David Llewellyn-Smith does Aussie gastastrophe on 2GB

For those that don’t know already know about the single greatest commodity policy stuff up since Nauru hosed away its guano billions, here it is!

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  1. Great that you and the gas issue are getting more mainstream press.

    The gas issue really has to be dealt with, and the vested interests really do need to be put in their place…

  2. “Don’t mention the war”. Well this man actually almost mentioned the war saying the words gas cartell. Who is this gas cartell and how did they get there hands on most of our gas?

    What i have said on Macro before which no one is allowed to talk about. Let us see the data of who controls our gas in percentage and dollar terms and names of which politician signed off on giving the gas to only one competitor despite knowing full well we are a capitalist society. Giving all the gas to one giant to control and set the price without restriction is not a market it is communism.

    Who gave the gas to USA corporations owned by world banks? Howard!

    Our country and media is not free to show the data and paperwork of our gas markets as any main media journalist will not get it past editing and will be out on the street without a job or raided by the gestapo under colonel Dutton.

    Show the data of who owns our gas in detail and who allowed this to happen in detail from the top down.

    But they won’t because we are not free! Happy to be proven wrong with data or paperwork.