If Tony Abbott led Labor, Morrison would be dead man walking

I guess because they are not quiet enough, ignored firies are rallying their own national fire crisis summit, via The Guardian:

Former emergency leaders who have been pushing the Morrison government to take action on the climate say they will “go it alone” and convene their own summit on the bushfire crisis.

The Emergency Leaders for Climate Action say they will hold the summit after the current bushfire season because of their “huge disappointment in the lack of national leadership during a bushfire crisis”.

It comes as fires raged across New South Wales and Western Australia on Monday and as Australia was named as one of a handful of countries responsible for thwarting a global deal on the rulebook of the Paris climate agreement.

A week ago, former fire chiefs Greg Mullins, from NSW, and Lee Johnson, from Queensland, called for a national summit on how the country should prepare for and resource bushfire emergencies in a changed climate.

Both men are part of Emergency Leaders for Climate Action, a group of former fire and emergency chiefs who had warned the government that Australia faced a disastrous fire season.

The group’s ranks have expanded from 23 to 29 members since it first warned the government earlier this year that Australia was unprepared for the escalating climate threat.

Why isn’t Albo convening it instead?

NSW is on the verge of disaster, via Domain:

A fire that has burnt almost 400,000 hectares in the Hawkesbury is burning in the vicinity of a power station responsible for 10 per cent of NSW’s electricity.

An emergency warning was issued for the Gospers Mountain fire about 4pm on Monday as it headed towards Wallerawang, Lidsdale and Blackmans Flat, in the state’s Central Tablelands.

Today in the Blue Mountains a controlled back burning operation spiralled out of control, destroying up to 20 properties.

This area, north-west of Lithgow, is home to the Mount Piper Power Station and the Springvale coal mine.

Mount Piper is the fourth-largest power station in the state and has large stockpiles of coal.

Why isn’t Albo out there with loud haler and helping hold the hose? It’s everywhere:


About 2,000 firefighters are currently fighting more 108 active bushfires in NSW.

Up to 20 building, including homes, are believed to have been destroyed when firefighters lost control of a backburn at the Gospers Mountain fire, northwest of Sdyney.

Emergency warnings remain in place for the 396,000 hectare Gospers Mountain fire, which is burning in the Wollemi National Park.

The fire is burning on multiple fronts. Warnings were issued to 24 communities and localities and six more have already been burned through. It’s now burning on boths ides of Bells Line Road.

Residents in Wallerawang, Lidsdale, and Blackmans Flat were told on Monday evening to seek shelter as the fire approached because it was too late to leave. Greenpeace has warned that Blackmans Flat was “immediately adjacent” to the Mount Piper Power Station, which has coal stockpiled.

About 450 houses in the upper Blue Mountains were without power on Monday because of the bushfires.

An emergency warning also remains in place for Palmers Oaky, near Lithgow, where a fire is burning west of the Castlereagh Highway. It’s about 40km west of the Gospers Mountain fire.

The Kerry Ridge fire, a 52,000 hectare fire in the Wollemi National Park, Putty State Forest and Coricudgy state forest, is burning toward Nullo Mountain and Bogee. Those areas have also been placed under an emergency warning. It could merge with the 23,000 hectare Paddock Run fire, the RFS warned.

Statewide, 742 homes have been destroyed since the fire season began.

Western Australia

Authorities are expected to downgrade an emergency warning for a fire burning north of Yanchep. Authorities managed to prevent the 13,000 hectare fire from entering residential estates in the area and saved 6,000 homes. One home and a petrol station were lost.


Residents in the small regional community of Mount Maria, 75km north of Bundaberg, were told to evacuate because of an out of control bushfire burning towards Lowmead.

An evacuation warning was also issued for a separate fire burning out of control near Gregory, south of Bundaberg.

And about to get worse, Domain again:

Emergency services are bracing for more bushfires this week as a potentially record-breaking heatwave pushes temperatures in parts of the state to the high 40s.

