Quantitative peopling is destroying Australia

There is a gigantic lie abroad about Australia. It is that it has been lucky and has, to date, dodged the secular stagnation and associated effects that has afflicted Western economies worldwide after the GFC. Nothing could further from the truth. While the rest of world adopted quantitaive easing (QE) to address the issue, only succeeding in making it worse, Australia adopted an equally destructive but less obvious form of macroeconomc re/deflation: quantititave peopling (QP). It has been running almost as long as QE elsewhere with exactly the same results: falling living standards, strengthened deflation, increasing class divisions and destroyed political stability.

Only now, in Australia’s case, it also threatens takeover of the democracy by a foreign authoritarian power.

Let’s consider what QE has done elsewhere:

  • by printing money to buy various finaincial assets, central banks have kept capital constrained banks on life support;
  • but that has increased inequality as asset inflation becomes the only game in town for economic gains;
  • the result is chronically low interest rates leading to corporations investing in their own shares instead of efficiency or new capacity, as zombie businesses flourish and oversupply is supported endlessly, again entrenching deflation;
  • as politcal dysfunction rises around weak wages and falling real living standards for workers, reform becomes impossible relying ever more upon QE.

That’s your QE feedback loop of doom. QP operates similarly only worse:

  • by importing people the government ensures capital costrained banks are supported by artificial demand;
  • asset prices like house prices rise and become the only game in town for economic gains;
  • but these gains are more than offset by falling wage growth as the labour supply shock crushes worker pricing power;
  • universites get ever dumber to attract unskilled third world migrants, locking in low productivity and weak wages;
  • the result is chronically low interest rates leading to corporations investing in their own shares instead of either efficiency or new capacity, as zombie businesses flourish and oversupply is supported endlessly, again entrenching deflation;
  • all arms of government have to lie in defense of the indefensible as politcal dysfunction rises around weak wages and falling real living standards for workers, thus reform becomes impossible relying ever more upon QP.

Ironically, the end result of QP is QE, which we will see next year in Australia as we run out of rate cuts. This raises the specter that we will accelerate all of the negative affects of both policies.

The real kicker in Australia’s case, however, is our exposure to China and ethnic Chinese immigration. Blind Freddy can see that the world’s great tyranny has launched a long term takeover plan of Australia’s politcal elite via bribes, lawfare, media manipulation and attempted control of the ethnic Chinese diaspora.  We can put various plans in place to fight it but none of them is likely to succeed long term if the flow of ethnic Chinese peoples continues. There are already two ethnic Chinese electorates in Australia. What happens when that is four or eight?

The CCP’s tools of persuasion are powerful and include claims to indentity, bribes, as well as threats to life and limb of self and loved ones. It is extremely naive to think that any expatriate community can dodge this kind of sustained assault in the long run, which is not at all to blame that community. Those at fault are those that allow the foreign influence pressures to build.

Australia is irreversably multicultural. Cutting immigration won’t change that. This is a politcal not race issue. But what it will do is prevent the CCP from orchestrating a reverse takeover of the poltical system, as well as ending the deleterious impacts of QP.

That does still leave you with the problem of secular stagnation but we can fight that like everybody else while avoiding their mistakes. QE should be directed exclusively at the Australian dollar, not inflating asset prices (with the help of macroprudential policy).

Or, we could leapfrog many of the downsides of QE by jumping straight to helicopter money; the central bank printing money for fiscal expansion not financial assets.

It’s far past time that we shift away from mass immigration as an economic lever. The Australian economy and politcal system needs it for stability. The Australian Chinese community needs it for protection. The Australian national interest demands it.

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  1. Weird, but here in Dubai I get pop up ads all over this article showing a happy Asian family in front of the opera house. Immigration agents must find it profitable.

    • Oh they do, Jean. It is routine for nations to wage war on their own populations. It is less common for this to be done under the guise of a “democracy” with three parties all running identical mass migration policies.

      • This will continue until PHON or some replacement refuse to work in partnership with either of the major parties – they need to become the genuine party in Opposition to both wings of the Globalist Party.

  2. ‘Quantitive Peopling’ – and in ‘very low denomination third world units of value’ at that.

    Chinese, Indians, Nepalese, Bangladeshi, Middle Eastern, South East Asian. 90% of our 5 million non Australian foreign nationals are third world.
    80% are either unskilled & dependent.

    Third world, unskilled, highly dependent, amoral, useless, non assimilating, non contributing, their old, their sick, their petty criminals, vice workers, their skin clearance, social misfits & detritus.

    Trafficked into Australia.

    The Chinese at 1.46 million mainland born Chinese communists onshore & then the Indian born or also via stepping stone countries at just over 1 million are the two dominant categories of the low value ‘quantitative peopling’.

    Let’s focus on the Chinese, as the Indians are a whole grubby sordid story of their own.

    We have 1.46 million Chinese mainland born communists in Australia onshore.

    And incredibly, 1.23 million of those are Chinese foreign nationals on Chinese sole passports.* details below.

