Mass immigration floods Australia with spies, insurgents

Via the ABC:

Foreign espionage is taking place in Australia at a greater rate than any other time in history.

It comes after revelations Rwanda has an alleged network of spies suppressing political dissent in refugee communities in Queensland

The stark warning from the nation’s domestic intelligence agency follows accusations the east African nation of Rwanda has a network of spies working to supress political dissent in refugee communities.

Intelligence experts say the public doesn’t fully understand the extent of the threat, or how easily migrants and refugees can be recruited as spies, often against their will.

An Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) spokesperson said foreign interference and espionage was happening at an “unprecedented scale” but refused to detail tactics used to recruit refugees and migrants.

“The security threat comes from the actions and intent of the small number of individuals who seek to do Australia harm,” the spokesperson said.

The ASIO warning comes after the ABC uncovered a secret recording of an alleged Rwandan spy, filmed in a Gold Coast car park late last year.

The man can be heard explaining how the Rwandan Government runs espionage operations out of its embassies and high commissions.

Spies in our suburbs

The ABC has unearthed Rwanda’s shadowy network of spies and their efforts to silence political dissent in Australian suburbs.

“When there is an embassy, the Ambassador is in charge of the secret agents,” he said on the tape.

The term “spy” often refers to anyone who gathers intelligence or information overseas, without letting their host country know what they’re doing.

Professor John Blaxland from the Australian National University said many countries had a track record of trying to use their nationals living in Australia to sway decisions made by government agencies, corporations and education institutions in their favour.

He said this was achieved by planting spies in diplomatic missions but could also involve blackmailing or coercing refugees and migrants into becoming informers.

“There are broad principles that apply not just to Rwanda, but a range of countries, including China,” Professor Blaxland said.

“Refugees who flee often have family connections remaining with [their] home country.

“The government can choose to exercise that power over the minds of the residents in Australia concerning safety and wellbeing of relatives back home, and that can be a very difficult pressure to resist.”

Senior intelligence figures told the ABC that China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, North Korea and Malaysia were known to monitor their diaspora living in Australia, while also seeking to silence those who might speak out against their former governments.

In several instances, one source said, the Australian government of the day has used diplomatic channels to make known its concern, with a view to stopping the intimidation.

The intelligence community refer to these people recruited by fully trained foreign spies as “co-optees” or agents.

According to another international intelligence expert, there are hundreds of “co-optees” operating in Australia, and many have been blackmailed, threatened or coerced into joining.

Some, the source said, were shown photos of a family member in their home country sitting between two intelligence officers, as a warning.

The expert said some agents would seek to gain political gossip from the press clubs, parliaments and diplomatic functions, but their main job was to recruit agents and get recruit agents to get valuable information.

This can happen through a front group, or so-called “false flag” operation, where they purport to be something they’re not — like a charity or community group, he said.

While acknowledging the threat posed, the ASIO spokesperson went to lengths to insist the “actions of few” shouldn’t impugn the reputation of the bulk of law-abiding refugees.

“It is critical that we avoid commentary that will instil fear and taint communities which make such a positive contribution to Australian life, economy and culture,” the spokesperson said.

Refugees fearing for families back home

Professor Blaxland said fears about the wellbeing of family members could often be well-founded, with intimidation, job losses and disappearances occurring.

He said once recruited, expats can be asked to do anything from “gathering information to pass back to the home country” to “conducting illegal acts that are not in the interest of the company they are working for or Australia more broadly — effectively hostile acts”.

“Everyone in the national security committee knows that that’s what’s going on, and it’s one of the reasons agencies in that domain have been agitating for greater resources and legal flexibility,” Professor Blaxland said.

Australian Institute of International Affairs president Ian Lincoln was a diplomat for more than three decades but insists embassy staff “didn’t know all the secrets”.

“Sometimes the methods involved in getting secret intelligence can be a little bit unsavoury, putting pressure on people, one way or another,” he said.

“You might say we’ve discovered you’re substantially in debt and you wouldn’t want people to know too much about that, but I’m not going to say anything about it, but could you just tell me about… and off you go.”

