Bye, bye Bernie, hello Lizzie

Via the ABC:

US presidential contender Bernie Sanders has been forced to cancel campaign events until further notice after undergoing an unexpected heart procedure following sudden ill health, according to an adviser.

The 78-year-old was in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Tuesday (local time) for 2020 presidential campaign events when he experienced discomfort and was taken to a hospital for evaluation where it was found that he had a blocked artery.

“Senator Sanders is conversing and in good spirits. He will be resting up over the next few days. We are cancelling his events and appearances until further notice, and we will continue to provide appropriate updates.”

The senator, who is the oldest of 19 contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination, was scheduled to hold a town hall in Las Vegas and appear at a gun safety forum on Wednesday.

Questions about age

Aides did not offer any guidance on how long Senator Sanders might be off the campaign trail.

The first nominating contest is not until Feburary 3 in Iowa, but Senator Sanders is one of 12 candidates scheduled to participate in the fourth Democratic debate in Ohio on October 15.

The US senator from Vermont has been among the top contenders in the crowded field seeking the 2020 nomination to challenge Republican President Donald Trump.

The incident could renew questions about his age in a Democratic race featuring a generational divide between older candidates such as Senator Sanders and front-runner Joe Biden, 76, and younger contenders such as Pete Buttigieg, 37, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana.

In a letter made public during the 2016 campaign, the senator’s doctor said he was in “overall good health” and he had no history of cardiovascular disease.

The insertion of stents to open blocked heart arteries is a relatively common procedure, with as many as one million Americans a year undergoing it, medical experts said.

It involves inserting a balloon-tipped catheter to open blockage and deploy tiny wire-mesh tubes to prop open the artery.

How long does recovery take?

Steven Nissen, a cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic, said in general, recovery took a few days, but how quickly Senator Sanders bounced back would depend on his symptoms before getting the stent.

The health issue comes as Senator Sanders has been trying to turn a corner after a summer that saw him eclipsed as the premier liberal in the field by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, 70.

Senator Sanders has dropped well behind Senator Warren and Senator Biden in most polls and recently reshuffled his staffing in early states to become more competitive.

The campaign halt comes the day after Senator Sanders reported a big $US25.3 million ($37.8 million) fundraising haul for the third quarter, putting him in the early lead in the closely watched campaign money race.

On a telephone call with supporters, campaign manager Faiz Shakir said the “state of the campaign is strong” and touted the fundraising total and its first television ad campaign scheduled to launch in Iowa.

But those spots were suspended on Wednesday.

Several of his Democratic 2020 rivals, including Senator Biden were quick to wish him well.

Senator Sanders’s wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders, was en route to Las Vegas on Wednesday and said her husband was “doing really well”.

Tick Segerblom, a Clark County, Nevada commissioner who was at the senator’s fundraiser on Tuesday, said the senator seemed fine at the time.

“He spoke well. He jumped up on the stage. There was just nothing visible,” Mr Segerblom said.

A former mayor of Burlington, Vermont, Senator Sanders won a US House of Representatives seat in 1990, making him the first independent elected to the House in 40 years.

Senator Sanders mounted an insurgent campaign against Hillary Clinton for the party’s nomination in 2016.

In 2006, he won a US Senate seat and in 2018 was voted in for a third six-year term.

That’ll be the end of Bernie. Hello Bernie in heels:

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    • HadronCollisionMEMBER

      It’s like the Hawthorn FC, no matter how many bashes it takes, Clarkson manufactures success! Away, vile villain!

    • Ever nail is more money the LNP will need to funnel into this steaming pile of sh1t. It’s payback time b1tches; Gina and Clive have interests in mining tenancies around Adani and want that rail line in return for their continued party support (Gina $’s, Clive preference votes). Then there’s the little promise of jobs for all in the region. Waiting for the inevitable “national interest” call.

    • Yup, leaving the Sunny Coast for the good ole US will be like jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

      Warren is a very good shot at taking Trump down — if she gets the nomination. The US will be in the teeth of a recession by November 2020.

      She has promised handouts to every identity group a SJW could dream of. Say hello to multi trillion $ budget deficits and the death of fiat money 😉 (which is a good thing)

    • Warren succeeded in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) after the blue dog DINO corporatist DNC sorts thought it would be her undoing, her book the Two Income Trap is still a relevant evidence based approach to what occurred to hard working families during the neoliberal transition E.g. health costs were the dominate factor in BK and other related stresses. She is an expert in contractual law and how its gamed against consumers so C-corps and Banks can loot away peoples and families earnings – savings.

      On top of that she is more accurately depicted as a moderate republican from a few decades back, before the OT breathers gains during the Bush Jr years nudged her over to the democrats.

      Really don’t know what to make to the money quip, sounds like gold bug theory pearl clutching.

      • I doubt thats going to have any relevance to her new economic plan give everything away for free.

        I can tell you all now people in the US dont want the socialist crap in the US. Even if she did get in or one of the other left wingnuts they would last. American people would revolt…….

        • A. have no means to evaluate your concept of free or its distribution, let alone its impact on a cohesive society and long term outcomes.

          B. Don’t have any means to evaluate your concept of socialism [there are many], sounds like an ideological snarl word used in the McCarthy era.

          • I’m not the one carrying on about – giving – away “free stuff” and I’ve clarified my position via MMT-PK.

            Btw not promoting Warren as Prez, just pointing out she was not and ev’bal socialist nor a friend to the financial predators blue or red.

        • C. You never responded one way or another on the points of order I posted above, save sharing your personal diatribe on your personal feelings, and then deploy the Royal projection about some place you know little about or probably have little contacts in determining anything about.

      • 0 new wars so far. Lots of threats though.
        Challenging the CCP economically before they’re too big to stop without ww3.

        I couldn’t really give a crap about his behaviour or domestic policies. I don’t live there. I just hate imperial America and the threat of dictatorial imperial CCP.

      • Disagree docX ….

        Many Americans are now seeing the corruption and elitist tendencies in broad day light, starting to question the narrative over some decades, especially as it translates to anyone not in the top income percentiles.

          • Don’t forget the old saw were just like America only 20 years ago.

            That’s getting shorter in duration, not to mention the effects of how the GFC played out in America, considering Oz never got close to the foreclosure mess, educational mess, health mess, job mess, mass shooting – going postal mess, et al.

            Not surprising since neoliberalism is an American export since becoming dominate in the 70s, hence exhibits late stage symptoms more so than Australia, we still have some residual vestige of public stuff.

        • Income has nothing to do with it

          Anyone working for money is by definition working class

          • Coming …

            Lower income strata does not scale anywhere the same as the top percentile, even the proceeds of forced or voluntary funds in exchanges, same goes for spending ratios of it.

  1. “They won’t open the stock market if Elizabeth Warren is the next president. It would be a bear market and they go on for a year and go down 25%” – Leon Cooperman,

  2. interested partyMEMBER

    Hillary is not out of the question yet.
    She may try the trick of hiding behind the nomination to avoid the incoming flack from a few investigations.

    • the only way for her to become president is to become a vice-presidential pick of Biden and than kill him

      • interested partyMEMBER

        Biden is toast.
        He’s is serious trouble, legally. Wait for the china deal to be opened up for all to see. + + + + he’s as corrupt as they come.

        This is why Trump has so much support…….

        and you can see the establishment fighting tooth and nail to bring him down….before he brings them down.

        • You’d have to say too many wheels are in motion now.

          If not Trump, Pence, Barr, the IG ….

        • Narapoia451MEMBER

          How are there people stupid enough to believe that he has any interest in stopping any of the things he is talking about in that video? All he has done is parked himself in a position to benefit alongside the ‘establishment’ – he hasn’t drained the swamp, just populated it with his creatures and ensured he gets a cut.

          His campaign is an existential threat to a lot of things, but certainly not the establishment running over the best interest of the US – he’s aided and abetted that massively in many areas.

          • “His campaign is an existential threat to a lot of things, but certainly not the establishment running over the best interest of the US”

            Of course, that’s why at the DNC’s beck and call, the CIA has invented fictitious stories of ‘Russian collusion” stories, and then mobilised their lackies in the media to push this narrative….resulting in a complete undermining of the credibility of the 4th estate…..

            because no status quo is being challenged….

          • interested partyMEMBER

            Sorry….strongly disagree.
            You can’t see the shltfight going on trying to take Trump out?
            If what you say is correct, epstein would still be breathing and running free.

            This would not be happening…..

            Unplug the TV

            Sit back and enjoy the show……Trump is likely to be in for another term.

            Executive Order 13818 is going to get a good workout.

          • Narapoia451MEMBER

            I know you disagree. And I see the [email protected] going on to get Trump out – and here you should probably address your own biases a bit. A lot of that has to do with him being a lying, fraudulent con man and an all round terrible human being. He sold so many people on this idea that he somehow cares about them – but that’s not something he has done at any stage in his life. He’s filled his administration with more billionaires, lobbyists and establishment money than any other president. They are getting more from him than any other president – and the country is getting shafted with massive ‘boomtime’ deficits.

            He’s lied, conned people and gouged as much as he can for himself his entire life – the fact you can’t see that he’s doing exactly the same thing now that he is president is either wilful ignorance or worse.

            The conservatives that hounded Bill Clinton through his presidency are reaping what they sowed after letting this clown ride their ticket. Lying about a blowjob seems so quaint now.

