline tendencies of Malcolm Turnbull. Both of these disorders are often a part of the makeup of the”snake in the suit”, the psychopath at work. ScoMo’s recent behavior is consistent with similar psychopathic states.

Such conditions pathologically inhibit empthy while at the same time enabling the sufferer to appear high functioning. A clever psychopath can choreograph a real personality and thrive within the limelight.

But it is trap for them over time. Their responses give them away. They smile when they ought to be somber. They giggle when they ought to be serious. They are confident when they ought to ask for help, dismissive when they should engage. So on and so forth. They can spin a message, but the delivery of it is always a little off, lacking the right tone, the appropriate colour and feel. That’s been the ScoMo of Australia’s Black Summer.

Such disorders shouldn’t be considered hard and fast categories. They all exist on a continuum of anti-social habits. But they are real enough.

I raise this discussion because the implications go beyond the academic. If ScoMo is disassociated in this way then it has repercussions for how his own party and Labor should treat him, as well as for the national interest and economy. The Coalition will need to keep ScoMo on a tight leash. He must be kept away from people wherever and whenever possible. If he can’t read them then the chances of serial public relations blunders is obvious. Keep him in the Canberra bubble.

Labor should do the opposite. It should bring everything back to the personal. Wherever and whenever possible it should connect policy with people. This will set ScoMo up for repeated dislocations and help elevate the Albotross in his place as the people’s champion.

For the nation, such a leader at such a time might be good or bad news. The narcissist can go one of two ways. He can react swiflty to criticism in order to restore his self-image as reflected in those around him. Or he can dig in and defend his bubble, dismissing all evidence that he is wrong. So far ScoMo appears more of the latter.

If so, he will refuse compromise, stick to bad ideas for far too long (I’m thinking here especially of budget surpluses) seek excuses instead of solutions, dissemble not explain, and make a lot of self-destructive calls, except to his image of self.

He will back himself over and again as his world goes to hell and flip you a “hang loose” all the way through it.

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  1. This!

    Labor should do the opposite. It should bring everything back to the personal. Wherever and whenever possible it should connect policy with people. This will set ScoMo up for repeated dislocations and help elevate the Albotross in his place as the people’s champion.

    SmoCo is a flat track bully, the man who likes collecting meaningless stats, and a man who might just put in a short step when confronted with anything ‘personal’. I reckon you could get right up his nose – and seriously rattle him – if you had him thinking it would be personal each and every day. Because he doesnt get people unless the people have been weeded.

    He needs that guy who went with him to Cobargo to shoosh shoosh and shoulder brace an increasingly hostile electorate……

    But the personal angle would be well worth a ploy – shame the ALP is comprised of damp squibs and wokesters…….. I reckon someone like Mark Latham or Robert Ray turning up everywhere SmoCo went with a megaphone and yelling out uncouth things in his direction could really liven things up – and they have 2 and a half years to perfect the patter

    • +1. I don’t think they need anyone Gunna. He is self destructing. The photo op at Cobargo needed no commentary.

      • Morrison became PM after losing the Liberal pre-selection to Michael Towke as well as being a surprise to emerge from the Dutton/Turnbull wreckage, so it would be unwise to not take the opportunity to crush him further as he appears to have cockroach-like hardiness.

        The problem with Labor and the Greens is that they are too nice about it and lack the required ruthlessness. The latest Essential poll showed that Morrison’s ratings on handling a crisis have dropped, but he’s still holding up on voter perceptions that he is “intelligent.” If his opponents were serious about taking him down, they’d be looking to tear down any positives.

        In the last couple of days I can only recall seeing one meme criticising this facet of Morrison.

    • Interesting that everyone seems to have forgotton that PM Morrison is a believer in the Rapture and the narrative that only people like him will be saved.

      I can’t honestly pretend to be able to get into the head of someone who believes in the End Times, but find it fascinating that fires and apocalyptic pyromania are in line with such a nut-case world view. If so, what does he think his role is in this pre-judgement phase of flat-earth eschatology? Is it to help gather up all the easy money for his mates to spend in the casino on cloud 9 before the brimstone begins?

