Xenophon welcomes his new CCP overlords

Nick Xenophon covered in glory again:

Huawei Australia’s new external lawyer, former independent senator Nick Xenophon, has launched an aggressive defence of the company, saying the telecommunications giant was being “destroyed” by “false and totally unsubstantiated claims”.

The company was banned from supplying next-generation 5G mobile internet infrastructure in Australia last August because of security concerns and it announced on Monday it had secured the services of Mr Xenophon’s new firm, Xenophon Davis, to represent it.

“We will defend Huawei Australia against false allegations that will unfairly cause it further economic loss and reputational damage,” Mr Xenophon said in a statement. “There will be no more free kicks against this company.”

If our Nick hasn’t watched General Robert Spalding yet he had better:

Or he won’t be able to spin a new 5G propaganda smoke screen.

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  1. Josh Frydendork

    See how our “Independents” are brought and sold just as easily as our “Representatives” in the Major Parties.

    Greater Democracy on all issues of National importance is the only way to prevent the hopeless corruption of our country.

  2. Nick needs a job and appears not to worry too much about who he works for.
    Then again… we all have a price…

  3. Odd choice, given nick does not have a scrape of credibility left with the Australian public, except with Clive say
    Or maybe it’s an Adelaide thing given downer was also employed by this mob also and he’s credibility personified!

  4. Sinophon was a fake independent selling out to the Libs while pretending to “bargain” that was more often show over substance. Don’t see this as any different.

  5. Ronin8317MEMBER

    He didn’t get what he wanted from the voters in the SA election, so he is now taking revenge against Australia by promoting a CCP takeover.

    On a more serious note : the battle is long lost in the telecommunication and surveillance sector. You can try to delay it via legislation, but Chinese dominance is inevitable because US companies are too focused on returning ‘shareholder value’ rather than spending money on research and development.

    • Jumping jack flash

      “US companies are too focused on returning ‘shareholder value’ rather than spending money on research and development.”


      Same goes for a lot of other tech, sadly.
      These days if it isn’t social media, or other such fluff, who really cares?

      Private sector calls the shots once again – if it isn’t a “sure thing” and if it can’t make someone “rich” as quickly as possible, then there’s no interest. R&D has turned into an ideology rather than the bread & butter of industry. The market has spoken.