Give Australia Brexit!

The UK has embraced Brexit in its national election. It’s time Australia followed suit. We need it a lot more than the UK does.

Why we need our own Brexit is as obvious as falling wages growth, skyrocketing house prices, smoke choked cities, the staggering water crisis engulfing the east coast, the disappearence of city green space, endless traffic and public tranport jammed into an armpit, mushrooming queus in emergency rooms, crush-loaded demountable class rooms, the corruption of universities, and the silent invasion of the Chinese Communist Party.

Some of these problems are outright national crises in themslves. Together they are an existential national emergency of bowel shaking proportions. Yet all are eased or completely resolved by one simple policy change: halving the permanent migrant intake to its historical average rate of 80k per year. Still well above most other liberal democracies.

Consider what is being ruined by not doing it. All three major political parties are perversly backing coal as the east coast burns to the ground. The Coalition and Labor are doing it to beat back a coal-loving and anti-immigration One Nation. The Greens ensured QLD approved the Adani mine by terrifying the state government with a grass roots backlash against their anti-Adani crusade.

The RBA, Treasury and all other government departments, the media and big business now lie routinely to the Australian people about the overwhelmingly negative impacts of mass immigration to protect it. The enitre politcal class is alienating the polity as it collapses into a morass of malcontentment, skepticism and revulsion unseen in modern Australian history

Australian youth is being put to the sword as all of these impacts fall mostly upon their heads.

Recently, MB was exposed to a closed shop event of mass immigration arguments at the highest policy levels. It was crystal clear that those that support mass immigration have no understanding of the health of the economy, of the environment, or the politcal economy. They were a pack of jackals, a closed loop of rent-seekers howling group think and slavering with self-interest. We need to be shot of them all.

Yes, there will be a transition. House price gains will weaken. Domestic demand will soften and wages growth will fall for a while. But both of those things are happening anyway and it will not be a disaster. The plummeting Australian dollar will ultimately backfill this slack as quantitative easing and fiscal spending supports the adjustment.

And in a little while, Australian living standards will resume their climb, instead of following the train wreck path to worse that today’s mass immigration model drives.

Give Australia Brexit! It’s not anthaema. It’s not heresy. It’s not racist. It will destroy One Nation and focus ths major parties on running the country.

Give Australia  Brexit!

David Llewellyn-Smith
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      • The UK has 66 million people.
        The share of foreign-born people in the UK was 14% or 9.2 million in 2018.
        Like in Australia, they are very highly concentrated in city migrant slums.

        The share of non UK foreign citizens is 9% or 5.8 million.

        That is 1 foreign citizen in every 11 people in the UK.

        About 65% are non European third world born unskilled migrants. Pakistani, Indian, Chinese, Bangladeshi, African etc.

        Fact check

        In Australia we have 25 million people.

        5 million are non Australian foreign nationals.

        That’s 1 foreign national for every 5 persons in Australia.
        That is more than twice the issue the UK has.

        Our migrant non citizens are predominantly of third world origin, and even less unskilled or assimilating.

        1.2 million Chinese mainland born communists as non citizens.
        Indians at 640,000, South East & North Asian 600,000, Middle Eastern 550,000 & then Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Nepalese, African etc.

        1.9 million are as PR foreign nationals.
        2.65 million are as TR & NZ SCV foreign nationals.
        Another 440,000 are long & repeat stay illegally working tourist visitors.
        plus 65,000 Overstayers.
        -> That is 5 million non citizens.

        And at least 2 million are on some visa pretext to live & work illegally here.

        87% are concentrated in just 2 cities.

        Sydney: pop 5.2 million with 2.4 million or 46% as non citizen foreign nationals.
        Nearly 1 in every 2 people.
        Melbourne pop 5.0 million with 38% or 1.9 million as non citizen foreign nationals.
        Over 1 in every 3 people.

        👉🏻We have twice the third world migrant overload the UK has.

        Brexit in the UK was a protest vote by the British to stop and roll back their third world migrant influx flooding in first from the colonies & then via the Europe.
        Chinese & Vietnamese in refrigerated trucks. Africans in the Calais camps, Indian & Pak family sponsors etc.

        Australia has nothing to ‘Exit from’.
        Our borders and visa system is even more broken & corrupted.

        $2,000 or 10,000 ¥ in Guangzhou China buys an old broken down petty thief Chinese criminal & his family an Australian PR, Centrelink & Medicare…
        Fact check.
        (Australian Financial Review April 2016)

        We need to ‘MIGREXIT’

        Migrant Exit.
        Exit our non citizen migrant overload.

        Over 2 million of these third world migrants have entered via a totally broken corrupted visa system on visa pretexts.

        They need to be exited on a change of mind about their visa here or found to be in visa breach.

