Mass immigration is driving down Australia’s birth rate

Jamila Rizvi – the daughter of Big Australia booster, Abul Rizvi – has penned an article in Fairfax bemoaning the fall in Australia’s birth rate:

Australia’s birth rate has been falling for almost a decade, reaching its lowest point in recorded history in 2017 at below 1.75…

The reduced immigration program promised by the current government would only worsen the situation…

Why Australians are having fewer children is part of a complex social story… The primary consideration, however, is financial…

It’s not that the Millennial generation doesn’t want to have children but, rather, economic pressures are holding them back from doing so. If our government wants to lift the birth rate, why aren’t they doing more to ease the financial burden of raising a family?…

A more equal Australian society could boost the birth rate, and, through it, the economy.

Jamila Rizvi might want to talk to her dad. Because Australia’s immigration-driven high population growth has unambiguously pushed-up house prices and the cost-of-living (especially in Sydney and Melbourne), thereby preventing people from having more children:

The situation will only worsen as our cities population’s continue to balloon, pushing up the cost of housing: chief economist, Nerida Conisbee, made this exact observation over the weekend in relation to Sydney:

Overall, Sydney’s position as a global destination and strong appeal for newly arriving migrants would ensure prices would continue grow rapidly, Ms Conisbee said.

What I find particularly amusing in this debate is that the government is using mass immigration to compensate for declining birth rates. However, it is the same high immigration that is restricting the number of children people can afford to have.

Their solution is part of the problem.

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  1. Have you mapped the happy ending shops surge in growth against this? I think you’ll find a perfect timeline correlation.

  2. By design. Inflate asset prices to such an extent that the average wage can’t support a house and a family, scream “birthrates are falling” and then use it as an excuse to bring in more vibrants from the third world, to further crush wages and transfer more wealth up the chain. Repeat.

    Ponzinomics at it’s finest.

    • Australians having kids is NOT what our elites want – they represent a dependency burden that will take years before they start showing a return.

      When you don’t have any attachment to the underlying society that you reside in, and view the nation as nothing more than an economy where you currently reside and of which you are entitled to profit from:

      All things pertaining to the Arkum are like a desert; the first person to come along and take them can claim them for his own.

      Then it makes sense to maximise your profit by reducing the existing societies dependency ratio and simply importing both the consumption demand and future workers needed for the economy that you perceive to be yours in order for it to continue to function most profitably, and most in your favour.

      It doesn’t matter if policies or suggestions harm the underlying society (indeed all the better if it settles ancient enmities), because elites are generally not of the underlying society. All that matters is THEIR economy and profits.

      • That is incredible.

        Frank Lowy retires to live in Israel

        “I feel that I’m home. That’s all. Very simple,” Sir Frank said in an interview with Israel’s Channel 12.

        And he came to AUS at the age of 21.

        • No single individual has spent more money promoting “Multiculturalism” in Australia – you would think that just as he was on the verge of reaching his goal of turning Australia into a Multicultural nation, he’d be overjoyed to retire here in the paradise of his making….. unless that was never his plan all along.

    • Definitely by design. It is all win for the wealthy with higher assets prices, cheaper labour, not having to pay the costs of putting other people’s children through public education and healthcare.

      Also Progressives love the idea of giving away the prosperity your children would have enjoyed to poorer foreigners.

      A bipartisan sellout of the middle class.

  3. Two days time: Jamila files another article saying how falling birth rates are a win for feminism as women self-actualise themselves in rewarding professional roles.

  4. I am amazed that she got promoted to editor. One really does not need to make sense to work in the media these days.

    Jamila Rizvi’s article says “The reduced immigration program promised by the current government would only worsen the situation.”


    Joe Hildebrand says it is too difficult to decide who to deport:

    so again I would ask: Which of them would the anti-immigrationists like to ban from Australia? The medical diagnostic radiographer? Suzie from Sussex you proposed to last night at Icebergs? The old digger who just wants to come home?

    How about deporting the exam cheats.

  5. “Suzie from Sussex you proposed to last night at Icebergs”

    Suzie later took out an AVO against you for harassment.

  6. Any guy with half a brain knows how risky it is to have kids these days. Divorce rates are close to or exceed 50% in many Western countries, couple that with separation laws that massively punishes the breadwinner (realistically, who do you think that is?) and you essentially have a 1 in 2 chance of losing 50-70+% of your net worth (inc super) plus be potentially liable for spousal maintenance. Also factor in the rise of online dating/hookup culture and the normalisation of same sex relationships (a boon for guys like brenten) and its pretty logical that birth rates are declining.

    • 57% of all my assets went to my ex, plus 16 years of massive child support payments…up to $36K pa at one point…to pay for seven years of hellish marriage to a narcissistic nutjob. I’m doing ok now but I’ll never really recover financially. I used to own my house outright, now I rent etc etc. It wasn’t worth it.

      I’m leading a healthy life and working out and all that for one main reason. I want to outlive her so that I can sh1t on her grave when she’s dead.

      Be verwy vewy vewy careful indeed about who you choose to marry.

      • Sorry to hear that, it’s really unfortunate, guys of your generation really copped the brunt of it. There’s growing awareness these days but nowhere near enough. Spread the word, help your fellow brothers out and put those weasel manginas in their place.

        All guys with any significant assets to their name should watch this-

  7. The conclusion seems tenuous.

    Countries like Finland, Norway, etc, have birthrates of 1.7ish and far less economic inequality.

    US is worse and has a birthrate of 1.8.

  8. – Thank the construction industry for building all those high rises. Then we can stack all those immigrants like cordwoord in all those high rises. Problem solved, right ?

    (sarcasm off)

  9. – @UE: DISAGREE !!!! The price of properety is driven by the amount of (available) credit. NOT by the amount of immigrants. And that seems to be a “bllind spot” for both one Mr. Van Onselen & Ms Conisbee.
    – Low & lower wages means that the amount of credit immigrants and australian citizens are able to afford will shrink as well.