      It’s much worse than him being a psychopathic marketing bully. This is a tongue-talking religious crank of the highest order. Not even in the USA have they managed to place such a dark age drooling moron in high office. Nothing holds a candle to Scotty from Marketing. This is the bloke we are looking to for science-based policy. It’s like turning to Attila the Hun for sensitivity training.

      • I’d be inclined to get a touch personal with some thoughts about talking in tongues and religion in general too.

        I reckon it’s another one of those convenient wedges between SmoCo and the majority of Australians

        • It’s no wedge, it’s just sane to avoid Bronze Age thinking whilst trying to survive the Anthropocene.

          • Scomo has the equivalent Christian morality as the pastors in “The Righteous Gemstones”.

      • The USA has a vice-president who will not be alone with a woman who is not his wife 🙂 He is of the same religious mould as SmoCo.

        If Trump goes, Pence falls in to power, much to the delight of the Happy Clappies.

        I wonder if Trump plus Pence divided by two might give a real human being!

    • HadronCollision

      My head nearly kersploded when I heard the shooshing, she should have told him to shut his f$cking mouth

      We need some more plain English, Don Watson style

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        I still reckon it was the shooshy/feely guy that got everyone’s dander up that day. Scummo running away…leaving his wife behind…got the attention but the local blokes were going to let the women do the talking until the sicko local politician started pawing the poor girl.

  2. HNH, welcome back, but please don’t tell me you are in bubble denial too?

    I’d be shocked if one of the smartest analysts still thinks Aussie property is going to rise in this chaos

    Half the country is burning down

    So the Q is when SCOMO fails on his property promise and prices fall H1, he will be gone

    So who will be PM? Fitzroy thinks Dutton ????

    SCOMO is history …..NEXT

    • Can’t say who’s next bcnich. I don’t think I have seen Melbourne in such a malaise.. Certainly this seems to be a bubble. I have been picking this for years. It never seems to happen. What is happening IMHO is rampant inflation in money supply caused by massive amounts of immigration causing the new subcontinental arrivals to purchase property with very little down and those from HK and China to pay in cash. I shall be proven right or wrong when the figures come out in a few months. Wages and savings are being diluted and as interest rates fall lose their value even more quickly. What was once prudent, saving for the inevitable crash, has become a mugs game for legacy Australians as the value of cash evaporates, the stock market is perhaps expensive as is real estate, which is of course what the RBA wants. Wages are crushed by immigration and the locals are miserable, working harder and harder for less and less and pay for all the bills, with houses very expensive and standards of living plummeting I think this will continue as long as the settlers come and borrow money. I see your view was there would be a crash within 2 years, As we prepare for negative rates, isn’t there a long way to go?

      • Fitzroy
        Get prepared, when everyone gets like this, it’s when things unravel and they unravel very quickly
        Not 2 YEARS Fitzroy, I never said 2 years
        I said 2 to 3 months

          • No BJ

            All my comments are documented

            From June I was saying Aussie bank meltdown Q1. into Easter with house price falls into Q1 21

            I’ve always said H 1 20

            I might need to take my pills but i have been consistent on my forecast and timing and not once changed

            I know everything I’ve written

            I did apologise to Damien Kl just before NYE. he called in the low in the Aussie 10 under 1%, I thought bonds would go to zero, but I think Damien might be correct
            So if bonds aren’t going down that far it actually gives my argument more strength

            My timing is still right on target

          • Yeah you better keep taking those pills! I had a feeling you were a nutjob, now it’s confirmed.

        • Hey bcnich, given the reports today that the RBA are too scared to cut anymore, what are your thoughts on the impact of the RBA’s foray into QE on your scenario?

          • Chris
            The jury is out, HNH has written many times he Questions whether QE will work
            Think QE will just push equities up
            I think the momentum will be too powerful to the downside
            HH debt is 125% of GDP
            I really don’t think it will support property,, lower the aud and push shares up

        • I’m waiting with baited breathe. I gave up waiting for the hard crash so was happy to accept a soft 1.

  3. all this talk about psychopaths has me just about baying at the moon

    When it comes to pessimism about the world they see around them Australians have a deeper malaise. It isn’t just ScoMo – though Scotty from Marketing’ is definitive of the issue in many ways – or the political and media circus.