          • Narapoia451…

            Fun fact .. Bill Clinton was just about to seal the deal to privatize social security and medicare with the non Christianiod fundie Republicans until the little blue dress episode, stealing someones thunder is more important than the outcome it seems … the faithful demand it …

          • interested partyMEMBER

            N, I am happy to address my bias….
            For the record…..
            I recognise Trump for who he is, warts and all. I have stated this several times here at MB.
            I recognise that he is not ‘establishment’ and because of that, he is “””””cleaner””””” that the rusted on products that dwell in all political halls throughout the world.
            The simple fact that the establishment have gone all in……to take him out……tells me he is the right person at the right time……for the job. He has done more for the children, than any other politician in recent memory…..where trafficking and pedo behaviour is concerned. That is enough for my total support. Any other corruption purge is the cherry on top.

            In time, when more info comes to light, you may understand and/or even agree somewhat with me on this.
            That is for a day yet to come.

            I find it funny that some people want for the perfect human to be in the big seat…….they will be waiting for a loooong ttime.

          • interested partyMEMBER

            N….to be fair….he inherited a mess. Deficits don’t get turned around overnight. He is stemming the financial bleeding to china through tariffs……..and the results will take time.

          • Ip …

            Rusted on ideologues banging on about rusted anything is the height of cog dis E.g. Trump is rolling everything back to pre GFC swap levels…

          • interested partyMEMBER

            “I find it funny that some people want for the perfect human to be in the big seat…….they will be waiting for a loooong ttime.”
            got trouble parsing this?

          • I have issues with years of your fundamentalist pose, failure is always fobbed off E.g. how does draining the swamp be mistaken for just the opposite, yet oh look over there … kiddie fiddlers …

          • Narapoia451MEMBER

            “He inherited a mess”
            You’ve got to be kidding. What was the deficit in 2016? Do you think it was more or less than it is now? If he inherited a mess then he’s literally doubled it – in the process handing hundreds of billions to his part of the ‘establishment’.

            I know he’s suckered in a bunch of people, the part that amazes me is that he does so while so brazenly engaging in the behaviour he’s supposedly against – let alone lying just about every time he opens his mouth.

            No one expects the perfect man. A lying, fraudulent, sexual predator and utterly transparent self-interested demagogue is not an acceptable compromise for some people. But each to their own I guess.

          • interested partyMEMBER

            I have zero concerns about how you think skippy.
            I will say….for someone who saw stuff way back…….you dismiss the efforts very easily. Sleep well at nights?….knowing that you never did the right thing at the time for the kids involved? You can hide behind the excuses, and thats ok……but do refrain from calling out others……..poor form.
            Tell me……how long would it take to turn an economy the size of the US around?…..with everything going in your favour?
            Now…..try to do it with the establishment totally against you.

            goodnight….catch up in the morning.

          • Tell me……how long would it take to turn an economy the size of the US around?…..with everything going in your favour?

            What is your metric for “turned around” ?

  3. And there it is, the DNC has officially forfeited the 2020 election.

    Fauxcohontas, she has less than 1/1024 chance of winning the presidency. She’s not Bernie in high heels, last election we saw Bernie was able to summon a raft of brown shirts to inflict violence upon Trump supporters… bearing in mind they still are to this day.

    No one is going to throw hands on behalf of Fauxcohontas.

    She’s Hillary-lite, with less Charisma, less Brains and utterly despised by non-whites.

    The GOP will be now assembling the heir to Trump in 2024 after this.

    • “Hunter Biden is a real piece of work. Every bit as bad as the mini-Trumps…”

      The last bit makes you sound like you work at the ABC.

      • Rusty …

        Trump could be impeached right now on the emoluments clause, not going to happen because both the DNC and the Republicans won’t kill the goose that lays free stuff for both.

          • Are you unaware of whats been happening with that little clause, do you deny there is any impropriety, regardless of the machinations of the DNC ….. really ….

            Look I have no love for the DNC after Bill Clinton reformed the party into a Neoliberal Corporatism pay to play revolving door fun house, then some wonder why the whole D.C. – Acela corridor is just one huge playground for elitists. Same goes for the Republican party after what Raygun did to it, cut him some slack on not letting the loon pond OT breathers in any meaningful way, but, there was that, starts with a “Z” mob that used Pat Robinson to do a runaround.

          • “Are you unaware of whats been happening with that little clause,”

            I do know what has happened with ‘the clause’, and I tend to refer to the past where it has been (duly) ignored. It would be considered completely petty for anyone to go after Trump on the emoluments, and it would add VAST gravitas to then return favour and go after the Clinton Foundation, you know, where “donations” dropped from $180mil to $38mil once Hillary lost any reigns on power….

            I mean surely the needs of third world children didn’t drop by a corresponding amount?

            And discovery into this, reaching out far and wide, even to our own very Julia Gillard……

            “do you deny there is any impropriety, regardless of the machinations of the DNC ….. really …”

            Renting a ballroom from a Trump hotel for a function at arms lengths rates…..

