Monthly inflation has collapsed

October monthly inflation out from Melbourne Institute and it’s another donut for an annual figure of 1.5%:

The last seven months have printed a grand total of 0.5% inflation.

Yeh, it’s a shit economy.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. If that orange line was a heart monitor, I’d be waiting for it to make one last long beep and flatline out over Australia’s economic corpse.

  2. Someone didn’t tell Apple. Has anybody seen their prices lately! My healthcare went up $50 a week and benefits were removed. Does inflation capture that? To get decent fruit and veges you need to get organic which costs an arm and a leg. Also myself and the family have so many subscriptions to various services its hard to keep up. Does inflation capture all these new services? And finally you cant tell me child care has only grown 1.5% over the year. These figures are a joke. We have been raising prices in our business about 4% a year to keep up and everyone is doing the same

  3. low inflation is good … we have been told repeatedly over and over that cheaper is always better (OK almost always … )