    It is the vast bulk of company executives and corporate leaders, the vast bulk of Commonwealth public servants above executive levels, their state counterparts, the ‘management’ roles in any given tertiary education institution, and the executive and ‘management’ positions of local councils and quasi public sector organisations – teachers, emergency services, the police, the ambulance – the banks (of course), the insurance companies, the energy retailers, and the editors of our news, and vast array of ‘professional’ types (from accountants to mortgage brokers to medical types).

    –They are nearly all there through a process which rewards psychopaths – who wants to be an overly remunerated powerful individual in an organisation? How many of them have told porkies (of one type or another) in their CVs, how many have had inappropriate relationships with subordinate staff, how many of these assume that if things turn to shinola then they take the payout they have ensured in their contract?
    – They are nearly all in positions which enable psychopaths to flourish – their ‘power’ is information and that power is allocated through non transparent processes which reward those who the psychopath wants to reward and punishes/withholds reward/demotivates any which may pose some form of threat to the psychopath.
    – They will nearly all, in the first instance of criticism or comment which is less than totally supportive, seek to apportion blame or excuse, and seek to apportion that in a manner which rewards those who support them and punishes/withholds reward/demotivates those who don’t
    – They nearly all exist in an environment which reflects the ‘cult of personality’ insofar as senior subordinates are focused first and foremost on the ‘leader’ or associate it with the ‘organisation’ (no matter what organisation it is) and assume that the good of the organisation is the whim of the leader.
    – almost all will assume that burying inconvenient truths or data is superior to acknowledging and addressing facts, data, first hand experiences which imply criticism or shortcoming of the policy position of the organization, which reflects the whim of the leader
    – almost all will exist in a management clique which accords a much higher focus on ensuring a collegiate and harmonious ethos among ‘managers’ and ‘executives’ than any other relationships.
    – almost all seek to protect those relationships first in any circumstance where they see the interests of their clique as being under threat from ‘clients’, ‘customers’, or their own subordinate employees?
    – almost all will seek to ensure their own risk minimisation first and accord higher levels of risk to clients customers or subordinate employees – particularly in regard to using temporary or casual subordinate employees
    – almost all will seek to ensure their subordinate employees are managed within a ‘performance management’ regime which is meaningless in terms of outcomes of day to day jobs but is heavy on ‘behaviours’ ‘compliance’ and ‘punishment’ for (a range of) ‘non compliant’ behaviours

    Australia’s problem in this day and age – one it shares with much of the rest of the world – is not so much a problem with an individual who doesn’t listen to or respect a nation, it is not even a problem with a political process and political parties which appear not to listen to or respect a nation will…..(though these are all manifestations of the problem we do have)

    It is a problem with a type of person (and they are mainly [but not exclusively] older, though they exist in both male and female form) who assumes that
    1. theirs is the truth to bend,
    2. which rewards and withholds rewards according to their interpretation of any given truth,
    3. has an interpretation of ‘truth’ which revolves around their personal interests,
    4. who assumes that their interests are the same as organisational and national interests, and
    5. who tends to see all relationships with that organisation (and hence with themselves) as either ‘clients’ or ‘customers’ (who are preferably bound by contractual exigency and can be silenced with processing arrangements which will weed them out – ‘your calls will be recorded for coaching purposes’ being the standard of the age) or contractors or employees (who can be made more insecure though casualization or temporary employment, or even bored into resignation
    6. who has a profound sense of entitlement, which ranks far higher than any competing priorities of the organisation
    Australia shouldn’t think of SmoCo as ScoMo (a name he invented for himself, as the marketing man he is) but as ‘Mr Pathologically Neo-Liberal’ and it should recognise that there is an entire layer of people who tend to think and act in the same way as ScoMo and they are almost certainly somewhere just above them (if they work in any organisation of more than maybe 20 or 30 people) or somewhere just above those whom they interact with in almost every organisation.

    Australia’s main problem is that most people exhibit a quality which psychologists refer to as ‘agreeableness’ – they generally want to help people, they generally want to do so without reference to power relationships or improving their own sense of ‘power’ and they will generally try and make do with what they have in addressing the circumstances before them.

