Asian international students coaxed into sex work

Earlier this year, it was reported that Chinese international students were being coaxed into sex work with promises of “easy money”:

Chinese job website and forum is hosting hundreds of adverts for jobs in massage parlours across Melbourne, including Dandenong, Casey, Kingston and Stonnington, promising thousands of dollars a week to students…

One job ad on the website states “the female masseur is invited to be warm and responsible … ages below 33, with a work visa or student (visa)”.

Another promised “commission can reach 47-50 per cent. Average weekly $1100 plus. Company can help ­arrange accommodation.”

Genevieve Gilbert, director of not-for-profit organisation Pink Cross, which tackles sexual exploitation, said international students were victims.

“What we’re seeing in some cases is women getting paid below minimum wage then ­relying on the extra money from providing sexual services,” she said…

Australian Adult Entertainment Industry spokesman William Albon said there were hundreds of international students working illegally in the sex industry in Melbourne.

Now, a new survey by BaptistCare HopeStreet Women’s Services, entitled “Working with Migrant Sex Workers in Sydney’s Lower-End Brothels”, claims that one-third of women working in Sydney’s lower-end brothels are international students, often working on the false premise that it would secure them permanent residency:

A strong majority of respondents — 80 per cent — come from Chinese-speaking countries…

BaptistCare HopeStreet defined lower-end brothels as brothels and massage parlours below average industry prices.

Half of the respondents said they would stop sex work if they found other ways of earning money…

BaptistCare HopeStreet found nine out of 10 were only in Australia temporarily, holding a variety of visas (a third were on student visas). Some were working here on the false premise that sex work would provide a pathway to residency, the researchers found.

As we already know, international students are on the forefront of exploitation across the Australian economy.

This was made explicit by the 2016 Senate Committee report, entitled A National Disgrace: The Exploitation of Temporary Work Visa Holders, which stated that international students “were consistently reported to suffer widespread exploitation in the Australian workforce”, and that “a large portion of the hours that international students worked was undocumented (and unpaid)”.

In a similar vein, the 2019 Report of the Migrant Workers’ Taskforce found that around one-quarter of international students were paid around half the legal minimum wage, with exploitation of international students deemed “endemic”.

So, with international students numbers continuing to swell, driven by enrolments from Asia, such exploitation will continue.

Leith van Onselen


    • It’s the same behavior seen by Aussies on south east Asian holidays, just at home now. George Christiansen would be able to elaborate further.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        This is very true, that’s why they love it when they get someone as good as me turn up.

      • You sure about that? Im betting their biggest clientele are old white guys looking for a temporary escape from the cranky feminista whale at home.

        • That could well be reusa fitting that description. Who know? More importantly who cares? Cant necessarily make a call based on his avatar.

    • billygoatMEMBER

      Stop calling them students. They are foreign prostitutes working illegally. They have put local girls out of business Grey St St Kilda hooker free with a few Euro desperates Fence leaning in tiny skirts on Inkerman – mostly Euro ‘back packers’ I’ve patiently waited exiting rear lane for Caucasian looking female to complete what appears to be blow work on male if Injin extraction – certainly that what sounds like. Nose to nose in lane I hear them screeching.Low brow for newly minted millionaire residents so campaign running to get dregs off streets & close laneway despite inconvenience to local residents.

      • That’s disgraceful. Can you please be more precise with the location – I would like to investigate.

      • That area has always had those activities going on. Ever since I was a kid (which is nearly 30+ years ago) now… Even as St Kilda has rapidly gentrified the junkies still come.

  1. Welcome to a services economy, where your every need can be serviced at low cost and at a convenient nearby location.

  2. International students should not have any work rights.

    Either give them scholarships or require they have sufficient financial support.

    But cheap vulnerable workers is what all the neoliberal and progressive globalists want. Though they do justify it differently…..slightly.

    The globalist progressives see the upside in raising the imports living standards from dirt poor to grubby poor and lower privileged westerners down more than a few notches.

  3. Stewie GriffinMEMBER

    It is the right of every Australian to be able to keep a sexy House Elf in the cupboard…. or at least down the road behind the Bunnings Store.

    • And all for half the price you’d have paid 10yrs ago!

      So that’s why the CPI is so benign. 😉

  4. reusachtigeMEMBER

    The vast majority aren’t being exploited but they are happily exploiting their customers. This is just wowser propaganda!

    • Chinamen ladies love giving a bit of rub n’ tug. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be so good and willing to provide their services.

      • John Howards Bowling Coach

        Who said they are good at it? The mercantile personality of the vast majority of them is in direct conflict with being a great lover, paid or otherwise. They are just greedy, will do anything for money, very flexible morality

        • What kind of social retard goes to a rub & tug with the expectation of getting a great “lover”??

          You go there for a quick and easy way to blow your nut, not find your soul mate!

          • John Howards Bowling Coach

            Whoever said I went to a R&T? My comment was that they are only interested in cash and that equates to being crap at pleasing others. There is a reason they say the Thai’s are the best people money can buy. You’ll never hear that said of the Chinese.
            But you go on being a keyboard warrior smartarse safely in the protection of your parent’s basement.

          • cos you’re a whiny b!tch? and no woman would find a loser like you attractive…. Hence a rub & tug is the only place you can get some action.

  5. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    years ago I was saying Sydney was becoming Bangkok and guess what its getting there fast

  6. Not exploited.
    The foreign students & partners, the tourist visitors working illegally and the other third world migrants working in prostitution in Australia do so willingly.

    They paid huge bribes and many are in loan debt to an foreign agent procurer for that chance to enter Australia and work in vice.

    Australia prostitutes it’s education industry as a visa alibi.
    And it turn the big money is for these foreign students & partners to enter Australia on a pretext visa for prostitution, fake ID, cash, no tax.

