Sino Scott takes to WeChat

Sino Scott is off the leash, via The Australian:

Scott Morrison has taken to Chinese social media service WeChat promising to defend embattled Liberal MP Gladys Liu and “all Chinese Australians.”

…“Overcoming many obstacles, Gladys Liu became the first Chinese woman to be elected to the House of Representatives,” Mr Morrison wrote on WeChat, accompanying the video.

“The Labor Party is sparing no effort to discredit Liu, but I will stand up and defend her and all Chinese Australians because they have made great contributions to Australia with a sincere heart.”

Liu discredited herself and now Scott Morrison is doing the same to his government. The irony of Sino Scott using a website with editorial links to Beijing to dispel a scandal about foreign influence should be lost on nobody.

This is a mad gambit. It will be super easy for the press to continue a constant drip of Gladys Liu dodgy facts given she is associated with an endless array of dodgy organisations.

She will be forced from power sooner or later and the longer Sino Scott stands by her side, the more he will be sullied by it.

In short, the longer he waits, the more he risks losing the inevitable by-election. He should have taken this on the chin and won respect from all for being decisive in the national interest.

Now he’s going to die the death of one thousand treasonous cuts.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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    • Agree.

      She’s not going anywhere. It’s not as though the LNP have steadfast determination in the face of criticism , it’s just that they truly do not give a fvck what anyone thinks of them. They can’t be booted for years and in the meantime they’re rewriting the rules in their own image and tearing the place apart looking for ever more rorting opportunities .

      They’re like a bull in a China shop which gets a brown bag full of cash for every item it breaks ….whilst we are the shop owner locked outside and watching impotently through the window as everything we’ve collectively built is destroyed.

      Only the ALP are so riven with oestrogen that they’d fall on their swords .

  1. I used to scoff at elderly conservatives who railed about ‘moral decay’ but there’s actually a lot of truth to it and it tends to be quite infectious – particularly when your leadership are as corrupt as fck.

  2. HadronCollisionMEMBER

    Deep down I think she will hang on and so will he

    Not sure Labor would be any different

    Need more CAs and shooters/fishers anyway TBH

  3. I’m amused but not too worried. Scumo will sooner or later become another example of the iron-clad law:

    Those who live by the shoeshine, DIE by the shoeshine.

  4. So, Steve Bannon may be on to something with his ‘Claws of the Red Dragon’ film?
    (Just got back from my first visit to Melbourne in 10 years, and what an eye-opener Swanston St was at 7pm on a Friday night!)

  5. “I will stand up and defend her and all Chinese Australians because they have made great contributions to Australia with a sincere heart.”

    Git fvcked cvnt.

    • Yes, this has nothing to do with Chinese Australians and their contributions…!

      Geez LNP, stop conflating your party’s interests with the national interest! (Which is an element of Fascist government…)

    • John Howards Bowling Coach

      Hixtar, I met this man, at a business function some years ago when he first became the Treasurer. I’d had few wine’s over lunch and I got to meet him in the gents, he was leaving as I went in the door to take a wizz. As we passed I told him I thought he was likely the worst treasurer Australia had ever seen. True to form for the pollies I have dealt with over the years, he didn’t skip a beat, gave a hint of a shocked look that a person of my belief happened to get near him, and then scurried away. I wondered later how many people actually voice their thoughts as I did that day, or whether like most apathetic Aussies, they grumble to themselves and say/do nothing.

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    • John Howards Bowling Coach

      Yes you can, albeit you can meet local Chinese Hookers, and as for normal women, it’s very unlikely as like any type of online dating the reasonable to good looking women get smashed with so many messages a day they don’t read any of they. So it’s not much good anymore.

  6. I don’t have much hope about this. In a week there will be another scandal, this will be forgotten.

    I think this is the moment where I’ve lost hope for Australia…

  7. Is ScoMo defending Glady’s contribution to Australia? Or her contribution to the Liberal Party?

    WeChat is not a website, it’s a messaging platform. Weibo is the microblogging website.

  8. “..have made great contributions to Australia with a sincere heart.”

    With a sincere heart. Only a native Chinese speaker would write this. It was prepared and given to Scumbag’s office by an outside party, then copy+pasted. Pathetic.

    • Indeed…

      Making a contribution and being sincere has nothing to do with the matter at hand, does it? He is, again, creating a straw man, conflating issues, and distracting whilst he leaves the stage (so to speak).

      The issue is dishonesty, compromise, potential corruption and foreign interference…not all this crap he is now coming up with as a defense and distractive emotional appeal.

  9. Scomo just keep gets ignoring issues and getting away with it, and others then seem stunned and unsure what to do?!

    What do you do? You keep at it, keep raising it, keep denying their narrative and assert the true narrative.

    You tell them they cannot, in good faith, keep ignoring things, and you tell them what it makes them for continuing to ignore things – this is asserting the narrative.

    Intelligent people need to know how to deal with willful spin doctors – force them to be accountable by controlling the narrative!

    Else, they will spin, conflate and distract until you shut up, and kept on doing what they want. They are will led, not reason led; any reason is just a tool for their will.

    Please get savvy.

  10. We need to take a leaf out of the Hong Kong`s or even South Korea`s playbook (with the while Park fiasco). If this happened on their watch people would be out on the street in force.

  11. John Howards Bowling Coach

    I would love someone in the media to ask SinoScummo to please clarify the contribution that Gladys Liu and the Chinese Australia’s have made. Yes there are a few of them who are Australian Loving locals now and they are very welcome, some of them such as Billy Sing and his family are really important parts of the Australia nation. However I know that SinoScummo will start on about some BullS**t tale of the $dollars of trade and the inflation in house prices and that they have lifted so many from poverty… At that point I would love to see a journalist with balls call him out and repeat the question, ask him to stop talking Bullcrap and actually outline what benefit Australia gets from him defending a clear corruption of our nation. Embarrass that man, the man who is supposed to be our leader, to live for the privilege of being in the nations highest office, existing only for the benefit of the Australian Nation. What a disgrace that we have this piece of crap as the Prime Minister, a man who would do anything to stay in power including selling out our nation without a second’s consideration.