        🔻715,000 unskilled mature adult migrant guestworkers on the Australian education industry foreign student alibi.
        75% are working illegally. That’s 540,000 Australia jobs stolen costing $9.3 billion in dole payments plus lower wages for all other Australians.

        🔻440,000 tourist visitors are also here working illegally (5% of the 8.8 million TV each year – DHA ABF estimate)
        Along with the foreign students – the epi-centre of the foreign Asian criminal syndicates vice & drug trade.

        🔻260,000 of the 696,000 NZ SCV who are actually foreign born who enter Australia via that NZ transit lounge racket. Mostly Asian & Indian with another 290,000 in NZ stacked up waiting for the NZ passport stamp to get into Australia.

        🔻230,000 who are rorting the Appeals Tribunal in the protection visa racket.

        🔻185,000 or more on working holiday visas but 90% are in the cities working illegally, paying agents & the farmers cash for their pretend make work visa extensions.

        🔻150,000 so called skilled & dependents, yet the 75,000 primary visa holder are almost all unskilled & we have 1.5 million Australians unemployed & 1.1 million seeking work.

        🔻65,000 Overstayers. We just can’t seem to find them.

        That’s 2 million alone onshore on some visa pretext or in visa breach.
        It’s not just about reducing the intake.
        It’s about activating visa enforcement and controls and exiting at least 2 million.

        MigrExit 2 Million 2020.

        That is what we need.

        • you got it (again) mike

          I’ve been in the US (in the South) for some months now … concern about the millions of illegals is the great unspoken in the MSM. Whole sections of the population here are getting more & more angsty as time goes especially with the endless ‘get Trump at all costs’ farce in the MSM.

          Unfortunately, I don’t see any evidence of general rejection by a majority of the AU population of the population ponzi.

          Maybe we just have to have Shitney & Hellbourne effectively run out of water before peoples’ minds will be properly focused????

        • Summed it up well mike. I did read it all so may have missed the student visas? How many student visas are there? They practically all work here taking part time jobs from us for a cheaper rate with worse conditions. These jobs back in the day usually taken up by mums or people closer to retirement or in retirement age. Family visas for holidays you can practically have your family live here on holiday visas, just let them borrow your medicare card and they may as well be residents.

  1. how is Brexit deal with any of the falling wages growth, skyrocketing house prices, smoke choked cities, the staggering water crisis engulfing the east coast, the disappearence of city green space, endless traffic and public tranport jammed into an armpit, mushrooming queus in emergency rooms, crush-loaded demountable class rooms, the corruption of universities, and the silent invasion of the Chinese Communist Party
    Johnson’s plan is to use Australian immigration program to achieve what?

    at the end’ instead of importing people from eastern Europe UK is going to be overwhelmed by Asians and Africans

    • Narapoia451MEMBER

      Exactly – net non EU immigration to the UK is 3x higher than EU migration and has been the greater of the two for a while. The Tories have zero ideological incentive to reduce immigration.

      The UK loses the consumer protections, market access, influence and associated benefits of being in the EU and it gets in return a collapse of the NHS, Tory austerity / tax haven creation for already rich, decreased social mobility, likely dissolution of the United Kingdom at some stage and the ignominy of taking far worse terms on the round of trade deals they are going to have to shuffle round on their knees to negotiate at record speed around the world in the next few years. To top that all off they are going to have to do so with a clown like Johnson at the helm who is going to crawl as far as he can up trump’s nethers.

      The poor people in the north of England and in the de-industrialised ex labour regions that voted Tory are about to feel what it is like to give a conservative government an outright majority when they are the people the Tories least give a [email protected] about in the world. 5 years of sandpaper dilly without lube coming up for them. The idea that they think the Tories will improve their situation (one that they caused in large part in the first place) goes to show there is no cure for stupid.

      • For each 2 benefits from membership there are at least 3 that are opposite from benefits.
        Major one being a common foreign policy set by non elected body. Institutionalised deep state.

        • Narapoia451MEMBER

          Well the people of the UK are going to live through the proof or disproof of your thesis. Let’s watch and hope that the folks in north england can feed themselves and find jobs on the back of a lack of institutionalised deep state…

          • Deep state is always there, it just gets to be shifted one more degree away from the plebs in case of EU. In either case, the faith of the class of the people you relate in your comment is all the same.
            EU is a perfect vessel to deliver lower wages and higher corporate profits.

      • Nailed it!
        This vote is actually a very good example of why in todays complex world the average person cannot not be trusted with voting. That’s why I like the idea of Flux where you can, effectively, appoint your own specialist in each area to guide your vote, it’s like outsourcing, ScoMo would love it!

