Migrants line up to “game” Australia’s visa system

Over the past week, we have witnessed more evidence that Australia’s visa system is being systematically rorted.

Last weekend, The Australian reported that the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) has become overrun, due in part to bogus applications for asylum from migrants that have arrived in Australia by plane:

The backlog of active cases has grown from 17,480 to 62,476 and is getting worse each month. Even if each case involved only one person, the total number of people would equal the population of Wagga Wagga in NSW or Shepparton in Victoria…

An AAT spokeswoman said the increase in new applications was due to higher demand for reviews of government decisions.

Migration and refugee cases cost between $2137 and $3036 per review.

“The AAT’s Migration and Refugee Division has not been able to keep pace with the growth in demand for reviews due to the high number of applications received in previous years without a similar increase in the number of member resources,” the AAT spokeswoman said.

Labor’s immigration spokesperson, Kristina Keneally, recently lashed the massive blowout of asylum seekers gaining entry into Australia by plane, which she claimed was being fuelled by “criminal syndicates” and “people smugglers”:

[Keneally said] the Coalition’s fixation on the boats has allowed weakness to develop at airports – invoking, for example, the 81,596 people who have arrived by plane and claimed asylum since 1 July 2014. “Peter Dutton has failed to notice that criminal syndicates that people smugglers have shifted their business model from boats to planes”…

Another question being pursued is whether Australia’s migration system is being used by criminal syndicates and labour hire companies to traffic exploited workers into Australia.

Various migration experts raised similar concerns:

“Organised crime are indeed facilitating unlawful migration on a fee-for-service basis, using methodologies from fake identity documents, to gaming Australia’s visa system,” [John Coyne, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s head of border security] said…

Former deputy secretary of the department of immigration and border protection Abul Rizvi said the “eye watering” blowout in bridging visa numbers indicated a “sick system”.

“The people we’re talking about are generally vulnerable people. They will have little financial resources, and they are being exploited – they’re being exploited by criminals, and they’re being exploited by unscrupulous labour hire companies”.

As has former High Court justice, Ian Callinan:

[Ian Callinan] said “almost everyone” with migration law experience had told him there were applic­ants and representatives who “game the system, well knowing there is an automatic entitlement to a bridging visa”…

The hard data illustrating the “gaming” is the blowout in temporary bridging visas, which are typically given to migrants awaiting decisions on applications for permanent residency, and are considered a broad indicator of the robustness and efficiency of the visa system.

As shown in the next chart, the number of bridging visas on issue have roughly doubled under the Coalition’s term in government, to more than 200,000 as at June 2019:

As we already know, state-based and regional migration programs have also been systemically gamed, with migrants temporarily settling in regional areas and smaller capital cities purely to get the required number of points for permanent residency before moving to Sydney and Melbourne.

In fact, recent ANU research of settlement patterns revealed that 60% of migrants that moved to Australia’s regions subsequently move to capital cities within five years:

An Australian National University study released Thursday found more than 60 per cent of migrants move to a capital city after about five years of living in a regional or remote location.

ANU material went as far as saying new migrants were “fleeing” regional Australia for better opportunities in the cities…

ANU demographer Bernard Baffour told SBS News, “you can move migrants to areas, but you can’t force them to stay there”…

The study found Chinese-born migrants are more likely to settle in Sydney… Melbourne is the city of choice for most Indian-born migrants.

Not surprisingly, migrants are now lining-up to use the Morrison Government’s new regional visas as an easy pathway towards permanent residency, presumably before moving to Sydney and Melbourne:

“One of the key reasons that migrants want to come to Australia is the promise of permanent residency” [Immigration Minister David Coleman, said]…

Registered migration agent Rohit Mohan says… “There is a lot of interest in these new visas… We do not have the details of the new regional visas yet but many hope that criteria to apply for those visas will be a bit relaxed than the general skilled migration. Many are eagerly looking forward it as it might be their only opportunity to get PR”…

Short of placing electronic ankle tags on migrants, how can the Morrison Government’s regional migration push be successful when it has failed repeatedly in the past, with the visa system systematically gamed? It cannot.

The truth is that Australia’s border contains more holes than a block of Swiss Cheese, with many avenues available to game the visa system. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Migrants travelling to Australia on tourist visas and subsequently claiming asylum;
  2. Students undertaking ‘mickey mouse’ courses for working rights and permanent residency;
  3. People smugglers, criminal syndicates and illegal labour hire companies facilitating undocumented migrants to work at below market wages; and
  4. Employers hiring migrant workers en masse under the ruse of ‘skills shortages’, in a bid to slash wage costs and undercut Australian workers.

The list goes on and is evidenced by the chronic infrastructure bottlenecks, rampant wage theft, and overall falling living standards manifested across Australia.

Leith van Onselen


  1. migrants move to a capital city after about five years of living in a regional or remote location.

