Let Australia’s international student market collapse

Robert Gottliebsen has rung the alarm that Australia’s international student trade risks falling over if Chinese international students stop arriving in record numbers:

Universities are funded by taking in foreign students who pay full fees. Many of these students come from China. Chinese universities have adapted their courses to fit the modern world…

In other words, in business terms, we face a rival which has updated its product. In the past, Chinese universities have not had the capacity to meet the demand, but they are catching up.

And just to make matters even more dangerous for Australia, relations with China are poor, so returning to China with an Australian degree might not carry the same advantage that existed in previous decades, particularly given the rise in the standard of Chinese universities.

On this front, Australia is helped by the fact that the largest education state, Victoria, was smart enough to join China’s belt and road initiative.

Of course the student market covers many other countries. We must also recognise that a proportion of the total student market has come to Australia seeking long-term residency. If Canberra tightens the visa requirements, it will be a disaster for the education sector because without visa seeking students, the tertiary education sector could not be funded…

I do not claim to have the answers but Australia’s third largest export industry has not recognised that the game has changed. Nor have the federal and state governments, who blame each other. We have to change the debate or we will lose this industry because if overseas students fall then it will go into a downward spiral.

As shown in the next chart, Chinese accounted for 201,000 international student enrolments as at March 2019, well ahead of second placed India (101,301) and third placed Nepal (51,559):

However, the latest student visa data from the Department of Home Affairs shows that visa applications from China fell 3.3% in the second half of 2018, which was more than offset by strong growth from both India (53.5%) and Nepal (47.8%):

Australia’s international student trade is effectively caught between allowing ongoing political interference from China, in an attempt to keep Chinese student numbers flowing, and/or further dumbing down entry and teaching standards to entice lower quality students from India and Nepal, many of whom study in Australia for the primary purpose of qualifying for permanent residency.

Thirty years ago, Australia’s tertiary education systems were not big exporters. Thirty years ago, the academic content of the best universities was far more rigorous than today, built upon rational discourse and insistence on evidence, precedent, logic and effective communication. Becoming a big exporter has led the sector to dumb down its courses for profit.

A collapse in the international student market would cause short term pain but long term would prove positive for Australia, since universities would have to go back to being institutes of teaching excellence, not profit driven businesses used as avenues for backdoor migration.

Further, if the trade fell away, there is a natural stabiliser in the falling Australian dollar that would bring in more students seeking value and quality over easy residency.

Over the long term that delivers productivity and competitiveness gains that are both destroyed by the short term money grab.

Leith van Onselen
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    • reusachtigeMEMBER

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      • It’s only the inferior Aussies that need to resort to breeding with the third world. I guess if good looking white chicks won’t look at you, you have to start going down towards the bottom of the barrel.

      • I can understand being suspicious of people due to potentially nefarious allegiances like the CCP.
        I can understand disliking a culture and its values.
        I can understand not being attracted to a vast majority of people from a region.

        What I can’t understand is thinking some people are innately inferior or superior because they have outward traits associated with their family happening to inhabit a region for an extended period.

      • @chgsyd

        You can keep your white girls. By the time they hit their 30s they look like they’re in their 40s. And usually have massive entitlement to match….that pairs well with their overall pro feminist vibe. Then you can look forward to a 1 in 2 chance that she’ll end up divorcing your ass and taking off with 50-70% of your net worth. Enjoy mate!

      • MGTOW is a bit extreme. Probably better to do your due diligence and take your chances. Just like buying a car you gotta test drive a few (the more the better 😂), keeping in mind that the place of manufacture often has a bearing on the car’s quality and attributes… and Holdens/Fords dont have the best reputation when it comes to longevity 😄

  1. No chance they’ll ever wind back this gravy train. Word’s full of wannabe citizens who’ll pay through the nose to get in the door. That’s the point of having an education sector. Learning is not on the curriculum, unless it’s learning how to scam the system.

  2. Complex Carbon Unit

    Don’t worry mum I’ll find a local here to help me in Oz, even if I have to sleep with him don’t worry no one will ever know we won’t loose face, I know the nose important thing Is to get PR ! We have to find somewhere to hide dads money and then get you here to ! Zai Jian …. Hen kuai jiu liaotian….

  3. As recently as 2005, the mid-tier unis were happy to fail students. But now, even the mid-tier ones are probably passing everyone.

    Uni was never about passing everyone – until Gillard came along.

    It is only an export if they go back. They must be deported within 12 months of “graduating” and not be allowed to stay here for 30 years on a bridging visa.

