Millennial inferno: Tiny homes trailor trash bushfire risk

I honestly don’t know how Millennials don’t burst spontaeously into flames of rage, via Domain:

With properties hidden away off the grid in remote locations, popular travel startups based out of tiny houses are keeping a careful eye on bushfires.

Startups including Unyoked and Shacky advertise themselves as enabling users to get “easy access to the wild” and promise “getting lost in nature becomes as natural as getting stuck in traffic”.

Unyoked raised $1.2 million earlier this year and operates nine cabins across NSW in “secret” locations that are not disclosed to guests until they book.

The startup’s cabins are a tiny house of one room with a gas burner, a bed, a small fridge, a composting toilet, a hot shower and solar power. There is no Wi-Fi or television.

Why burn to death when you can roast instead:

Starting at $20,000 I’ll be auctioning off this unique and innovative Tiny House shell via Ebay ending on the 25th of June.

This is the second fire resistant house which I have designed and constructed. I have adapted the BAL29 regs and added my own unique ‘farmpunk’ style. This house is exceptionally strong and well sealed to help it survive all weather and fire events.

Exceptional thermal efficiency; thick walls, argon filled windows and hand crafted doors make it an excellent heat trap. Ive added removable eves and shutters to keep out summer sun so this will be comfortable to live in all year round.

More sustainable than other houses, this Tiny boosts reclaimed materials, salvaged materials, heavily reduced carbon outputs and timber framing which was milled from fire damaged trees.

These caravans should be piled up and burned on the doorstep of parliament house.

Houses and Holes


  1. Should be alright in your parents back yard. Better still stick the oldies in a farm punk and claim the house.

  2. Tiny houses. In the great Continent of Australia. As we don’t have room… is it correct about ~1-2% is actually housing footprint?! I’d say impressive is the marketing. Sadly.

  3. What the funk is farm punk?

    I mean, if I had NOFX and Propagandhi and Lagwagon etc playing on my farm, THAT would be Farm Punk…as in, a festival.

  4. “This house is exceptionally strong and well sealed to help it survive all weather and fire events”

    Nothing survives an Aussie bushfire when its going full noise. They are leaving themselves very open saying crap like that. Some muppet will get incinerated staying in the shack after evacuation is called.

  5. That’s a fab idea, who wud have thot about making a home out of a Webber BBQ and then locating it in the bush…that’s a winner of an idea…

  6. I honestly don’t know how Millennials don’t burst spontaeously into flames of rage
    For a long time now, I’ve wondered why Millennials aren’t dragging their Boomer landlords around back and BBQ’ing them, F bursting into flames yourself when you can find a ready supply of obnoxious Boomers to BBQ.
    It’s strange that Millennials are denying themselves the right to rage against this injustice, at some level I think it’s a self worth problem. Many Millennials that I know, know they have BS jobs and live a third world BS lives and are punishing themselves for accepting this reality by denying that Boomers owe them a fair shake of the sauce bottle.
    It’s weird!

    • Saudi has banned foreigners from certain jobs in favour of giving them to Saudi citizens.

      Singapore has done the same recently.

      We need to do the same.

    • Millennials have been too soy’ed up to rage against the machine. They will accept their lot in life as the embers of rage and injustice have been smothered and replaced by the latest insta notification informing them of the latest “like” on the last selfie.

    • They have been brainwashed, that’s why they accept their dystopian future.
      The root cause of their hardship is the massive Third World net immigration program, I say Third World because that’s what it is, you couldn’t get 200,000 whiteys to immigrate here each year, hence the reason the neoliberals support the present ‘brown man’ program, a program that is zealously defended and promoted by the progressives … so we have an unholy alliance.

      The people especially the young need to break free of the spell of the mass Third World immigration torpor that the elites have cast on them. However, they’re brainwashed so …

  7. I have nothing against the small house movement, but it needs to be done right.
    But heck, in my neighbourhood ( closest town ) , houses sell from $50k to top price of $250k…
    But heck, I am in the country, so unless you are a Gavin, whom could “virtually” work anywhere in a gig environment, or travel for work , it’s hard…