GDP heat map

Every quarter I like to look at the changes in Australian GDP and which categories are responsible for the growth / decline. Each bubble represents a category of GDP proportionate to its size, colours represent the growth rate.

Click the charts for a large version and commentary: 

Graphical representation of Australian GDP or Gross Domestic Product
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This quarter the key takeaways include:

  • Federal Government spending (+11% for non-defence, 7% for defence over the year) the only thing keeping GDP above zero.
  • Investment growth was not good, but I was expecting worse. Possibly there are green shoots, but capex surveys and investment forward indicators suggest there is still more downside.
  • State & Local government spending has turned negative – with a low number of property transactions this is likely to remain a feature
Graphical representation of Australian GDP or Gross Domestic Product
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  1. Shamelessly stolen:

    Two economists are walking down the street. They come across a large pile of dog shit. The first says to the second, “I’ll pay you a thousand dollars to eat that dog shit.” The second agrees, leans down, and eats his way through the pile of shit. The first writes him a check for a thousand dollars, and they continue on their way.

    A bit further down the road, they come across another pile of dog shit. The second says to the first, “now it’s your turn. I’ll pay YOU a thousand dollars to eat that pile of dog shit.” The first agrees and promptly does so. The second pulls out his check book and writes him a check for a thousand dollars.

    After walking a ways further, the first says, “wait. Did we just eat dog shit for nothing?”

    The second says, “nonsense! We just increased the GDP by $2000!”

  2. Nice graphic….growth underpinned by debt. Initially via private (property) and now public debt is blowing out to maintain the delusion of growth.

  3. I was taught to call that an “Influence Diagram”. No matter. It’s a powerful analytical tool. Great stuff. Please continue your good work treating your readership as intelligent beings (unlike MSM).