Newcastle beach washed away by irony

This is one for Betoota:

In just five hours, those living in the coastal town of Stockton Beach watched in horror as the heart and soul of their community was washed away.

“It’s a crisis, a complete crisis,” Lucas Gresham, a local of five generations, told

“We’ve lost our suburb, because that beach is part of who we are. Going for a walk along the beach before you go to work or after you’ve finished work is a thing that makes you feel grounded and closer to nature.”

…Expert on coastal erosion and local resident Ron Boyd say this level of damage is man-made.

He says infrastructure at the Port of Newcastle — sold off to a Chinese consortium for $1.75 billion in 2014 — has caused Stockton to lose too much sand for it to recover.

He says breakwaters and a deep water channel, allowing ships to access the port, have disrupted wave patterns and stopped any new sand being brought onto the beach.

Now, he says the missing sand is being dumped at Newcastle Beach and Nobbys Beach.

Coal to China comes back as indifferent capital and rising sea levels in an ironic surf.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Ahahahahahhahahahahahahaja.

    But seriously, those people – nay, not just people, HOMEOWNERS – deserve a bailout!

  2. Have they changed the harbour in the last few years? I grew up in the Hunter Valley and used to take the train into Newcastle for the beach (when the train used to go into town lol). There was a breakwater and a deepwater channel for massive coal ships in the 80s. So unless they have expanded that I am not sure why the harbour is now a problem.

    Back in Maitland the Hunter River changed direction in the 70s after a flood and one of the old bridges was no longer a bridge!!

  3. They could demand a ‘bailout’ like the owners of Mascot Towers

    Like the flammable cladding crowd
    Like the owners of negatively geared housing ‘investments’
    Like under water mortgage payees will be at some point
    Like the banks will demand when the entire Sino-Banko-Speco Economy finds theres nothing left to eat but itself


    Bailouts, from here to horizon, as far as the eye can see.
    Bailouts no matter how hard and long the bailout road may be.
    Bailouts for those who get in often, and most of all who get in first.
    For when there is no more for bailouts is when things will be their worst.

    Bailout of monetary policy, be it unconventional or MMT
    Bailouts for our beaches, which may not cope well with rising seas
    Bailouts for the Darling, where the flyblown air has developed a pong
    Bailouts for speculators who were doing ‘nothing wrong’

    Bailouts for those who bought us, and learn their forecast ROI will fail
    Bailouts for politicians, and other fine purveyors, of speciously plausible tales
    Bailouts for the media drowning in a sea of unbelief
    Bailouts for tourism assets, near what was the Barrier Reef

    Bailouts for bankers bonus’ and real estate agents too
    Bailouts for people smugglers, and tax avoiders caught in plain view
    Bailouts for those who were ‘lifting’, and those also ‘having a go’
    Bailouts for those running the electricity grid, or gas pipeline monopolies, who simply ‘weren’t to know’

    Bailouts for small business, who thought wage kickbacks were the norm
    Bailouts for University Vice Chancellors who thought plagiarism and weak English really showing form
    Bailouts after the lump sum splash, to go with the pension and the abode
    Bailouts for foreign oligarchs looking to excavate another carbon load

    Bailouts for politicians who cannot find post politics sinecures
    Bailouts for senior bureaucrats purveying politically appropriate economic cures
    Bailouts for senior managers of Australia’s corporate elite
    For whom for whom the competitive jungle, is bailed out each year with thousands of extra feet

    Bailouts of the right kind, for the right kind of worthies too
    Bailouts for the leaders who’ve given the nation their due
    Bailouts for those who, to this day, make Australia what it is
    And bailouts for accountants, who make tax avoidance such a whizz

    Bailouts for those in a position to deploy the law of torts
    Bailouts for those who revel in taxpayer funded rorts
    But we should of course come to realise that as the bailout barrel drains
    The economics of efficient markets may mean there will be some broader bailout pain

    Gunnamatta 2019