In normal times, the Morrison Government’s total abdication of resposbility would be politcal suicide. But, thanks to Albo’s Labor running off after the QLD coal vote as the east coast burns to the ground there is nobody to oppose it.

This is one the greatest opposition screw ups in living memory. Nature is desperately throwing everything at getting Albo elected while he is running full tilt in the opposite direction.

Imagine for a moment that Tony Abbott was opposition leader instead, manfully amongst the ashes, covered in filth, hard-hatted, saving homes and lives, day in, day out, pounding away with the three pronged slogan:

  • climate change did this;
  • Morrison did this;
  • it’s time we make Australia sustainable (code for cutting immigration and going carbon neutral).

The Morrison Government would be a dead duck inside three months and the nation far better for it.

Albo is the real catastrophy.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Its about values. No Labor politicians’ valuables are under threat from a fire and the idea of getting back into power is too valuable to take a stance against the coal industry.

    • HadronCollisionMEMBER

      Do you think we might be at the point where everyone realises that we need to just get off coal asap

      Whomsoever comes up with a well thought out transition plan with the concomitant investment in renewables, R&D etc is I think onto a winner

      • Given power generation has been privatised and is now being run by mr market, how exactly do you expect anyone to implement this plan?

      • Whomsoever comes up with a well thought out transition plan with the concomitant investment in renewables, R&D etc is I think onto a winner


        Like the Greens have had for probably a decade or more ?

        Yeah. Nah.

        • HadronCollisionMEMBER

          I’m beyond sarcasm unfortunately.

          When you have been living with fires and water shortages and smoke for months, sarcasm tends not to have a place.

          • Let me be serious then: the best policies and plans, even directly aligned with majority opinion, would still be useless without the blessing of the media machinery. Because without that they will be buried, overshadowed, misrepresented or just flat-out lied about.

            The catastrophic corruption and failure of the fourth estate, is one of the keystones upon which our Government dysfunction has been built.

            I use the Greens as the example because they make the point very well. They *do* have the specific plan you are talking about, and have had (in varying degrees of maturity, to be fair) for probably a decade or more. Their policy book has probably a 95% alignment with what might be called the “MB Manifesto”.

            But all you ever hear about is silly straw men about “identity politics” or replacement theory conspiracies.

            (SAP is also an example from a policy perspective, but they have next to no media profile and due to their scale not a lot in the way of detailed and costed plans.)

        • Like the Greens have a plan lol… the only plan they have is to divide the country through identity politics.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            Because Australians should work and sacrifice and do everything they can to make as many environmental savings as possible, to ensure that all those savings and more, can be back filled by more immigration.

          • @DrSmithy the Greens are losing support YoY, because they have doubled down on Identity Politics nonsense and refuse to acknowledge the damage done to the Environment via mass migration. I gave them a preference vote after Labor, which I put third after Sustainable Australia and Affordable Housing Party at the last election, so I put them 4th, because although I disagree with them on the identity politics games they play, I do think they have some good policies, but it’s buried under all the noise.

            I suspect I’m not alone in this regard and that others would like to give them a vote also, but cannot because they believe the party has been poisoned.

          • @DrSmithy the Greens are losing support YoY, because they have doubled down on Identity Politics nonsense and refuse to acknowledge the damage done to the Environment via mass migration.

            They are losing support because basically every media outlet portrays them in a negative light. That is the “noise” you are complaining about.

            Whatever “doubling down on identity politics nonsense” even means, the simple fact you are entirely focused on that and ignoring every other part of their policy platform is my entire point.

            Basically, your preference is to support the policies that have been wrecking the country for decades: https://twitter.com/westozdonna/status/1206441557148090368

            Here’s the plan they don’t have: https://greens.org.au/platform/renewables

          • I didn’t give the Liberals a preference vote at all. Nor Clive Palmer or Nationals. So I didn’t vote for them at all. They still got in obviously.

          • I didn’t give the Liberals a preference vote at all.

            You preferenced Labor who – according to the graphs in that tweet – vote in line with the Coalition a third of the time. (I expect it’s been more frequent than that for the last 6 months.)

