What ScoMo tells average Aussies about “double agent” Gladys Liu

An enterprising MB reader wrote to Prime Minister Scott Morrison to express anxieties about the national interest loyalties of Member for Chisholm, Glady’s Liu. Liu is on record lying about her senior memberships of Chinese Communist Party propaganda organisations, proudly declaring a fund raising record with dubious and very likely CCP cash, cynically misled the Chisholm electorate with AEC facsimile signage and has refused to personally endorse Australian foreign policy principles.

Peter Dutton once described Sam Dastayari as a “double agent” for far less. Yet, the following doggerel is what the MB reader got from ScoMo:

That ScoMo is prepared to hide Ms Lui’s clearly unfit behaviour behind flippant accusations of racism has been stated by many in the media to be doing the work of the CCP, which also likes to misuse liberal values against itself.

Ms Liu has to go not because she is Chinese but because all Australians, especially ethnic Chinese, need protection from violations of Australian sovereignty by the CCP.

That the PM won’t sack her owing to it jeopardising his parliamanetary majority only involves him in treasonous behaviour as well.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Ben Morton reckons that all 1.2 million Australians of Chinese heritage will robotically support Gladys Liu. Because, as we now know, all Chinese people think the same – all of them – and none of them would be worried about Gladys’ relationship with the CCP.

    That includes those who’ve been here since the gold rush and others from Hong Kong and Singapore when it was a British colony – they think the same apparently. So do all those ethnic Chinese of Malaysian, Indonesian or Thai background – the same. Of course, those who obtained Australian citizenship after the Tiananmen Square protests will be singing from the same song sheet, according to Ben.

    One wonders if Ben thinks that they all look the same as well?

    Might there be a small chance that a pretty significant proportion of people with Chinese background could be here because they don’t want to live under the CCP tyranny? It would seem that they might also be concerned about how their ethnic and cultural background is being exploited by political opportunists who want to present them as a homogeneous and unthinking voting block that supports a woman who is clearly conflicted.

    It seems that Mr Morton is the one “smearing” 1.2 million people as automatons who can’t think for themselves.

    However, it is true that Ms Liu overcame incredible barriers to become an MP – for instance the good character and conflict of interest disclosure requirements were a massive barrier. But she got there.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      After having lots of relations with beautiful Chinamen ladies I can tell you that they are definitely not the same!

    • Ben Morton reckons that all 1.2 million Australians of Chinese heritage will robotically support Gladys Liu. Because, as we now know, all Chinese people think the same – all of them – and none of them would be worried about Gladys’ relationship with the CCP.

      Maybe he’s been reading MB ?

      • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

        So Professor, tell us then what percentage would remain loyal to China, whose first inclination is towards their own cultural heritage? 5% 10% 20% 50%

        Or would you prefer to suspend all skepticism and believe that the moment their feet touch Australia’s magical soil that all those people coming here for a short cut to a better life will be instantly transformed into Dinky-Di Aussies?

        Too hard a thing to think about?

        The issue is that it is too late to ask these questions after we have imported 1.2m people of a particular culture or ethnicity into Australia, because guess what, we’re a democracy and if they want to repoint Australia to China, then we are obliged to respect their decision.

        So when does it become a problem? When should we start asking these questions? When we’ve imported another 1.2m? 4m? When?

        When existing Australians start objecting so much they start taking matters into their own hands? ….does it become a problem then?

        Probably, but only because it would reinforce your ignorant, bigoted opinion that majority white people wanting to see their culture, society and values projected into the future as being racyst. Culture matters, despite how much you pretend it doesn’t.

        You’re a typical progressive twat – who’d rather snidely point out some perceived moral failing, from your own contrived mound of little morals, publicly proclaiming to all the world that your so good and moral, all the while sticking your head in the sand of difficult questions that you have no intention of even acknowledging, let alone answering.

        Sticking your head in the sand like the ostrich you are, doesn’t make these issues go away. Pretending that even asking these questions is racist, is EVIL.

        YOU professor are an evil twat. Evil is doing harm to society, importing millions of people who may or many not be hostile to our society without asking the question as to how it will impact our society, our cohesion, our ability to solve the problems we face ISN’T virtuous, it is EVIL.

        FU you evil, sanctimonious liberal wanker.

        • Stewie, don’t ever leave. Always refreshing to have someone like you here to cut through the bullsh1t that these people peddle.

        • From my observation, by the time they’re second generation their loyalty to China becomes virtually zero. But the current rate of immigration means the first generation greatly outnumber the second generation.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            That may have previously been the case under our prior immigration policies of Integration and Assimilation, however it remains to be seen whether this will still be the case under the Multicultural immigration program that we have now, where by immigrants are under no obligation to integrate into wider Australian society other than to show ‘tolerance’ towards existing Australian values.

            The establishment of parallel societies in the UK, France and much of Europe attests to the fact that this new form of immigration based around “Multiculturalism” significantly delays this process of integration.

            The refusal to integrate may be a particular issue for some cultures and ethnicities over others, and I will admit that East Asians to do appear to integrate faster into our societies than other people and cultures.

            However the ‘wokeness’ typified by the ‘Professor’ refuses to even acknowledge this distinction exists (“we are all identical and the same, yet we need the diversity” 🤔 ), let along acting on it.

