Victoria sinks $2m on machine guns for police

In today’s Aussie WTF (which should really be the new URL for MB):

More than 700 police will be trained to use high-powered semi-automatic rifles, with frontline officers expected to take immediate action to confront terror attacks and active armed offenders.

Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton said on Wednesday that police will buy 300 AR-15 30-shot semi-automatic rifles, with the guns expected to be delivered by the middle of next year.

Police from the public order response team (PORT) and four regional hubs – Geelong, Ballarat, Morwell and Shepparton – will be trained to use the rifles, each valued at nearly $6000.

In Cambodia you can shoot a cow with a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) for USD100.

It would surely be cheaper and safer for the public to fly officers over to satiate the bloodlust on a few unsuspecting bovines.

Notwithstanding the known terrorist nests of Geelong, Ballarat, Morwell and Shepparton.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Definitely a good investment. I’d hate it if our cops were weak as p1ss like the English Bobbies that can’t even handle a gun.

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  2. So the introduction of the Victorian Police is going to change from “BANG BANG Freeze!” to ”RATATATATATATATAT Freeze !” ?

  3. – Welcome to a US style enforcing of the laws. In the US every year some 8,000 police / SWAT raids take place. And for what ? to arrest some small time dope dealers who have a small amount of “weed”.
    – Some people in my neighbourhood have said that we were desending into a “Police state”. I shrugged it off as ridiculous but this fact made me realize that this is actually happening right now.
    – And is ScoMo going to be the head/dictator of “our” police state “down under” ?

    • And is ScoMo going to be the head/dictator of “our” police state “down under” ?

      Dutton. One of the most dangerous people in our political system.

    • Is Morrison or the Federal government ordering Victorian State Police firearms?
      Someone launch a case in the High Court. The Federal government taking over state policing can’t be constitutional.

    • Most definitely a police state, but this is exactly what Fuhrer Dutton wants. The mans psychopathic. The fact that the average australian pleb is so cowardly apathetic doesn’t help.

      In my area in Brisbane (low crime area) we are constantly getting the police helicopter and mysterious “black helicopters” circling around late at night. No lights or regulatory signifiers for typical aircraft (anybody else in Brisbane seen this?). I mean this is literally into the realm of quack conspiracy theory stuff but in Brisbane its actually happening.

      Australia started as a penal colony and seems desperate to go back to one.

  4. In Cambodia you can shoot a cow with a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) for USD100.

    Really? Thats pretty funny. Not so much the cow exploding, but that the service exists.

  5. I stumbled across some stuff the other day,these types of weapons can be purchased for between $500 and 2 k US. Why do we pay 6k?

  6. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    Multicultural societies can only peacefully exist when accompanied by a ruthless state organised surveillance, security and enforcement organisations – why?

    Because Multicultural societies are low trust societies. That is why English Bobbies now carry machines guns as opposed to the truncheon. But don’t take just my word for it, take SBS’s word for it:

    Yay for Multiculturalism – it is so enriching and enhancing of freedoms and security.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        I believe the only act of domestic terrorism prior to 1980 was the Ananda Marga sect’s (and Indonesia based sect BTW) bombing of the Hilton Hotel.

        Since 2000 we have now had:

        2003 Zeky Mallah
        2004 Jihad Jack
        2004 Jack Roche (yay an Anglo!)
        2006 Faheem Khalid Lodhi
        2006 Belal Khazaal
        2006 Izhar uk-Haque
        2006 Abdule Nacer Benbrika (+8 other men)
        2006 John Howard Amundsen (terrorism charges later dropped)
        2007 Aruran Vinayagamoorthy, Arumungan Rajeevan and Sivarajah Yathavan (being the first non-Mulsim related terrorist
        2009 Holsworthy Barracks terror plot (4 of the usual suspects)
        2010 Khaled Cheikho, Moustafa Cheikho, Mohamed Ali Elomar, Abdul Rakib Hasan and Mohammed Omar Jamal
        2014 “Abu Bakr” leader among five of six conspirators who planned to targeted government sites
        2015 Neil Prakash (a former Buddhist from Melbourne who became a jihadist and changed his name to name Abu Khaled al-Cambodi.)
        2015 Anzac Day terror plot
        2017 Airline bombing plot (another 4 of the usual suspects)
        2017 Tamin Khaj (plead guilty to planning a terrorist attack on targets in Sydney that included the Timor Army Barracks and Sydney West Trial Courts)
        2017 Federation Square attack plot – Somali Ali Khalif Shire Ali

        Not included – the Martin Place Hostage Crisis or the mentally ill Greek, and recent usual suspect convert, who ran over multiple pedestrians in Melbourne.

        Then there has been the explosion in crime among one particular imported ethnic group where the rate of offending is more than 40 times higher then the general population and hundreds of times higher than Japanese immigrants.

        Just saying.

      • The mass importation of traumatized people from wartorn countries of an entirely different culture and religion, with next to zero skills and next to no English. All plonked into lower working-class suburbs.