            On which policies do you think they vote along with the Coalition on ? The economic ones or the “identity politics” ones ? Which ones matter to you more ?

            Do I need to highlight that SAP and the Greens are basically the same on “identity politics” issues ?

          • DrSmithy, you’ve given me some interesting points to think about. I’ll look into those things you mentioned. Like anything though, you vote for the parties with values you mostly align with. But there is definitely a smug condescension that comes from the left that I believe is turning a lot of people off. Unless that changes I don’t see them winning more votes back.

          • Look, I have no idea what you consider “smug condescension” anymore than “identity politics nonsense”, but I am quite confident it’s easy to find examples of them anywhere you want to look.

            I can only recommend, if you want to see what MPs are actually saying, is to find a direct transcript or recording and put it into whatever context is appropriate – and keep in mind that they are frequently placed in positions where they need to make comment on pinpoint issues outside the larger context in which those comments should be considered.

        • exactly. people don’t vote green because they’re scared of being associated with Greeny types. there’s no denying the Greens have had evidence-based, costed, positive policies on crucially important policies for years. hence the Murdochcracy doesn’t like them.

      • I just can’t see the link between coal and the bushfires … which is why the “Emergency Leaders for Climate Change” are being told to go take a running jump. Climate change is the issue that knifed Malcolm … twice. Why would Scotty touch it? Those emergency leaders are politically naive, or just looking to cause trouble. And I don’t rule out the latter.

        Pragmatically, let’s just put these fires out first and then start planning. Also, unless those Firies are campaigning to cap immigration then they can also STFU as without having a sustainable population everything else is just virtue signalling. Until the left can equate a need to have a sustainable population with climate change then I don’t believe them when they say there is an emergency.

  2. Unfortunately albo looks to be useless. Shorten had more spine. Academic left has too much sway over labor. Still cheering the last 30 year political cycle’s policies.

    • Who is this Albo bloke people keep mentioning? Is he related to that old labour politician? Haven’t seen him for ages. Is he enjoying retirement in Switzerland or somewhere clean and cool?

      • HadronCollisionMEMBER

        I read somewhere (#factcheck) Switzerland is in summer getting hotter, being landlocked etc.

  3. Hope Labor have read this, and that it gets some distribution – can you get onto that, Ermo?

    Further, the more I live in these times, the more I realise that the private sector is going to need to act to help people – so many governments around the world seem paralysed by themselves.

    And that being said, it is only certain parts of the private citizenry that can and would do anything – the rest are “Quiet” (or loud and recalcitrant), and want to protect the status quo.

    • HadronCollisionMEMBER

      Goldman Sachs basically saying that via Solomon’s op ed overnight.

      1 trillion $ up for grabs in the space

    • Do not go quietly into the night . Rage . Rage , against the ghastly fires light.

      As I write the fires are roaring back to life , driven by the winds and the heatwaves, and the drought
      This is not the time for quiet Australians. This is the time to confront our political representatives .
      This is the time for loud demands for meaningful action on Climate Change .
      Make it face to face. Demand that they see you and hear you.
      Prepare yourself, study up on the science and have practical ideas.


      Even the dimmest of the State and Federal members must be becoming uneasy as the Climate disaster engulfs the Nation.
      All politicians will bend to the wind of public opiniion if it blows hard enough. Strike while the fires are hot, these bastrads are on the back foot

      I have made an appointment to meet my Federal Government member in January, I urge you to do the same.