    China has been dumping it’s Hukou slum clearance into Australia & other countries for over a decade.
    As well as their spies & lobbyists in organizing the colonisation.

    Chinese Voting power within Australia.

    Right now the Chinese have very limited electoral power (hence the intense lobbying, Aldi shopping bags of cash, bribes to both political parties).

    Only 238,000 of the 1.46 million Chinese mainland born communists are Australian citizens.
    The other 1.22 million can’t vote.
    That however all changes dramatically if & when the 431,000 Chinese PR revoke their Chinese sole passport & take up Australian citizenship & then the 571,000 Chinese TR also cascade thru PR into eventual Australian citizenship.
    That’s another 1 million Chinese as the voting bloc onshore in very highly concentrated Chinese only electorates. They will vote as a mainland Chinese communist controlled bloc & they will hold the balance of political power at state & federal level.
    (PR can vote in some local council elections and we already see in Sydney’s Western suburbs how corrupted they are)

    What comes in.

    The bulk of the Chinese coming in are their social misfits, their old, sick & useless, their petty criminals & vice workers & pimps, their drug & the money laundering mules.

    Anyone familiar with China can see that it’s not their best or brightest, or skilled. It’s rurals & internal illegals. 2nd generation peasant stock & broken down factory workers, old, sick dependents who are a burden to China and so are being exported.

    What comes into Australia is Chinese Hukou internal illegals – tier 1 city slum clearance, packaged up & sent to Australia as infill for their southern colony.
    (Shades of the British decision in 1776 to populate its newly discovered colonies with the exact same slum clearance, the rural poor who overcrowded their cities. the misfits, the convicts & their social burden)

    China has over 100 million Hukou internal illegals in their tier 1 cities.

    Read this article if you are not familiar with the Chinese Hukou internal illegal issue & the Chinese plan.
    (Foreign Policy February 2018)

    They built the ghost cities but still couldn’t get them to move & the CCP feared a revolt.
    So now they ‘export’ this social burden.

    The Chinese government export this detritus in collaboration with the Chinese criminal syndicates who run the trafficking to exploit every foreign country border and visa program.
    They don’t need refrigerated trucks to get these Chinese Hukou illegals into Australia.

    $2k or 10,000 ¥ buys an Australian PR in Guangzhou.
    (Australian Financial Review April 2016)

    Australia is a very easily exploited target.
    We allow anything in.
    We don’t even ask for their Hukou status or social credit score. Their identities & papers are routinely faked with the Chinese government working with the Chinese criminal syndicates to fake identities & documents to export the Hukou internal illegal problem.

    The Chinese mainland born communists flooded in on a literal conveyor belt from their Chinese mainland slum to an equivalent Australia Chinese slum.

    90% or 1.3 million are in just Sydney or Melbourne.

    Living in exact replica slums of what you see in China.

    As fake ‘students’ on very long stay pretext courses, up to 9 year stays with COe & visa churn.

    Or as ‘sponsored’, ‘spousal’, ‘family reunion’, ‘investment visa’, ‘regional & rural’, or ‘NZ SCV’ all of it totally broken & corrupted.

    Of they just come in on a long stay tourist visitor to also work illegally in the locally run Chinese run black economy.

    And then we grant them a PR, welfare & Medicare, while they remain Chinese foreign nationals on a sole Chinese passport.

    Even if we reduced the Chinese intake”, it’s does not deal with the size & scale of the Chinese mainland born communists foreign national problem already here.

    They need to be vetted and their PR/TR/SCV/TR grant cancelled & deported back to China – while they still have a Chinese National sole passport.

    That’s the only way to remove the burden China has dumped into Australia by infill colonisation in dumping their old, sick & useless & criminal class into Australia.

    *1.46 million Chinese mainland born communists in Australia.
    An entire Hukou underclass, beholden to their criminal trafficking syndicates & China 🇨🇳 First.

    🇨🇳238,000 Chinese mainland born communists as Australian citizens. (ABS). First wave organisers, their old, sick & useless and misfits.
    These are the only mainland born communist Chinese that can vote.

    🇨🇳431,000 Chinese mainland born communists as PR but sole Chinese passport. (ABS)
    China First, never assimilating, the base & hub of the Chinese criminal & trafficking. Sucking up our Medicare & Welfare. On Centrelink as they work illegally plus ‘lend’ out the Medicare to the TR & TV for Medicare Tourism. The operators of the drug trade & vice network. Proxies for the $80 billion of Chinese dirty money laundered into Australian established rental property to run as cash in hand migrant bunk share .
    As foreign nationals non citizens, they can’t vote yet.

    That’s 669,000 so far.

    Then add
    🇨🇳572,000 Chinese mainland born communists as TR or via the NZ SCV loophole. (DHA)
    Chinese mainland born communists.
    On sole Chinese passports
    Our future Chinese PR.
    Nearly 300,000 as so called ‘foreign students or partners’ The other 275,000 on a spray of visa rackets such as investment, so called ‘skilled / partner or dependent, regional & rural, spousal, protection or special visa.. Or via the NZ SCZ loophole or other ‘stepping stone countries’.
    Every visa category is exploited.
    They can’t vote either.

