Immigration is no solution to population ageing

“Unabashed supporter of a bigger Australia”, Bernard Salt, has penned another article in The Australian warning of an impending ‘ageing crisis’ as the baby boomer generation retires, which explicitly endorses the false solution of mass immigration:

Concerns about the sustainability of the age pension system are underpinned by the ageing of the population, especially the advancing years of the baby boomers. There are about five million people born between 1946 and 1964; they are jumping into the space previously occupied by pre-boomers born 1927-1945 and who never numbered more than three million. You can see the issue: five million doesn’t go into three million…

The first Baby Boomers, born July 1946, turned 65 (and thus eligible for the age pension) eight years ago. And over the balance of this decade all that very first-boomer’s younger mates, born in the late 40s and early 50s have tripped across the 65-line. And there’s lots more to come. I hope those agreeable Xers and antsy Millennials are happy to work away paying taxes to prop up the entitlements of retired boomers…

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