      • I like the comments on the Hansen Ted talk. Especially this:
        “Where are the rigors of open unabated debate, focused hypothesis testing, and the science communities’ embracement of counter theories? In the hallowed halls of universities and research labs, to risk postulating that climate change isn’t real is to risk everything; career, status, and income. There is no such thing as settled science except in the eyes of those that have an agenda and the means and power to enforce it. Are we sure that an all-out-effort to reduce CO2 will make any difference at all?
        Research into the consensus of climate scientists is equally skewed. How easy do you think it is to get government or university grant money to prove global warming is not primarily man-made and doesn’t impose a threat to our bio-diverse world? It is easy to see why most papers avoid that assertion. However, even when such papers are written they are ignored and not included in any “97% consensus extrapolation” of what true percentage of scientist agree that global warming is a man-made clear and present danger.
        Do we need to be prudent proactive stewards of the earth? Of course! Is working to safeguard the planet for future generations imperative? Yes! Do we need to be told by governments or the United Nations to change our lives based on politicized science – decide for yourself. An exceptional resource to read is Inconvenient Facts by Gregory Wrightstone, a quick read of about 120 pages full of scientific facts and assertions to consider that cast significant doubt on the current hyperbole of having only 10-12 years left to avert worldwide climate disaster.
        Please be informed, look into it, and then decide if you support trillions of dollars being spent on uncontestable “settled consensus” science. Let’s have a full and open national debate where all opinions, hypotheses, and assertions are tested in the public crucible of truth; dare we? ”

        For a more robust comment try Tony Heller

      • Why is it that no leader from US, China,Australia et al wants to confront climate change? Perhaps they understand/know something that we don’t…maybe this is a topic to consider? Investigate why it is dismissed? Isn’t there a group discussion world wide of the brightest minds ? Why haven’t they brought up solutions…? Think on that…

        • Why is it that no leader from US, China,Australia et al wants to confront climate change?

          They don’t think they will suffer from (and they’re probably right, given their typical age and wealth).

          Isn’t there a group discussion world wide of the brightest minds ? Why haven’t they brought up solutions…?

          Er, they have ?

          Everyone who matters has known what needs to be done to address climate change for decades.

    • “private sector is going to need to act to help people”

      Which world do you live in? This is the Neo-lib world where profits reign. Lets be like America (sic)

    • We need to make Ermo the leader of the ALP. How hard is it to branch stack him into the a candidate?

  4. Ease up, Albo is experiencing heavy flow at this time of the month.

    You try being an effective opposition when your iron levels are plummeting and all you want to be doing is curled up on the lounge with a box of tissues and a tray of chocolates watching The Notebook again.

    • Lovely riff there, Fishing. Made my day. And I thought I was being mean, calling him a Big Girl’s Blouse.

      Far from convening a fire summit, Albanese would much rather podium with reactionaries like Lucy Turnbull and Alan Tudge, at a population summit aimed at pushing Sydney to eight million just that little bit faster.

  5. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Albo is just a place holder ……I read mumblings from Shorten the other day that he has not given up ….he might go the full Monty and stage a comeback based on HH’s
    Prescriptions…………….stranger things have happened …………and Shorten wants the PM title bad enough

    • HadronCollisionMEMBER

      Can easily picture Shorten leveraging all this

      Can not so easily picture him disavowing coal, but. He screwed that up once already.

      The irony. The fire might end up burning the coal anyways.

      Anyone who has not done so, spin up Fires Near Me and take a look at the amount of coastal forest burnt from Sydney up to the Tweed. It’s truly horrific.

      The Iluka golf course has become a wildlife refuge for all the animals who escaped the Myall Rd fire.

      It’s just so depressing. No rain till March/April now. And if that’s a big event and not a long soaking, what happens to all the top soil.

      Was told by a colleague who lives there that at least the Terania/Nardi fire is just burning the small stuff and the larger trees and wet gullies are kinda holding up.


    • Well old Billy said he wanted to “serve” Australia for the next 20 years. Yeah try again Bill, we’ll be nicer this time around you useless cvnt.

  6. I wrote off Labor years ago.

    The Libs lost me when the current PM thought a nifty stunt would be taking coal into a parliamentary debate. That image will live forever. Potential to be one pic in 100 years that people will reference to evidence the folly of the Liberal party.

    I don’t despair. Grassroots and changing media and demographics are all doing their work. Greta is Person of the Year, People are watching and asking and voting with wallets and personal decisions, just not yet at a ballot.

    It might take Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne each losing a suburb to fire, but change is in the air, so to speak.