            Man, unlike US, the US actually tolerates, if not condones, a ‘spoils’ system for its elected officials. And hiring out a ballroom, vs Clinton foundation as the watermark for compromising US interests…

            As I said, let it go to discovery.

          • Its not just a ball room but, at least you acknowledge its Gresham Law on Roids, sorta like banging on about Rep or DNC DINOS in a good vs ev’bal context is missing the forest for a tree.

            Not that taking Trump out would mean Pence [OT Breather] would get his moment, yet I’ve said that I think Trump has ripped the exceptional [tm] curtain off the kabuki of endemic fraud and corruption and wars …

            Problem moving forward is die hard tribalists that have committed every fiber of their being to some concocted ideological narrative and questioning that state of affairs would rip minds apart E.g. I was a sucker …

    • interested partyMEMBER

      Nancy’s own skeletons in the closet are yet to come out and dance for us…..

      Like……What was she doing in NK way before Trumps meeting?
      And like…..Paul & Nancy Pelosi Charitable Foundation…….(yet to be talked about)

      LOL….the stories that are yet to be told……..

    • Yang is the 5th favourite now – after Trump, Elizabeth, Bidet, Pete.

      But I suspect Americans are too insane to vote for healthcare and an income guarantee.

      • Yang is another libertarian wing nut channeling his inner Rand, after all is done and dusted he could take up tent revivals for a living or have a go at being a TV Evangelist.

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      He hasn’t been the same since Community stopped production for the final time if you ask me.

  4. Warren is not Bernie in heels. She was a Republican in the 90s. She has no outsider status as Bernie does.

  5. interested partyMEMBER

    Ok MB punters….think on this.
    Dec 20 2017
    Presidential executive order 13818 “Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption”
    comes into existence.

    This is a fat-tail, what if thingy……..
    What if……… half of congress go down as corrupt, and lose their ‘wealth’?
    What if………The 1.5 Billion that Biden ‘extracted’ from china was confiscated? and returned to treasury?
    What if………the trillions that have been siphoned off via aid packages to other countries was clawed back? and returned to treasury?
    What if……..there was enough wealth that has been lost through corruption, and was claimed back via this Exec order, to cut the US deficit in half…if not more?
    What would that do to things financial??????

    I know….this line of thought is out there……..but……what if?
    The signposts are all around us……and you do manage risk….right?

  6. Biden is gone❌
    Not just his Ukraine corruption & manipulation but yet to come is the Chinese communist party bank loan.
    ($1.1 billion – flying in on Airforce Two to ink the deal)
    The CCP’s ‘man in Washington’.
    Bernie is gone❌
    Only in it to control the hard Marxist splinter faction of votes for him to fold to the eventual nominee & take the payoff – just like last time.
    An old sick useless posturing addled fool.
    Warren is gone❌
    Proven liar, a very thin base of lower socioeconomic white middle aged woman. White elitist academic with zero Presidential skills or capacity.
    Sure Warren is getting a little bounce now as Biden & Sanders get knocked out.
    But when Elizabeth Warren and her team & Schiff knife job 🔪 on Biden is fully exposed..
    (the scripted ‘whistleblower’, her team behind the ‘letter’ and the highly choreographed media smear attack using Trump to magnify the exposure of Biden’s corruption)..
    … then Elizabeth Warren will be the most hated democrat candidate of all time.

    The democrats centrists aren’t going to vote Warren when that comes out – and will either vote Trump or not at all.

    All the rest – Harris, Beto & Butt are a 🤡 show.

    In a month or so the democrats will be in full on factional war and crisis.

    -> No electable candidate.

      • Actually Gabbard is probably the pick (part Samoan, (D) Hawaii – centre, sensible, correct on the Middle East, highly critical of the corrupt DNC & democrat elitists and is young / woman / military and popular).

        But not backed by her own democrat party which has split into hard left, globalist socialism or the mainland crony race blocs & factions..

          • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

            The Twitter banter on her excedes the banter on all other Democrat candidates combined on my Account.

          • No. Because Yang is too feminine & weak.
            Yang is US born and his family upbringing was American middle class – his father an IBM researcher with a PHD, in an era of Asian American assimilation so he is not an ‘Asian’ culturally or in mindset.

            A fringe candidate with no life experience, his voter group are urban effete pseudo socialists, potheads, nihilists (and even some of the alt right) that he promises an unfunded UBI or freedom dividend of $1,000 a month.
            Outside of that he has no real policies, just middle of the road or vague stuff over decades.

            He is typical of the Democrat clown 🤡 lineup.

            Tulsi Gabbard by contrast did have some sensible sting policies and political experience.
            But she is not hard left or fringe or ‘female victim’ etc enough to be supported by her own party.