    -> 1,241,000 so far.

    🇨🇳At least 200,000 Chinese mainland born communists of the 440,000 Tourist Visitors who enter to live & work illegally (DHA Parliamentary submission – 5% of the 8.8 million Tourist Visitors enter Australia to live & work illegally. Chinese & Indians are the bulk of it. Long stay & repeat stay). Not able to vote.

    -> That’s 1.441 million Chinese mainland born communists inside Australia.

    Only 16% or 238,000 are Australian citizens.

    It is why they have little real voting clout at the moment but are positioning for the future in gaining more direct CCP & Chinese criminal syndicate political control.

    Buying influence by bribes, then by infiltration for control is the Chinese way.

    Right now 84% or 1.2 million of the Chinese mainland born communists inside Australia are not citizens.
    They are on PR, TR, SCV & TV.

    A good million of those on vetting will be found to have lied, paid bribes, had false documents, and some form of visa breach.

    They have no intention of assimilation.

    They are Chinese Nationals, living in a foreign colony and will remain beholden to China control & influence.

      • MSM is owned, quite literally, by the wealthy who benefit most and suffer the least from these policies. It isn’t some altruistic force working for the betterment of society.

  3. Australia’s “debate” on population went snake armpit lower yesterday with Kevin ‘Big Australia’ Rudd suggesting that we populate to protect ourselves against China. What would this require? Match them toe to toe with 1.3 billion – or just half that?

    That we have a sociopathic attention seeking ex-PM doing a PhD on Li Keqiang is bad enough. That we also have to listen to his deluded foreign policy mechanics that treat the Australian population like his own demographic plaything is repulsive.

    What about a democratic process instead? If this sinophilic narcissist reckons that China is so dangerous why did he attach us to its bosom? How come clever clogs Rudd has just woken up to a threat after the Chinese horse has bolted? How come we got gagged with mass immigration and the rationale was arrived at 10 years later?

    A very tight western alliance and the heave ho to China is looking like a better bet. The low brow and attention grasping nature of Kevin 1977 is irritating.

    • Could that tighter Western Alliance start with Brexit? The UK will start cosying up to her former colonies, surely, in an efforts to shore up her trade? An emancipated UK could be the beginning.

      • The whole Brexit hysteria is just a storm in a teacup. Britain will end up trading as much with the Eurozone as they did before. The claims of economic disaster etc are nonsense, designed to scare the living daylights out of both populations. If it is in the interests of both parties to trade with one another then so it shall be.

        Personally, I just wish the US would lobby our dunderhead pollies a bit harder on the CCP threat: time to get your fingers out of the till and start thinking about the country instead. You’d think US intelligence is all over this, but who knows ..

      • The first game changer would be to provide a base for British nuclear submarines in Australia armed with Trident. I’m no fan of military adventurism or nuclear weapons, but if China wants to meddle there must be consequences. If the threat is real the promise to base a few silos in the most remote regions of Australia could be a powerful deterrent. Getting China to back off involves Indonesia knowing that it is in its best interests to prevent Australia from responding thus. Add the Philippines and we start to have the numbers that Kevin ’77 is after and the alliances that matter.

        Population expansion is a foolish approach to a military threat anyway. Invasions will come via robotic vehicles very quickly landed from space or high altitude. Population just isn’t going to matter. Kevin 1877 should go back to writing his @rse sucking thesis – idiot.

  4. Hope for the best but plan for the worst.
    Australia’s luck is running out of time.
    Since committing to my French lifestyle I have begun to feel desperate to get out, but I’m going to stay and milk this foolish country in a kind of personal scorched Earth policy. Sad 😔

      • Instead of leaving money in the bank here I bought a little house in central france where I will semi retire in year or two. I won’t quit my teaching position but take leave without pay 3 years then lots of long service leave just in case I need to work again.

        Nice little village good sound house. I will buy a car and rent out house with car to teachers and quality MB types (no Reusa parties) if you or anyone else is/ are interested 🙂

    • Locus of ControlMEMBER

      Sad. I’d rather have one Christmas beetle than 10,000 Christmas baubles. In fact I remember finding a dead one on the road in my teens and at first thought it was part of shattered Christmas decoration, only to realise it was in fact an insect upon closer inspection. It was the first time I’d seen one. The world’s true treasures are not in shops, but in the natural environments that surround us.

      Don’t get me started on the wonders of bioluminescent phytoplankton. It was a magical evening when I went to the beach and it lit up under my feet. I’d sooner have that than fairy lights…

  5. Australian “Quantitative Peopling” (as you call it) has been so “successful” that German elites fully embraced it following GFC
    Germany had a decade of falling population combined with low house prices and low personal debt and was praised world wide for that when GFC broke.
    Than as their credit export area of south Europe contracted a terminal illness Germany fully embraced combined population and housing ponzi – Australian style.
    now, 10 years later, Germany has large population growth combined with huge housing inflation. Average home price almost doubled in Germany since 2010 and more than doubled in many cities – so prices in Munich are now almost EUR10k per sqm of unit (from less than EUR4k per sqm in 2010) and mortgage debt grew 20% in last 5 years (from relatively low levels)
    so Germany will be able to use this trick for a while until debt reaches high levels.

