Tiny Tim scurries for cover on wage smashing IR reforms

Few have done more to damage the Australian national interest than “Tiny” Tim Wilson. After years of poisoning the science of climate change, enjoying red carpet rides into positions of power he wasn’t qualified for, distracting the nation from historic policy reform with marginal social issues, running corrupt bucket shops to get elected, and lying on his electoral posters about which party he stood for, the bleachers today get a modicum of revenge. At the AFR:

Labor pounced on the push on Monday, especially that to exempt small and medium businesses from unfair dismissal laws, as a return to “key elements of WorkChoices”.

Liberal MP Tim Wilson, who helped arrange a business briefing for colleagues on industrial relations when Parliament last sat, said no-one was trying to undermine Scott Morrison’s edict that any policy changes must be evidence based, not ideological.

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