International students plunder ‘regions’ for permanent residency

The Morrison Government’s regional visa incentives, which provides five extra points towards permanent residency and allows international students to stay for up to seven years, has driven a surge in enrolments into Tasmania and South Australia:

Data from the International Education Association of Australia shows that student commencements in Tasmania were up by 35 per cent while the increase was 17.3 per cent in South Australia…

“Tasmania and South Australia are through the roof,” IEAA executive director Phil Honeywood said, adding that the spike also could be due to state government policies that provided an extra five migration points and allowed graduates to stay for up to seven years…

The IEAA analysis comes on the heels of a federal government announcement of a third visa category that gives up to four years’ post-study work rights for rural areas. Students studying in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne are eligible to stay for work for two years after completing a bachelor or master by coursework degree…

Indian enrolments in SA grew 57 per cent and those from Vietnam were up 17.5 per cent. Interestingly, The Philippines, Kenya and Brazil were all in SA’s top 10 source nations…

As we already know, Indians are prone to studying in Australia for working rights and permanent residency, rather than the quality of education offered:

Vivek Gupta, an experienced career coach based in Sydney says too many foreign students, particularly from India, are making education choices based on their migration prospects.

“The Indian students mostly focus on which course would get them a PR (permanent residency) instead of what they actually want to study,” said Mr Gupta.

India’s Punjab region is particularly renowned for taking low-quality courses for permanent residency, as noted yesterday in The Australian:

Punjab has become known in Australia as a major source of Indian students, often with lower academic qualifications, whose main aim as an international students is residency in Australia rather than going home with a qualification.

Basically, Australia’s education industry has become ‘middle-men’ for Australia’s immigration system, making fat profits clipping the ticket on international students using education visas as a backdoor for Australian permanent residency.

Leith van Onselen


  1. Poor tassie and adelaide even they get to experience diversity. Rare to find a traditional australian area now

  2. “Australian Education prostituting itself as a visa alibi”.

    “Fake documents, fake health checks, fake education, all purposely designed to traffic third world unskilled mature age slum clearance and rural misfits to enter Australia”

    “Only here to live & work illegally, to repay agent loan debt, to send back remittances, to snag a PR and to be the anchor for the rest of their third world burden to be our burden”

    “Long stay and practically permanent stay with up to 9 year durations with visa & Coe churn” until PR achieved.

    “The courses are nonsense, 8 year old child level English certificates & 14 year old high school courses as ‘diplomas’ with no international recognition”. Available for free online or in their home country. Remove work rights & enforce it and over 600,000 or more of the 715,000 foreign students & partners would leave”.

    “Migrant pathways A Decade On Report / only 3.6% of all foreign students achieved a professional vocation with an income higher than average in Australia or their home country. That’s right 96% do not / exposing what a farce it all is.”

    “To lower wages, to increase labor capacity, to increase housing demand & prices, to boost overall gdp (treasury) but in fact will lower the gdp per Capita”

    “Not an export.”
    “ Most arrive in massive debt, so called funds are systemically frauded, their fees are paid from money earned here, and their social & economic impact (500,000 Australians unemployed costing $9.6 billion & lower wages for everyone else costing twice that) far outweighs that fee contribution by tens of billions”

    2013 in this forum.

    And many times since.

    It’s taken Macrobusiness over 6 years to get to a view of the reailty that anyone familiar with the Australian ‘foreign education’ migrant trafficking industry could have told them about 6 years ago.

      • Over 1 million ‘Indians’ in Australia.
        The abs estimate way back in 2016 was 600,000 & a 30% 4 year rate of increase that’s only accelerated since. And that number is only India origin migrants, the ones who ‘declared’ they were India born.

        A huge chunk never filled out any census data as they are all on some PR or TR racket with false doc & living illegally in cash in hand bunk share.

        The Indians have flooded in since, plus the Indians from Fiji, a hundred thousand say via the NZ SCV loophole, out of Malaysia & Europe or in the hundreds of thousands as long & repeat stay tourist / visitors (not even in ABS stats) to enter to live & work illegally.
        Every visa category rorted to the max with Indian slum clearance, their old & sick, the rurals.
        Add on the Sri Lankan, Nepalese, Pakistani & Bangladeshi as greater Indian group.

        -> Easily a million.

        Maybe more? – seems like more Indians than Asians now in many suburbs.

        About half of them live out west in Sydney – around Harris Park & north Parramatta – in faithful recreations of a Mumbai slum.