      • collapse of insects is not something that happens as a side effect – we spend tens of billions of dollars every years actively trying to kill off insects

          • that’s really interesting because German population didn’t change in decades, deforestation reversed and yet insects disappeared
            and if you read the article you may find that the usage of pesticides is the largest cause
            so it’s not population growth but extreme nature of our agricultural practices
            BTW food production didn’t increase much in germany in last few decades either, so drive to use more and nastier chemicals was not driven by population growth or food production growth pressure

          • Actually, Germany like most other countries, has experienced high growth urbanisation over the last few decades. The decline is both urban, as our cities become ecological wastelands, and regional as urbanisation facilitates corporatisation of agricultural production. Increased high intensity agriculture is also part of this equation.

            Remember, the proponents of high population growth are pushing for significant increases in extreme urbanisation whether they like it or not, and so supporting and facilitating the biodiversity collapse.

        • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

          I must admit to frequent genocidal behaviour directed towards my local wasp and cockroach population.

    • …on the bright side, Germany is finally getting some decent politicians who are prepared to act in the interests of the German people.

      “Germany’s far-right AfD makes gains in Thuringia state elections: The AfD overtook Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, finishing behind socialist Linke in state polls.”


      The same will eventually occur here in Australia and then we’ll find out just how “irreversably multicultural” Australia really is.

      • Narapoia451MEMBER

        Yeah the German far right has a great history of producing ‘decent politicians’.

        Good to know where your politics lie.

        • “In the ensuing elections in November 1932, the Na8is lost ground, winning 33.1 percent of the vote. The Communists, however gained votes, winning 16.9 percent. As a result, the small circle around President Hindenburg came to believe, by the end of 1932, that the Na8i party was Germany’s only hope to forestall political chaos ending in a Commu8ist takeover. Na8i negotiators and propagandists did much to enhance this impression.” https://www.ushmm.org/

          The horrors of the far right didn’t materialise from a vacuum, they came out of the depression, austerity economics and the spectre of communism. The liberal elite so determined to force the extreme urbanisation and high growth economics to create a society they crave in the face of overwhelming real world problems and push-back, would be well advised to take a breath and start to look at what is really going on.

          The disconnected ramblings of the globalist elite, barked down from a tower of glass and privilege in the small but lush centre of the ever growing urban dystopia. https://twitter.com/DrDemography/status/1199199347348393984

          • Narapoia451MEMBER

            So you are saying that the horrors of national socialism are the fault of ‘liberals’ and ‘elites’ rather than the national socialists?

          • I am a socialist leaning person but the concept has morphed into merely politicians and there cotery giving away things that are not theirs to give away.

          • Hardly. The point is the indifference, often the sneering indifference, to the real world problems their disconnected ideology throws up creates the fertile ground for political opportunists.

        • Sarcasm doesn’t always carry, but the truth is that Nationalists are more interested in their citizens than Globalists. The longer the Globalists try to force their agenda on unwilling populations, the greater the inevitable blow back will be.

          Oh and YES I am blaming the intolerance, fake moral righteousness and the pig headedness of the Progressive Liberal Left for the horrors that have both arisen in the past and will rise again in the future.

          You back someone into a corner why the phuck don’t you think they’re not entitled to fight back? Why the surprise that they will fight back in a way that guarantees, at least in their mind, that they’ll never have to fight back or be oppressed again?

          Just as the Globalists feel entitled to destroy native born peoples way of life and impose their reality on them, why act surprised that Nationalists will seek to utterly destroy Globalists just as completely?

          Nationalists, when roused, rightfully fight back to completely destroy those who would destroy their way of life. The risk is that this descends into madness and horror, but I will never fault them for the initial motivation to take up arms. The blame lies with those who back them into the corner.

          • You back someone into a corner why the phuck don’t you think they’re not entitled to fight back? Why the surprise that they will fight back in a way that guarantees, at least in their mind, that they’ll never have to fight back or be oppressed again?

            The western world has been electing increasingly right-wing and neoliberal Governments for the last 40-odd years.

            But, yeah, it’s the “Progressive Liberal Left” who are backing THEM into a corner.

          • What you don’t seem to understand Professor, is that the Progressive Left enable these neoconservatives, by supporting progressive policies that while appearing superficially beneficial, or an enhancement of personal freedoms, inadvertently acts to weaken the social cohesion that enables a society to fight back and resist the sort of economic policies of exploitation that you (rightfully) whine about.

            One aids the other – do you think we’d have been here in 2019 talking about Privatizing our Immigration system today if they were trying to float that as a policy way back when Multiculturalism was still being sold as Assimilation and Integration? That is the enrichment we would experience through a couple more immigrants from other nations than our moderate immigration intakes were sourced, coming here and becoming Aussie. Do you really think THAT Australia would have tolerated selling off its Immigration system and talking about the sort of immigration rates we are now seeing??

