Chinese arrivals hit record high

The Australian Bureau of Statistics yesterday published its overseas short-term arrivals figures for October, with Chinese visitors hitting fresh all-time highs.

The number of short-term visitor arrivals rose by 2.7% in the year to October, whereas short-term resident departures rose by 2.9%. The ratio of annual arrivals to departures remained at 81.4%:

Net short-term arrivals also remained heavily in deficit:

In the year to October 2019, 9.4 million inbound visitors arrived in Australia over the year – a 71% increase on a decade ago (5.5 million). The number of Australians traveling overseas was 11.6 million – an 83% increase on 10 years ago (6.3 million):

The next chart shows that short-term arrivals were dominated by holiday makers and those visiting friends and families:

As shown below, most foreign visitors to Australia came from NE Asia, which accounted for 29% of arrivals:

In particular, arrivals from China hit a record high 126,100 in October:

Chinese arrivals also hit an all-time high 1.46 million in the year to October, accounting for 15.5% of total arrivals in Australia:

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  1. Chinese are the most unadventurous tourists in the world and provide little value tbh. They try not to engage with locals here.

    Get driven around by fellow chinaman in a big bus. Bus has tinted windows.
    Eat mostly chinese food in Chinese restaurants or buffets where it’s a free for all.
    Only shop in Chinese shops.
    Gamble at the casino.
    Shop in lv or Prada to show the locals back home they have made it

    I struggle to see how the average australian benefits??

    They are not as sophisticated as the japanese either and it shows in their mannerisms

    • when it comes to unadventurous tourists do you remember Japanese in 80s

      Chinese are probably the best tourists they spend a lot of money, you can barely see them outside of touristic spots, don’t create much problems, ..
      much much better than our tourists abroad, drinking, being loud, starting fights, staying in hostels, …

      the problem here is that somehow world got into this idea that tourism (especially in big cities) is good, while in reality beside few questionable dollars it only brings problems and reduces quality of life of locals
      one should look at Venice, Paris or Amsterdam to see how bad tourism is

        • Let our useless service industry worry about that, maybe they can bring in some more 457 visas to cope with the fact that Chinese tourists won’t go to their shops.

      • And as for your comments on Australian tourists abroad……get phucked with your bull schitt. I’m an Australian abroad right now and I’ve done none of those things. Where I am the Australians are by far the preferred out of all the international visitors and it’s also ground zero for bitchy fictional myths such as the one you just peddled.

      • John Howards Bowling Coach

        Exactly, a large portion of their inbound travel here is to buy the place, piece by piece

    • You’re assuming that someone gives a schit about the average Australian. We are way beyond that stage.

  2. John Howards Bowling Coach

    They are a mass of unsophisticated peasants. I have been ‘tour guide’ to so many supposedly wealthy, educated and upper class Mainlanders and all of them have the worst manners, poor ethics and grubby behaviour. They sit in business meetings picking their ears and noses, spit on the ground in a meeting room. Steal items they see within reach. There chance that these people can assimilate is zero, so we’re promptly lowering the standards of our own nation and society to ensure they don’t look worse than average. To say this evidently makes me racist, but in reality it’s just not considered PC to point out anyones failings anymore. For example I can’t tell the Indian taxi driver he stinks and needs a shower and a toothbrush, when it is patently obvious that these things are true.