    The psychopaths above us see this dynamic and push the envelope in terms of what we will tolerate, and prioritise the enablement of their power in the management of all organisations party to ordinary Australians dealing with their own exigencies in their own lives, as well as ensure the homage by ordinary Australians to the power dynamic with them at the head, of all Australians seeking to better their lives or the lives of their families.

    The image of ScoMo forcing a handshake on unfortunate bushfire victims was definitive – not just of him as Prime Minister, but of the class, of the type of person who we place at the top. They are nervous and defensive around people who they suspect of not being directly beholden to them in their roles.

    The image of a PM forcing handshakes or walking away from complaints, or patting the back of those who had had the decency to expressly state they didn’t want to shake his hand, accompanied by a goon to shoulder brace and shoosh those who did voice ‘off message’ sentiments wasn’t just another political leader with a ‘tin ear’ it was a moments encapsulation of the lack of ability to empathise our leaders (all of them no matter what their field) by and large exhibit.

    Was there anything radically different in ScoMo (and his minders) behaving the way they did and the countless executives and leaders who visit sites away from HQ pretty much every day? The weeding out of negative sentiment, and toning down of malcontents, the bemused silence of people as the executive passes through? The hollow exhortations and glib references to ‘achievement’, and maybe, if people are lucky, the quick rattling off of some names to engender some sort of localised texture, but which everyone knows will be quickly forgotten when the caravan moves on?

    And this leads us on nicely to what the actual problem with psychopaths running the show actually is – apart from the possibility they will go into meltdown and treat the rest of us like the underlings we are the moment they are under pressure.

    For a start they don’t have any vision of tomorrow except insofar as they want their tomorrow to be fine and dandy, and if everyone elses isn’t then that is everyone elses problem. That means they are all about the here and now. As can be seen from virtually any politician in power (doesn’t really matter which side of politics one follows) they have a capacity to be glib specious and often charming, and have a focus on impression management. They are also often fairly grandiose in selling themselves (and can have a grandiose sense of entitlement to go with it) but vague on actual delivery. From there they will have an ability to be glib in in describing what they are doing, or the status quo they sit at or near the top of, and of brushing all the downsides under the carpet. Also worth noting that in leadership positions they are highly likely to get senior subordinates who pose no threat to them, and are likely to feel threatened by those with ability or insight, or even a new way of addressing an issue. That’s on top of the standard ruthlessness and cunning. How many people in how many organisations (both public and private) recognise some of this? Though it does also bring up the question of whether organisations recruit psychopaths or whether they mould (or maybe whether the ‘management’ process itself does) people to become psychopaths. One of the beauties of our day and age is that we can see all this in pretty close to real time – across politics and corporate Australia, and snippets of it in almost any given organisation of any sort.

    This is why pessimism pervades – these people, in countless ways and organisations and contexts, just want to keep the pressure on, so their little patch of ‘OKness’ continues unabated. It stems from the thought that the Prime Minister on TV, incapable of accepting that someone may not want to shake his hand after they have been fighting fires, lacks interpersonal skills that would ordinarily be expected of any other person on the street, and the real depression starts to take hold with the thought that lots of people who have just about the same level of interpersonal skills are their bosses or their bosses bosses, or are the people behind the organisations they need to interact with any given day telling them their calls will be recorded for coaching purposes when they dial up with a query.

    • “If you can’t beat them, join them.”
      Because if you don’t you’ll end up getting ‘promoted’ to somewhere next door to oblivion, and we know where the next posting is from there….
      Your post is a good commentary on the sad state of affairs that we have created, and the even sadder reality is, that there is no way back from here. None.

    • Political theorist Wendy Brown’s latest book, In the Ruins of Neoliberalism: The Rise of Antidemocratic Politics in the West, traces the intellectual roots of neoliberalism and reveals how an anti-democratic project unleashed monsters – from plutocrats to neo-fascists – that its mid-20thcentury visionaries failed to anticipate. She joins the Institute for New Economic Thinking to discuss how the flawed blueprint for markets and the less-discussed focus on morality gave rise to threats to democracy and society that are distinct from what has come before. – snip

      Completely agree its an environmental issue first and foremost Gunna, seems neoliberalisms grand theory of everything with a side path dependency means it never fails – only needs tweaking or some of its test subjects are defective …. but never a result of the internal contradictions of its construct. I mean in Corporationistan now days we have titles like “thought leaders” and a whole cornucopia of other vacuous nomenclature referring to how heads are screwed on – inside and outside the work place.

