Ardern’s election promise shattered as NZ immigration booms

In the lead-up to the September 2017 general election, the New Zealand Labour Party launched a plan to reduce immigration by around a third in a bid to relieve chronic housing and infrastructure pressures (especially around Auckland):

…in recent years our population has been growing rapidly as record numbers of migrants arrive here. This has happened without the Government planning for the impact immigration is having on our country… This has contributed to the housing crisis, put pressure on hospitals and schools, and added to the congestion on roads…

Labour will… take a breather on immigration… In total, these changes are estimated to reduce net migration by 20,000-30,000. Without these changes there would be up to 10,000 more houses needed and up to 20,000 more vehicles on our roads annually.

Today, Statistics New Zealand released immigration data showing that net migration continue to boom, adding 280,000 people to New Zealand’s population in the five years to June 2019:

Since 2013, migrant arrivals have been consistently high, resulting in a sustained period of high net migration. In the five years ended June 2019, net migration added about 280,000 people to New Zealand’s population…

Recent net migration gains have been driven by non-New Zealand citizens (figure 2)…

The Labour Government has also recently announced a bunch of measures to increase immigration into New Zealand, including:

Jacinda Adern has unambiguously broken her key election commitment to reduce immigration, while effectively declaring war on Labour’s traditional working class base.

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  1. So she’s just another slimy lying scummy politician who betrayed the people who voted for her. Is it OK to say that about a female politician?

    • Enjoy the moment. In future you’ll get a knock on the door after making such comments on a blog. ‘Hate Speech’ legislation is enshrined — it’s now just a hop, skip and jump to extending that to pollie bashing. Oh, and billionaire bashing.

      They’ve got your number 😉

  2. Parties achieve power with high ambition but on day one they meet the mandarins at treasury who tell them that there is no local industry left to form a base to grow the economy and the only thing holding it all together is the immigration/housing complex. Their sage advice is to kick the can down the road, damn the consequences and focus the electorate on inconsequentialities like transgender rights, school bullying and gender pronouns.

  3. Not forgetting you are not comparing like with like – NZ recently changed they way they counted immigrants. Which had the effect of dropping the “number” by around 20-30%.

  4. Kindly correct me if I am misinterpreting it all but doesn’t the increased migrant insolubility product: { Migrants(NZ) x Migrants(Au) } that has resulted from this increased rate of NZ immigration mean that some of those NZ immigrants will end up floating across to Oz?

  5. There is only one sad upside to this and that is Wellington property owners like myself are getting jaw dropping returns on rentals.Every week stuff has another article on how bad the rental crisis is and no one seems to get the fact that this is an easy fix..turn off the immigration faucet.