ScoMo had better pray for rain

IPSOS via Domain:

The environment has for the first time surpassed healthcare, cost of living and the economy to be the number one concern for Australians.

The Ipsos Issues Monitor, which asks a representative sample of Australians to select the three top issues facing the nation, found 32.1 per cent rated the state of the environment among their biggest worries in November – the highest share in the decade-long history of the survey

The cost of living ranked a close second to the environment in the November Issues Monitor survey followed by healthcare.

There has also been a marked lift in concern about the economy.

Given the ScoMo Government has wedded itself so completely to coal, this obviously advantages Labor big time. If ScoMo can’t lift the economy owing to Recessionberg’s bumbling, and loses some part of its electoral advantage on that front, then Labor is back in the box seat as Government polling will begin to fall.

ScoMo had better pray for rain.

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