  4. The Horrible Scott Morrison MP

    As a young person if you care about your education and you want to get a worthwhile degree, invest in getting yourself some top notch parents who can pay for you to study in the UK. There are frankly a LOT of Aussie students who just aren’t bothering to do this.

  5. Ronin8317MEMBER

    The universities will not become ‘center of excellence’, they will just charge the local student more : their ultimate aim is to charge 200k for an Arts degree. HECS won’t pay for it, so students will need to take on additional loans outside of HECS, using their parent’s house as security.

    • Don’t worry, it’s only the temporary population growth, eh Albo,

      Oh and more infrastructure (with tolls).

    • Strange EconomicsMEMBER

      This talkfest no action
      – 1 week after Govt announced 5000 “highly skilled visas” – ie export the good jobs for residency.
      1 month after the Indonesian FTA with more visas.
      Now an EU FTA coming – bet it includes thousands more working visas.
      The talkfest is a head fake in the best John Howard approach.

      And Albo’s suburb objects to any new developments (ie any affordable housing)

    • We already had a debate in 2009.

      Before the 2010 federal election, Gillard said she wants immigration to be cut and then refused to cut anything – be it immigration or negative gearing.

      Jacinda did the same thing as Gillard.

      There is no hope.

      • Stopping the population ponzi on their watch would mean risking an economic downturn.
        Therefore, not going to happen until the cons of the Population Ponzi far outweigh the pros.

  6. *Buzz* Wrong! There will be no slow down. It is part of the re-colonization plan. The doors to PR have been jammed open by profit addicted higher education degree factories and the CCP are taking full advantage of our stupidity.

  7. I am not sure we could go back to rigor and real academic standards. The leadership of our universities have been taken over by those who do not seek truth.

  8. Much as I hate the term …. if ever there was a trio of shithole countries, that’s got to be up there. Hmmm, must be the awesome quality of education we have on offer.

  9. 43% of the people in Sydney & Melbourne are now a non Australian, non citizen foreign passport holder.

    A foreign national non Australian citizen on a PR, or a TR / SCV / TV migrant guestworker working illegally.

    ▪️1.9 million PR – (foreign passport holders) in the last decade. (ABS) Predominantly of third world origin, unskilled and highly dependent. (DHA: Productivity Commission, Migrant Pathways A Decade On Report). A huge majority remaining on PR as a sole passport holder foreign national (China, India etc), whilst sucking up Australian Medicare & welfare. (ABS).
    ➡️ 1.63 million or 86% (ABS) in just Sydney & Melbourne.
    A large component of the foreign national migrant slums that now dominate both of our 2 major cities.

    ➕2.561 million TR / SCV (foreign passport holders)
    Source VisaSure – April 2019.
    ➡️ 2.3 million or 91% (ABS) in just Sydney & Melbourne.
    Predominantly of third world origin & unskilled. (DHA)
    At least 1.4 million of the 1.86 million TR on some pretext visa to working and live illegally in visa breach. About 260,000 of the remaining 696,000 as SCV are foreign nationals non NZ born using the NZ SCV loophole to enter Australia via that trafficking route.
    Commented on before with a detailed breakdown.

    -> By far the largest component of the vast swathes of third world nationals migrant slums and enclaves that are now the distinguishing feature of Sydney & Melbourne.

    ➕Plus 440,000 TV (tourist/visitors) also working & living illegally on long stay & repeat stay TV visas. (5% of the 8.8 million TV who enter each year are in Australia to live & work illegally (DHA/ ABF Parliamentary submission).
    ➡️ 400,000 or 90% concentration in Sydney & Melbourne. Another substantial component of the third world migrant slums across Sydney & Melbourne.

    ➕65,000 ‘overstayers’. (DHA)
    ➡️ 58,000 or again 90% or more in just Sydney & Melbourne. Illegal. Hidden & sheltered within the vast migrant foreign national ghettos of Sydney & Melbourne.

    Non Australians foreign passport holders
    4,966,000. Say 5 million nationally.
    Concentrated in Sydney or Melbourne?
    => 4,388,000

    Sydney pop: 5,200,000
    Melbourne pop: 5,000,000
    Total: 10,200,000 (ABS 2018-19)

    Total non Australian foreign nationals in both cities
    4,388,000 – as above.

    -> 43% of Sydney & Melbourne people are non Australian citizen foreign national passport holders.
    The TR/SCV (long stay / permanent stay) are the majority component.

    And still the migrant influx continues with a raft of new visa rackets announced by this government for the foreign criminal migrant traffickers to exploit.

    When does it all come to a head?

    When do Australians reach the conclusion that all immigration policy & controls need to be taken away from this government & any future government – and placed in the hands of an Australian people’s representative immigration authority?