      • Skip, don’t over-complicate things. Politics has always attracted sociopaths and psychopaths. Since the dawn of time. Blaming it on some neoliberal claptrap is nonsense. What I would admit though is that ever since politics became infested with career politicians, the quality of leadership has cratered. This is because people who have never had a real job are in charge of policy that impacts the rest of us who live in the real world.

        • Point being post WWII a shift was occurring which was contra to your suggestion, hence the people that advance neoliberalism to nip it in the bud. So I will stand by my comment on neoliberalism proceeding currant political outcomes.

          If your understanding of this back drop please inform yourself before making broad blanket statements without anything to support them.

      • I’m strictly talking about the dominate economic paradigm in question and its attendant effects on society at large. Your reference points have zero to do with the aforementioned just from a time and space perspective and compound your original categorical error.

        Thank also for substantiating the substance of the link to my old associates blog you never replied too, dealt with all that gaming with mig back in the day, look where it got him.

    • Blottridesagain

      “type of person (and they are mainly [but not exclusively] older”
      Hell yeah!!! Aren’t sweeping generalised statements based on no facts great!!!

      • I don’t think he’s got that right. They’re through all generations, but the younger ones are still honing their skills by climbing over the backs of anything in their way & bullying/manipulating their way to the top – they’ll emerge victorious as they perfect their treacherous ways.

        • They show potential at a young age and through much training, mentoring and game time they reach their peak in their later years.

      • “type of person (and they are mainly [but not exclusively] older”

        Yes thats correct. In my experience most of them are in their late forties through to mid 60s.

        Although I do recall coming across one young woman (mid 20s) who had been a graduate in Treasury from where she had been seconded to another department to work on a major project and had taken the opportunity to pork a FAS, with the net result that she had become a Director in that other department by her late 20s. Staff in that directorate (an important policy directorate) headed for the exits as the woman berated them in public, began refuting data, and became increasingly deranged in a dress sense. Some people I know well were brought in to help her gain a position in a field where her talents found a home, and usher her out of the public service. From memory she has been an eminent professor for 20 odd years.

        But your real psychopath knows better than that, and that knowledge generally comes from time in the game

    • I agree with a lot of what you’ve said, by this statement : “It is a problem with a type of person (and they are mainly [but not exclusively] older, though they exist in both male and female form)” – I hope you mean greater than one years old, I know a lot of people that fit into your category. I know a lot of 18+ people employed into new positions who cannot understand why their business cards say ‘Junior’ and not ‘Senior’ whitout ever having worked in that roll!!

      I think one of the issues with Australia is that white collar criminals get a free pass. Why wasn’t the Westpac put in a trading halt by the ASX (Speaking of corrupt, but that’s for another time) when found to be knowingly funding pedophiles?? Why wasn’t the board sacked on that day and the GM/CEO arrested for all those millions of breaches that they knew about? Australia was the laughing stock in the international press over this.

      The list goes on with Ian Narev exCBA he should be in jail over Comminsure, the new boss of NAB should step down after comments two weeks ago on the front of the AFR saying that Bankers should not be jailed for any offence as it would deter talent, WTF???

      All those business’ that stole money from their employees over all those years crying poor that the Award system was too hard for their pea brains, why aren’t the boards and boss of all these companies sacked or in Gaol?? Just try stealing from them and saying you’ll pay it back in ten years. Gaol!

      It’s all top down, Sh!t corrupt politicians of all persuasions taking too many paper bags of money for their election campaigns off too many corrupt boards/boss’/activists.

      Scott Morrison does not care about anything except Scott Morrison, the election’s just too far away for peoples memories. The ALP needs a charismatic leader otherwise Morrison will with out doubt win again.

      Australia in the last twenty years has gone from Hero to Zero.

    • Well done , excellently put
      I have come from ZH to be among you , long term lurker , first time poster
      Australia has structural issues rewarding psychopathy, other countries do not are we are losing because of it. Every grumpy old sod you meet in their job needs to be pulled up and told “ there is no need to be rude “ It’s a small start but other countries have no such rudeness

  4. Someone – who doesn’t even have ability to understand that when another person refuses to shake your hand, you do not then attempt to grab their hand against their will (let alone in any circumstance) – is the Prime Minister. God help Australia. I don’t really care anymore about any other of his lifelong series of career failures and injury he has caused Australia. For his behaviour during the bushfires, he deserves to be shot.

    • Just been in trouble for being in Hawaii Cameras rolling. Scomo needed the handshake much more than the recipient. Plenty of pressure to be at the fires and lead the nation. It was a PR disaster

  5. Another psychopath in The Lodge. That was clear when Scummo refused to raise the dole:

    emphatically ruled out lifting the $40-a-day rate of Newstart

    Even the rodent disagrees with Scummo:

    John Howard’s call for the $555-a-fortnight dole payment to be increased.

    • The rub is for every dollar in increase its a multiplier to the local economy by around 50c+, where as pure market based solutions actually suck money out of the local economy and we know where that ends up.

      • HadronCollision

        The rub is, it’s not just about ROI, it’s about a civil society and how we care for those who are absolutely at the bottom.
        Happy for my taxes to go to a big increase in Newstart and commensurate decrease in parasitic aging population with tgheir boondoggling

      • Blottridesagain

        Yep! Debt doesn’t matter. We ought to give everyone in Austtralia a Billy. Then, as reported earlier, we’d all be much happier.

      • I don’t mean to be a pedant, skip, but turning $1 into 50 cents has nothing to do with multiplication.

        • It adds another 50c into the economy through feed back loops, contra defense spending which has just the opposite effect. I think your issue has to do with your erroneous beliefs about currency, in this case the state spends it into the economy via targeted welfare payments, which in turn is spent into the local economy, that economic effect is is measured by an additional 50c after the initial 1 dollar issued.

          But then again I would not be surprised at your stance, same thinking is what ended good paying jobs for lots of Australians so we could be “competitive in the global market place” and it was expected[!!!!] that to offset that wage income that everyone dog pile into equities and RE. Own goal as it were ….

    • Blottridesagain

      Yep! Howard and Costello were the REAL great guardians of Australian heritage, culture and economy. It’s well we listen to him closely about such things. We need to do whatever he says immediately.

  6. Ronin8317MEMBER

    ScoMo earned his stripes through the ‘children overboard’ affair, and the ‘quiet Australians’ sees his lack of human empathy as a virtue. ScoMo however will lose so many seats in NSW and Victoria that Queensland can go all Coalition and ALP will still win.

  7. From time-to-time, MB has mused upon the personality disorders of recent PMs. For instance, the narcissististic traits of Kevin Rudd and the borderline tendencies of Malcolm Turnbull.
    their narcissism wasn’t so pathological and it was a result of their “self maid” business success
    In case of ScoMo there is no such thing, just pure psychopathy, manipulation of others to get to the top … I wonder if he is going to try to trick his boss Murdoch

    • It will not be hard to trick the Boy (Onetel, Ch10, etc.).

      Family functions must be getting more exciting now with James (and sister) not happy with approach and also not being paid out.

    • Blottridesagain

      Yeah!!! ALL his staff are out in the media complaining about his narcissistic treatment!!! Got to keep it simple here so people can understand.

  8. So long as house prices go up, who give a f…about koalas. Life is all about how close you can buy to Sydney Harbour.

  9. Scomo’s leadership style is reflective of the current crop of politicians and those leading various institutions within Australia. You don’t have to venture far from the halls of power in Canberra to find some mishandled scandal by a wide array of institutions within Australia across all facets of society with poor leadership ensuing. Much of it has its roots in the Games of Mates.

  10. Toil and Trouble

    Or, in the eyes of a devoutly religious man like ScoMo, this could all just be God’s will.

  11. Blottridesagain

    ” He won his election purely by attracting the preferences of the coal hungry and climate change skeptics of QLD.”

    Yep!!! We don’t need no damned reasoned long analysis of any issues!!! Just made up simplistic categoricals that the average twitface can understand.

  12. David, you should examined the electorate that keep voting for these people. It is not like Scumo, Barnaby, Angus, Pete etc.. looked totally honest and decent guys prior to previous elections. Where are we heading as society is more of a concern to me rather than Scumo being psychopath. Why he gets elected time after time is what worries me. Why only 9 points loss in the polls and he, by being negligent, single-handedly burnt 1/3 of the country.

