Open borders Labor blows multiculturalism foghorn

Labor’s open borders spokesperson, Kristina Keneally, has warned that multiculturalism is under threat by Australia’s “cruel” immigration policies:

Labor’s spokesperson for immigration, Kristina Keneally, will use a keynote speech to warn that multiculturalism is under threat.

Blown out wait times to become an Australian citizen have led to the largest-ever drop in people pledging their commitment to the country, Labor’s spokesperson for immigration will tell a national multiculturalism conference…

“The ongoing blowouts in citizenship application processing under the third term Morrison Government are cruel, callous and are preventing people from pledging commitment to Australia,” the speech read…

According to figures released earlier this week by the Department of Home Affairs in response to a request by Labor MP Julian Hill, there are more than 221,415 people currently waiting to have their citizenship applications processed.

These include close to 30,000 Indians, 27,000 British citizens and 17,500 Chinese nationals.

“They make up just some of the 221,000 people who have “had a go”… so why aren’t they being given a go?” Senator Kenneally says…

“This is the largest ever decline in citizenship applications as would-be Australians despair at having to wait more almost a year-and-a-half to become citizens”…

She warned that multiculturalism – which she described as “one of Australia’s greatest strengths” – was now under threat, citing reports tracking incidents of race-based discrimination…

Spare me. Australia runs one of the largest immigration programs in the world:

The majority of this immigration is now coming from Asia, according to the ABS:

And Australia’s foreign-born population is among the highest in the world:

So for Kristina Keneally to claim that multiculturalism “was now under threat” is laughable.

Having migrants wait 410 days for Australian citizenship is a small price to pay for escaping the overpopulated and polluted places they have come from, and is hardly “cruel” and “callous”. Australian citizenship should be prized, not handed out like Tic-Tacs.

Besides, migrant permanent residents can already access Medicare, have unrestricted work rights, and can sponsor family members. They have largely the same rights as Australian Citizens, with the exception of ability to vote.

Herein lies Labor’s key problem: in championing globalism and ‘open borders’, and complaining of not enough multiculturalism, it gives the impression that it cares more about people wanting to come to Australia than those already here.

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  1. “it gives the impression that it cares more about people wanting to come to Australia than those already here”

    Mark Latham from the SAP Housing Affordability debate:

    “A big migration program is a tool they [Labor] have weaponised for ethnic Branch Stacking”

  2. hmm, notice how the best places in the world (except Saudi Arabia) have the highest % and the schit holes have like 0.x percent. Pretty soo, there will be no third world/developing nations. I think I just shed a tear how wonderful that is.

    • Saudi Arabia must be totally diverse :). Of course we all know they import loads of Indians to do their slave labour. But never mind that small detail.

      • His Majesty never gives citizenship to foreigners.

        Australia should also allow maids to come in temporarily as long as they are not allowed to work in any other job and never given citizenship. Currently, you can get a maid if you are mates with Dutton and call them “au pairs”.

        Foreigners are banned from working in certain jobs in Dubai:

        administrative and supervisory positions in the government sector will be restricted to only Emiratis.

        Foreigners should be banned from working in the government-owned NBN and government-owned train stations here.

    • ” Pretty soo(n), there will be no third world/developing nations.”

      No… pretty soon they will ALL be third world nations.

    • Wages in China are way better than wages in South Asia.

      China is less than 1% foreign born because it does not allow immigration from the 4th world. The PLA has lifted hundreds of millions of Hans out of poverty and now the West is putting hundreds of millions of Europeans back into poverty.

  3. Multiculturalism is under threat, not because we are not allowing enough Jiimmies in quickly enough, but because it’s being used to destroy out quality of life. I used to be all for multiculturalism, but now I’ve had enough. When I see crappy apartments being built, over priced housing, crowded roads and infrastructure, hospitals with blown out wait times and schools full to the brim I can’t help but think, is this the benefit of it all? And Labor wants MOAR MOAR MOAR!

    Meanwhile Labor doesn’t give 2 cents of a feck about the locals and how they are struggling with unaffordable rents, high house prices, competition for low wage jobs etc..

    Seriously Labor has totally lost the plot post election, bring back Bill Shorten already. I can’t vote for the Liberals, but I also can’t vote for Labor or the Greens. So Sustainable #1 again and PHON second at this rate. FFS.

    • “(The ALP) gives the impression that it cares more about people wanting to come to Australia than those already here.”

      “Crappy apartments being built, over priced housing, crowded roads and infrastructure, hospitals with blown out wait times and schools full to the brim”

      “(The ALP) gives the impression that it cares more about people wanting to come to Australia than those already here.”

