SmoCo sneaks home amid the ashes of his government

There are moments in politics when everything that has come before is crystalised in a moment. Malcolm Turnbull branded himself a phony when he leapt into bed with the Coalition’s right wing. Tony Abbott captured himself when he recommended Prince Phillip be offered an Australian knighthood. Before him, John Howard made himself a political legend when he threw children overboard. Julia Gillard did it in her act of backstabbing. Kevin Rudd did it when he dumped climate change mitigation for Big Australia. Paul Keating branded himself forever with the “recession we had to have”. So on and so forth.

These are moments when the truth about a leader’s character is revealed for all to see and branded that way forever more. For Keating it was arrogance. For Howard it was opportunism. For Rudd it was narcissism. For Gillard it was illegitimacy. For Abbott it was archaic ineptitute. For Turnbull it was hollowness.

That moment arrived last week for Scott Morrison. He will henceforth be remembered as SmoCo, the guy that fled to Hawaii – sand, sun and Mai Tais – as his nation burned to the ground. No doubt his minders will kid themselves that he can spin his way out of it. That the marketing guru will find a new angle to shift the blame elsewhere. They are wrong.

The Morrsion Government is now covered in ash and forever will be. Over Christmas tables across the nation for the next week, SmoCo will be a combined laughing stock and object of incredulous anger. SmoCo of the “quiet Australians” has become instead the incredible vanishing PM.

In truth, it’s not all SmoCo’s fault. His party is really to blame. It has made destructive climate politics the centre of its value system for thirty years. It has unilaterally blockaded global action. It has embraced and defended carbon interests. It has ruined the debate with pseudo-science. It has trashed energy policy and twisted mitigation policy to such an extent that Australia now faces combined environmental and energy calamity. From day one, it has divided and conquered instead of uniting and acting.

It never needed to be this way. There is nothing in conservatism or economic liberalism that insists upon it. It was a political choice to create the mother of all culture wars.

All of this history has landed on SmoCo in a teeming ash rain reminiscent of the happy-go-lucky denizens of Pompeii.

That is not necessarily politcally fatal. Sometimes, circumstances can combine to fit the brand. That happened to John Howard, for instance, with successive wars.

To upend the politcal applecart, the brand must fall out of step with external circumstance, then the PM and government are rendered obsolete. For SmoCo that context is now undeniably climate change.

But the danger for the incredible vanishing PM is that his disappearing act is toxic much more widely. Australia confronts a mounting series of national crises that require deep policy policy reform in the national interest:

  • China is encroaching upon Australian sovereignty aggressively and persistently;
  • after twenty years of poor policy, the structural flaws in the economy have overtaken its capacity for effective stimulus. Stagnation in growth, profits and wages is permanent without change;
  • the intergenerational war is worsening as the marginalisation of youth across all features of life is now as severe as it is entrenched in jobs, the Budget, housing and climate;
  • the environment is a disaster on all fronts with water the crisis to follow fire next year;
  • and above and behind it all is mass immigration and the bonds of Australiana, which makes all of the above worse.

How can an invisible man lead a nation as such times? It takes debate. It takes ideas. It takes disruption. It takes management and the reassurance of insight.

Without these things we now know what happens. Crisis erupts anyway and instead of calm we get chaos.  Instead of a plan we get careering. Instead of reassurance we get refracting anxiety. Instead of quiet we get the roar of conflagration.

The raw political problem with disappearing all of the time is that you get ahead of nothing. If the incredible vanishing PM only reappears when he is overtaken by crisis, he will only ever arrive just in time to be blamed for it.

It’s not that the polity understands this in detail. It’s worse than that. They sense it. In their bones, they know that their children and nation need more. That “it’s time” for change.

That does not make change certain. SmoCo is being aided by the Ablotross around Labor’s neck. Bizarrely, that ill-omened leader has decided to become equally invisible as his re-election strategy. As is so often the case, fighting the last war.

As well, SmoCo might get lucky. It could rain for two years delivering a miraculous economic recovery with falling house prices, a flourishing of extinct species and water for Sydney, just as the Chinese Comminst Party declares peace and mass immigration falls away all by itself.

I wouldn’t bet on it.

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    • Locus of ControlMEMBER

      + 1.

      I was wondering what was going to be worth reading today as content is thin on the ground in the lead up to Christmas, but you’ve done well to fill the void with this thoughtful piece. Well done.