        What could possibly go wrong?

    • Multicultural societies can only peacefully exist when accompanied by a ruthless state organised surveillance, security and enforcement organisations – why?

      The state of New York has one of the highest immigrant populations alongside a fairly modest (for the US) homicide rate.

      Rhode Island has the second-lowest homicide rate in the USA and one of the higher immigrant populations.

      Alabama has a fairly low immigrant population and a high homicide rate.

      • New York is a very highly policed city. In US jurisdictions with over 500,000 population, the median officers per 10k population is 20.7. New York City is more than double this at 42.3.

        But since you brought up homicide rates, let’s delve into that a bit. Homicide rates vary considerably by state in the US. The 8 states with the lowest homicide rates are South Dakota, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota and Utah. Their average homicide rate is 1.7 per 100k (about one third of the US overall rate of 5.3 per 100k). These 8 states have an average white population of 91%. The US overall white average is 60.7%.

        This pattern is not surprising when you consider US murder and manslaughter rates by race.

        • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

          The ‘professor’ is a smart guy that lives a privileged life – he consorts with only the very brightest of immigrant groups, and his observers bias combined with his contrived moral beliefs or disbelief that substantial differences in group population IQs exist, mean that any resulting social problems are purely a result of racism and discrimination.

          When he was talking about NY he was talking about his experience when he traveled there on holidays and wandered through central park and the shopping precinct at a nice time of day, and not anything to do with the outer boroughs or projects.

          Only the nice Multiculturalism, not the problem multiculturalism.

          • The tard formerly known as bcnich

            The ‘cuck’ is a pompous old fart who has lived a sheltered life – he consorts only with fellow wannabe rednecks as a means of counteracting the emasculation that has occurred due to being cuckolded by his ex wife (who appears to luuuurve multiculturalism, in more ways than one).

            Whenever he criticises multiculturalism he is drawing on his experience when he was confronted with the devastation of finding out that his wife was getting plowed by some brown immigrant dong. Adding further insult to injury his wife subsequently left him, as she had enough of stewie’s impotence, and old mate received divorce papers from his wife’s solicitor… who ironically was a first generation migrant.

            Only the bad multiculturalism, not the good multiculturalism

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            Well done Maggot – I think that’s the biggest comment you’ve posted, and parody shows a good attempt at a sense of humour – if lacking a little in originality or creativity… although you’re fixation on imagining I have an ex-wife does illustrate some potential in that area.

            Keep up the good work and you might find yourself upgraded from deadsh!t to moron. C-

        • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

          65% of the State lives in NY City… on par with the 66% of NSW’s population that live in Sydney.

          Just like the local example by the majority of immigrants live in NYC, which in the 5 surrounding boroughs is also where most of the militarised policing occurs. Upstate NY is mainly rural, white and republican – it may as well be another country.

          As with Australia the divide between the major city and the surrounding population is growing ever larger.

  7. They’ve never been needed here before! WTF are they expecting? WATF do they know (& won’t admit) that we don’t?

    • Anticipated civil unrest maybe?
      Or perhaps (and more likely) it’s just Uberkommandant Dutton’s influence in wanting to create a quasi-police state.

      • They’re like Taxi drivers – never around when you need them now! They’ll be too late to the party unless they have an invite or it’s a siege situation & then a sniper rifle might well be better. Intimidation factor will go up however. And what Ronin said, get the hell out if you hear a car backfire! It’s still people behind those things along with people failings regardless of their training.

  8. A police state is the only way to control an area populated by disparate peoples. See New York and Singapore for examples.

  9. An AR15 is the semi auto version of an M16, which is a machine gun. The AR is lethal, but not a machine gun. As much as I love MB, and not pro-gun, sensationalist article titles aren’t needed.

    • The military grade AR-15’s have three fire modes; semi-auto, burst and full auto. The point of the article is not the equipping of police to do their jobs, it’s the choice weapons.

      • Yes, the military AR15 is fully auto, is called an M16 and is a machine gun. The AR is semi and not. My point is David’s headline is wrong referring to machine guns. The article says they bought semi’s, unless the Commissioner is misleading us or has been wrongly reported.

      • This comes down to someone making the decision based on assessments here and abroad that the police need more firepower capability than is delivered by the existing handgun. 9mm has come a long way, but a pistol is always a pistol (and is not up to the future task). A semi auto rifle in a reasonably trained professional hands is infinitely safer for the public than a pistol being fired under the same circumstance/distance. I have no issue with the cops being given these. The choice is fairly predictable, the AR platform has been, is, and will likely remain the best supported platform worldwide delivering known performance and reducing ongoing sustainment costs. And on a personal note, the ARs have a functional safety, not sure if you noticed but the Glock’s safety is built into the tip of the trigger. Just keep pulling the trigger and the safety is off…that scares the sh1t out of me as a civvie when I see some of the cops who have been issued them.