        • problem there is people would then realise the futility of voting for their own interests, cogs turn, cogs turn etc…

      • In the UK right now and I do know lots of brexit/tory voting people who have no right to be voting Tory or in my mind some of them should not be allowed to vote at all. Their minds have been poisoned by the 85% majority right wing press who’s only concern is keeping their profits tax free whatever the cost to the country. (sound familiar) and of course Rupert is one of the players.
        All I hear from these people is totally paradoxical arguments, eg get rid of the EU migrants followed by ‘the foreigners are only taking the jobs that the brits are too lazy to do’ .ie zero hour contract, part time McJobs and ill treatment. The foreigners can go home, but the brexiteers with a small amount of cash will still expect to go to Benidorm in Spain for their annual soak of sun and alcohol and fail to realise that 5 million brits live abroad and something like 1 million may well face the prospect of having to move back to the UK. The also dont realise that since the EU migration has reversed that farmers are asking about getting people from Africa or wherever to do the annual crop picking. They wont be putting up wages and conditions any time soon and the newly installed tory government will be aiding and abetting them on that issue.

    • The Conservatives said the vast majority of migrants would need a job offer to come to Britain to work regardless of where they are from in the world

      low-skilled migrants will not be able to settle permanently in the UK under his post-Brexit immigration plans.

      Migrants to wait four years for Newstart after government does deal with Labor

      • Narapoia451MEMBER

        Yep and I bet you believe the LNP when they say they are going to reduce immigration here too… Please.

        The business interests that own the Conservatives there will simply instruct them to implement similar temporary visa schemes as in Aus because their end goal is wage suppression to boost profits, same as here.

        After all the evidence to the contrary, the fact people still believe anything that comes from the right wing is baffling to me, the lies just get bigger as time goes on.

        • If you think the right wing media is bad in Aus you should check out the UK, The extreme right wing newspapers consist of Daily Mail, The times (Murdoch), The Express, The telegraph, and the Sun (the murdoch paper for the Builders labourers). This is 84% of the daily sales. The Guardian, Independent and Mirror are either neutral or slightly left wing (regardless of what our nut job politicians views are and lets face it they think the ABC and BBC are hot beds of comunism).
          Hence the propaganda machine of the right is doing its job in brainwashing the people. Hitler would be proud.

          • Daily Mail is an anti-immigration newspaper and most of its readers are female!

            The Guardian is the biggest load of garbage.

      • They’ll get job offers, low paid but they’ll get them.
        It makes no difference if they can’t stay permanently or not as there will be a constant flow which is the same as if they could stay.

        You of all people should know this!

        • If they are never given permanent residency, we do not need to give them a pension.

          Hopefully we do not need to allow their kids to study in local government schools.

          The Conservatives also said they would increase the international health surcharge paid by migrants to access Britain’s National Health Service to 625 pounds ($800) from 400 pounds from next year, and extend it to all foreign workers.

          A majority of judges at the U.K.’s Court of Appeal ruled that Uber should treat its U.K. drivers as workers, rather than self-employed.

          “We were told that there was an acute shortage of engineers in Australia and there were lots of jobs available for us. But when we got here, things were quite different,”

          Requiring immigrants to have a job offer is different.

          This is what the fake left wants:

          bill could legalize up to about 325,000 immigrants currently working in agriculture who do not have legal status.


      • Jacob, and so they won’t allow low income migrants to settle permanently? Big deal, they just cycle them through and you end up with the same issues anyway.

        • A bit like non resident Indians took over my wifes job in Melbourne a few years ago, offshore on paper but working in Melbourne on rotating onshore/offshore contracts (for Indian wages of course) and a 101 other well developed tricks that are in play today. But hey we ‘stopped the boats’ which is what the Herald-sun Telegraph reader knew was the cause of thier job theft.

    • Dick is old and doesn’t really care. We’ll get hi-rise Harry instead along with more and more vibrants and quantative peopling.

      But yes, I agree, we need a new political party, but no, I don’t think we’ll get one. All every voter cares about is keeping their house price high.

      Maybe a recession will fix things? I doubt we’ll see any rioting here like yellow vests in France. Aussies are sheep.

      • quantative peopling

        Interesting word… very descriptive
        Agree about Dick. I think that he never really cared apart from a chance for his 5 minutes of fame… which he wasted on PHON.
        Actually agree on everything you said.

        • He didn’t need 5 more minutes of fame. Dick’s passionate about Oz & already fought good fights & been famous here forever! He thought using his existing profile might help save what’s left of Straya, but in the end as he saw closer the sh1tpit our politics is, he felt too old to match the freakshow.