            Progressiveness and Neoliberalism serve to mutually buttress each other, and BOTH help to undermine what we had before, the both the good and the bad. Culture is EVERYTHING and you risk changing it at your peril

            Conservatism, properly understood, is a form of intellectual humility.

            It is a recognition that we are often ignorant about the purposes and functions of social policies and the norms that we accept, and that we should proceed with caution when adjusting them.

            As I then said, there is no more radical social policy, than seeking to transform a nations relatively homogeneous cultural identity into a so called ‘Multicultural’ identity.

            Your sole justification for Multiculturalism is built around your values of the rights of the individual, as well as often pointed out denials of valid scientific propositions.

            Your position is not unlike Greta’s “How DARE YOU, deny some individual the right to move to Australia simply because he is part of a population group that risks significantly altering both the cohesion and the freedoms of existing residents – as this very article we are commenting in reply to is about.

            Let me give you an insight into why I believe your position is immoral – firstly it denies the sacrifice of countless prior generations sacrifice, in both effort and lives fought in wars to preserve the culture that delivered us into societies that were so capable of meeting our needs. Secondly it is an arrogant disregard for any prior human experience, purely based around your conceited values, that look scornfully on any other than your own.

            Conservatism is not not the enemy. Nationalism is not the enemy – people who seek to radically change society purely on their conceited self righteous belief in themselves are the enemy. People like you.

          • What you don’t seem to understand Professor, is that the Progressive Left enable these neoconservatives […]

            No they don’t.

            […] inadvertently acts to weaken the social cohesion that enables a society to fight back and resist the sort of economic policies of exploitation that you (rightfully) whine about.

            What weakens social cohesion are large wealth and income disparities, and increasing authoritarianism, supported by a divisive and dishonest fourth estate.

            In contemporary times, the responsibility for these lie almost entirely at the feet of the political right.

            Conservatism, properly understood, is a form of intellectual humility.

            Conservatism is the domination of society by an aristrocracy.

            Which is why authoritarians like you advocate it. You’re confident you’ll be on the dominating side rather than the dominated side.

            The same way you say things like “assimilation” when you mean “submission”.

            Your sole justification for Multiculturalism is built around your values of the rights of the individual, as well as often pointed out denials of valid scientific propositions.

            Yes. Clearly I should be taking science lessons from someone who thinks families and races are basically the same thing genetically.

            Let me give you an insight into why I believe your position is immoral […]

            You should waste less time slaying straw men.

          • “Conservatism is the domination of society by an aristrocracy.”

            How brain washed are you – I just explained what real conservatism is:

            Conservatism, properly understood, is a form of intellectual humility.

            It is a recognition that we are often ignorant about the purposes and functions of social policies and the norms that we accept, and that we should proceed with caution when adjusting them.

            …and you just gave your own ideological interpretation that is completely different to what I just described – and you talk about straw men ROFLMGDAO!

            Pointing out your hypocrisy, shallowness, ignorance, lack of self awareness and superficial appreciation for the world around you, is never a waste of time.

        • Good to know where your politics lie.

          I can only assume you haven’t read many of his posts if you’re only just figuring this out. 🙂

          • I love the cerebral hallucinations you have when you read my posts, projecting your own ideological terrors onto views that merely confront your own.

          • LOL.

            Yes, the obsession with genetics and filtering people into racialcultural hierarchies of fixed abilities and beliefs, paranoia about racialcultural purity and “replacement”, and belief the Joos are predestined to try and destroy our society, are all in my imagination. You never bring them up at all.

          • Yawn, I am merely open minded to the possibility that genes, culture and environment act in a constant feedback loop on each other, and are the overwhelming drivers for both the societies we find around the world today and better explains the majority of differences in life outcome between population groups (including Joos) both within and between nations….such a radical and hate filled stance.

            And what is your counter view?

            The blank slatist view that genes and culture have absolutely no influence on anything, because its all the fault of conservatives – why? Just because. As for Joos – they are as pure as the snow and any criticism of their culture and values whatsoever, is completely evil and antisemitic, because we all know that it is Catholics and Christians who are responsible for all that is wrong in the world….yeah, you are so rational and full of love yourself.

            Learn to pronounce

            a person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions.

            That would be you.

    • Going by the comments in the Fairfax article you refer to most can see the obvious. Good to see the populace not completely gullible.

    • @Ermibngton yep and this is why in the medium term at least 10-15 years not only Australia, but the entire Western world is doomed, not only is ‘quantative peopling’ being covered up anything which systemic issues which affect the neo-liberal state are covered up or glossed over by their propagandists in the media.

  6. This place is done finished.

    The rate of change in our cities is unbelievable. Literally parallel cities.

    Pauline was right in 1996. We are being absolutely flooded by third world asians and the fight is gone.

    Question is what do u do? Do u join in the wh1te flight? Push back? Leave the cities for the Bush or coast ? Leave Australia?

