“Double agent” Gladys Liu partied with CCP head in parliament

And why not. She has the CCP stamp of approval. Via Herald Sun:

Liberal MP Gladys Liu brought the head of a group linked to China’s overseas propaganda arm to a celebratory event held in the government party room of Parliament House in Canberra.

Zhou Guohua was among a large group of supporters who joined Ms Liu at the party to celebrate the Hong Kong-born MP’s maiden speech on July 23.

Mr Zhou is the president of the Shanghainese Association of Australia, an organisation named in parliament as part of the United Front, an arm of the Chinese Communist Party which spreads propaganda and seeks to develop influence overseas.

The revelations have sparked crossbench senator Rex Patrick to call for more controls to be put in place over where representatives of foreign-linked political organisations can go in Parliament House.

…“Serious questions have been raised about Ms Liu’s connections with China’s ‘United Front’ organisations and she has failed to provide the parliament with an adequate account and explanation of her foreign political associations.”

So, not only does Gladys refuse to personally endorse Australian foreign policy tenets around China, as well as mumbling alarming things about Hong Kong in the Party Room, and courts and channels money directly opposed to Australian foreign and strategic policy goals into the Government, plus occupied senior positions in CCP propaganda outfits, not to mention abused Chisholm voters with dubious election day signage, then lied about all of it, she also uses and abuses the credibility of parliament house to aid campaigns for CCP control.

Peter Dutton once described Sam Dastayari as a “double agent” for far less. Appropriately, he resigned plus answered all questions. How is it that Ms Liu qualifies as a fit and proper person to be in the Australian Parliament when “double agent” Sam Dastayari does not?

She is not. But she holds the Morrison Government’s majority in the palm of her hand so here we are, getting a picture of what favours she is facilitating for her CCP-associated donors in return.

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  1. There’d be riots in other countries over this. But not here.

    Shuddup and we’ll keep pumping your property portfolio to da moon.

    • why would anyone riot for what Gladys does when our own politicians are doing far worse things when it comes to supporting CPC and undermining Australia

      • I couldn’t give a rats what Gladys does — it’ the fact that she isn’t being held accountable.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      I don’t see anything wrong with that. Good people always look to make profits rather than lose and whinge.

    • People here want to riot, particularly with proper Australians that this rot is undermining the heritage their forebears sacrificed to build. However, there has been a multi-generational war on whites, that the defence of their culture is racist, they are now too feeble to effectively mount passive resistance.

      Likewise, the beneficiaries are totally ensconced with privilege and freebies that they won’t peacefully give them up.

      An Aussie spring won’t end well.

    • Julie Bishop was too, she got $450,000 in CCP bribes in 2017 via her Julie Bishops Glorious Foundation

      Nothing stuck to her, Sino Sam got all the sh_t.

  2. scottb1978MEMBER

    What is the process for getting the High Court to challenge anyone with links to sources of foreign interference?

  3. WhatcouldgowrongMEMBER

    If you think about it, getting rid of Gladys could trigger a potential “Huawei” moment similar to Canada. Better to keep her onside so as not to hurt the CCP’s precious feelings.

    • John Howards Bowling Coach

      That is exactly why we must do it. The direct messages are the only ones that are respected by China. They are masters of the double speak bullcrap and use political correctness via racist accusations against the west with expert deftness, so a very direct message that we caught you planting a foreign agent into our parliament and kicked them out. They’ll squeal as will a huge number of moronic lefties who don’t understand how the game is being played, but it is essential that Australia stand up against this.

  4. Given that she appears to have the charisma and intellect of a blob of used chewing gum spat onto the pavement, one can only assume that she’s entirely a sock-puppet being used by CCP intelligence service to further their ends.

    In other words, she didn’t attract lots of Chinese money to the LNP, the CCP wanted to corrupt our political process, and Gladys was simply the mechanism they used to channel the funds to the grasping claws of the recipients. I suspect that a blow up rubber lady from one of my local sex shops could perform all the functions that she performs, and look better doing it.

      • Not yet I hope. Remember the Khemlani affair that resulted in the ousting of Whitlam, the audacity to use petro dollars that hadn’t passed through the proper channels.
        US will thrash the AUD and render chinese investments here worthless while creating political instability thus being in a position to install a friendly puppet

    • John Howards Bowling Coach

      While your point sounds valid you should think deeply about the personality of most of the members of local, state and federal government in Australia. Barely a living human amongst them all. Peter Dutton and Tania Plibersek are only a stone’s throw from the PM role yep both of them are bland morons who could in fact be animatronic droids and you wouldn’t be able to tell, such is the degree of personality bypass.

      I agree that she has been their effective funnel though, the ALP candidate Jennifer Yang, who was evidently a senior member of most of the same groups as Gladys Liu, would I presume have done the same job for the CCP. However she is conveniently out of focus now because she didn’t win. Talk about a 1 party state, for the people of Chisholm, both LNP and ALP were in effect the same CCP candidates. Irony being there is very little difference between those 2 parties for Australia either.

      • I made a sort of similar point here a few days ago. Say out loud “Today Prime Minister Plibersek announced that…” or “Prime Minister Wong has…” and you’ll probably feel yourself recoiling in horror. Same same with Dutton, Taylor (that corrupt fcuking criminal) and others from the LNP.

        The entire collection of self serving drones collected in Parliament House isn’t worth two knobs of goat sh1t.

  5. Shouldn’t we start calling the Liberal Party communists? Maybe that will wake some of them up.

    FFS, it’s like having a Russian who has communist party links in parliament in the middle of the cold war.

    With the Americans starting to wake up to the Chinese Communist threat, Australia, once again, are making themselves look like fools.

    • Yep, and the issue lives on because of numbers on the Reps floor, LNP too afraid to deal with it directly so it turns into this endless rolling maul.

    • John Howards Bowling Coach

      LNP and ALP, we are in fact fools. Did you see that idiot Daniel Andrews just renewed his support for the Belt & Road program. Such a misguided little boy he is, thinks he’s gaining some thing from them. Daniel Andrews should be restricted to the PTA, how he became a State Premier after his string of disasters in the previous state ALP government, I really wonder about the intellect of the Victorian Voters.

  6. Maybe she’s being groomed to become the new Provincial Governor of Australia; Province of China?

  7. But property market is going up and guess who’s made it on the rich listers list!!!…no need to worry about all this govt stuff, just back to the important things….oh, who’s winning the block…