Gladys Liu returns to confess more lies

She’s a Bobby Dazzler our Gladys:

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and backbencher Gladys Liu have conceded that controversial Chinese-language signs they put up at voting booths on the day of the federal election had the wrong translations.

In filings made in the Federal Court on Wednesday, Mr Frydenberg and Ms Liu said that the signs “intended the following translation: to make your vote count, put a one next to the Liberal Party candidate”, but the signs, which were in Australian Electoral Commission colours, told voters that “the correct voting method” was to put a one next to the Liberal candidate.

…Ms Liu’s tight election win is being challenged by a voter in the seat of Chisholm, Vanessa Garbett, who has previously been involved in the union movement.

Had 546 voters cast their ballot for Labor instead of Ms Liu she would not have won the seat, AEC results show.

About 20 per cent of the people living in the electorate where the Chinese-language signs appeared spoke either Mandarin or Cantonese at home, according to the 2016 Census.

Still more lies at SBS:

The Chinese-language signs bore a resemblance to the Australian Electoral Commission’s official colours of purple and white, had no Liberal identification and did not refer to Liberal candidates by name or policies.

But according to The Guardian, the two MPs challenged the idea that it was “the same colour scheme” instead saying it was “similar”.

“Other parties have used purple and white signs on polling booths,” the defence reportedly said.

The pair allegedly contended that the Liberal Party’s acting Victorian director Simon Frost “did not set out to mislead any voter” with the signs.

“Rather, Mr Frost sought to explain to voters who could read Chinese and who were considering voting for the Liberal party how to do so in a valid way, and also to encourage voters who had not yet made up their mind to vote for the Liberal party.”

By-elections for both, please. Let’s test how much the denizens of Chisholm really want to be represented by a “double agent”.

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. We’re supposed to believe that Chisholm couldn’t find a proper English to Mandarin translator AND Gladly Lie couldn’t figure it out either?

    • “No speek engrish” would appear to be valid self-defence in many instances.

      Speeding tickets
      Getting in line…

      Not so much when filling out welfare forms

    • Think about the fact that the signs had no LNP logo and the signs made no mention of Gladys.

      And the signs were adjacent to the AEC signs.

      Many immigrants – who have never voted before – would have thought that the purple signs are official instructions from the AEC and must be followed.

      • HadronCollisionMEMBER

        Stop being so common sensical J

        There’s no way the court will find in Yates’ favour. I desperately want to be wrong but I feel like the judiciary although allegedly impartial will find some wriggle room that only dark matter could pass through to find in the govts favour. iof course in the process demolishing democracy and just acting like a proper decent fking human being

        power. limited terms in parliament.

  2. Gee they almost got her to disappear without any damage. Can they do it again? I think it’ll be ok for her and the LNP.

    • It’s like the dinner plate is smiling back at you… it’s amazing how those glasses stay on, innit?

  3. there were also 4,463 informal votes in Chisholm electorate 4.5%, so if few labor voters put “1” next to Lib candidate to ensure “the correct voting method” their votes would have been invalid. An equally confused Liberal voter would not have that problem.

    on another topic, how that in electorate with 20% Chinese people both major candidates happened to be Chinese born females?

    • for future, if anyone sees any Aus state government entity hoisting a Chinese flag in public, do me a favour and set it on fire please ? thanks, Straya-John Citizen.

  4. robert2013MEMBER

    If I recall correctly the Labor candidate was also Chinese. Could they have also been a double agent?

  5. Forrest GumpMEMBER

    the correct voting method” was to put a one next to the Liberal candidate.


    Think deep on this. This is fvucking deceptive. Chinese are shit scared on NOT doing the the right thing when it comes being instructed by the authorities. As we know, if you break the law in China, you’re in the shit.

    Gladys has taken advantage of this mentality and deceptively and deliberately had the sign written up to take advantage of this mentality. Particularly with the mid to older Chinese generation that have not yet (nor probably ever will) embrace politics and just do what they are told…as they have done for the past 30-70 years in China. No questions asked.
    I had a number of Chinese friends and relatives explain this deception to me in relation to this voting sign. They all agree to as noted above.