        • I’d like to know how many got their driving licences on the basis of an international driving licence and whether there have been any checks made in India as to the bona fides of those licences. It’s widely known in Immigration that the veracity of documentation from India is problematical. VicRoads here wouldn’t check. It would have to be done by DFAT/Immigration at the New Delhi post and given their workloads it’s not going to happen. I have considered asking VicRoads but I doubt they would tell me would tell me given the current state of PC fear in this country.
          The rorting continues and they’re playing us all for mugs.

  3. Perth is now a region too so they can become Aussies by simply rocking up to Perth to study! Migrants to the bush LOL

  4. Saw a DickSmith ad in the paper again today … highlighting ridiculous population growth figures…

    He is rather persistent… I think there would be better ways for him to channel his frustration, and disposable wealth

      • Like all of us, he’s seen what happens to an outsider when they try to disrupt the cosy establishments’ political club. How, and why, Trump keeps going is beyond me….

        • +1000. In the time he has let, his best bed is to spend his $$$ doing this sort of thing and getting media attention when he can. In his position, that is what I would do.

      • Throw his hat in where?
        Peter Garrett had a crack in the ALP, and we know how well that went for the environment.
        Libs? you gotta be kidding.
        Independent? they only achieve anything while holding the balance of power., and it’s unlikely Dicky will be the sole holder of that.
        ON? Even he won’t get them over the line to be in a position of power.

        He won’t throw his hat in the ring because he is smart enough to know it won’t achieve anything.

    • Reckon ‘dick’ smith is a character played by average looking bloke with broad ‘aussie’ accent. Sole purpose to be a face of rich – elite whatever you want to call em…who ‘everyman’ can relate to. Same with BS stories of how wealth is accumulated from nothing by hard working average folk. Red Herring Dick Smith Dick Head…how Ozzie is that for ya oi oi oi like a pig except even that rousing Everyman chorus is borrow from pastie bakers on Cornish wharf oggi oggi oggi oi oi oi over here I’m starving from half day labour

    • Much cheaper for him to buy a Vaucluse mansion and submit plans for a 70 story ‘affordable housing’ tower.

      The rich NIMBYs and politicians won’t be able to help themselves from showing their true colours and Dick will get all the coverage he wants.

  5. “using education visas as a backdoor for Australian permanent residency”. It’s not the backdoor, it’s the wide open front door.

    • Well said. It couldn’t be more explicit. Migration agents in India and China making out like bandits selling their services as “we can get you residency” – just hand over your money.

  6. Watching this country prostitute itself for the last ten years is like watching a drunk self destruct. Only that because we are a nation, it doesn’t have to happen, but the cvnts running the place simply don’t give a flying fvck. Always made me wonder how the populace can sit by and watch a country implode, but now i’m watching it happen in real time here. Total gaslighting from the media and government along with the percentage of the population (boomers mostly) benefiting from it.

    • Australia doesn’t really feel like a ‘nation’ anymore – just a place to exploit and make some money. An economy, not a society.

      The above article is indeed sickening. No other country – bar maybe NZ – has opened its borders in such an insane way. The giant parasitic growth lobby, which includes the higher education prostitutes, has totally captured the political establishment and now controls immigration policy.

      This is all very depressing. It’s got to the point where I am considering leaving for good.

      • But where would you go? And wouldn’t you then just be part of a flood of immigrants into wherever you chose?

        • The only unadulterated places left will those where the 1% live. Everywhere else will soon resemble the third world. I get to visit the third world twice a day on the train.

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        Australia doesn’t really feel like a ‘nation’ anymore – just a place to exploit and make some money.

        Almost as though we’re living in the Economic Zone Formally Known as Australia (EZFKA)

        Soon it will be impossible to deny.

      • No other nation has spread its legs like Australia … fixed it for you.
        Irony given the health – disease – STDs now politely call STIs but still won’t go away – not even a pill will fix it…much like immigration disease spreading across Oz at the moment

        • Oops Irony given committees set up and government money spent to make folk aware of harm caused by spreading legs with fervour !!

      • I think you’re being kind calling it an economy given there’s basically not one world class high value manufacturing facility on these shores. Just nail salons and real estate agents. And dirt.

    • +1 don’t forget Boomers were never asked if they wanted the places they lived in turned into a 3rd world sh!thole.

      • I think that many voters, amongst which are many boomers, were faced with a dilemma at the elections.
        1) Prevent the country from turning into a third world basket case
        2) Higher house prices

  7. “… student commencements in Tasmania were up by 35 per cent while the increase was 17.3 per cent in South Australia”


    I’d like to hear Scummo and co. justify the decision to swamp SA and Tasmania given the dismal state of the labour markets in those states. Way to further swell the unemployment queues and depress wages.

