Rising Australian dollar crushes ASX stocks

See the latest Australian dollar analysis here:

Macro Afternoon

It started with Wall St but it got much worse after the good jobs report:

Aussie long bonds are at more all time records despite the jobs report:

Yet the Australian dollar rose 20 pips:

Dalian is soft again:

Big Iron is getting a taste of what’s to come:

If anything, Big Gas is worse:

Not even Big Gold can get a bid higher:

The Big Bank rally appears well and truly over and the bear market is intact amid a giant declining channel, as the yield curve is crushed:

Big Realty is sick too, other than the bulletproof REA:

All red today. More to come.

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  1. Sold out of CSL today at $231.20.
    Waiting for ALU to release results Monday close and gambling on a happy outcome there to cash that lot in.
    After that, I’ve only got a few speculative stocks left which are boom or bust.
    I’m gettin out!

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      That’s not having a go, that’s going!

      Also, A2, do you prefer eucalyptus impregnated tissues, or aloe? Said I’d have to get you some for when the 10 year got an 8 in front of it. Didn’t realise that would be so soon!

      How good are bonds?!