    Morrison and Albo will both burn with the trees and the coal and the nutters they refused to take on.

    • HadronCollisionMEMBER


      Labor and the Greens (noting di Natale is offering an olive branch to Labor) should be putting that image up in lights from here to the election

      Why arent they running these kind of ads right here, right now

    • Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt!

      Greta might be person of the year … appointed by woke editors. But the recent big global election saw BoJo triumphant. And Donald J is looking pretty good for 2020. I don’t see Albo making any inroads on ‘PM for a decade’ Scomo either.

  7. lone christian conservativeMEMBER

    The media are looking a bit silly on this. We all know Australia’s emissions are tiny in the world context. No credible scientist is claiming we can change the temperature by ourselves. We can only change how we deal with it. On the fires, let’s focus on the things we can control. What we should do about emissions should be a different (albeit related) discussion.

  8. “This is one the greatest opposition screw ups in living memory. Nature is desperately throwing everything at getting Albo elected while he is running full tilt in the opposite direction.” – hence why Smoko went on holiday to Hawaii. No other country leader would have done this uner such circumstances. But Smoko knows he is dealing with a complete 1d1ont in Albo and a moronic electorate that will vote for anyone that will promise value of their burnt out houses will go up.

    “Imagine for a moment that Tony Abbott was opposition leader instead, manfully amongst the ashes, covered in filth, hard-hatted, saving homes and lives, day in, day out, pounding awway with the three pronged slogan:

    climate change did this;
    Morrison did this;
    it’s time we make Australia sustainable (code for cutting immigration and going carbon neutral).

    The Morrison Government would be a dead duck inside three months and the nation far better off for it.

    Albo is a catastrophy.” – You left the best for last. Love it. lol I can actually picture Abbott doing it and saying it. lol

    • It’s a pity abbot was such a disaster at actually following through and doing anything though.
      If this did actually happen he would again fail to deliver on any of it as soon as he gained power.

      • I don’t think H&H actually says Abbott will do as he says and neither do I. But I agree with H&H that Abbott would have know how to play this to perfection.
        Agree with you that Abbott would not be capable to deliver – he is simply incompetent. Like most politicians who never held proper job outside Canberra. Yes, I know Abbott had couple of gigs outside politics but he never actually ran strategies and to have to deliver on those.

        • I wonder how many of our national leaders and reps (if any) are on the front line fighting fires during their very long summer break.
          anyone know ?

          • they’re all munching on their stuffing and pudding and thinking they must lose weight in the new year.

  9. “Imagine for a moment that Tony Abbott …”
    Yep, Australia needs Tony. Never out of some people’s imagination.
    Ashes to ashes, Abbott to Southern Abbottabad.

  10. Not sure if pouring Chardonnay on the fires would be very effective, could be a good photo op though.

  11. Remember the Tasmanian mine disaster, Shorten was all over it, and did a great job. Organizing, from logistics to media, everyone clearly new what was going on and being done.He would be all over this, leading. Sure he’s not charismatic, and like all of us has a number of faults, but he’s far more capable than the last three PMs combined. Thanks Queensland

  12. The state of Labor is very sorry indeed. Yet, they are not the party in power. Slam the governing party for their shortcomings again, and again, and again, and again. If Labor, or some other group, manages to form the next government fire at them with both barrels.

    And if course Abbott would do a better job than Albo as opposition leader. Destroying things while not having any real responsibility was his greatest skill as a politician.

  13. The Great Disappointment started to win a few points back with the attack on Agnus Taylor. That was yesterday and those point have been returned in spades. Albo is now the Greatest Disappointment and should hand over to someone, anyone to do the job properly and fvck right off.

  14. Well the fire is not threatening the homes of inner city rich Greenies you see. And it’s not a LGBTQXYZABD concern either. Plus he has to have a national round table discussion about what if anything he can say he will need permission from the feminazis in labour to say anything as well. Albo is just a weak old man waiting for his pension. For all his faults abbot showed energy and vim.