          • @Ronin8317 why would any foreign ethnic group feel compelled to “integrate” into their host society when they are the demographic majority?? Just look at the raising of the Chinese flag above a police station in suburban Melbourne. That suburb has a demographic majority of Chinese living there and from the empirical evidence I have access to, the overseas student visa program is being exploited by China so as to demographically replace Australian’s.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            The Chinese leadership are well aware of the Achilles Heel plaguing most Western nations at the moment – this progressive obsession with the new over the old, and rejecting their own cultural values (old) as being fundamentally evil and without redemption, having emerged from prior cultural episodes such as colonialism, etc, and their delusion in transforming our societies into a cultural mish-mash of competing values under supposed ‘tolerance’ – despite it never working previously any where in the world.

            (Realist: “You would think that if Diversity did indeed make us stronger and more united, that some military leader would have emerged at some time in the past, and using ‘diversity’ united all the competing people and cultures to conqueror the world”
            Progressive: “Oh no, people were not as enlightened as they are today.”
            Realist “Okay, how about we freely discuss the impact of diversity on our social cohesion?”
            Progressive “Oh no, people would quickly descend back into tribalism and hatred”)

            East Asians have a relatively high median IQ – between 105 and 110. Having a continuous civilization that has spanned several thousand years they are also well aware of the importance of culture.

            The Chinese elite know that culture matters. They know how to play the long game. They know about dividing and conquering.

            They know that if they allow the most loyal, patriotic Chinese citizens the freedom to move out into the world, that they will take their values and their loyalties to China where ever they go.

            Do you think Australia and the West are getting the most liberal Chinese immigrants? The ones who believe most strongly in freedom and Democracy? Nah, those Chinese are generally stuck back in China unable to get a train ticket to a major city.

            We are getting Chinese patriots instead.

          • John Howards Bowling Coach

            Ronin, I think many people are naive enough to believe that. While they might be somewhat less loyal to Beijing after many generations in Malaysia for example, their 21% ethnic Chinese population are certainly less loyal to Malaysia than they are to their own kind. They also treat the ethnic Malay majority with absolute disdain. They go to Chinese schools, speak Chinese and have their own parallel society. Never underestimate the ability of Chinese to not ever truly integrate into their host nation. They are similar to the Mediterranean’s in that regard. Why does every city have a Chinatown and Little Italy?

          • Despite all the rhetoric, Chinese in general believes Western Culture is better than Chinese culture. This is the key to understanding a lot of things about China. This does not apply to other Asian countries (with exception of Japan) because the Chinese view their local culture as inferior.

          • bolstroodMEMBER

            Us European boat people have done a very poor job of intergrating with the origional people of this land too.

          • “Us European boat people have done a very poor job of intergrating with the origional people of this land too.”

            Yeah, but no one since then is coming here for what the original people have to offer. They’re coming for all the cultural avenues those European boat people have to offer.
            * Relative freedom
            * Welfare
            * Transparent rule of law
            * High wages

            All the things the prevailing culture is, offered and underwritten by those of European heritage.

          • Stewie GriffinMEMBER

            Us European boat people have done a very poor job of intergrating with the origional people of this land too.

            The indigenous culture that was here prior to the arrival of Colonial Australians was as fragile as the soils that make up Australia’s continent. There was simply nothing left to integrate – the original people of this land and their culture, blew away in the wind, like countless other also ran people and cultures who’ve inhabited our collective history.

            Australia IS what Colonial Australians founded.

      • @drmsithy…when you conveniently forget to mention the Chinese flag being raised above a police station on October 1…..

        • bolstroodMEMBER

          When you visit Canberra the tallest structure in the landscape is the US eagle at the eir embassy.
          Symbolism counts.

  2. robert2013MEMBER

    I’m going to write to Ben Morton stating that what Gladys Liu said is irrelevant as to her guilt. The matter needs to be referred to the high court.

  3. proofreadersMEMBER

    Is this a pro forma letter that has been issued to all LNP MPs, akin to their talking-points rote scripts? What a well-oiled propaganda machine?

  4. “overcome incredible barriers to become a federal MP, including these three sacred cows, argument over, pi$$ off, f!$& off, go home, you’re out!”

    • Yes, well spotted. He should have stopped at that point though.

      Having already used three sacred cows (discrimination, disability, domestic violence) he then can’t help himself and goes for the racism charge (“baseless attack” / “broader smear”). Here young Ben would do well to remember one of the golden rules of lying: only use one justification.

      If you’re pulling a sickie for example, one excuse to the boss is enough. Don’t be doubling down on that explosive diarrhoea with a sore throat as well. It just suggests that you don’t have confidence he’ll believe your first excuse.

    • It’s the opposite of an ad hominem attack. Like Trump calling Giuliani “a great guy”: case closed.

  5. Did anyone else read the date as 2/10? As if they were rating their own attempt to answer the question…

  6. WaitingADecadeMEMBER

    I wrote under an earlier article on MB that this Gladys thing was unfortunately just going to blow over. And it looks like it has. It seems to me that, unless an irrefutable smoking gun emerges from a source that is beyond reproach, she’s gotten away with it. Does anyone think the opposite? I would be really happy to be proven wrong.

    • The media-management department within the party has leaped into action and doused the flames.

      Crisis over.

      (In an age of no substance PR is the most important function within government)

  7. “Coming from Hong Kong to get an education”…………that says it all really, they’re simply here to colonise us.

    • SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

      pretty much, she has spent decades here and this country has given her everything and in return she supports the CCP instead, what a lovely human being

    • Like a lot of other immigrants from HK, she came to Australia in 1985 to get away from the CCP because China was poor back then. Now that China has become rich, she has switched her loyalty for $$$$ and ‘success’.

  8. Threw in the 12th man reference for good measure. Should have called it the Hattrick of cows to double down on the cricket reference but I was half asleep… As usual.