Labor holds post-election Newspoll gains

Via The Australian comes Newspoll:

An exclusive Newspoll conducted for The Australian shows Mr Albanese suffering a six-point slide in popularity amid a divisive debate over the case of a Sri Lankan asylum-seeker family facing deportation. The Coalition’s primary vote rose a point on the last poll to 43 per cent and now sits almost two clear points ahead of the 41.4 per cent that secured it victory at the May 18 election. Labor has also made gains, rising a point to 35 per cent, despite the loss of support for its leader, with the government forced to defend poor economic figures released last week.

The two-party-preferred vote remains unchanged at 51-49 in favour of the Coalition, which a month ago peaked at 53-47 after passing its income tax cuts.

In a possible sign that the political contest has polarised since the election, support for independents and minor parties other than the Greens and One Nation has fallen away, dropping from 9 per cent in the Newspoll conducted three weeks ago to 5 per cent in the latest survey.

Let’s remember that ScoMo did not win the election, he didn’t lose it thanks to preference flows, so it is not surprising that some of that unwinds post poll.

Meanwhile, Labor is happy to play invisible man, at the AFR:

Labor has signalled it could hold off on the release of its policies until closer to the 2022 election so it can be more “nimble” in responding to changing economic and political circumstances.

In the wake of ALP President Wayne Swan’s declaration that Labor should retain large chunks of the re-distributive agenda Bill Shorten took to the May election, shadow assistant treasurer Stephen Jones told The Australian Financial Review the party had to fight the 2022 campaign based on issues relevant at that time.

Opposition leader Anthony Albanese announced the review of the party’s policies after the shock election defeat but decisions about what to keep, rejig or dump won’t begin to be made until the election post mortem by Labor elders Craig Emerson and Jay Weatherill is finalised next month.

It will be very interesting to see what Jay Weatherill comes up with. He’s been a standout for the past decade with a much better sense of the electorate than others.

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