    Our poor kids

  7. I just heard something on the ABC news that made shout so loud I probably woke the neighbours. It seems immigrants are struggling and some are sending their children back home as they struggle to work and care for them. Then some traitor says that they need to loosen up visas to allow grandparents to come here to make their life easier! On top of the Scummo/Angus, Westpac, fire and water disasters, I really need to rethink my contribution to economic activity in this dump. Buy Nothing Day is Saturday – I am considering a buy nothing 2020 as a rage against the machine.

    • ABC news yesterday discussed the importance of Chinese tourism in Tasmania.

      In other unrelated news today, ABC mentioned Tasmania now has the least affordable rent in the country due to rental property being taken off the market and listed on AirBnB. Calls for the Fed govt to spend more money on social housing.

      • Despite the boom in tourists, there are no new hotels in Hobart to cater for them. The BANANA and NIMBY is strong in Tasmania.

    • It’s a relatively recent disease called Liberal Myopia – I can’t think of the Latin term. Anyway, it’s where people become so consumed by their own virtue that basic logic is discarded and all thoughts and actions are guided by virtue-enhancement. Currently there is no known cure and it has some terrible side-effects, turning the sufferer into a pretentious, patronising cvnt.
      Even worse, sufferers are known to order oatmeal milk lattes (h/t Hadron) and exhibit no shame while doing so.

      • Finally!


        (Not that there’s anything wrong with nut/soy milks, coz, you know, people aren’t meant to drink milk intended for baby cows. Plus the diabetes link etc etc)

  8. “Australia is irreversibly multicultural”

    The hilariousness of this quote when it is viewed in the context of this article is really hard to stop laughing over – Multiculturalism is wonderful EXCEPT when we have the wrong type of Multiculturalism populated by the wrong type of people… this is just like crap Communists University students say when they’re say “The reason Communism has failed is because we’ve never had proper communism”

    Let me clearly state why we are having these problems – we hare having these problems with our Democracy, with our social narrative, with our identity, BECAUSE MULTICULTURALISM DOESN’T WORK.

    Multiculturalism failed with the Chinese EXACTLY for the same reasons it will fail In Australia with the Muslims, or with Indians. It is already failing in Melbourne with its Africans. Too many people of ANY nation or ANY culture imported into Australia will smother the host nations existing culture and existing values. It will break down social cohesion, dissolve social trust and turn an okay society to sh!t (unless you are wealthy enough to simply swoop in occasionally to enjoy the ‘cultural delights’ aka a mediocre ethnic restaurant)

    Pointing to how aghast a the local muslim population was with a few nutters wrecking havoc is ISN’T proof that it works in Australia. Our Muslim population is barely 3% of the population – arguing that we have “Magic Culture” that intergrates them so well is absurd and the height of Cultural Supremacy.

    Do you not think that Belgium, France, England, Sweden, Denmark and Germany all thought they had magic culture too?

    The only difference between Australia and the increasingly muslim inspired turmoil in those nations is because they remain such a small percentage – Australia will face EXACTLY the same problems with Muslims as in Western Europe as they soar as a percentage of our population…. unless of course we truly do have magic soil culture. 🤣

    Keep tying yourself in Gordian knots trying to justify why this version of Multiculturalism doesn’t work, because of whatever specific isolated reason that is applicable this time. The fact is it has NEVER worked throughout history – EVER! If Multiculturalism offered one sincila of natural advantage (and it doesn’t) to a society or culture, then history would be resplendid with stronger and more united empires that rose up with mutual understanding and never fell.

    But back to the quote “Australia is irreversibly multicultural” I suppose Rwandans, Syrians, Lebanese, Yugoslavia, Ottomans and Romans all thought the same too at one point in time.

    • lone christian conservative

      Now that you mention it, multiculturalism does seem to have a nasty habit of ending in genocide. I’m anti-genocide. I guess these days people would say that’s just my personal preference.

      • Conservatism, properly understood, is a form of intellectual humility.

        It is a recognition that we are often ignorant about the purposes and functions of social policies and the norms that we accept, and that we should proceed with caution when adjusting them.

        There is no more radical social policy, than seeking to transform a nations relatively homogeneous cultural identity into a so called ‘Multicultural’ identity.

        Anyone who believes such nonsense is either stupid or brain washed.

    • +100

      Watching white people walk on egg shells talking about race and culture is quite possibly the most cringepill thing ever. Too afraid to discuss the proper issues and instead preferring cultural suicide. Ridiculous.

        • Culture is the complexity of every day life – it is the rules and institutions that we develop to get along and determine what we value and what we don’t.

          If aliens landed on Earth tomorrow they would land in the most culturally complex society, probably in the middle of Times square NY or somewhere in China or Japan. They wouldn’t be landing in Malawi or the Congo.

          Just like a Fish not being aware of the medium it spends every waking moment of it’s life in, so to do people in our society fail to recognise the culture that they are immersed in every moment of their lives.

          What you mistake as a lack of culture is in reality just boredom and a craving for novelty.

          You want “culture” go hop on a plan to some “culturally rich” nation – likelihood is that it is a third world sh!t hole that is nice to visit but not a place you would wish to live.