    • Mine too – does anybody have a read on whether the ‘quiet Australians’ actually care though?

      Unfortunately, I’m not convinced he can’t just ‘dead bat’ his way through this and come March next year we’ve all just moved on?

      • Tomorrow the High court will hand down its verdict on the Libs fake AEC Chinese advertising signs. The decision may include 2 by elections. That will mean Scummo won’t be able to dead bat anything and the loss of 1 seat would see a hung Parliament.

        Scummo may have pulled this stunt at the worst possible time for the government.

  1. What you’ve said above is all true, but another aspect of his ineptitude as a leader is that he refuses to answer any hard questions. Even today he was trying to shut down questioning over his decision making by saying “It’s done, let’s concentrate on the bushfires now”. He does not answer questions in parliament and uses glib one-liners instead.
    Now, while I’m here, I’m a Christian and this bloke does not represent me in the Christian sense. Authentic Christianity cannot abide by having people rot in detention centres for political gain. There are so many more things that he has done which is not particularly Christian, but the list would be too long. He is not what an authentic Christian looks like even if he says so.

    • Authentic Christian = UBI.

      Universal Basic Income is a beginning for followers of Christ, and all who believe in putting Humanity First, to begin to love our neighbors as ourselves and begin caring for and helping others the way we have been commanded.”

      — Rev. Dr. Mark E. Mast, Pastor

      • He’d be the guy to sell you the car Fitty Cents was driving…. when he was gunned down.

        He’s also the guy who’d turn up the radio when he cut one.

    • A few months after ScoMo landed the Prime Ministership I noted his #1 political skill was to deflect questions and neutralize debate, making it look like journos or opposition were just asking dumb, irrelevant questions. This can work in the short term as you make it look like you have everything under control, but sooner or later reality catches up.

      In ScoMo’s case it looks like reality has caught up sooner rather than later.

  2. A great political realignment is occuring in other Anglosphere countries. Longtime political allegiances are changing as some right-leaning politicians discover a new winning mix. Matthew Goodwin and Eric Kaufmann in the NY Times:

    “Realignments in British politics have been generally rare: Most recently, infighting on the left in the 1980s led to a breakaway party and, eventually, the rise of New Labour and Tony Blair. Today, Britain is in the grip of another realignment, one that is rooted in something else entirely: a new cultural divide.

    The cultural issues — related mostly to immigration and ethnic change — are also reconfiguring American politics.

    If, as research from the Voter Study Group showed, the average American voter is left on economics and right on culture, then this zone is the sweet spot for both the Republican and Democratic Parties. Yet as the British writer David Goodhart notes, Labour, like many Western left parties, finds it much more difficult to speak to the identity anxieties of the median voter over immigration, family and national identity.”

    Here in Australia, the Libs are essentially a party of neoliberal globalists. I wouldn’t have thought there is much of a constituency for that. The Libs only won the last election because Shorten and Labor scared the hell out of the electorate with their crazy policies and far-left identity politics. I expect ScoMo to come under increasing pressure in 2020.

  3. He said he was “comforted” to know the Australian people wanted him here. That’s a weird framing. More likely, they wanted him to do his job, if that’s not too much to ask. It’s certainly been one of the weirdest leadership episodes. As one wag said on Twitter, he makes Tony Abbott look like a good bloke

  4. Well written David. You have captured the mood of people around me, even my parents who are LNP voters. My Mum even shocked. It impressed me when she told me the Greta gets it and is defending her whenever she hears people speak bad of her. She says she is think of her grandchildren, finally someone shares my generation and the ones after mine’s concerns. Smoco has a massive opportunity in coming back from Hawaii, he has blown it and doubled down on traditional politics. There were some who predictably liked it but overwhelmingly people are disgusted by him being away, by the coverup and then defending the government’s meagre climate change policy, if you can call it that. Laurie Oakes got it right. People are not going to forget easily breathing in hazardous air for months on end.

  5. Then there is the theatre, showing an innocent girl being read the riot act by a towering and menacing heavily armed police person dressed in black outside the Prime Ministers Sydney Residence.

  6. Worried about escalating fire and water crises? Try that trusted LibLab remedy, Business As Usual. Its penetrating Jobs N Growth ingredient adds sparkle to the dumbest economy. You’ll forget you can scarcely breathe.