    Like foreign students pretending to attend classes while actually working full time, a lot of immigrants pretend to live in a rural area while actually working full time in a megaslum:

    A friend of Mr Singh who claimed to have lived with him and did the same thing (ie, claimed to live in a regional area while working in Melbourne)


    an anonymous informant told the department that Mr Singh was living and working illegally in Melbourne.

    • Location controls with Electronic bracelets for all non citizens?
      or better still – non tamper proof chip ID implants on entry with location scanners and daily verification scans needed..

  2. system is designed so it can be exploited to achieve whatever system designers wanted
    blaming immigrants to pursue personal interest in a legal way and within the dodgy system is unfair

    • Even StevenMEMBER

      I don’t think many (any?) are blaming the immigrants for this. We are blaming the system that permits it.

      • Is there a ‘fault’ in the system or is this just policy, plain and simple?

        Human beings are programmed to game the system. Every loophole that ever existed has been exploited. Every Gubbermint scheme or system has loopholes — either by design or through crass incompetence.

        • One just needs to study behavioural game theory to understand the system. Beliefs, social cooperation, group decisions, and incentives, consequences, and deception all play a part in the decisions made.

          Then you need to consider other factors such as environment, health, education [shaping of the cognitive map], and on and on and on.

          In short, no wonder they’re gaming the system. What individual wouldn’t jump on an opportunity to reap the benefits of living in a “western democracy” if their other option was remaining in a dirt poor s#*@hole?

      • The article is literally titled “Migrants line up to “game” Australia’s visa system”

  3. Ronin8317MEMBER

    What we need to implement regional visa is the China’s “Hukou” system and the “Skynet” CCTV system with facial recognition. As an added bonus, when our politicians sell Australia out to China, the infrastructure for oppression would already be in place.

  4. reusachtigeMEMBER

    Look I’m all for boosted intakes of vibrants as they are ace for the economy but if the government really wanted to stop the fake asylum claims they could go back to automatically locking people up in places like Villawood until their claims are heard.

    • Thanks Reusa for some balance in the discussion. The Swiss cheese of migrant and student visas are entirely a government construct. Why would you expect thinking humans looking for a better life not to attempt to arbitrage the difference between Australian and their own home country living standards, when the door is left wide open.

    • not sure there do you got that”vibrancy” is good for economy

      few quotes:

      • Diversity correlates with latitude and low GDP per capita. The report notes, “our measures of linguistic and ethnic fractionalization are highly correlated with latitude and GDP per capita. Therefore it is quite difficult to disentangle the effect of these three variables on the quality of government.”

      • Diversity and conflict. Internal conflicts appear on first blush to be more common in greener countries, which might make some intuitive sense given that groups with comparable “stakes” in their country’s economics and politics might be more willing or able to compete, perhaps violently, over those resources. But there’s enough data here to draw a lot of different conclusions. One thing to keep in mind is that ethnicity might not be static or predetermined. In other words, as in the case of Somalia, maybe worsening economic conditions or war make people more likely to further divide along ethnic fractions.

      • Strong democracy correlates with ethnic homogeneity. This does not mean that one necessarily causes the other; the correlation might be caused by some other factor or factors.

      • Unbelievable that came from the WaPo. They are the biggest globalist / Dem supporters going

        • It’s just the news. All of this ‘globalist’ bullshit comes from the right and their desire to validate ‘alternative facts’

  5. Mikemb was correct all along

    This is happening in all western countries though. It started in the 1970s. It’s almost like this was planned no matter what the population thought. It seems globally coordinated. I have my suspicions as to who and which groups are responsible but I cant say who or what as I would be called a racist and bigot which has drowned out any opposition.

    • Charlie Daniels

      “I have my suspicions as to who and which groups are responsible but I cant say who or what as I would be called a racist and bigot which has drowned out any opposition.”

      I’m firing up the popcorn maker, please continue.

      Fvck the myopic idiots who bleat racialst as their only arguement, let them glue themselves to the street.

    • it started with the fake left that got in bed with big businesses, betrayed working class and replaced the class narrative with minority narrative

    • Let’s see where the vested interests are:

      1. Big business needs ever more consumers and cheaper labor
      2. Governments have made promises they cannot possibly keep (free healthcare, state pensions etc) so, more tax cows urgently needed to feed the ponzi.
      3. The financial system (‘the other ponzi’): the fractional reserve banking system needs to grow loans in perpetuity otherwise insolvency is assured i.e. debt deflation destroys the value of system collateral.
      4. Left-wing ideology

      • The left? The fake left? Who super charged immigration and sold off everything they could to foreign buyers? Was it ‘the left’?

        • Ah, so both the ‘open-borders’ Labor and Green parties are actually right wing?

          Right. Got it.

    • Thanks & yes.
      See below as a more detailed reply as to the ‘push’ and ‘pull’ factors on our broken borders and corrupted visa system.

