Airport workers thrown to Coronavirus wolves

The Morrison Government really doesn’t want to cut its China lifeline. You can feel in the water, in the burning air, in every contradictory statement by its floundering MPs, in the selling out of workers at the airport, via Bloomie:

The union representing security workers at Australia’s biggest airports threatened to strike unless members are given equipment to guard against the new coronavirus.

Some airport staff have been barred from wearing protective gear such as face masks to avoid upsetting customers, the United Workers Union said in a statement Friday. The union represents 150,000 workers in Australia from more than 45 industries.

“If the health and safety needs of these workers are not met, United Workers Union will direct members to cease work even if it means grounding every flight in the country,” Damien Davie, the union’s spokesman for property services, said in the statement.

We can’t cut the lifeline. No matter the lives lost. The ponzi must go on.

In recent hours,  Virgin Atlantic and Air Canada have suspended flights to China and Japan has warned its citizens to stay away.

And what is Scomo doing? As usual. Nothing but blather.

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    • gotta love the Chaser this Friday

      Scott Morrison brought a large lump of coronavirus into parliament during Question Time yesterday, dismissing concerns that the coronavirus poses any danger at all. Joyfully tossing the virus in the air, Mr Morrison said he brought the lump of virus into parliament to highlight what he claims is a scare campaign against the virus.

    • I believe the US pilots and air crew unions are demanding that all flights between China and the US be suspended owing to the risks posed to air crew. Sounds sensible to be — completely logical, actually, and yet ….

  1. ScoMo has begrudgingly sacrificed the surplus, to the inconvenient fires.

    GDP growfe can’t be sacrificed to anyone, certainly not the Chinese overlords.

    Who else is going to protect workers against disease and death when it is in the business’s interests for them to be infected and die?

    Good on the UWU on this issue.
    Where are the unions representing QANTAS workers?

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Thats what I did for a whole 2 weeks both times I was told I couldn’t have annual leave over the Christmas break when working FIFO on an FMG mine.

        The body hire holiday replacements cost an extra $1000 over Xmas, thats why they banned annual leave during this period.
        I copped the first Xmas/new year rostered on only because I has just started my contract in October.
        There was NO WAY I was missing out on Christmas with the kids the following 3 holiday periods I was there.

        Fken management cvnts. Chasing their bonuses.

        Ha ha
        Being on 2 weeks on 1 week off
        That gave me 4 weeks off over Christmas without touching my 4 weeks annual leave!

    • While unions serve this purpose, people shouldn’t have to get together with a bunch colleagues and threaten their employer just to have a safe working environment.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        Sure Smithy,….but struggle has been the reality for Working class/poor people for the vast majority of human history.
        The entire Neoliberal project has been an exercise in the reintroduction of Feudalism 20th/21st style.

  3. Why waste this golden opportunity. We will need multiple victims… Sorry patients to test any vaccine the CSIRO boffins come up with. that way the government can get a return on its investment.

  4. Man I just walked into a pharmacy in Perth. All the staff are vibrants. All decked out in face masks. Signs all over saying anyone with symptoms to leave the store immediately.

  5. The probability of dying in a car accident is about 0.7%. In contrast, some 2% of people (in a population) might die from contracting the current novel coronavirus. The 1918/19 H1N1 virus killed about 10-20% of people it infected.

    As we all know, ‘speed cameras save lives’. We are assured of this constantly.

    That’s why massive fines are given out to people who speed a few km over the limit – ’cause every life is sacred and it has nothing at all to do with revenue generation – how dare anyone suggest such a thing! Our leaders shed a public tear with every tragic, avoidable and unnecessary road death. And sob, sob – let’s add a few more cameras and rake in the cash.

    That being the case, I wonder why our government is far less concerned by the consequences of pandemics that have been made ever more certain by globalisation, mass tourism, mass immigration and mass visa allocation?

    How is it that we are fined for walking on the cracks in the pavement for our own good, but not allowed to discuss a very clear risk that is far greater that road tolls or shark attack? Or, what means all front line people should be given to protect themselves and the community?

    Because high density living coupled with mass tourism and direct integration with societies that are the epicentre of where new diseases emerge (mainly China) makes ongoing global epidemics absolutely inevitable. There are no effective mechanisms in place to manage the risks that have come from the ‘mass everything’ economic model shoved down Australia’s throat. This is especially troubling since credible science predicts that it is only a matter of time that epidemic of H1N1 influenza, as lethal as the 1918/19 pandemic that killed up to 100 million people (5% of the human population), will return.

    Speed up contact rates, increase populations, push people together in cities and you create conditions for pandemics.

    So, how can we reconcile the government propaganda in being so terribly concerned about the road toll whilst promoting the conditions that will inevitably see the deaths of many more Australians? Is our government going to pretend that the risk does not exist? If so, where is the study that has run the numbers on it all? The so-called cost-benefit?

    The obvious conclusion is that “the economy” is far more important that lives. Unless profit can be generated from risk mitigation (i.e. speed cameras) our government will protect those with the business model that places lives at risk for profit.

    Mass immigration and overpopulation are the asbestos industry of today. The real toll to human health and the environment is enormous, but the impacts delayed enough so that Twiggy, Gina, Gerry and Harry can profit and be gone by the time that the gasping begins.

    Australians are made to wear the risk and cost while Twiggy, Gina, Gerry and Harry profit. Our government acts in their interests, not in the interests of the people.

    • The 2% number is total rubbish.
      Do the numbers yourself.

      Total deaths / total sick * 100.
      Does that seem like a reasonable way to calculate it when more than half of the cases have only been sick for a few days?

      The RECOVERED rate is under 2%

      ~96% of all cases are still sick.

      • You don’t die theday you are diagnosed. Therefore the death rate needs to be calculated from the case numbers of x days ago ( maybe 5, 7 or 10 days). Doing the correct calculations Gives you a much higher death rate. ATM we don’t know the average length of time it takes a person to die so they can’t accurately determine the death rate. The death rate will also change over time as the virus mutates. But atm we’d be lucky to have a 2% death rate

        • I’m relatively sure that WHO and the CDC calculate mortality with statistical competence. First reported a month ago there has been ample time to get a rough idea of mortality. This may well be an over-estimate as it includes only those who present to hospitals. The 2% is preliminary and the disease disproportionately targets a particular demographic with particular co-morbidity. My point is that the nCoV has a much lower rate of mortality than anticipated for future emerging diseases that may well mimic the Spanish Influenza of 1918/19. What a shame the Australia is not heeding the warnings of what globalisation and massive, high density, populations have in store for us.

  6. Not surprised ScoWhu has been sacked from multiple jobs; sells himself into the position and turns out to be the most fvck useless cvnt anyone’s ever seen.

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