    The Chinese are the largest group engaged in trafficking in their prostitutes, then Thailand, Koreans, Japanese, Taiwanese & Hong Kong – mostly end of life 30 year old+ hookers who can’t be sold in North Asia so are trafficked into Australia, plus Malay, Filipino, Indonesian, Nepalese & South America plus African.

    They come in as a Foreign student or partner, or increasingly now as tourist visitors.

    Being a prostitute as a foreign student, fake ID, cash in hand & no tax paid plus no health check – that is all legal in NSW.

    Every ‘international education’ campus is packed full of North & South East Asian & now Nepalese or South American foreign student females here as prostitutes.

    That’s why the intake from those countries is 75% female.

    By contract the Indians, Bangla and Pakistani intake are mostly male (80% plus) as they can only get work as cleaners, Uber, car washers, gas stations & Deliveroo etc – as their woman are not to our taste.

    How many?
    The scarlet alliance says there are 1,600 legal brothels in just Sydney and Melbourne & then twice that as illegal or private services so say 5,000 or more.

    With an average of say 15-20 rostered workers part & full time in vice.

    The vice industry is run by the Chinese or foreign criminal syndicates, and is almost exclusively Asian foreign students & tourist visitors ‘workers’

    So say 100,000 all up – up to a quarter or so of the foreign female students, as well as many of the tourist visitors.

    It’s an 11 billion+ foreign criminal run vice industry.
    The average Asian worker is doing 24 days a month, 5-8 customers $80 each net income in a 12 hour or more shift, pulling in over $110,000 a year no tax paid.

    That money then goes out as agent procurer and criminal syndicate repayment & remittances.

    As 3 specific examples:
    1. The 2nd largest source of income for Isan province in Thailand after their rice crop is the remittances from their tens of thousands of Thai vice workers in Australia as ‘students’.
    2. The Korean Seoul Mayor threatened to name and shame the many thousands of Korean vice workers in Australia who came in as ‘students’ including publishing their photos as an ‘embarrassment to Korea’s image overseas. He was shut down by the Korean foreign criminal syndicates.
    3. Almost everywhere in Asia, if an Asian woman has been a ‘foreign student’ in Australia, doing a low level nonsense course, it’s widely regarded as a ‘prostitution diploma’.


    The simple answer is to decriminalise it all and remove the foreign criminal syndicate trafficking & control.

    🔻Ban prostitution as an income source for foreign students or partners (& tourist visitors which is meant to be illegal anyway).
    🔻Convert these woman to ‘vice worker visas’.
    🔻Make them have verified identities.
    🔻Make then have compulsory health checks.
    🔻Make them declare income & pay tax.

    • Gandhi Guy here,

      “By contract the Indians, Bangla and Pakistani .. .. – as their woman are not to our taste. ”

      My views on the above would be,

      Most of them (I say most, as there probably are few exceptions in every community/culture across the world) will not be to your taste, because the women from there in general mostly do not like to do this.

      In my view, India even today, is majority one man/woman relationship country.

      When you are saying, “as their woman are not to our taste”,

      if you have said this in a positive light then, yes they like being part of family and will help their husbands/family and all that good stuff… instead of going into… Therefore good observation from you.

      if you have said this in a negative light about Indian women then, well, you are only fooling yourself. You really need to re-evaluate you thought process on this.

      if you have said this in a nuetral light then, yes, most of Indian women (very very high percentage) are seriously and highly conservative when it comes to Sex outside marriage (and relationship with outlook to marriage).
      Iam guessing that sex is frowned upon by most Indian Women (very very high percentage) outside marriage (and relationship with outlook to marriage).

      For anybody replying to my comment (including you Mike), keep in mind the following about my comments above,

      1) My comment’s are very specic to Indian Women and definitely not in comparision with women from other cultures.
      So do not read in between the lines.
      2) It would not make sense to me if you reply that “I know a Indian Woman…”.
      I have already said thet there probably are few exceptions in every community/culture across the world.

  7. Hello,

    Related to above i saw this article on the Economist a few weeks ago:
    “THE DRILL-SERGEANT barking orders is a former commando who lost bits of two fingers while deployed in South Sudan. His 100-odd young charges are dressed in camouflage uniforms and army boots. After a bit of marching in time they are shown how to abseil out of a besieged building.

    The group under instruction are not conscripts, however, but students hoping to study abroad”

    “Their fear is not of ideological contamination, but of the petty crime and shootings that China’s state media highlight as a scourge of Western societies”

    Not sure how long the Australian universities overseas student boom will continue with the state media actively promoting the idea that Western democracies are unsafe

    • Sure, but they probably don’t want their forearms to grow out of proportion. The Popeye look isn’t very feminine

  8. Lol “Coaxed”

    They’re just trying “to pay their way through uni” while expressing their sexuality in the prime years of their youth. Gotta love their pragmatism….ahaaahhahahahhaa

  9. John Howards Bowling Coach

    This is such a joke. The reality is that they come here knowing they are heading down under for sex work, they are not trafficked, they are not enslaved they are greedy Chinese women who have no morals and are happy to be sex workers. They will do anything for cash. These are the people flooding into our nation. Yes the majority of their clients are also Chinese and Indian, but that is not the point. Australia is welcoming the rapid degradation of our society.

    • You sound like a disgruntled customer? Maybe next time give the lil fella a wash before u go, cant imagine anyone would wanna touch something reeking of rancid cottage cheese

  10. John Howards Bowling Coach

    I wonder why they didn’t quote the research into the explosion of STI’s in Australia correlating with the explosion of cheap knock shops? Considering the comments from some of the Chinese hookers that they will take $30-$50 to unprotected sex, anyone going there is taking a very big risk of bringing home unwelcome travellers. Especially given the hygiene standard of most from the orient.