          • Maybe,
            But he channelled that ‘good’ through a rock bottom ‘flavour of the day xenophobic party’ and unwashably smeared himself that anything he says now is discredited as ‘Hansonism’.
            There were bucket load of other options like Sustainable Aus which would cleanly achieve much more and don’t come with that fecal waft…

          • I’ve wondered how many really give a sh1t about being branded with unhelpful names like Xeno or Hansonism, particularly people of his age? I’d note, the ones doing the branding around the world are currently Losing their seats! He might’ve misjudged? Or maybe SAP didn’t prosecute their case well enough for him to help raise their profile? Or he didn’t feel he’d be supported well enough running with a bunch of no names?

      • no, they just want to keep whatever they have, be it lots or little !!
        they have been programmed by the lying happy clapper like an old guitar.

  2. Australia just needs to fully go Hong Kong or Mouvement des gilets jaunes. We just need a good movement!

    • Exactly! “Brexit” doesn’t have to be the analogy. Actually, one of the Proles biggest problems in Britain is because of the price of housing consequent on the Town and Country Planning Act. Brexit won’t address that. Straya has got itself the same problem by adopting de facto versions of that kind of urban planning.

      Any amount of growth, and demand-side incentives, would be beneficial rather than destructive if only the supply of land for urban growth was truly elastic. But I’m not holding my breath waiting for a “movement” that is intelligent enough to “get” this. “Audacity” in Britain has the right idea but it hasn’t gone anywhere. The revolution should consist of an outbreak of mass squatting on Green Belts, and incremental development of informal housing by the squatters. The powers that be, in Britain, know what is at stake, hence any nascent outbreaks of this kind being met by full riot gear, batons, tear gas, and Paddty Wagons first up.

      There is far more potential in Straya, for an organised revolution along these lines. Nothing else would be a smarter way to strike a fatal blow at the corrupt elites.

    • In a country where people are more likely to shoot themselves in their foot long term for capital gains in RE short term, it is too much even for Terry Gillam to conjure up such contorted fantasy of Aussies rebelling against, well, anything.
      Ironically, I can see people on the street protesting .gov policies that aim to end the RE speculation….

    • If the protesters dare to try blocking traffic in Sydney like they did in HK, they will be dead long before the police arrives.

  3. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    Ahhh remember the snowflakes and one commie on here bemoaning the end of the world when the leave vote won, well they just voted for it again

    • After 3 years of Cajoling, Manipulating, Bernaysing, Bargaining, Threatening, Neutering & working it however they could to suit their ends it blew up in their faces. For good or bad, the Quiet Brits Spoke – Again! Some types just need to be told twice……

  4. Boris seemed to say what he was going to do & the other guy didn’t. The pundits spoke again & now it seems they will Brexit & other things. What Labour was offering, for what it was a bit unclear, has been rejected. The EU is now in a bit of a funny position as well. For all their pompous carry on they now actually have to respect what the Brits are going to do. As for all the “world will end” I can’t see it. EU will still trade with other countries including Britain. EU may be the one’s in a bind as they come under pressure from other members who may question even more than they already have who is running their country. EU needs to address their own problems as well as criticizing everyone else.


    … Prime Minister Boris Johnson is going after the poorly performing public service …

    … New Zealand suffers from the ‘British disease’ too … in bucket loads …

    Boris Johnson plans radical overhaul of civil service to guarantee ‘people’s Brexit’ … Edward Malnick … UK Telegraph
    … behind paywall …

    Boris Johnson is plotting a dramatic overhaul of Whitehall after his landslide election victory, in a drive to demonstrate that the Government “works for the people”.

    Dominic Cummings, Mr Johnson’s chief aide, is to spearhead plans for radical reforms to the civil service, including a review of the processes for hiring and firing officials, to ensure Whitehall delivers the Prime Minister’s agenda.

    He has previously complained that “almost no one is ever fired” in Whitehall, during a lecture in which he set out a “to-do list” he had maintained in case “I ever manage to get control of No 10.” It suggests Mr Johnson’s programme for the next five years is likely to be much more radical than the… read more via hyperlink above … (behind paywall) …

    • Now for the Boris Johnson revolution: PM to reshape Britain … Tim Shipman … The UK Sunday times / The Australian

      Boris Johnson has drawn up plans to run a “revolutionary” government that will see ministers sacked, government departments abolished and civil servants replaced by external experts in a bid to “reshape” the economy.

      Up to a third of the cabinet face the sack in a February reshuffle after Brexit so that fresh faces can be brought in to create a “transformative” government focused on the needs of working-class voters who propelled him to a landslide victory last week.

      In the Queen’s speech on Thursday he will announce he is enshrining in law the government’s commitment to boost National Health Service spending by £33.9bn by 2023-24 — the first time a British government has made a spending commitment legally binding over several years. An extra £78bn is being earmarked to transform transport in the north of England with a blitz of new roads, bridges and buses. … read more via hyperlink above …