Sydney schools run out of play space

The destruction of Australia’s once famed quality of life continues with Sydney’s schools fast running out of play space:

Department of Education figures show 43 of the state’s 2200 schools have less than the required 10sqm of play space per student, although most were built decades ago in densely-populated inner city areas where land is at a premium.

Parramatta High is facing the biggest squeeze, with 2.21sqm per student, Cammeraygal High in Crows Nest is second with 2.95sqm, despite being the only school on the list that was opened after the space requirements were introduced in 2016…

Of the 31 primary schools on the list, Chatswood Public School has the least play space. The rapidly growing school has had its numbers increase by more than 50 per cent since 2012 and last year enrolments reached almost 1300…

The school has moved years three and four to a “bush campus” on the high school site, holds four separate assemblies, staggers lunch times and has banned ball games before school to deal with overcrowding.

Children shifting from high rise schools to high rise dog box homes. That’s Sydney’s future right there as its population roughly doubles to a projected 9.6 million by 2066:

Oh well, at least if the kids aren’t running around playing they’ll drink less water, which is also in short supply.

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  1. “Play” is a very euro-centric concept. Many Asian parents don’t want their kids made lazy by Australian play culture. In the Chatswood and Parramatta districts mentioned in the article most parents would regard play as a waste of valuable learning time.
    This is why China will soon rule the world again – hard work!

  2. my perception of infrastructure and population numbers is so bad i can’t imagine there being more than 100 schools in a state it feels unreal.

  3. Soon it will be too dangerous to play outside. Soaring heat and UV index at extreme. Children will be ushered inside during school hours so that they are not injured by environmental hazards.

  4. Gotta blame the Church of RE tbh………… Many councils wanted to sell schools with a large footprint to developers. Many schools probably sold off their footie field or netball courts and forced their students to travel 1hr to some fields way out west. Those that didn’t probably had to build more buildings to get their head count up or they would be closed down. The parents couldn’t really give 2 hoots as long as RE prices were going up making them feel rich. Now the parents also believe they have the right to the last green spots left eg golf courses, cricket fields etc. It is past being laughable ……….

    • Depends how long it takes for a good portion of the population to become hooked on opioids. A good recession give us a nudge in that direction.

      • where do people even get the dosh for opioids in a recession, i doubt those same people have the skills to be employed when the competition starts.

        • In the US the GPs hand the stuff out like lollies. I admit they are harder to come by here – better controlled.