    Sure, SmoCo was revealed to all. But so was the Albo Puppy. He instinctively gave Morrison a free pass on the bushfires, and again on the bushfire holiday. The old Shiver Looking For A Spine.

    • Albo does not wish to grow a spine because there is plane load of politicians, including labor ones, jetting off on some parliamentary tour in Europe or North America over the summer break.

    • “The old Shiver Looking For A Spine.”

      This, except the part I don’t get is how did he make to where he is without his balls?

  7. “…teeming ash rain reminiscent of the happy-go-lucky denizens of Pompeii. Australian tourists to White Island”
    One minute, they’re the Aussie on the holiday that they promised the kids; looking into the bubbling hot pool at the eye of the volcano going” Ooo! Isn’t that amazing. I wonder if it’s real?!” the next minute they’re running like Hell, hoping to make it back to Sydney before the political clothes get scorched of their back. Even if they survive the initial event they’ll most likely die of their injuries.

  8. The response of RupNews to the last week reflects that Smoco is tied/glued to RupNew’s denial line for survival as PM.

    If he deviates, he will be cast aside as Rup and the Boy find a new willing apprentice to keep up the denial. Peter D is already practicing his lines for when he takes over all civil defence/firefighting.

    • this is extremely important point
      in these three Anglo countries that shifted to the “right” Murdoch rules and decides who gets elected, in other three where Murdoch media empire doesn’t dominate politics is not shifting to the right and same kind of populists don’t win elections

      • What a load of dross.

        Murdoch’s influence is overrated by those who still cling to the idea that any whose opinions don’t align with their own is a slack-jawed yokel and whose perspective is delivered line and verse by the Telegraph. It’s another variant on the Deplorables smear.

        Here’s a thought …..perhaps the left in those 3 countries are as unelectable and as unrepresentative as the electorate believes them to be .

        • Exactly right. Everyone in Britain knew what Corbyn was about and he would have won except he had to condescend to people with the 2nd Brexit referendum. The toxic propaganda against him was meant for journalists, the rightwing ones say the election result means the public “rejected socialism” and agreed wirh their propaganda while for “the left” they can blame the loss on “stupid blue collar deplorables” believing the propaganda. The propaganda allows “the left” to ignore its own conceit

          • DisplayNameMEMBER

            You can’t make sympathetic noises about the IRA and hamas and be in number 10.
            It’s just not cricket

        • how is fake left any different in Canada, New Zealand or Ireland?
          In fact these countries have way better right wing parties yet they often fail to be elected
          the only difference between these 3 countries and other three in Murdoch media dominance in UK, USA and especially in Australia

        • Well said Fishing. Those that blame Murdoch show a contempt for the public’s intelligence and decision making abilities. In Australia people didn’t want ALP because of their policy direction and Bill Shorten. And despite all that it was still a close result.

    • Cvnts copping a right pasting on Lead story:
      “Scott Morrison’s dismissive comment in Hawaii”

      Prime Minister Scott Morrison reportedly made a dismissive comment to a fellow Australian about the bushfire crisis while holidaying in Hawaii last week.

      While being served cocktails at the beach on his getaway, the PM reportedly palmed off the nation’s bushfire crisis as a “state issue”.

  9. Different opinion here – not sure most people really care. Certainly a big Twitter story but as we have seen time and time again Twitter isn’t very good for reading the mood.

  10. You do have your fun. But rightly so. The only PM I disagree with on is Gillard, anyone who knew what Rudd was like knows that Gillard just did the right thing, I always felt she was a saviour rather than illegitimate – and I’m no fan as I found her so monotone in speech I could never listen to her.
    But yay, this article is spot on, its just tragic for someone like me who s been concerned for thirty years that it took these fires to half wake half the nation. When we now finally hear that the brainwashed LNP voters are sickened by Smoco there’s hope.

    • happy valleyMEMBER

      Never going to happen – the ones that unfortunately I have to mix with are more rusted on than ever. Their sh.t does not stink and it’s the LNP way or the highway.

      • I’m not really optimistic but I do think a lot of people who have lost homes or are firefighters would have voted for him. That will have a bit of a ripple effect.

    • I agree with you on Gillard / Rudd, he needed shooting. I think she also suffered stage fright and listened to her advisers a tad too much.

  11. Bullshit. These fires are a combination of drought and poor mismanagement of national parks. Namely reduced hazard reduction, neglecting fire trials and shutting out recreational activities including beekeepers.

    What the hell does solar panels and wind farms have to do with fires, apart from distracting governments from doing things that can make a difference.

    Australia has always been racked by fires. Attempts by the left to tie this in with climate change is disgraceful and opportunistic so that you can continue to bleed the taxpayer for more renewable subsidies.

    Just another parasite.

    • matthew hoodMEMBER

      Totally agree. I cannot believe that no one is talking about the total mismanagement of our national parks. In the North East of Vic people are already starting to worry as nothing has been done to manage the fuel load since it all went up in flames 10 years ago.

      • I just got back from north east Vic. I was surprised by how much of it had recently been burnt off. I.e. the majority of the bush we saw had either been burnt recently with no regrowth showing yet, or had regrowth of 1-2 seasons. We we’re just around orbost. However reading the accounts of some locals in areas of nsw who have suffered from these fires, they’ve brn burnt off properly, had a bush fire in Sept and then had everything burnt again, this time to a crisp in Nov, so I canunderstand your concern. There’s a lot of fuel door fires in that area even if it has been burnt off

        • matthew hoodMEMBER

          The Alpine National Park is a massive bushfire waiting to happen it has not been burnt off properly since it went up 10yrs ago. The restrictions put on farmers who are near or back on to National Parks is crazy when it comes to backburning. I know of farmers who want to claim 1/8 Aboriginal so they can manage the fire risk and just claim its apart of their culture.

          • Thanks that’s interesting to know. We didn’t get into that park but the Marlo/Orbost/Cape Conran area appeared to have had a fair bit of burning done on it. We’d hoped that was representative of the whole region

    • How have the parks been mismanaged?

      Not enough backburning? Perhaps that is because there is less opportunity to safely do so due to a changing climate.

      • matthew hoodMEMBER

        In my part of Oz not enough backburning is a huge problem. Because of this when the bushfires do come along they destroy. You can go to the High Country around Falls Creek etc and see how it has failed to fully recover after 10yrs.

      • Probably less time to do it some years, Yes. But a/the major problem is the amount of arse saving red tape Created & put in front of all parties involved & all the extra people now required to do one. Near makes it impossible, which is what TPTB want. Another factor is more houses in the bush making it more difficult to steer around them. NPWS needs to have a good intense look at itself too!

        • Calling it back-burning is usually a sign you’ve got NFI what you’re talking about. Back-burning is done by firefighters during a bush fire.

          • Not sure where I put Backburning? But you’re right on where the name fits. Perhaps I used the provided context rather than picking up on a word to distract from the message? I stand by what I said!

    • People on here pretend there’s never been bushfires before like it’s a new phenomenon. Easy for people to swallow it as the media keep repeating the same line day in day out. Some sheep can’t think for themselves , question authority.

      • You’re absolutely right. All the soft and unreasonable people who are worried about the bushfires this month are definitely basing their positions on the belief that we’ve never had fires before! I mean I hear this everywhere.

        Fires are normal so suck it up and grow an asbestos skin, eh? Top advice champ.

    • Samscout; Possibly. However, read this article on the effectiveness of fuel reduction burns and other management practices:

      It seems that in really catastrophic fire conditions, fuel reduction as done by standard low-temperature burns is ineffective. In these cases, it is the conditions themselves which become the prime factor, not fuel load. Taking us full-circle to hotter, drier, more unstable weather patterns are significant

  12. Is anyone really surprised by ScoMo behaviour?
    He was never a leadership material. He ended up PM by accident as a compromise and I’m not sure his work is last.

    he is an excellent example of a perfect bureaucrat who sits at the back and does what he gets told. He would have thrived under Stalin or DFR. He is a man of no vision, like most of people … and the reason people wanted him back from holidays is because almost all Australians are hopeless, they have no idea what to do, what can be done, … they are hoping for a miracle that will save them. They know we have to act on global warming but they are aware whatever we do it will not help, even if the whole world does everything they can thing will still get worse for a while, people are scared and desperate
    Most of people here on this blog have no idea, no vision, no option
    Lets see, what would you do if in his place (beside CO2 cuts that are not going to make things any better just less bad in relatively distant future)?
    Imagine you are PM with full support of your party … what to do?

