State treasurers shocked by Recessionberg stupidity index

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NSW and Victoria are calling on Treasurer Josh Frydenberg to bring forward infrastructure projects as treasurers head to Canberra amid deepening concerns about the state of the economy despite falling interest rates and income tax cuts.

Ahead of a Friday meeting of the nation’s treasurers and as evidence grows that business and consumer confidence is ebbing, the states believe the Morrison government has to do much more financial heavy lifting to boost the national economy.

NSW Liberal Treasurer Dominic Perrottet and his Victorian Labor counterpart Tim Pallas will focus on fast-tracking infrastructure projects, while Western Australia’s Ben Wyatt believes Newstart needs to be increased.

Sensible enough. Infrastructure has stalled out as the NBN rolls off:

It’s all a bit complicated for the L-plated Treasurer, Josh Recessionberg, who is so focused on crashing interest rates to restore the house price bubble for the Property Council PM that he has forgotten there is an economy to manage:

Well the state treasurers might be shocked!

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  1. There is nothing on the high priority list that’s going to help the economy.
    The top 4 are some questionable metro and road links that are way too expensive to start with even before you take into account time and cost blowouts. No economic productivity benefits.
    It might keep a few construction jobs going but that’s about it.
    I oversaw a $26m edgecliff station upgrade which was 2 new lifts and 4 new escalators (2 storey) and a wheelchair access ramp. That’s it.
    I say keep the powder dry and just hand out money when recession hits.

    • State Governments should be focusing on projects such as repairs to existing, dilapidated infrastructure that could deliver an immediate effect.

      • I can’t remember what the North Broadmeadows one cost a 10 years ago(32 million rings a bell).
        It was a small, plain, unmanned station, without the gilded doors one would have expected for the price.
        Money just evaporated into someone’s pockets.
        Can’t imagine what something similar would cost at Tarneit these days. And at that sort of overall cost for a small project, you would need a humongous budget to soak up any generalised unemployment.

    • Well the big infrastructure investment in the east would be to finish Woollahra Station. It was provided for in the original design – go to google maps and you can see it between edgecliff and bondi junction. Just rezone all the surrounding houses as high rise and watch another mini bondi junction spring up on edgecliff road. Just the thing the east needs to do to help take the pressure off the west!!

  2. “It’s all a bit complicated for the L-plated Treasurer, Josh Recessionberg, who is so focused on crashing interest rates to restore the house price bubble for the Property Council PM that he has forgotten there is an economy to manage:”

    Therein lies the problem… we have a Government that thinks the property market is the economy, or at least views it as the major driving force that needs everything else sacrificed in servitude of.

    • Jumping jack flash

      He’s just a bit slower than the others. The others are well into the sections on QE and other wonderful contortions to keep the infinite debt alive, Josh is just up to the part where house prices are used to attach the debt to. We’re way past that point in the cycle.

      Give him a bit, he’ll get to that section soon, in the book on “how to create a successful economy using debt and nothing else”.

      Can’t really blame him, that tome is tucked under the pillows of every central banker and anyone who has any control over anything, all over the world.

  3. Gather up all those who want a job and send them into the outback where they can dig all the ditches they want. Once they’re fed up with that, get the farckers to fill them in again.

    The boost to GDP will be immense! C’mon Joshie

    • If they dig their way to China we could also sign ourselves up to the belt and road initiative! Double boost!

    • If its anything like the “fast” NBN they built its probably going to be a TTTN (Train To The Node) system when the train stops several Km’s from the city centre and you have to catch a slow bus in.

  4. SnappedUpSavvyMEMBER

    way too generous with the blue line, unless we yet again get pegged by a rainbow, its going straight down

  5. Should build a flying autonomous bus network. Who needs roads when you can fly. Optimistically could be developed in 5 years for <$50b