Trump impeached!

From Bloomie:

The U.S. House of Representatives impeached President Donald Trump on charges of abuse of power and obstructing Congress, the culmination of an effort by Democrats that further inflamed partisan tensions in Washington and deepened the nation’s ideological divide.

The historic votes on Wednesday evening, which won the support of almost all Democrats in the House chamber but not a single Republican, leave Trump as only the third president in U.S. history to be impeached — and the only impeached president likely to win his party’s nomination for re-election.

It now runs into a dead end in senate which is probably just as well given the ensuing tanty might threaten world peace.

Back to house prices.

David Llewellyn-Smith

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    • Dont be surprised if the Senate, Republican Majority, throw Trump out via the Impeachment and install Mike Pence as the President, look out then 🙂

        • I am surprised the assumption is the Senate Republicans will vote to acquit without extracting something from Trump first. If he wins in 2020 they have precisely zero leverage over him. Impeachment simply means replacing one Republican for another, and I would have thought they would prefer to work with Pence. They must seriously believe Trumps base would prefer to not vote than vote for Pence … and not vote for them in Senate election.

          • Hmm. I don’t see it.

            Trump base will be furious with Senate Republicans if they vote to oust Trump. Half of them will desert. It will destroy the Repub base vote.

    • I agree. It changes precisely nothing.

      The next POTUS is almost certain to be a reactionary Boomer with significant personal wealth, who depends on a crony network of other very wealthy people, and whose level of privilege blinds them to the day-to-day realities of the average American (let alone the average human).
      What the 34th POTUS originally called the “Military-Industrial-Congressional complex”, and Abbie Hoffman called the “Pig Empire”, and Trump calls “The Swamp”, will still exist.
      No-one will ever be held to account for the events that led to the GFC, the effects of which continue to echo destructively through economies around the world. People no better than common thieves will keep their bail-out money.
      Americans will not get a healthcare system with built-in cost controls.

      • You’re ahead of the curve Jim. Surely you can muster a mob of retirees angry enough about their dwindling interest rate returns on their nest eggs to help you out.

        • Nice idea! I’ll use my savings to buy a small bus and then I’ll hit up the local lawn bowls club to top it up with salty retirees that still have a decent right arm.

  1. Fabian AlderseyMEMBER

    What does “impeached” mean? Does he lose office? Does anything actually happen? Does a headline of “Trump impeached!” have the same impact as “Trump wears a new pair of shoes!”?

    • He can be removed from office if 2/3 of the senate vote to “convict” him.

      Dead in the water. Trump until 2024.

      • And possibly Nikki Haley or some other continuation of the Republican’s pushback against insane, culture-war over-reach by the Democrats; from 2024 onwards. Unless the Democrats actually start reflecting instead of doubling down. Now apparently even St Barack isn’t woke enough, the current crop of candidates have only hit back at his centrist record on, say, immigration, and his current comments about excessive radicalism.

  2. I guess all future administrations will have to have a dedicated Secretary for Impeachment, because how likely is it that every duly elected President won’t face impeachment; enquiry or investigation that will require the full-time efforts of a dedicated branch of Government?

    • I agree, Impeachment was meant to be an extraordinary measure to remove a truly bad apple from high office, yet it has been turned into a Political tool designed to hamstring the duly elected.
      Clinton’s Impeachment was complete BS (what business is it of mine, or the country’s who he sleeps with?) and forcing Grand jury perjury so that you can impeach is just plain wrong. Trump’s impeachment is also transparently political, so as much as I personally hate the guy, it’s still a sad day for America.

  3. DUMBA$$ Democrats just almost guaranteed his reelection. Thank you for being stupid Democrats…. Love it. Best Xmas present you gave us…..

  4. I’ll sulk if this champion of the wealthy class does not get re-elected. I can’t go back to seeing asset prices based on profit growth and the strength of the economy.

    • once in second term presidents don’t care about approval or popularity
      those with some leadership ambitions can opt to do something big and important during the second term
      the problem is that that kind of visionary people doesn’t get elected president these days – mostly just puppets

  5. The US President uses foreign aid as leverage to demand a foreign government to investigate his political opponent. Drama of the impeachment aside, should US Foreign policy on Ukraine be decided in such a manner? If that is the way forward, why bother to have a US State Department? They can all go home and be replaced by Trump’s twitter account.

    • Interested PartyMEMBER

      Wrong headline, friend. It should read….
      “Macrobusiness commenter quotes CNN, proving propaganda works….has trouble thinking for himself”

      Fixed, see. That wasn’t hard now….was it?

      • The US voters don’t really give a damn about foreign aid to Ukraine. The Ukrainian president, however, has been asked to bet his country on the chance that a Democrat will never win the presidency again.This is why the investigation never went ahead.

        • The ‘non-verbatim edited out’ version? I did read that.

          The whistleblower didn’t come forward because he hated Trump. He came forward because he just witnessed first hand the entire US-Ukraine relationship unravelling before his very eyes.

          • Interested PartyMEMBER

            “He came forward because he just witnessed first hand the entire US-Ukraine relationship unravelling before his very eyes.”
            Which “relationship” are we talking about here….if you are talking about Bidens and Nulands….Yes. That one is unravelling. It was a relationship built around corruption and coercion. Trump has the balls to call it out. The dems are attempting to hide behind the idea that you cannot attack a political opponent…no matter how dirty they are. This is failing.

            Lol….and so now there is a different version of the transcript now………good grief.

  6. One theory I’ve heard of why this is happening is that the Democrats are afraid that Sanders will win the nomination and would rather Trump win than risk Sanders becoming president and ending the gravy train.

  7. The traction gained on this colossal waste of time is appalling. Dually elected. Empty charges. Real story is deep states attempt to unseat the people’s choice.

  8. You expected the Dems to sit back while Trump confected garbage to nobble their most electable candidate? Give me a break. Trump has hardly said a true word in office and you take him seriously? No tax returns or business divestment and you take his corruption call seriously? Yes this thing will die in the Senate. Yes it is unlikely Trump will lose 2020 election given a good economy regardless of his mob boss character and despite his dismal handling of foreign issues about which US voters largely neither know nor care. But spare me the simpleton rhetoric.

  9. I’m so sick of hearing about Trump. At work I’m surrounded by Trump fanboys who know absolutely nothing about US politics yet speak as if they are authorities because they can repeat a headline or soundbite. I ask a single question relating to AusPol and get blank stares in return. To be so wrapped up in another country’s politics and be so ignorant of your day to day existence being crushed under useless governance is rage inducing, they whinge about everything the LNP/non-existant opposition does to them yet think that’s just “the way it is” and waste any political motivation they have losing their minds over Trump. American hegemony has truly won, we have no identity left.

    • I can relate to this. I don’t bother engaging with anyone on these topics. If they start throwing around accusations, only then will I verbally tear them to shreds for being an obtuse MSM parrot.

      I was living/working in Melbourne at the time and popped out to grab some lunch from a small cafe on Flinders Lane. Overheard a girl talking to a friend about Trump, “Oh did you hear the good news? They found some evidence re: election interference against Trump”. As I finished up my meal and shuffled out of the cafe, it was one of those really narrow broom closet ones, I uttered “…and yet he’s POTUS and your lefty tears are lubricating your $17 quiche”.

      I cannot fathom why people are obsessed with another country’s political system and issues. The manipulation and shaping of the cognitive map of most Australians has worked gloriously.