    • Well the first thing I would do is reserve domestic gas.
      The second would be to ask why we couldn’t build enormous solar power farms through the perpetually sunny and dry vast expanses of our interior and link them to the major population centres.

      • Royal commission into banking 2.0. The first one clearly did not do the job as evidenced by recent events.

    • Yes, I think there might be a few people missing the point here. SmoCo is not meant to be a leader – not in the traditional sense ie. Somebody in charge.

      He is simply a puppet – Harry & Co’s butler. The people who run the country, determine policy are pulling the strings from behind the scenes. SmoCo is little more than a useful idiot.

    • Exactly. The media re-elected him even though it was clear he was a fraud with no policies excl. the trickle down lie that tax cuts will boost growth and surpluses are good economic management. Now journalism wants a bit of fun so they note how an empty marketing man is nothing but an empty marketing man.
      And then just before the next election Morrison will again be portrayed as a strong decisive leader with credible policies. Both sides have issues but on balance Morrison is a better leader and he likes sport and he has a family and he goes to church and Labor can’t be trusted and surplus.

    • o. Introduce public funding if political parties. No more donations bribes from tbe Great Princes, or anybody else for that matter.

      o. Federal ICAC.

      o. Massively increase funding for public schools.

      o. Make it much harder to become a teacher and triple their salaries. Public School teacher should be one of the most desirable jobs in the country.

      o. Massively increase funding for public health services.

      o. Massively increase funding for veteran support.

      o. Provide lifelong care for the families of those firefighters who were killed and establish shrines in their names to their eternal glory. Similarly for our other heroes who give their all for us.

      o. Cap immigration at about 50Kpa.

      o. Immediate deportation for foreign nationals or dual citizens who convicted of any crime that carries a prison sentence.

      o. No more than 10% of immigrants from any one country pa.

      o. No more than 10% foreign students at any Australian university.

      o. Massive Border Force operation to round up and deport visa overstayers.

      o. Break the power of the AMA, so that we can have a reasonable number of doctors in the country.

      Look, that’s just the first day. I’d get around to coal, renewables and a bunch of other more complicated stuff on the second day.

    • Could you remind me if QLD has declared a state of emergency? Could you also let me know the number of fires at emergency level in QLD vs NSW.

    • Who did you say is having a holiday?
      No problem with the smoco holiday per se.
      Why the secrecy to begin with, why so long to admit that it was a poor judgement call, why so long getting back.
      And the kicker for mine – why OS – go small town Australia and pour dollars into a local community.

    • Oh, the faceless blob who ducked sacking her offsider for a flagrant breach of gubbermint rules on the use of inside info?

      And you say she’s gone missing – I wouldn’t have noticed either way.

        • It’s funny – I was having a whinge to a mate (who works in state govt) about this episode and he was saying that corruption has always been endemic in QLD Govt. His take was the Trad issue was small bananas compared to the norm i.e. a non-issue.

          Making money by exploiting your position is simply a perk of the job.

  13. – Talking about “drought”:
    – There is a surprisingly similarity between the Roman Empire, the US Empire and Australia. The Roman Empire suffered in the 2nd (??), 3rd, 4th decade after Christ under a reduction of rainfall. Which helped to speed up the downfall of the Roman Empire.
    – The same thing (reduced rainfall) is now plagueing Western parts of the US and that one country “down under”. Does this also spell the end of the US Empire and the australian “Empire” ???

    • Yes, in Jared Diamond’s book “Collapse” he makes the point that some civilisations have dissappeared within a decade or two when the region they inhabited experienced prolonged drought.

  14. About time MB. Looks like you’ve realised you misjudged the mood of the people. Your attacks on Albanese last week were pure diversion from the man that you guys endorsed for the election. Successive state and federal liberal governments and still Labor gets more than its fair share of blame here.

    Morrison himself said “the age of entitlement is over.”
    Except for him apparently.

    He must go.

  15. Excellent analysis and stands in stark contrast to the ridiculous article by Sean Kelly in the SMH.
    I thought Abbott did himself mortal damage after his first budget which still staggers in its breathtaking dishonesty. The Prince Phillip knighthood was just the consolidation.

    • Arthur Schopenhauer

      Abbott’s Government put a stake through the heart of Australian manufacturing. Shamefully short sighted. It will take 30 years to rebuild it, if we ever do.

