Environmental issues voted Australia’s biggest problem

New research from Roy Morgan shows a record high 41% of Australians regard Environmental problems as the major concern facing Australia – up 17% points since June:

This is the first time Environmental problems have topped the list of concerns facing both Australia and the World since February 2011 when massive floods hit Queensland, and its capital city Brisbane, as well as soon after the devastating Black Saturday bush fires in 2009 that killed over 170 Victorians.

These are the key findings from a special Roy Morgan online survey of 1,054 Australians aged 14+ who were asked: “What do you think is the most important problem facing the World today?” and then “What do you think is the most important problem facing Australia today?”.

Environmental issues in October 2019 are dominated by concerns about Global warming/Climate change (25%) with the environmental concerns of the Drought (6%) and Water conservation/ Murray-Darling basin water problems (5%) the other key concerns raised…

When considering the wider World quantified thematic analysis of the verbatim responses of a nationally representative sample of 1,054 Australians found the Environment mentioned by just under 46% of Australians, led by the issue of Global warming (36%) and including Pollution/Rubbish, Famine/Food shortages, Water conservation/Murray-Darling water problems was the primary theme to emerge…

A full breakdown of what each broad category comprises can be viewed below.

Michele Levine, Chief Executive Officer, Roy Morgan, says:

“Environmental concerns have come to the fore in recent weeks as significant global protests including the Global Climate Strike in late September, the Extinction Rebellion protests in several Australian cities and internationally as well as the passionate UN address by Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg has grabbed attention, and headlines, around the world.

“In Australia it means Environmental concerns are now regarded as the most important problems facing both the World (46%) and Australia (41%). This is the first time for over eight years Australians have thought so prominently about the environment.

“Concerns about Global warming and Climate change are the most prominent issue mentioned but there is also significant concern about the Drought and water conservation and management in the parched Murray-Darling Basin that are widely referred to as the biggest problems facing Australia. Over 10% mentioned either of these.

“The return of the Environment as a leading issue heading into 2020 is interesting as only one State is facing an election over the next year and that is Queensland. Queensland is of course home to the giant proposed (and approved) Adani-Carmichael coal mine which played a pivotal role in swinging votes to the L-NP at this year’s Federal Election.

“Will it play a key role in another election in 12 months’ time?”

Full report here.

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  1. Lump all the issues together as “mass immigration issues”. Mass immigration affects economics, environment, social and health issues, Ray Morgan’s top 4.

    Australia would be a lot better off on all these measures if we curbed rampant immigration.

    • More accurately global over population issues. For Australia specifically that means migrants.
      The carrying capacity of the world at first world standard of living is around 2.5B people. No surprises to discover the number of people with first world standards is (drum roll) 2.5B people. All the people in poor countries are the overshoot (5B people).
      When climate issues come to a head gives you an idea of how many will perish, and where.

    • That’s it Wrigley.
      The root cause of the environment problem in Australia is the imposed massive Third World immigration program.
      However immigration is a taboo topic.
      Graeme Campbell sums up this imposed ideology back in 1992, things have deteriorated massively since then;
      “It was known by the “elites” that the general public was not happy with both the composition of the immigration intake and the policy of multiculturalism, but the general public was easy to handle as long as it had no focus and was not organised All the elites, including crucially the great bulk of the media were in agreement that these two issues should not be publicly discussed, or, if discussed, in such a way as to discredit those who questioned them.”

  2. An open letter on the climate catastrophe published in the Bioscience journal and signed by 11,000 scientists from 153 countries.


    The good thing about this letter is that it includes 15 measurable things that contribute to the climate catastrophe and that we can work upon, given the will to.

    Interestingly, I was reading one of the industry publications in my field this morning (spatial sciences) and it went all in with the message that big changes are needed now. I hadn’t seen that before.

    • The Horrible Scott Morrison MP

      Brought to you by the same clowns who said the polar ice caps would have completely melted by 2015, who were caught lying about temperature data to cover up their lies, and who advocate the human consumption of insects as a replacement for meat protein. There is a special place in hell reserved for these secular fundamentalists.

    • I’ve never said that, and hope I never will. If that makes me only 99% Austraaaylian, then so be it.

  3. Inequality is the biggest issue bar none.
    People are likely too proud to mention this.
    But gobsmacked how the media has down played climate change so long.

  4. The mass third world migrant influx of over 4.4 million third world unskilled migrants – 1.9 million PR & 2.5 million as TR/SCV into Australia is only issue.

    With a concentration of over 88% or 3.9 million in just Sydney (2.2 million non Australians foreign residents in a pop of 5.2 million, and Melbourne 1.7 million in a pop of 5 million)

    All the environmental & social issues, congestion, filth, squalor, job & wages loss, 1.5 million unemployed, youth unemployed at record levels, overloaded infrastructure & services, lack of housing affordability, cost of living impacts, destroyed education systems fallen 10 places globally, no youth opportunity and a future lowered standard of living…

    All of that stems directly from the mass third world migrant influx.

    2.2 million or 43% of the people in Sydney are foreign born non Australian citizens on a foreign born passport.

    Water, power, services, roads, public transport, services are all at breaking point.

    Yet every week another 4,200 third world migrants are trafficked in to just Sydney on pretext visas to live & work illegally.

    It all negates any real reductions in emissions, waste or other environmentally sustainable outcomes.


    When does Australia wake up & demand change?

    When will we see this speech from a young Australian millennial in front of a vast crowd of Australians & televised live, Twitter & Facebook crashing under the load.

    “This is all wrong!”

    “I shouldn’t be standing here..
    I should be back in school.
    But I can’t get into a school where I live as they have prostituted themselves as a international college to provide a foreign student visa alibi for rural Punjabi, Nepalese & Chinese Hukou slum clearance to live & work here illegally.
    Yet you all come to me for hope?”

    “How dare you!!!”

    “The third world migrant guestworkers have stolen my dreams and my childhood.

    I will never have a good job or be able to own a home.

    And yet I’m one of the lucky ones.

    Australian people are suffering.
    People are dying.” (Well the hospitals are overloaded)

    “Our entire Australian ecosystem is collapsing!


    “We are in the beginning of a MASS MIGRANT extinction”

    “And all you can talk about is money and fairytales of gdp eternal migrant driven economic growth and the housing values!

    “How dare you!!”


    “For more than 20 years the problem has been crystal clear.”

    “How dare you continue to look away and come here saying that you are doing enough, when the politics and solutions needed are still nowhere in sight.”

    You are failing us.

    “But the young people are starting to understand your betrayal.”

    “The eyes of all future generations of Australians are upon you!!”

    “And if you choose to fail us, we will never forgive you.
    We will not let you get away with this.”

    “Right here, right now is where we draw the line. Australia is waking up.
    “And change is coming whether you like it or not”


    (And then the crowd march off with their iPhone lights on as they live stream themselves being chained to the street posts of the third world migrant slums of Auburn, Burwoo & Lakemba in a symbolic gesture of ‘reclaiming back Sydney’.

    Ha, it’s just not going to happen is it…

    An entire younger generation of Australians can’t even comprehend how they were sold out – yet alone defend their right to opportunity & a future life they were entitled to.

    Better to not be ‘racist’ (and btw when were third world unskilled amoral illegally living & working migrants on a pretext visa ever a race?)

    Better to worship some climate alarmism nature god fear & fetish it by some ritual sacrifices by not using disposable coffee cups.

    That’s the Australian youth of today.
    Sold out.
    And too stupid to figure it out, and too dull & weak to do anything about it.