      Funny that

    • Multiculturalism is merely the oppression of the majority (the locals) by entitled minorities.

    • I was over it when I saw the quality, or lack of it, of the ‘skilled’ immigrants replacing locals in I.T.

  4. Some think Ms Keneally should listen to what the electorate wants. They forget she is blessed with almost boundless compassion. It is the job of the electorate to make itself appealing to her. Only then will she vote for them.

  5. “Labor’s spokesperson for immigration, Kristina Keneally, will use a keynote speech to warn that multiculturalism is under threat.”

    Yes, because it shows when vibrants are demanding legacy Australians jump, they aren’t responding with ‘How high?”

    “yess massa, we raise taxes to gib you da citizenship faster massa. We sorry massa, we will bring your parents in too…no quessons aksed massa”

    Of course it’s perceived as a threat

  6. Sometimes, I feel deprived not to have been culturally enriched via home invasion, carjacking or a plain old bashing and robbery.
    The only cultural enrichment I tend to get is on crowded public transport, dodging around international students glued to their mobile phones, interacting with poorly paid cleaning staff at work and the various dudes at the petrol station and 7-11.
    While driving, I get culturally enriched with traffic congestion. I could go on and on.
    How good is Straya; mate!

    • plebngineerMEMBER

      For me it’s the diversity of uber eats drivers – it’s not diverse enough. I expect to see the same percentage of nationalities as is in the community, not all Indians. I can only conclude that uber is racist. Having said that Saddam Hussein did a good job on the pushie.

  7. This is definitely the number one issue facing Australia right now and it has resulted in many sleepless nights for me personally

  8. “Australia runs one of the largest immigration programs in the world” because Labor is “championing globalism and ‘open borders'”?
    Meanwhile, the Libs can get away with filling Australia with the third world so long as they occasionally bust out a “Stop the boats” slogan

    • Jumping jack flash

      step 1: Manufacture a problem
      step 2: Make everyone believe it is the most important problem ever
      step 3: Solve it
      step 4: Enjoy accolades, votes, whatever.

      boats, planes, surplus, etc, are all manufactured problems that are not even problems, nor would they ever be problems, but they have been used to whip everyone into a frenzy.

      When the “problems” are solved, the manufacturers of the problems sit back and enjoy the accolades.

      “OMG Teh Boooaaatsss!!!!!” was a cleverly manufactured problem from none other than the king of bull$hit himself, Howard. Whipping everyone up into a frenzy and then solving it was genius.

      “OMG Teh Surplusssssss!!” is another one. We don’t need a surplus. Governments just don’t work like that, but since everyone generally understands the idea of a business is to generate profit/surplus, if you cleverly manipulate the average moron to draw parallels between a government and a business (of which in actuality there are very few, nor should there be) then having a surplus becomes incredibly important, so achieving it propels the achiever to godlike status.

    • Yep, Macro always wants to have a go at China’s part in our government when actually USA is the one meddling in our affairs with an actual representative in the LNP ministry. A country who openly promotes torture and imprisonment of whistleblowers.
      You should be born here to serve here in any government if not too bad, go be corrupt in the private sector instead.

      • Both of you need to get your hand off it. Keneally is saying this to an Australian electorate who put her there. And nobody is officially talking about torturing whistleblowers. You’re talking about the rantings of a madman. It isn’t about to become law, dolt.

  9. It’s as if Labor never want to be in power again. The vast majority of these politicians are so out of touch (not just the red team). Do they not know the reason they lost the last election was due to them not cutting immigration.

  10. The trouble is there are very few places in australia and indeed the world to run to now to escape this.

    Any ideas?
    Rural nthn nsw?

    • Rural SA, WA and Tasmania are still ok.

      Overseas? Maybe Uruguay. I’ve read that it’s pleasant enough and obtaining residency is relatively straightforward, provided you can support yourself.

      Eastern Europe and the Balkans are also options. These are good countries if you have some money behind you and like traditional European culture and people. Local wages suck but, on the other hand, living costs are low. The winters can be a nightmare though and it can all get a bit depressing and dreary.

      • Tasmania is the pick of the litter… secrets out though so it’s getting expensive even in the absence of high paying jobs

  11. Jumping jack flash

    “…it gives the impression that it cares more about people wanting to come to Australia than those already here.”

    as indeed they must because these new people are fodder for the biggest global debt ponzi in the history of civilisation.

    Forget about producing useful items skillfully and efficiently to sell to the world, the new economy is simply people arriving in a country and taking on debt, or, as in Australia’s case, new people arriving in a country and then promptly enslaved so their masters can take on more debt.

