Australian dollar, bond yields sink as rate cuts locked in

The Australian dollar has resumed its great sink today as bank and market observers pile in for rate cuts:

Bonds are on fire:

Stocks too:

Dalian is weak:

But nobody cares as Big Iron reaches for the skies. FMG hilarity!

And Big Gas for that matter:

Big Gold is forgotten though at least its AUD hedge is back:

Big Banks love it:

REA is only realty stock in Australia:

The profitless boom booms on!


  1. lol FMG has gone full retard.

    Trading at same multi year highs that it put in a month ago…. when the iron ore price was 30% higher.

  2. It’s all about free money. It doesn’t where you put it, whatever you buy it was for free!
    You are buying something for nothing. Never need to pay it back it and it’s yours for nothing.
    Now do you get it?