IT Start-ups handed migrant visa slaves

The Morrison Government has announced that it will make the Global Talent Scheme permanent after a 12-month trial, thus permitting start ups to employ cheap migrant workers:

Under the program, two visa streams are available to fill specialised positions. Established businesses with a turnover of $4 million can apply for up to 20 visas for foreign workers annually, while start-ups in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics field can apply for five.

Twenty-three firms have struck agreements of up to five years with the government to bring workers into the country under the streamlined scheme. These include Rio Tinto, Coles, Atlassian and Cochlear…

StartupAUS chief executive Alex McCauley, who chairs an advisory panel that endorses eligible start-up companies to access the visa scheme, said Australia was in a global war for talent…

“For a long time start-up founders have thought the biggest thing holding them back in Australia is access to top talent,” Mr McCauley said.

“These are people in demand all over the world. These are new economy jobs but they don’t exist in big numbers in Australia yet. Demand is substantially higher than supply.”

The list of established companies already taking advantage of the Global Talent Scheme is provided below:

According to the Department of Home Affairs’ Fact Sheet on the Global Talent Scheme, established businesses must pay a minimum salary of $180,000. Thus, these visas are reserved for¬†highly skilled and highly paid migrants to fill genuine skill gaps across the economy.

However, the start-ups scheme contains the same low salary floor of $53,900 as other “temporary skilled shortage” (TSS) visas, requires “at least 3 years work experience directly relevant to position”, and provides a “transitional pathway to permanent residence after 3 years”. Therefore, these visas will be used primarily to employ cheap migrant workers and will undercut Australian workers’ wages and conditions.

One wonders how rare the skills are when the minimum visa salary is a pitiful $53,900?

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    • Strange EconomicsMEMBER

      And Yes – Atlassian in the top 10 list. A major importer of underpaid Vietnamese engineers on 457, (cheaper than anywhere or 458 temporary new graduates). No need to pay them much when it comes with a bonus of PR after 3 years.
      Meanwhile lots of local IT graduates are unemployed…

      They are the future of innovation – only in innovative wages policies !
      Unlike the USA technology is not innovative here or a way to wealth (except for the owner) – just financial engineering !

  1. Forrest GumpMEMBER

    The entire International stage is being brought here so locals can be exploited, while the profits and company taxes are parked back overseas where us locals get FA benefit

  2. There is so much dross in the IT market I interview (phone first, then face to face) at least ten candidates submitted by an alleged IT resource supplier before I can find someone that is somewhat competent. To get someone that can think and execute, well they are rare

    • “someone that can think and execute” is likely looking at the stream of $53,000 incoming IT workers and heading for another field, or simply realises that 53,000 isn’t a comfortably livable income in any big city in australia. How much are you paying if you actually want people able to think?

      • Strange EconomicsMEMBER

        Cmon – Is it so difficult?
        Why thats 40k after tax,
        minus 20k for a 1 bedroom apartment at 350 a week,
        minus 5k to run a car and minus train pass 2k, then minus 3k to fly 457 home once a year and minus send money back to family,
        leaves 30 a day or 10k/year 200$ a week for food, clothing, medical, etc.
        (considering politicians claim Newstart is easy – even though they get 10k negative gearning welfare themselves)

        Only solution is live 6 in a 2 bedroom flat, like you see in Melbourne and Sydney.
        Unfortunately this is unliveable for a loical with children.

        So by competing these visas – now wages have been lowered below liveable.
        Raise the 457 threshold to $80 k tomorrow.

    • IT recruiters whack up an ad, do a one minute ‘screen’ call and then flick you the CV. Best to whack up the advert yourself.

    • Strange EconomicsMEMBER

      Or the Telegraph shows Tradie builders go from 60 to 100K.

      And Then you can get a great Dual Cab 4wd Ute – tax subsidy 40% deductible – and go surfing /skiing /dirt biking all weekend.
      Try get a house renovation quote and get a shock at the labour rates…

      So Why go to uni for 3 years for IT, get a HECS debt, then find you can only get 53K if you can get a job?

      No encouragement for the “innovative” IT future in Australia.

    • Or Do #LearnToCode, the amount of people who are competent programmers vs people who copy/paste others solutions is quite rare. There is a lot of people saying they can code, but what they write is garbage filled with bugs and difficult to maintain / update. Technical debt. What a nightmare…

      • Technical *bad* debt, please! It’s a pleasure to work with technical debt which is well structured and makes sense… sadly… spaghetti copro-grammers are now winning.

        Enjoy your OOP JS, beaotch!

  3. Reckon there will be a good line in startup bodyshops providing subbies to infosys/tech mahindra et al.

    • Strange EconomicsMEMBER

      The irony. They should have recruited more low wage workers to fix their own IT and payroll systems….
      How did they manage to lose 13 million when they clip on 10 to 20% for all their workers salaries?.

  4. Ronin8317MEMBER

    If it’s IT : why do they even need the employee to physically come to Australia?

    • truthisfashionable

      I agree, but not whilst businesses are ‘doing agile’.
      That’s a whole subset of hell having remote workers “dial in” to a stand up every morning in an open plan, hot desk filled office.

    • Strange EconomicsMEMBER

      When they do outsourcing the releases never come back right. That model has failed many times, except in generic database.

      So now they do “in sourcing” by 457 where the workers sit here agilely.

  5. GussyArgMEMBER

    The entire IT market has been destroyed by immigration. They keep bringing cheap Labor, majority incompetent.

    What is even worse, once the cheap Labor gets a job, they recruit their own and not aussies.