    • Hard to argue with any of that. I guess I could add; lowering the wage base will provide more low paid servants for the wealthy groveling over each other to say “thank you mam/ sir”, more sucker servants for the military as during the boom times no one would enter the military due to no need as jobs everywhere. Eventually we will catch up with the third world with such low conditions combines with a low dollar we can manufacture cheaply again.

  12. I’m ashamed that Saudi Arabia is more multicultural than we are. They truly are a beacon for peace and progress in this world.

  13. Labor could not possibly have reached more of a wrong conclusion following the election.
    If they seriously think anyone wants more neoliberalism plus a bit more small l liberal identity nothingism they are kidding themselves.
    This appeals to maybe 5% of the electorate in inner city former safe liberal seats *who voted for labor anyway*.
    This isn’t difficult – write off the past 36 years as an epic disaster down a neoliberal dead end which has almost relegated Labor from mass party status – return to class politics and relentlessly attack the media as a political party.
    This has to be Keating getting in their ear. The wrecking man who just keeps wrecking.

    • Jumping jack flash

      I don’t think so, with regards to Keating.

      The problem is that the traditional Left and Right have merged together now, or have been gradually redefined over the past 10 years or so, and Labor hasn’t ever adjusted to that.

      Hawke’s “noble worker” is dead. We now have the “savvy [mum/dad] investor” who lives for debt. The “noble worker” is now someone who hasn’t matured enough to take on an additional economy-crushing load of debt and fling it up the pyramid and start their property portfolio.

      Coupled with privatisation of everything, this all aligns very nicely with the traditional Liberal stance, so they get the recognition and the vote. It is quite easy for the Libs to succeed in the new political environment, all they need to do is legalise gay marriage and other traditional “Left” stuff like that and they’re done.

      Labor, on the other hand, has a just couple of choices and both are quite difficult. The first is to do “Liberal” better than the Liberals, the other is to swing the other way and go full on Loony Nationalist and then start buying everything back from the private sector that they sold off.

      Either way, it doesn’t look very good for them.

    • Seriously. There was NOTHING “too progressive to be electable” about Shorten’s policies. I felt that they were a good middle ground — not as progressive as they could have gone (estate taxes, bans on all negative gearing with no grandfathering), and not as out of the box (ref: immigration’s damage to many middle class lives via the property ponzi and infrastructure being overburdened) as they could have gone, but also distinguishable from the Liberals.

      Bob Brown’s caravan, Clive Palmer’s ad spend in the final days were both more to blame than Labor’s actual policies.

  14. TailorTrashMEMBER

    “From this time forward, [under my god )

    I pledge my loyalty to Australia and its people,( unless directed otherwise )

    whose centre link benifits I want my share of

    whose rights and liberties I will use as long as they are not applied to any female members of my family

    whose workplace and other laws I will disregard if it helps me become rich and buy a house “

    Now can you please do the needful and hurry up with my passport as I need to go home and help my sick parents pack for their flight back with me

    Multiculturalism is a tad unwell but not for the reasons KK thinks .

  15. KK gets my full support 🤣. (That should rile up the local branch of the KKK 😝)

    BTW, I have lived & worked in KK’s home state of Ohio. She went to a college close to where I lived.

  16. This was written about the Left in the UK but it also applies in the Australian context:

    “There is a conspiracy of silence among labour movement leaders on the real impact of unrestricted immigration in working-class communities. It is their own version of ‘Don’t mention the war’, a symptom of the group-think that infects today’s Left from top to bottom. Most leaders and activists, comfortable in their own collective prejudices and with no experience of thinking critically or independently, are unable to comprehend that there might just be a credible alternative point of view on this issue – one that isn’t rooted in ‘dog whistle’ politics or ‘xenophobia’, but is perfectly commensurate with the traditions of democratic socialism and trade unionism.

    No, opponents must instead be smeared and denounced.

    They ought to take a long hard look at themselves. Because, in the end, their support for open borders, far from bringing about the unity of the international working-class and breaking down social and cultural barriers, has served instead to entrench a system that commodifies humanity, atomises communities and allows big business to cut wages in the quest for greater profits. How could any representative of working people be proud of that outcome?”

    The traditional working class tends to be quietly patriotic, attached to the nation-state and generally opposed to mass immigration. They don’t support the insane open-borders agenda of the inner-city Left.

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      Which is why William Richard Shorten ( call me Bill)despite his inevitable attempt to replace Albo before the next election will never get elected ……unless he gets out and susses what the remnants of his once great party and the great pool of possible supporters are really thinking ….

      Ps….it’s not what KK, Penny ,Tanya or the assorted male apparatchiks that are the labor party think either ….