    • HadronCollision

      We can really trace this back to Rudd’s lack of spine and poor judgement in not going to a DD over the CPRS.
      And the lack of spine since then
      And of course the LNP, and any voter who voted for a skeptic.

      Hopefully this catastrophe will shake those douchebags out of their reverie.

      • “Hopefully this catastrophe will shake those douchebags out of their reverie.” – I can’t wait for next elections to come. Hope you are right but look at the other response to my comment from whoever.. so I don’t have high hopes.

        • HadronCollision

          There is a very large dependency here on sensible Laborites [I’ll call them Kelvinists (!) or in his absence/switch to SAP, the O’Neillists (happy to be corrected on this but Clare O’Neill seems sensible, unlike Albodross and Dim Chalmers (Trademarked HadronCollision, licensed under CreativeCommons shareandsharealike)] gaining control of the party and its policy formation as well as communication to avoid the total fk up of the last election. Be good if someone can ask Bobby Brown to stay in Tassie too.

          Unsure what to make of Mark Butler.

          Anyway, here’s hoping, though I remain pessimistic.

          Maybe SAP can actually shrug off its fear of being called racialist and Flux and CA can make some inroads.

          Might even be space for a proper environment/animal justice party.

          The Greens are wasted space.

          • The greens are the inevitable end point of a minor party gaining traction.
            The “politicians” move in and ruin the place. Because they all have psychopathic tendencies, not just scummo.

    • simple fact – he turned down to meet with experts who wanted to warn him about the potential of massive bush fires around this period, he turned down offers from other countries, he went on OS holidays as the fires was raging and getting bigger by the minute instead of seating down with premiers and discuss if there is anything Fed Gov can assist with and so on.. I can go like this ever – this is how long is the list if your idol’s negligence.
      I never even mentioned the Climate Change – I was careful to actually avoid mentioning this in order to avoid responses by the likes of you – religious cretins.
      Now fck off under the rock and pray for miracles.

      • HadronCollision

        I was about to say don’t waste your precious breath, but you’re on it
        Blott is a bit of a Scotbot

  13. boomengineeringMEMBER

    One good thing about the 4.00am surf at N Shelly Point I’m back home already, traffic quiet to Syd for some unknown reason.
    Anyhow the missus told off the very young Sari wearing Indian mother of three (lives next door) saying that its illegal to get the recyclables out of our council bin and she could cut her self in the frenzy by the cans. Unfortunately she didn’t understand a word of English , so a waste of breath.
    Because the United Nations jam packed next door the wife had to eradicate their rubbish from our bin as well

    • BE
      Across the road from me in Melb, about 10+ Indians have moved into a rental across the road, they dump their rubbish in our bin and they park there cars 1 or 2 feet out from the gutter, one of them parked in nearly the centre of the street with his door open true

      • Simple solution: get yourself some better quality Indians! Ones that drive expensive cars and what not. That’s what we did.

        Or just move! 😉

        • Before this place I used to live right in St Kilda Road and moved out to get away from the chaos and noise
          Metro Tunnel and millions of new Australians everywhere
          I actually lived (rented) in one of Melbournes most exclusive buildings on botanic gardens
          The Melburnian, and the owners there has very expensive cars and the apartments cost a fortune
          So many people aspire to live, there when I said I lived at the Melburnian

          It was a FCKXN nightmare of a place, right opposite Myer music bowl 5 months of pissed people screaming in middle of the night along with all the new Australians parking and screaming as they go into the city

          I’m happy to put up with a few Indians parking in the middle of the road

          Ps the rich residents are all complaining, problem for them is NOONE gets a sxxx about a bunch of whinging multi millionaires

          • So you used to live right in St Kilda road then you moved huh?

            I guess it was time for the skip bin to be taken away and emptied. Did they try to claim for damages after you scrawled “The Melburnian” on the side?

      • At least these high quality Indian labourers have created a market for clapped out Mits Lancers and Nissans, especially if they black. The wreckers must be missing out.