        • You’re immersed in it, that’s why you can’t recognise it.

          The ‘benefit’ of why people come here, is due to our culture. A common will to provide for welfare, to have a reasonable basis in rule of law, to have this work, to all sacrifice for it…

          This is what culture is, it’s not an accidental circumstance.

    • With all the immigrants are already here, the notion of a return to ‘White Australia’ is no longer possible. So multiculturalism is here to stay, for better or for worse.

      The CCP and the BJP doesn’t decide Australia’s immigration policy. The Australian politicians, who are pretty much all white male, and they decides to open the floodgate to destroy the middle class. The race of the riff raffs doesn’t matter : they’re all riff raffs.

      The only hope for Australia is the next global financial crisis. Things will get so bad most of the new immgrants will go home and never come back.

      • You are correct in how it will end – hopefully sooner rather than later.

        However you are incorrect if you think I am lobbying for a return to White Australia, all that is necessary is this:

        Conditions of immigration into Australia
        Australia’s immigration policy is directed towards the maintenance of a socially cohesive and homogeneous nation. It seeks to avoid the creation of permanent minority groups resistant to integration even through successive generations. The policy does not exclude persons of any ethnic origin; but it does exercise prudent caution in the matter of accepting large numbers of people with substantially different backgrounds, characteristics and customs who may resist general integration even in the long term.

        Africans running riot in Melbourne, Muslims doing their Muslim thing, Indians sh!tting on the sidewalk and Chinese trying to twist Australia to their will, ensures that sooner or later we return to a ‘Multicultural’ policy built around Integration and Assimilation, as opposed to the current crap about “tolerance and shared values” when there is no such thing.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        What a lot of bullsh!t Ronin.
        Expecting new arrivals to assimilate to a uniquely Australian cultural identity does not mean a return of the White Australia policy.
        Some of the proudest Aussie bogans I know have non white ethnic heritages.
        one of the things that makes me most proud that my Australian identity is the way in which we as a people so easily cast off and disregard traditional cultural practices and religion.
        Hi immigration into Australia doesn’t have to mean it’s balkanisation what is needed is greater pride in a multi ethnic Australian cultural identity that puts that identity above all other identities.
        The disciples of multiculturalism creeks the exact opposite.

        As for riff Raff they’re the kind of people who make the best kind of Aussies at all so Im doublely wondering what the hell you are on about.

        It’s not a dichotomy between “open the flood gates” or the White Australia policy.
        The Australian people should be allowed to decide our rate of population increase and the narrative around what it means to be Australian.

      • “With all the immigrants are already here, the notion of a return to ‘White Australia’ is no longer possible.”

        Well when were we ever ‘100% white, the mid 19th century Chinese were never expelled. However, is there feasibly a concept of the ‘correct’ percentage of heritage Australians? 99% ?? .. 90% ?? … 80% ?? … < 50% ????

        We could only source all our future immigrants from white South Africans, as to prevent a genocide and we'd go a long way to being 'white Australia' again.

        I can imagine the groups in Australia who would resist this, I'd ask for what purpose? Does the increasing proportion of their group mean more free stuff for them at the expense of the productive, white taxpayer?

      • This 1848 book reveals migrant composition of Australia and it was more diverse than is customarily assumed.


        There is Swiss comedy made in 1978 called ‘The Swissmakers’ which pokes fun at official migration agents who seek to qualify new immigrants. In the film they are mostly from Germany and Italy- somewhat exotic to the parochial Swiss – but one official has a constant refrain that assimilation is not possible, even with these kindred Europeans. The code in his words are the unless they are identical to him and his ilk, they will never be acceptable.

  9. They were talking about quantative easing this morning on Sky News and I laughed because the first thing I thought was of the population ponzi the Australian economy is and how they’ll open the floodgates top overseas students now.

  10. I’m still the odd man out here.
    I still believe that Immigration is only exacerbating the existing and very Australian problem of low labour Productivity.
    On the global market our excess Aussies Human Capital is practically worthless, It’s a trend that started about 2000 but went into hyper drive after the GFC.
    It’s absolutely no secret that secure Australian jobs (good jobs) are those jobs that produce nothing of Tradable value. The Bad jobs are those that are directly exposed to foreign competition. By extension the good professions are those that are inwardly focused (servicing our own needs) whereas the Bad professions are those that are outwardly focused (serving the broader needs of the global community).
    It has gotten so bad that even High school careers advisers will ask HSC students interested in pursuing Electrical Engineering if they have really though this through??
    The conversation goes something like:
    Have you considered Biomedical engineering? (because there are lots of jobs supporting Health care)
    Have you though about becoming an Electrician rather than an Electrical Engineer (Housing market was booming)
    Have you thought about the difficulty this could create raising a family (insecure job etc)