This is a China story hidden behind a Rwanda fig leaf.

I’m afraid that the mass immigration economic model does not work in the world of de-globalisation.

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. Two million overseas students from China at any one time in Australia………imagine if we’re called upon to meet out obligations to the US if an armed conflict with China was to occur…..

    • Ronin8317MEMBER

      You mean, like the US asking Australia to imprison everyone who looks Chinese in Australia and round them up in a concentration camp?

      • yes, Ronin, send them home, they’re only here to obtain permanent residency so as to colonise us.

      • @jimsmith767 We see the world as we are. The West has colonised numerous countries hence why we are afraid the Chinese will do the same. Truth is, China has never colonised anyone, never even tried and failed, they only care for trade. If anything, the Chinese are afraid other cultures will pollute theirs.

      • “Truth is, China has never colonised anyone.” [cough, cough] Tibet and Xinjiang [cough, cough] FFS

      • China has never colonised anyone. There’s always a first and beside, China’s colonised large slices of the planet through trade.

  2. Agreed … read this and thought … Rwanda, not even a middle power. What do we have to fear? This story asks you to look through Rwanda to other culprits.

    • I’m looking through it alright and I see ASIO demanding a bigger budget!

      This is the way it works with gubbermint departments: invent a crisis or a threat and get handed more money to combat this. Otherwise known as empire building. Rwanda indeed …

  3. I read that story this morning – fvcking Rwanda? Who cares. We can’t be seen to be directly admonishing the Chinese student cash-cow can we now, Professor?

  4. I actually wouldn’t be opposed to a military coup in this country

    Is there a suitable strong man in intelligence or ADF?

    It’s what we need at the moment

    • My brother is an officer in the army. The major feeling across the entire defence force is this country is ruined culturally. The military is also awash with a vibrancy drive. There is feeling that the country has also been put at serious risk by the government. That’s what he tells me, not sure what the actual top brass feels, and what a strong patriot would do to change anything?

      Obviously anything resulting from the military would be absolutely disastrous for the economy. I can’t think of any stable economy that has progressed under a change of government and policy under military direction.

      • Isn’t imran khan the democratically elected prime minister of pakistan?

        I could get behind Steve Waugh for our PM

        Edit: I’d probably prefer AB actually

    • ex-head of the Australian Navy, Admiral Lord is your man…no wait he now runs Huawei Australia.

      Defence is just as deeply penetrated by the Chinese as the rest of Australia.

  5. Hill Billy 55MEMBER

    And I am reliably informed that the reason for the detention centres is that it deters the criminal elements that might want to come like what happened during the Vietnamese Boat People interlude of the late 70’s. Fellow said it with a straight face (he is a lawyer). Unfortunately ScoMo has the criminals entering via the Qantas VIP Lounge!

  6. Nothing to do with mass immigration.

    Spooks don’t come with asylum application or don’t apply for immigration visa.
    Need paid 3 weeks vacation at Gold Coast cash and a Visa card… tourist visa granted.
    Or they just get a UK/US/HK/NK/you name it passport and come as preferred

    The hysteria is transforming into paranoia

  7. It the virtue signalling realm, black lives matter more than yellow.

    ABC and SBS will always purport to care more about an African “refugee” or spy’s wellbeing than a Chinese – and go and make a story about it as if to care about those poor skinnys. Australia really has become absurdly PC, leftist, twisted, lost and sham society !

    • billygoatMEMBER

      @Les Yep and programming ramped up for all ages demographics & sexes (is that non PC – I don’t care)
      Yesterday story about Australia’s current Super Model from Africa (landed in Oz 2-3 years ago) now Australia. She did a story about how she was subjected in Australia schools and society by racism cos of her skin colour which it seems is also her ticket to stardom cos it ain’t the pretty face – stick skinny…anyway Who Weekly printed the story with wrong bl$$k girl on the cover. Hard to say how they ran the story about the story while tiptooaround the blaaaaack elephant in the room. Fat white, red faced Aussie pre & post teens will argue righteously with friends and family about injustice – irony as they will never ‘get that look’