    • Like they say, you don’t get to the top by being a nice honest bloke (or CCP spy for that matter)

    • HadronCollisionMEMBER

      pity they can’t make a submission or you make a heresay one to support Yates’ case

    • Jacob, I realise false equivalence is your speciality but where are the Chinese character signs for Tanya P?

      • I know that the Tanya signs were not in Mandarin but why the heck are they in purple.

        I think Tanya would probably win the by election and hopefully Gladys would lose the by election.

  6. Glady Lie doesn’t belong in my Liberal party!! Declare it void and have another FAIR by-election…

    • ”Doesn’t belong in my Liberal party”. Alongside the nazi out of uniform Dutton, ‘speaking in tongues’ Scomo, Fried-burger, and a couple of dozen other right wing nut jobs not fit to be in office. Wasnt over impressed with the last Labor party on account of letting the bankers rip and house price escallation on top of mass immigration of course but this lot is beyond anything we have ever experienced ever.

  7. Bull-fvcken-sh1t they didn’t realise the sign had an “incorrect translation”. These cvnts are just plain out and out liars.

    • Yeah, but most of us can’t be sure reading it… a foreign language means it is hidden in pain site.

      Diversity is our weakness.

    • Or to roll out an old joke,
      how do you know when a politician is lying?
      his lips are moving.
      And yet people still seem surprised when lied to by politicians.

      • People understand that politicians lie but what we’re witnessing with this insipid Government is the morphing from being liberal with the truth to now outright lying as a matter of course.

    • Fortunately the high court tends to take a fairly dim view towards being bullshitted. I look forward to the verdict.

  8. why we even bother having elections?
    we should organise auctions for seats with all the proceedings going for improving local infrastructure and amenities

    current way seats get bought anyway but money goes to private pockets

    • However the Liberal party in particular has 100x more black money hidden in offshore havens that can be put to bad work than all the other party members and supporters put together.

  9. Mining BoganMEMBER

    How would the Chinaman gubmint react if we sent the Chisholm mole to jail for fraud or treason or such?

    Would they jump up and down to protect their asset or would they quietly walk away thinking she’s actually just a useless mole?

  10. Yep, by-election, please…

    If course it’s a ply – they could have just put the info on Liberal signs…but they chose colours like the AEC signs…

    You’ve been caught lying and deceiving…


    • HadronCollisionMEMBER

      i’m gob smacked there are not rules limiting thecolours you can use to your party’s colours or for indies, grey
      same for text.

  11. 1.36 million mainland born Chinese communists onshore in Australia.

    Only a very small fraction – 10% or less actually vote.

    🇨🇳 238,000 mainland born Chinese communists as citizens. Mostly old / first wave infiltration – now as citizens. Many can’t speak English even tho in Australia for a decade. Based on the general Chinese communist contempt for democracy or their language skills only 130,000 or so would even bother to vote.

    🇨🇳 476,000 mainland born Chinese communists as PR
    Holding Chinese National sole passports, while they voraciously suck up our welfare & Medicare.
    As PR they can’t vote.

    🇨🇳 130,000 mainland born Chinese communists as NZ SCV, trafficked in via the NZ ‘stepping stone.
    They can’t vote.

    🇨🇳396,000 mainland born Chinese communists as TR. not just fake foreign students & partners but every other visa category as well. They can’t vote.

    🇨🇳 120,000 plus mainland born Chinese communists on long stay & repeat stay ‘tourist & visitor’ visas / also in visa breach living & working illegally. They can’t vote.

    => 1.36 million mainland born Chinese communists
    Of which 130,000 or 10% who can, or bother to vote.


    That’s why the Chinese communists ‘buy’ what they want from our corrupt politicians.

    With an Aldi shopping bag of cash.

    It’s easier, faster and far more certain.

    That is the Chinese way.