    It’s this invisible economic hand that is directing our would-be over-achievers to under-achieve and when it happens country wide that’s a huge problem. The Australia that I knew as a kid was not like this, our labour was very over valued but we still somehow managed to develop / sustain our own Industrial base. It is through this Industrial base that Australia delivered Productivity to the broader community.
    This last fact is the most important fact because it opens our eyes to the truth that not all Industries are created equal when it comes to increasing economic Productivity. Most service sectors of the economy have absolutely no way to increase their Productivity because by definition their Product is often hour worked. It’s manufacturing industries that have delivered most of the real Productivity increases of the 20th century yet these are precisely the industries that we are replacing in a misguided attempt to create 21st century economic growth.
    Unfortunately when you forget what Productivity really is, it get easily confused with higher Participation (more people doing jobs) . Immigration provides a direct path to more People but more People does not increase Productivity unless People are not the limiting factor and for the modern Aussie economy People are not the limiting factor.
    There are two obvious solutions to this conundrum, one is to reduce Immigration the other is to improve the global productivity of our Aussie human capital. Reducing Immigration is probably the easy first step but it’s a pointless first step if you can’t (or won’t) follow through with the Education / industrial policy changes needed to make the second step also possible indeed sustainable.

    • You are very close fisho. Keep at it and you will get there.

      What I have realised is that Australia circa 1970/1980 was built around many rorts which were shared around and resulted in most people getting a half-decent share of the unearned wealth of this country (eg natural resources).

      Then as part of a western worldwide movement, syncronised @rseholes gutted the rorts of the little guy whilst leaving the rorts of the big guys intact and set to grow. Our @rsehole was Paul Keating. The UK had Thatcher and the US had Reagan. You can argue who was pulling the strings of these vile puppets. I’ll leave that for another day.

      Whereas a blue collar worker used to have his little union rorts, his sick-pay rort, his defined benefit rort, all propped up by tariffs and taxes. Keating crushed all those little rorts and the blue collar worker must compete against slave labour in foreign countries, and use his meagre wage to pay the high costs of the big rorts that Keating didn’t touch.

      By contrast the Aussie banker or silk or medical specialist still has his rorts intact. He need not compete against anyone.

      So too the privileged borrowers, landlords, politicians, some public payroll collectors and various rent-seekers.

      The fact is that labour isn’t valuable. It hasn’t been for a while, and probably won’t ever be again. What is valuable is scarce natural resources like land and oil, and also unnaturally scarce contrivances (like permission to build, permission to be a surgeon, permission for …)

      Young people today should concentrate their efforts on becoming a crony. Parasites thrive by laying-claim to scarce resources, then trading tiny portions of it for the labour of people such as the poor electrical engineer you mention.

      • Yeah, I’m not quite there yet, but I suspect I;m well on the way to understanding and even embracing your point of view.

  11. Jumping jack flash

    “QE should be directed exclusively at the Australian dollar, not inflating asset prices…”

    But how will that repay the interest bill on that economy-crippling mass of debt we have created to power our glorious economy “successfully” through those last couple of economic downturns, without sucking the last drop of life out of the economy?

    The interest bill is paid with more debt. Because obviously that’s the best way to do it.

    In the “new economy” you don’t use a percentage of the increase in revenue, caused by using the debt to increase productivity, to pay the interest bill, no way. That’s the old way. We have surpassed that.

    Which is just as well because adding debt to houses doesn’t make them any more productive because they’re simply not at all in any way, shape or form, productive to begin with.

    “Or, we could leapfrog many of the downsides of QE by jumping straight to helicopter money; the central bank printing money for fiscal expansion not financial assets.”

    Never, because money should only be given to rich people because they have the capacity to take on much more debt than poor people.

    Besides, the next step in their manual “How to create a booming economy using debt and nothing else” – at the back of the book, appendix 2, “Steps to try when everything goes wrong”, says “QE” not “Helicopter money”.
    I don’t think “helicopter money” is even on the list, or it could be way, way down if at all.

  12. “It’s far past time that we shift away from mass immigration as an economic lever. The Australian economy and political system needs it for stability. The Australian Chinese community needs it for protection. The Australian national interest demands it.

    All cute and such…. but what is the ‘national interest’, be honest with yourself and you’ll be getting a hell of a lot closer to Stewie Griffin’s philosophy than you’re probably comfortable with, and of those who invite you to paying gigs.

    What is the **National Interest** in a multicultural country? Does a multicultural country have competing, or even conflicting, interests?

    The glib answer is ‘common’, but common fails to satisfy the entitled, especially when they’re all their economic dependence has been derived obligation free from a people they view as weak and servile.

    The ‘core’ of the national interest is still underwritten by the national (monoculture) built by heritage Australians dating from 1788. Virtually all who’ve come here with an intent to NOT exploit the country for economic gain recognise ther balance of gain and loss to be in favour of the ‘gains’ column and would like things to remain as they are, for the most poart.

    So who defends this ?

    “The Australian national interest demands it.”

    The national interest doesn’t even have a voice, because it’s “Racist”. How can it demand it when it’s muted.

    Ever here, you’ve prefaced it with

    “It’s far past time that we shift away from mass immigration as an economic lever”…

    So only due to it now being a faulty economic lever can we review it… it’s been a faulty cultural lever for a long, long time.

    Was that not worth preserving?