  14. Was not the handshake at Cobargo that concerned me and was not the holiday at Hawaii as well. What was of concern, was seeing Scott Morrison turn and walk quickly to the Comcars without any concern to this wife Jenny. Watching the press conference on return from Hawaii, and then use his children as defence to his indifference.

    • I switched it off after a few questions and non answers. Normally I can put up with the waffle, it’s the verbal equivalent of The Ministry of Silly Walks, but her attempts at making the the Government appear to have been actively preparing and on top of this issue was too much for me.

    • I really think Climate Change should be separated from what just happened/is happening to our country right now. Someone needs to investigate why we were so hopelessly unprepared for such event? And then prosecute those responsible.
      Regardless if people in high office believe in Climate Change or not there was no reason not to prepare for these fires especially if experts were screaming “it is coming”.
      Why we had emergency minister holidaying in UK in the middle of the biggest emergency NSW ever had?
      Why we had PM and Defense Minister secretly going on OS holidays and DM lying that she was not while the country was burning?
      Why there were no measures in place in an event things went from bad to worse and Fed help was needed.
      Why protocol was not followed when PM went OS on holiday – there is evidence there was confusion on who was in charge.

      Separate investigation to find out what is causing these extreme weather events.

      • It can’t be separated if it is one of the contributing factors. Austerity coupled with a refusal to acknowledge and accommodate for climate change, be it for political or ideological reasons, has severely hampered the efforts of people who responsible for preparing for and fighting bush-fires.

  15. TailorTrashMEMBER

    The ALP has more than one albatross around its neck …….it needs a lot of rebranding and repositioning …..if indeed that’s possible given it’s base is being diluted by the arrival of a new peasant class that has no attachment to or understanding of the values of the original ALP

    ..”we don’t have any bloody flavour ……’s bloody albatross”

  16. Great commentary H&H – one of the most insightful and imho accurate dissections of Scomo I have read.

  17. Take it from us Kiwi’s, there are more important attributes for a successful PM then the ability to hug people. All the hugs in the world won’t save your economy from going down the toilet, and as that fact dawns on voters, it won’t help the Hugger’s re-election chances either.
    PS. It turns out that our Chief Hugger is in Australia at the moment, probably busy hugging bushfire burnt Koalas while posing for photographs. Keep an eye out.

  18. Bolt brain farts again

    I worship the ground Scomo and the mad monk walk upon true giants of there time. They skull maybe the next hardman to take up the mantle as coporate lap dog this is good rules is rules jak0 we don’t want know broken widows around here the lizard of 0zz we salute our new champion

      • Bolt brain farts again

        3 like Liberal Party drones I may need some more coal shares to come around and see things as you do you see what I see nar didn’t think so unzip yor head and give the grey matter a good scrub for the grandchildrens sake

  19. Morrison in response to the Black Rock coal divestment decision: “”Our government’s plan is to meet and beat emissions reductions targets, without putting taxes on people, putting up electricity prices and pulling out the rug from regional communities who depend on the sector for their livelihoods.” Let me repeat the last part of that statement: “pulling out the rug from regional communities who depend on the sector for their livelihoods.” So there you have it; if you are in a coal mining community, Morrison considers you to be a protected species and will ensure your livelihood is secured. The rest of us can burn in hell.

  20. rob barrattMEMBER

    I’m still surprised to find people here who actually think a politician is going to do ANYTHNG for them. It may be true that when people start out in politics they mean well. However, they quickly learn that they cannot please everyone (or even nearly everyone) so they quickly learn to make speeches which semantically reduce to zero. That way, they avoid awkward questions. Meanwhile, they are gradually corrupted by the large number of rorts and jollies they can get out of the job.
    You need to ask yourself, why is this the case in all countries which are not dictatorships (where they can say whatever they want)? The answer is that life is competitive and politics faithfully reflects this. Labor are exactly the same as Liberal, the only difference being that being Labor requires that you need to add hypocrisy to the portfolio of skills required to succeed.

    Just change your politicians frequently if you want the best outcome from a bunch of poor outcomes.

    • Exactly. Roll them out as fast as we can.

      Stop the rorts. Stop them getting a pension. Stop elites getting at them.

      Start with all Labor MPs. None of which represent Australians anymore. It is absolutely within our collective ability to fix this.