  16. Let’s help with a sing along he’s got the whole world in his hands he’s got the whole pile ashes in hands he’s got the big lump coal in he’s hands he’s got no water in hands he’s got a pat on the head from ruppert in he’s hands hallelujah glory be prasie the Lord above see ya clown boy and good riddencce

  17. To be fair… I don’t watch TV news much these days. I’m sick of politicians trying to get their ugly mugs on every nightly news broadcast, and breathlessly commenting about everything going on in the world at any one moment. Most of us think they’re a bunch of muppets… maybe they’re finally getting the message.
    Maybe the media wiil also get the message when they realise that I and many people like me simply switch stations or turn off the TV when we see Morrison or Albanese spewing out their daily talking points.

    • They’ll be even more sinister without scrutiny – although how much is left is arguable considering the scrutineers are as shabby as the pol-lies.

  18. Didn’t he “scurry home”? —like a rat in the kitchen of a Grill’d franchise when you turn on the light.

    Sneaking sounds too honest.

    • He did neither. He hung around Hawaii for another 1.5 days AFTER going on 2GB saying he was going to rush home. Apparently he went on a boat trip and drank a lot of cocktails. He basically finished his holidays.


    While being served cocktails at the beach on his getaway, the PM reportedly palmed off the nation’s bushfire crisis as a “state issue”. A tourist who took a picture of the Prime Minister relaxing on his Christmas break — after he told media he’d rush back to Australia as quickly as he could — said he approached Mr Morrison. The tourist told 10 News he asked Mr Morrison whether was going home to “resolve the bushfire situation”. “His comment to me is that this was a state issue,” he said.

    “He was quite happy to sit and have cocktails served to him when our firefighters are doing it really hard.

    “I think the man just has to have a step back and a bit of a check on himself.”

    • Scummo doesn’t give a sh*t.
      Compulsive lying, glib and superficial, lacks empathy (the libs have paid a consultant 190k to try and teach him to be empathetic).

      All of these indicate that Scummo is a psychopath.

  20. I don’t see the point of this.
    The guy is now the elected PM. It was always clear that he was an empty fake marketing man during the election, and yet Shorten who had good policies apparently “couldn’t be trusted” and was “unpopular” and “weak” said the people-paid-to-tell-us-what-we-think. Then there was this stupid false equivalence reporting which journalism always does. eg defence. So vote for the one party who were actually prepared to leave the country out to dry and handover territory to the enemy past the Brisbane line during WW2.
    Then the stupid equivalence arguments on climate change in Leigh Sales land. “Oh maybe Labor are more committed to lower targets but there policies will hurt the economy” – yeah because bushfires are great for the economy.
    Electing Morrison was a disaster. Labor basically offered its first genuinely social reformist agenda since Calwell yet journalism through up the “both sides are equally corrupt, equally electable both siderism” now we have this nothing man lead by right wing extremist for 3 years and the ALP going into reverse and returning to Keating disasterism. Nothing could be worse and it is all down to journalism. So I see no point to journalism now and the only way to improve things at future elections is a complete journalism blackout for 3 months before an election.

    • Corporate media …. you can’t have a reasonable democracy of any sort social or otherwise when the Bernays sauce pollutes the information used by citizens to make informed choices, by vested interests with ridged ideological views.

      What happens when people are born into a paradigm and don’t know any different E.g. the U.S. and the U.K. were the well spring of globalist – imperial neoliberalism. What about Christianity Today writing that Trump should be removed …. no true Scotsman fallacy bingo?

      Does that make China and Russia the black hats for not playing along with the liberalization [tm] memes … chortle …

      • It isn’t just the corporate media. It is everywhere. Bloggers, Twitter the ABC.
        There is something seriously wrong with journalism as a profession, how they see their role, what they are interested in and just their ability to do their job.
        It seems to be attracting people who have no interest in revealing facts but love drawing attention to themselves, being part of the story, creating drama and combat when there is none. It is a real problem.

        • It just gets bought up, look at Dkos et al

          Even more fun is up thread someone burnishes Julia when she is BFF with Hillary.

    • And the left still can’t see why they can’t get elected. Who the [email protected]@@k wants socialism?? I’ve always voted labor but not last time I voted independent. I want true capitalism where the market sets the interest rates and price of goods not this crap both parties are pushing. Socialism will lead to poverty can’t you see what’s happened to Venezuala, and now Argentina and Cali. The rich are still filthy rich but everyone else is way poorer.