  6. We should only take in those who have real useful skills, not the “I are the chemical engineer who delivers pizzas” skills.

    • We did at first, unfortunately we have taken in so many that now the only jobs available are delivering pizzas

    • Who’s ‘we’? Australia or the people that make the calls on immigration numbers? Doubt they’re on the same team.

      I know, I know… somehow this is all Labors fault

    • Not “labor’s fault”. I am not a partisan simpleton.

      It’s the fault of liberal, labor, the greens, and anyone else who has a hand in this. It’s the fault of the Australian people for voting in these corrupt, mentally defective dirtbags. It’s the fault of the whole Westminister system that gives an increasingly dumb public the illusion of choice, and it’s the fault of a dumb, greedy public that they keep perpetuating the system as they vote in their own blinkered self interest, or for the worst reason, they are dullards who shouldn’t be allowed near a polling booth because they vote for a party “because my pappy voted that way”.

  7. Don’t know why anyone would think immigrants would preferentially live in rural areas. Not even the native born population in those areas stays there. Children from rural communities move for education and job opportunities. Most don’t go back.

  8. It’s not racial.
    It was never racial.

    It’s about the migrant intake quality, volume, contribution and concentration.

    The big push factor is the mass media communication and awareness of the third world that they can escape from their hellhole of corruption, squalor, poverty, crime and oppressive ideology or governments.

    $2,000 or 10,000 ¥ in China buys an Australian PR.

    But only if you are a Hukou underclass that China wants to cleanse out of their tier 1 cities or ideally out of China altogether.

    They have 100 million in China to get rid of and so far have exported over 9 million to foreign countries.

    Australia has taken in 1.3 million of this Chinese Hukou underclass. (posted here before in detail)

    We never check their real status, identities, social credit score, real skills or intent or Chinese agent doctor Health check – or that the Chinese government, the agents & the trafficking industry all lie, cheat and falsify this anyway.

    India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Pakistan, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, and Brazil – all are riddled with corruption in government/ agent / criminal syndicate migrant trafficking – faked identity, papers, health checks in migrant fraud.
    These are the main countries of origin for what we let in.

    So the foreign governments themselves – in collaboration with their respective migrant trafficking criminal syndicates;

    To export their misfits, their aged, their useless and criminal – in a literal conveyor belt to the ‘west’ or any other country silly enough to allow them in.

    For the bribes & fees paid.
    For the fake documents & health checks.
    For the loan advance / debt repayment
    As mules for the dirty money / money laundering
    For the remittances
    In Australia as ‘fuel’ to live in the Chinese owned slum cram housing & to work illegally as a foreign run source of local income.
    And as other countries like the US, Canada, UK & Europe tightened up their intake – Australia or NZ as a a ‘stepping stone’ into Australia has become the third world target of choice.

    And longer term for these foreign governments to shift their underclass, their misfits, their useless, aged & sick to the ‘west’ and that social, welfare and health care burden transferred with it.
    That’s the real ‘push factor’.

    That’s why we have 1.3 million Chinese Hukou underclass internal illegal unskilled useless, broken down old factory workers, peasants, petty criminals, vice workers and socially undesirables in Australia.

    That’s why we have over 1 million Indian slum clearance and rural poor in Australia – almost all unskilled & many illiterate even in their own language.

    That’s why we have tens of thousands of end of life Asian prostitutes or Bangladeshi & Nepalese peasant villagers shelf stackers & cleaners masquerading on student visas etc.

    It is also the migrants themselves.
    Already amoral and a misfit or failure in their own country, exported / pushed into Australia, conditioned & shaped by our broken border controls & corrupted visa system to enter illegally, live and work illegally.

    To repay that agent procurer / the criminal trafficking syndicate debt, to send back the remittances, to do the visa churn, to secure a visa extension, to get the PR, to be the anchor and sponsor – for more like them and for the ‘cash back’ from the agent in chain migration.

    Not exploited
    Not victims

    Willing participants in visa fraud and visa breach, paying huge bribes before they even arrive for illegal accommodation, pretext courses, to work in vice (legal in NSW) to be part of a labor ring or migrant run black market or underground activity.

    To be a mule for washing the dirty money.

    That’s the pathway we set for the type of migrant that can get in and to be ‘successful’ in staying here.

    Third world unskilled useless amoral liar thief cheat non assimilating, acting, living, working illegally.

    It is also our own stupidity, naivety and corruption.

    Al Grassby, Michael Knight, John Howard, Rudd & Gillard, Scott Morrison, Treasury, the Productivity Commission, the Employers, the corrupted Education industry that prostitutes itself as a migrant guestworker visas alibi, the Real Estate sector, the migrant lobbyists with their Aldi bags of cash.

    And the naive, gullible & brainwashed Australian public who think any open objective debate on our broken border controls and massive visa corruption in our migrant intake volume & quality – is somehow ‘racist’.