Mortgage broker: APRA has unleashed specufestors

Via Martin North:

David Llewellyn-Smith

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  1. Oh, dher!

    This must be the bit where the specufestors, having seen a year with slight negative sideways moment remain spooked off forever. And the market has no bids.

    It’s all happening.

    • Patience! The consumer tapping story is yet to play out into unemployment… helps that we have the most tightars3 govt ever.

      • Haha…. you know who is doing the tapping?

        Reusa and his mates are tapping the tenants and the taxpayer. every day.

      • Jumping jack flash

        I really don’t think unemployment will move.
        The conditions around actually being counted as “unemployed” are very specific. Its no accident that it was made that way. It was made that way to once and for all remove the possibility that we can ever get unemployment above, say, 6% again. If anyone is waiting for 11% unemployment to wave their arms around and shout that the sky is falling in, its not going to happen.

        People on the hook for insanity-inducing amounts of debt will happily dive into the newly-formed “gig economy” or work a few hours here and there to make it up, and thereby not be counted as unemployed, even if they’re receiving benefits.

        If you’re not working 10 jobs in the downturn, you’re not working hard enough.

        It remains to be seen, of course.

        • So unemployment doesn’t need to go up. Its as if they’ll hide the real value for unemployment then wonder why it all goes to poo.

        • The problem with this synopsis is that it assumes the measuring somehow matters more than the actual unemployment. Newsflash, it doesn’t. Its not the measuring of unemployment, or lack thereof, that is the problem, its the actual rise in the jobless and how this damages the economy. Even if they are in fact squibbing the stats the damaging drag on the economy will still be taking place. And this is exactly what we are seeing.

      • Oh, you must be new here, never been exposed to the dry peachy wit… Some say it’s indistinguishable from sarcasm, others say she’s dead serious. Whatever floats your goat, really. Kinda like Reusa, could be his thumb, could be his schlong, point of the matter is that something goes somewhere.

      • I think the LNP would say that whatever you need to believe and get in line with their agenda, is a good thing. So, if it’s convenient to say poverty is a lifestyle choice, then yes, sing it.

      • oh shut up or be smite’d.

        you should be clapping and saying how good is low rates! (clap clap)

        How good is a bull trap? (clap clap)

        How good is buying an overpriced house while (clap) Chinese and American banks have liquidity problems!! (clap clap)

        How good is the clap? (clap clap) Reusa?

  2. John Howards Bowling Coach

    Seems from the Video it is still going nowhere. The wealthy areas have fallen the most, seen falls around inner East of Melb close to 30%, so there will always be some wealthy buyers looking at that as a buying opportunity. But the bulk of the market are looking at the reality that the market is not a cash machine and they also see the massive debt they are asked to service in return for a roof over their head and plenty are saying no thanks. I think it could take a bigger fall as I see a lot of big employers still chopping back their workforce and nothing on the horizon to put a lot of cash into pockets aside from some government spending like the tunnel projects, but that really is only supporting the labor unions.