Desperate race to fix gas turbine, but what about the gas?

Our political system is now so short-sighted and media so stupid that we can generate panicked headlines like this:

Victoria’s largest gas power generator won’t be back online until the end of December, escalating concerns about a heightened risk of blackouts in the state this summer.

Origin Energy on Monday said the generator at its Mortlake Power Station – which has been out of action since July due to an explosion and which was scheduled to return by December 20 – would not be operational again until December 30.

The 10-day delay comes after the energy market operator warned the regular strains on the grid over summer would be exacerbated this year, with up to 1.3 million Victorian homes threatened with a higher risk of blackout, unless Origin’s Mortlake generator and another generator at AGL’s Loy Yang A power plant were repaired according to schedule.

“We’ve had crews working around the clock to return the damaged Mortlake Power Station generating unit to service,” said Greg Jarvis, Origin’s head of energy supply and operations.

OMG! 10 days late. Meanwhile, in five years, there’ll be no gas to put in the plantas the east cost gas cartel (thay includes Origin) sucks it all offshore:


But that’s a’OK.

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  1. Ronin8317MEMBER

    The solution is simple : Victoria and NSW will implement rolling blackouts from May to December.

    • Rolling blackouts are a “feature” of a privatised free market energy generation system. They provide the “signal” to investors that there is enough demand to justify building a new power plant. We haven’t quite reached this stage yet, due to legacy capacity. Although we are clearly approaching if there is concern about a generator or 2 being unavailable due to maintenance and repairs.

  2. bolstroodMEMBER

    Isn’t the privatisation of public essential services a wonderful thing.
    Almost as good as buying submarines.

  3. We need to harness all the energy from those east coast bushfires. There is a huge amount of natural energy going to waste. Then build a transmission line to the cities.

  4. MountainGuinMEMBER

    Just send Elon a text and we can get another big battery within 100 days of approvals being granted.