    • Firstly, the left media – including the ABC behemoth – was on the ALP’s side.

      Second, Labor and Shorten were genuinely horrible.

      A taste of what they were offering:

      – Even higher immigration (remember their uncapped parent visa?)
      – Uncosted climate change policies
      – Attacks on retiree income streams
      – Full blown far-left identity politics agenda
      – A chronically unlikeable and insincere leader

      People at the last election voted to reject Labor. ScoMo was seen as the lesser of two evils.

      The winning combination in Anglosphere politics is to lean somewhat left on economics but conservative on cultural and immigration issues. Neither major party appears to have completely grasped this yet.

      • You should put down the left or right rubbish when the neoliberal paradigm encompasses it all, do have a peek at the video.

      • “Firstly, the left media – including the ABC behemoth – was on the ALP’s side”
        they were on the LNP’s side. See Leigh Sales dreadful interviews with Shorten.
        -“Second, Labor and Shorten were genuinely horrible”
        According to journalism
        -“Even higher immigration (remember their uncapped parent visa?”
        Parental visa thing was a huge beatup. Secondly this issue was bi-partisan
        “Uncosted climate change policies”
        What does it mean? What’s the cost of having the country on fire for 4-5 months every year?
        -“Attacks on retiree income streams”
        You mean the removal of non-means tested *welfare payments* to non-taxpaying wealthy retirees who happen to have dividend paying share portfolios up to $1.6M.
        Unless you would call the removal of government paid parental leave a young parent tax? Is a removal of a welfare payment a tax or is it journalism?
        -“Full blown far-left identity politics agenda”
        Shorten had the least amount of identity politics for about 40 years. Most of his policies were old style social democrat. There was still too much identity politics I agree but the direction was better.
        -“A chronically unlikeable and insincere leader”
        According to journalism.

      • +1×10^99999
        Sweeper you are as blind as labour supporters in the UK and democrats in US. Unless labor gives up their far left globalist socialist ideologies crap that they just can’t let go of they will NEVER get in I assure you. Smoko was the better of two terrible options and he is terrible.

        • British trade union activist Paul Embery on where UK Labour went wrong:

          “We sounded the alarm bells again earlier this year when, in the local and European elections, Labour haemorrhaged support in several working-class communities across the north and Midlands.

          But the woke liberals and Toytown revolutionaries who now dominate the party didn’t listen to us. They truly thought that ‘one more heave’ would bring victory. They believed that constantly hammering on about economic inequality would be enough to get Labour over the line. In doing so, they made a major miscalculation: they failed to grasp that working-class voters desire something more than just economic security; they want cultural security too.

          They want politicians to respect their way of life, and their sense of place and belonging; to elevate real-world concepts such as work, family and community over nebulous constructs like ‘diversity’, ‘equality’ and ‘inclusivity’. By immersing itself in the destructive creed of identity politics and championing policies such as open borders, Labour placed itself on a completely different wavelength to millions across provincial Britain without whose support it simply could not win power. In the end, Labour was losing a cultural war that it didn’t even realise it was fighting.”

          The same applies to Australian Labor.

      • No, the media was about as biased AGAINST the ALP as it is possible the be. There has never been an election in this country with more biased media. Sweeper is right.

  21. I’m broadly in Sweeper’s camp so you can take or leave my anecdata – but yesterday in the pub the revolt against Scomo was universal with my conservative bogan boomer family. Couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t holiday in Oz, didn’t respect the firies etc. I was surprised considering the mainstream media has been astroturfing hard to excuse his behaviour. The rancour might not last but it was a big own goal.

    • The Victorian Libs broke the law with their fake AEC signage that told Chinese voters that the ‘correct’ way to vote was 1 Libs.

      They will likely be found guilty of the offense but it might not automatically lead to 2 bi-elections as Fraudberger would have clearly won anyway. Gladys Liu on the other hand….

  22. I hope a koala comes and bites Smoko right on his teeny wincey may be the last koala left!

  23. So Smoko says people are posturing and “taking advantage of natural disasters”. That would be natural disasters caused by his god then? Why would his god do that? So either Smoko’s god is a vindictive POS or Smoko is a lying POS. Looking forward to him explaining which it is.

  24. I still believe that the majority of Australians believe Climate Change to be a bit of a con, an attempt at extracting cash from them for what is still ultimately a questionable purpose.