    Why do they even bother with this whole charade? If we’re going to sell access to Australian residency, then the Commonwealth should just outright attach a price to visas and use the direct revenue it raises for its own purposes. It would at least be more efficient than the current approach.

    • Because they need to keep up the charade to keep the majority of the population pacified.
      Shoving the sell out of the country right in the populaces face could lead to riots HK style.

      As they say “nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the public”

  8. state government policies that provided an extra five migration points

    So I am correct in blaming the state Labor governments.

  9. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I find regional Australia to be the dullest place in the world, by far! It’s just so shite so I never go much past ANZAC parade unless I’m collecting. Hopefully with this new great initiative regional areas will eventually become more vibrant and worth investing in. I might even go on an investment property recci to some of these areas in a decade or so and check out their new and vibrant service industry while I’m there. This really is good for fixing Australia’s crap location problems.

  10. Why would anyone with an ounce of nonce come here to study from India for other than a PR, when you could study at an Indian Institute of Technology and get a one way ticket to Silicon Valley on graduation.

    • You are missing the point. Its hard to get into Indian top tier unis. We get the dross from 2nd and 3rd tier universities And there is so many of them. On the upside even if you can spell technology you look good against a lot of this mob. It is a generalisation but after you grind through dozens of interviews allegedly filtered by “talent” agencies you realise it is very slim pickings. I always pull someone from the business in to sit in so they can feel the pain too.

      • Indeed. You don’t have to have much time working in or exposed to IT in this country to understand the quality (lack of) we are snagging here.

    • Don’t let the name fool you. This isn’t a “skilled” migrant program. That’s the beauty of it.

    • Lemme see here: clean air, good infrastructure, world class housing bubble (supported by gubbermint), free world class healthcare, free public schooling, state pension, Newstart after PR awarded. Enough for you?

      • yes, only for the not so smart ones who cannot make it to the top universities, laggards who are after PR with their dream of opening a restaurant are the ones who land here. From punjab mainly

        • oh, and these dont care about clean air and water. they do care about free medical care and benefits though

    • We import the dumb ones – the $53k salary floor ensures that. The salary floor for a H1B visa is higher and their unskilled wives are not allowed to work in USA – so the guy really has to have a salary that is high enough to support the wife.

      As you say, the smart ones study at a top uni in India and get hired by big tech in Silicon Valley and get paid $200k.

      It is unbelievable that USA has a higher salary floor than Australia.

      • why unbelievable ?
        houses can be seen with one’s eyes, its worth paying for it. Remember the saying “safe as houses”
        things like tech, nah, “as long as I can be considered smart for being able to use an ipad, I am smarter than the techies who made ipad so usable”. thats all we care
        oh yes and we are taught leadership skills at school . So arent we really smarter than anyone out there? I dont see any reason to pay extra to keep techies and researchers in Australia

  11. The only way to stop immigration at these rates is to wreck Labor.

    The only place that can happen is Labor’s marginal backbench seats.

    It’s time to get pragmatic.

    Fund independents opposing population growth in key seats.

    • Care to explain how this stops immigration?
      As I see it, all it does is give the coalition even more scope to open the floodgates.

      • It is very forward looking. Take Labor and Greens away as alternatives when the voters are tired of the Liberals. Although they’ll probably stick with the ‘safe’ option.

      • Of 151 seats, LNP has 77. Labor 68.

        If Labor were replaced by a genuine party for the environment and Australians there is no way in the world LNP could do any of what they’re doing.

        Labor is the problem. Not the solution.

        • Destroying labor does not create a party for the environment and australians.
          In fact, if you created that party it might destroy labor on it’s own.
          The problem is the media and corporate donors have no interest in a party like that so it is unlikely to ever achieve any real recognition or success.
          Destroying labor would merely let the LNP run completely unopposed.

          • LNP are already running riot. All they need is zero opposition to immigration from Labor.

            Labor are treasonous scum and have to go.

    • Destroy the ALP and the ex-ALP will join the LNP rather than the Green. Australia will become exactly like China with a one party state.

      • ALP would join LNP?

        It’s about time Australians acknowledged Labor’s only interests are themselves.

        It should be obvious Labor have to go.

        • Did the ALP kill your family or something?
          Do you think the ALP politicians will simply disappear if the labor party goes? What else would a career politician do?
          The same politicians will simply move to another party and continue with similar policies.
          The problem is politicians, not the labor party.

          • No, the Labor party killed my country.

            They won’t move anywhere if Australians finally work out these grubs are behind everything wrong with Australia.

    • This is the third term on the trot for the LNP. Prior to this the LNP, under Howard, ramped up immigration exponentially.

      Sorry, but at some point the people in charge must be held accountable. Getting rid of the ALP or the Greens will not change a thing if the major conservative party remains a whore to the business lobby and various other rent seekers.

      • LNP cannot do this without Labor.

        For a start Labor would have won the election if they opposed immigration.

  12. We have over 715,000 foreign students and partner onshore (as of March 2019 & the number continues to grow at rates of 6-8% yearly.
    612,000 primary applicants. Mostly third world unskilled migrant guestworkers doing very low level courses available in their own country or online for free.
    64,000 partners – no real partner checks or any English test, no course attendance & with full work rights.
    39,000 special foreign student visas – trade, DFAT & scholarship rackets.

    The number now would be close to 750,000.
    They are not an export.
    Their fees are paid from money is earned here.
    Illegally (75% work illegally according to the Sydney Uni & UTS reports on this).
    Thats 560,000 illegally working foreign students creating an Australian unemployed impact of at least the same costing some $9.6 billion.
    Far more than the fees paid.
    And lowering Australian wages & living standards for everyone else costing tens of billions.
    Not an export.

    Some very basic controls are needed.
    These are routine / standard in most other countries.

    Many foreign students & partners are entering on fake identities & documents.
    Let’s see the Chinese social credit scores.
    Let’s see their Hukou status.
    Let’s see the Indian, Nepalese, Bangladeshi, Malaysian & Middle Eastern foreign student police records.

    Let’s see the ‘partnership’ details for the secondary visa holders

    Onshore health checks on arrival. The offshore agent doctor health checks are almost all frauded. This foreign student intake is riddled with Hep, TB, NdM-1. Intestinal disease & parasites, skin diseases and a very high proportion of sexual transmitted disease due to the fact that the intake is invariably low life third world slum clearance, drug takers & dealers, vice workers & their pimps as ‘partners’ and rural poor & diseased.

    As an example: Independent checks of Nepalese foreign student intake in Japan – forced by the Japanese community after sudden outbreaks of TB, hepatitis and venereal disease – found that over two thirds of the Nepalese had falsified health checks – spreading disease as illegal shop or food handling workers & almost all the Nepalese woman were working illegally as sex workers offering unprotected sex often with serious untreated venereal diseases.

    Onshore funds checks & ongoing each month

    Place of residence and their rent paid & to who
    (For ATO matching in the massive systemic cash in hand migrant bunk share racketeering & also location / density & congestion control)

    COe compliance in course attendance
    Reporting to the local police station every month on location, accommodation, rent paid & to who, source of income, funds and activities.
    Electronic bracelets for high risk foreign students which to be frank is almost all of them.

    Tracking & checking
    Police & immigration checkpoints in public places, railway stations & roads, workplace and migrant zones.

    Police & immigration weekly & random checks on every education facility.

    Full funds for the course paid up front.
    Exit on course completion.
    No access to a visa change onshore, must depart to change a visa, COe or a PR application.
    No access to the appeals tribunal.

    Full healthcare cover paid up front with an Australian onshore Doctor full health check & bio metric capture to be used in later identification & tracking.
    English & assimilation test for the partners.

    Remote video surveillance of all foreign student campus’s and inside classrooms by a police authority to validate identity & attendance.

    Prostitution banned as a legal source of income for a foreign student or partner.

    Immediate visa cancellation & deportation for any COr & other visa breach.

    Huge fines & jail for any labour ring or organisation employing foreign students or partners in non award wages.

    That will see at least half a million of the 750,000 or so foreign students & partners exited almost immediately.

  13. Uranium GeoMEMBER

    Having lived in Hobart and most of my work being FIFO I can say that Uber/Taxi driving is the job of choice for most vibrants. They often hopscotch between other ‘regional’ localities depending on the season. Come winter the place shuts down and there is very little coin being thrown around in the economy. The influx of vibrants in Hobart puts reduces the rental vacancies to the point people are living in the tourist caravan parks on a permanent basis and the show ground stall have to be utilised for overflow/emergency accommodation.

    There is a huge islander mentality down there also with the locals believing they are entitled to any jobs regardless of the skills available in the talent pool. In most cases I wouldn’t feed any of these people if they turned up to my house.