Tiny house apocalypse mushrooms in New Zealand

Via Stuff:

Jamie Cameron and Kylie Thomson have nailed the tiny house concept.

The New Plymouth owners of NZ Tiny Homes have acquired a social media following of 26,000, which is why they have just sold their tiny house show home in three hours after posting it on Facebook – they have received 554 comments on the sale.

And Cameron says he could have sold it several times over. “We actually sold it at Fieldays in June, but the sale fell through, so we remarketed it last weekend with an off-grid solar package option, and it went in three hours.

“We’re having to build a whole run of them now,” he says. “We build seven to eight at one time in our New Plymouth factory and they’re going all over the North Island.”

Cameron says the stunning tiny house pictured here was a “demo”. “We won Best Site at Fieldays, and people know us now,” he says. “Our Facebook following is increasing by 1000 people every three to four days.”

So why the demand for a home that is just 22 square metres? Cameron believes tiny houses have been legitimised.

“Twelve months ago a tiny house was a bit of a gimmick – a buzz world. Now, a year later it has become a serious option for people. There is pressure on housing, and we have proved you can shrink a beautiful-looking home into a smaller space and make it work. They are no different from a GJ Gardner home – just smaller and transportable.

“Our tiny houses are going to people of all ages, including young couples with kids, retirees and investors. And they are taking them to be a home.”

Cameron says six to eight people from around New Zealand come to the factory every week to look at a tiny house. “This weekend we have had four lots from Wellington, and last weekend two lots came up from Christchurch.”

And there is no doubt it’s the fit-out that is appealing. And the kitchen can take a lot of the credit. “The kitchen is the pride point in the home for Kiwis, as is the bathroom. So we don’t compromise these areas. We always prioritise a great kitchen and a beautiful ensuite, and then ensure there’s a place to sit, eat and sleep.”

The demo kitchen has marble benchtops, a decorative laser-cut white screen to partially hide the bed, a triple-glazed stained-glass windows and a timber benchtop with stools for casual dining. Cameron says buyers can choose their flooring and lighting.

Cameron and Thomson already have nearly 30 people working in their New Plymouth factory, not counting numerous contractors, and they are now in the process of signing up builders throughout the country so they can grow the business even further. Cameron says they are aiming for show homes in every province.

The one good thing to come out of the tiny house movement is that tiny house denizens can’t reproduce, so they will be bred out eventually. That will a greater concentration of folks with more backbone to take on a system that is so corrupt that it can take a monumental crushing of future generations living standards and repackage it as a lifestyle breakthrough.

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  1. In other words,. people have meekly accepted their suckering at the hands of the land-rent racket, and are prepared to hand over most of what they should have been able to spend on a HOUSE, for a postage stamp size piece of dirt. There is no actual saving in the big picture, just a transfer of allocation of household income, from actual structure, to the land rentiers.

  2. The Horrible Scott Morrison MP

    This is a wonderful innovation. If you half the size of houses they become half as expensive, which means you can buy twice as many. How good is innovation?

    • Professor DemographyMEMBER

      I think you’ll find the p[lan is more productive than that.

      The only way tiny houses will become accepted is if you can have 3 or more of them on what is current single block size and thus sell the same land at a higher price than now.

      Everything is aimed at creating more ‘productive’ land sales.

      • Jumping jack flash

        I can’t see why the “single block” size can’t be redefined to be 10 times smaller than what it currently is. Then the lucky people who own the “single block” of yesteryear can split up their “single block” into 10 parcels, each the same price as the original single block.

        Put one of those tiny houses on each and you have a completely marketable housing estate, with house and land packages for $650K.

        put a fence around it with a gate and its a “gated community” and they’ll each sell for 200K more. Easy.

    • Jumping jack flash

      Yes I’m with you, Scott.

      The tiny houses will become the new norm for the young. Making them offgrid is a genius move to attract all those GenZ/Y hipsters. They should definitely have an option for a dung fireplace, and a place to hang your coconut fibre mumu.

      For now they are considered cheap but give it time and they’ll reach the “comfortable” 300K – 500K normal price range that the average worker should have no trouble getting enough debt to afford.

      Its the leg up we need for continuing the push towards the utopia of infinite debt.

  3. … Now back to the real world … getting real new affordable houses in place for real people …

    … Is the National Opposition in the process of supporting and working with the current Government on hoiusing and urban development issues … finally ? …

    Posted at … (full version) https://www.kiwiblog.co.nz/2019/08/bishop_on_housing.html/comment-page-1#comment-2542893 … and … (short version) https://www.macrobusiness.com.au/2019/08/macro-afternoon-714/#comment-3414467

    NEW ZEALAND: National Party MPs and supporters need to join with National MP Chris Bishop and support Governments housing and urban development reforms …

    (New Zealand National MP Chris) Bishop on Housing – Kiwiblog


    Contact: Chris Bishop MP
    [email protected]

    An excellent post by Hutt South MP Chris Bishop on the housing problem in the Hutt. First the facts:

    • The average house in Lower Hutt is now $596,000. This is about 6 times the median household income in New Zealand.

    • The average rent in Lower Hutt is $452 per week.

    • The social housing wait list in the Hutt is at record levels, with 404 clients waiting for a house.

    • The government is spending a million dollars every quarter on housing people in motels in the Hutt Valley.

    • Housing NZ has only built 4 units (16 bedrooms) since September 2017.

    Then the diagnosis:

    It’s all about supply … read more via hyperlink above …

  4. Geez, you’re really ripping this niche a new one. What next? Attacking the doll house making industry for brainwashing our children into thinking minuature homes are fun?

    If someone has $120k to spend on a tiny home, then they probably have the financial capability to buy a regular home on land. You are making out like we are seeing a wave of these sell for affordability reasons when it would seem likely most are purchased by choice (where a buyer has other options). A pretty good choice if you’re the mostly outdoors type and living in New Zealand.

    • The Horrible Scott Morrison MP

      These wealthy young people should be free to enjoy the benefits of tiny home ownership without being patronised by an economist with an axe to grind. Now, if only we could find any benefits…

      • Benefits?

        Low environmental impact.
        Smaller interior to keep clean.
        Allows someone to spend more on land in a desirable area if that is a preference.
        Cheap holiday home, when the plan is to spend most time outdoors.
        Allows someone to put a residence where there may be great expenses in building an established home e.g. rural/wilderness, uneven ground except for small clearings, etc.

      • It will have a “lower” environmental impact than a traditional home. Fewer resources used in it’s construction, less area to fill with ‘things’ you don’t use, less power consumption to heat / cool. Common sense… “chortle”.

    • Jumping jack flash

      I agree. I think 120K is probably achievable for an average worker to be able to save up over 20, maybe 30 years of hard work and steady saving, and then they could buy one of them outright without needing debt.

      Imagine that!
      I’m in.

      The problem is that some brainwashed goose will borrow a heap of debt to buy one with and then the prices will jump up and they’ll quickly reach the point where saving for one is impossible and debt is required.

  5. Thanks for voicing your accurate summation of the BS small house movement. People are not designed to inhabit tiny spaces. Nothing says housing BS like ‘marble’ bench top – al 600 x600mm of it. Pressure cooker living – tiny kitchen, the block, home shows, Domain, Domayne etc – medication D&A to alleviate depression of cramped living space…careful frayed nerves, tiny kitchens and knives…recipe for disaster

  6. sigh… if its got wheels it’s not a house, it’s a caravan.


    Actually, it’s what the Americans call a Trailer. A pretty attractive trailer but in 10 years time, it will just be another double wide in a caravan park.