Chinese international students trigger CCP control of universities

Via The Guardian:

Universities are not adequately responding to the growing risk of China and other “autocracies” influencing academic freedom in the UK, the foreign affairs select committee has said.

The report, rushed out before parliament is suspended pending the election, finds “alarming evidence” of Chinese interference on UK campuses, adding some of the activity seeking to restrict academic freedom appears to be coordinated by the Chinese embassy in London.

The report says: “There is clear evidence that autocracies are seeking to shape the research agenda or curricula of UK universities, as well as limit the activities of researchers on university campuses. Not enough is being done to protect academic freedom from financial, political and diplomatic pressure.”

The committee highlighted the role of China-funded Confucius Institutes officials in confiscating papers that mentioned Taiwan at an academic conference, the use of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association as an instrument of political interference and evidence that dissidents active while studying in the UK, such as Ayeshagul Nur Ibrahim, an Uighur Muslim, were being monitoring and her family in China being harassed.

The committee accuses some academic organisations, such as Million Plus, which represents 20 modern universities, of complacency.

Bill Rammell, the chair of Million Plus, told the committee he had “not heard one piece of evidence” that substantiated claims of foreign influence in universities.

The committee said the government’s focus was on protecting universities from intellectual property theft and risks arising from joint research projects. “This is not enough to protect academic freedom from other types of interference such as financial, political or diplomatic pressure,” the MPs said.

The Foreign Office’s evidence to the committee highlighted the lack of government advice to universities, the report says, adding ministers have not coordinated approaches to the issue, either within Whitehall or with foreign governments such as Australia and the US.

The report points out that a 2019 international education strategy white paper mentions China more than 20 times in the context of boosting education expertise to the Chinese market, but with no mention of security or interference.

If you want a standing warning on what more Chinese international students will do to UK universities then look no further than Australia where:

  • pro-Hong Kong protests have been shut down by intimidation;
  • students have been forced to seek violence apprehension orders against CCP diplomats;
  • various universities are now profiting from surveillance tech deployed agianst Uighers;
  • univerity managements fight tooth and nail to keep their blowout salaries;
  • pedagogiccal standards collapse as material is pitched to the lowet common denominator of weak English;
  • English proficient students effectively become tutors via group assigments;
  • academics that don’t toe the line are sued by their own universities;
  • Confucion Institutes manage and veto Chinese courses into outright propaganda;
  • campus politics become a reflection CCP interests that will, in time, occupy national politics

In other words, if not managed very carefully, a big influx of Chinese international students is a near perfect silent invasion that corrupts the entire institution from the ground up, acting as a beachead for a wider occupation into the future.

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  1. reusachtigeMEMBER

    We should encourage more Chinamen students to our universities as they are great for profits and are somewhat more intelligent than local students as per racial and genetic smartness studies

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      If we kick out all the local students and only have full fee paying Chinaman in our universities, the government won’t even have to fund University education!! Apply that to high school and primary school as well and the entire education spending is saved, allowing for more tax cuts and more private profits!!

        • You guys aren’t creative enough. What are you a bunch of socialists?

          There are loads of public hospitals we could sell to China too. There’s a huge demand for good quality medical treatment in China. We could even invent a new visa class the “significant health investor visa” for them.
          We could also arrange family discounts: educate your kids, get healthcare for your gandma and launder your money, all in a package deal.

    • yeah…also one more important positive that I think you have overlooked, is that remedial massages places will increase therefore making it cheaper to get that well earned stress relief…its a win win…

  2. The Horrible Scott Morrison MP

    It’s time MB came clean and admitted that some cultures are better than others. The Judeo-Christian culture is superior to all others. Put up or shut up.

    • The Judeo-Christian culture is superior to all others.

      At what?

      Subordinating the entirety of human existence to the profit motive?
      Applied Hypocrisy?
      Tax cuts?
      Land speculation?
      Privatisation of social services?
      Visiting religious bigotry on others?

      • definitely better in giving tax cuts to the rich

        the problem is that China is now trying to destroy the West with the Western weapon of mass destruction – capitalism, wild and strong capitalism

    • Judaism and Confucianism have many elements in common. The question is whether the so-called Confucius Institute really espouses the principles of Confucius, as opposed to Legalism.

      • Our migration policies are driven by $$$$, have been since Little Johnny opened the floodgates in the 2000s. The left cheered the accelerating multiculturalism while our filthy rich silently smirked and counted their growing hoard of millions.

  3. Bill Rammel, chair of Million Plus, cannot find “one shred” of evidence of foreign influence in in universities.

    Hear no evil, see no evil …

  4. Even StevenMEMBER

    The pressure is building on universities to take action. Eventually they’ll have to create ‘foreign interference’ Policies.

  5. Last dot point: And a Government that’s done fvck all about it supported by a quiet and compliant Labor Party.

  6. Luca BiasonMEMBER

    A few typos in the dot points above that you may want to fix.

    High numbers of o/s students create the perfect tool to exert a form of soft power and influence academic programs, research collaborations and so on.

    Regrettably the argument has descended into a war of words between hawks and apologists: Chinese students are not brainwashed spies, an argument I reject unless one wants to enter into the realm of eugenics. The counterargument is the blind hypocrisy of the China apologists.

    The middle ground is likely the following: some are most definitely sent here on purpose as agents of influence and interference, some find themselves cornered as a number of legal instruments in the PRC (this is the critical point) compel them to report to the PRC government information and/or technology of interest (think the 2017 National Intelligence Law). If you are here as a student and PRC citizen you are exposed to the risk of being found in breach of PRC laws (always left vague on purpose), while you are being monitored by groups like the United Front or other specific systems for monitoring PRC students and staff engaged in areas of interest – and your family is still in China too. For the sake of a balanced argument is probably worth also keeping these details in mind (and that most of them are kids in their early 20s)

    Said all that, the university sector is clearly under the Three Monkeys spell…