Is it a Coalition, or a real estate, media monopoly?

Via the Coalition’s apologist, The Australian:

Nine Entertainment chief executive Hugh Marks hosted a $10,000-a-head Liberal Party fundraising event on the set of the network’s Today show, prompting an angry backlash from the company’s newspaper journalists.

Australia’s biggest media union said journalists from The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Australian Financial ­Review raised serious concerns “about the impact on their newspapers’ charter of editorial independence” following the event, which raised $700,000 for the ­Liberal Party.

…“We strongly object to our reputation for independent journalism being compromised by the hosting of party political fundraisers,” said journalists serving on the MEAA union house committees at the three newspapers in a letter to Mr Marks and Nine’s managing director of publishing, Chris Janz.

“The former Fairfax mastheads have a long history of political independence. If this has changed and we are now associated with the Liberal Party, this should be conveyed to staff. Our mastheads have done much to ­expose the corrupting influence of money on politics. It is vitally ­important that we remain independent of the political process.”

There has not been any obvious shift in editorial policy at the metropolitan mastheads since the Nine takeover. That said, these things are usually thin-sliced and it will take time. I expect it will come.

However, the ownership of the Smage is not the key issue. What is is that they long ago lost their editorial independence as they became cross-subsidised by Domain. This has led to editorial policy settings that are highly damaging to Australian living standards.

Nine is now a fully fledged member of the real estate cartel that runs Australia. This long ago curtailed robust discussion around the role of immigration in the Australian political economy, the resulting distortions of real estate, the warping of policy to service all interests that benefit from both, even to the point of selling out national security.

This is a bipartisan corruption.

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  1. Or, if I may be permitted, to paraphrase the first para:
    “Sydney Morning Herald editor Lisa Davies is hosting an exclusive $900-a-head population-growth love-in, on the set of the five-star Amora Hotel, prompting a happy silence from the company’s independent-always newspaper journalists.”

  2. I find this so bleedingly obvious to the point its a joke. Thanks Macrobusiness for calling it though at the risk of being called tin hat conspiracy theorists.

  3. I reckon the Fairfax mastheads were in decline long before Domain became prominent. Many of their quality journalists were shown the door in favour of hiring reporters to churn government press releases. Since the sale to Nine Entertainment, holding the Government to account is now an optional extra with a bias toward spinning the Government in a positive light eg what we see as inaction, ninefax sees a government considering their options.

    It’s interesting to note the latest Essential poll shows that just 15% of voters take an active interest in politics which is probably just they way they like it.

  4. The Horrible Scott Morrison MP

    It’s the role of the government and the corporations to give people what they need, not what they voted for. Lower property prices, Brexit, a ban on in utero baby murdering, are all things the unwashed and uneducated voted for because they’re racist and don’t really understand complex issues.

  5. We strongly object to our reputation for independent journalism being compromised

    😆😆 What reputation?

    Reminds me of this:

    We are accused of peddling fake news

    The media has been corrupt for decades. I just did not realise it until 2015. It insists that mass immigration is inevitable and unstoppable while ignoring the fact that UBI was almost implemented in 1971. There are endless articles on race and basically none on homelessness and public housing. The lamestream media insists that only English-speaking nations are racialist because they are less than 50% foreign born while refusing to mention that only 2% of Japan is foreign born. If a Western nation becomes 50% foreign born, the corrupt media will insist that it is still racialist because it is less than 90% foreign born.

    YouTubers such as SerpentZA and SavageGeese go deep to tell us the facts.

    This is the media pretending to go deep: