Incitec: Quiet Australians brutally rogered by gas cartel

Loving the work of Incitec CEO Jeanne Johns who sticks it to mining regularly:

“For the quiet Australians working in highly skilled manufacturing jobs in places like Mt Isa, Townsville, Moranbah and other urban centres, the time for them to act is now,” she said.

…She said the first step was ”the need for a trigger” on the Australian Domestic Gas Security Mechanism. “Australian users shouldn’t be subsidising LNG exporters building and operating their facilities,” she said.

She said a ”fair price is LNG net back – minus invested capital and costs”.

The second plank was a domestic gas reservation policy with a ”use it or lose it” mechanism.

The third element was to ensure that both small and large gas users had ”fair and equitable” access to pipeline transportation.

Too right. But let me add that the real rogering of the “quiet Australians” is not in the manufacturing sector. It is the price of household gas and power. These prices have risen astronomically since the 2015 gas cartel steal began.  First because the gas price has risen 300%. Second because gas-fired generation set the marginal cost of electricity for all households and business. The wholesale price of electricity has tripled, lifting retail bills by two-thirds.

These are the quiet Australians that are getting reamed by the gas cartel.

You and me and EVERYBODY else.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. It’ll be short-lived. The cure for high prices is …. high prices. The only institution that can prevent this statement from being true is, drum roll …. the gubbermint.

    • billriskasMEMBER

      Lol, gubbermint, my new best friend. Love the spelling and feel contempt or a deep repugnance for the shitd!cks that run the show. what a bunch of dumb c#%ts!

      I love gubbermint, it has made my day! 🙂

  2. Wow these guys are late to working it out.
    Like Dow Chemical they’ve been banging on about supply for years while ‘quietly’ getting rogered by the gas cartel.
    They deserve it. Deeply.

      • Not sure Jacob. Does anybody not donate these days?
        Often donations are in-direct.
        I know from my time in the Aussie banks that they offer politicians very, VERY lucrative pre-political-life and post-political-life executive and board appointments.
        Not a donation but it amounts to the same thing.

        • Politicians need to be stopped from being paid big bucks by the private sector somehow. Especially if the executive level position is in Australia.

          I am not sure what the solution is but there is not even a ban on billionaires giving money to political parties.

  3. proofreadersMEMBER

    And if ScoMo’s “quiet Strayans” (eg excess franking credit refund leaners) are rogered, spare a thought for age pensioners, Newstarters etc?